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This page contains transcripts of the videos published in our channels. The communication with the Swaruunian and Taygetan Pleiadian ET crew members is conducted via live Internet chat using English and Spanish language.

Some of the transcripts also include community provided language translations. Open each transcript to see if it is provided in other language than English. We are not responsible for the quality of translations. NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS: Please translate as exactly as possible to the original text. Do not add or subtract any text. Thank you!

MENSTRUATION AND PREGNANCY - TAYGETANS **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

ATTACHE, english March 18, 2021

Anéeka talks to us about what the topic of menstruation and pregnancy is like in Taygeta, compared to Earth. - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Star Seeds. Part 8, Astral Projection, Astral Abductions and Night Soul Missions, Part 2. (English)

Swaruu Official - English August 06, 2023

Originally Written in English.

Titanic - How it Sank - Swaruu of Erra talks to Dale Harder

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 28, 2023

Finally, as some of you will say! This is older conversation between Swaruu of Erra, Dale Harder, and myself (me in the background) about Titanic and how it sank, according to Swaruu of Erra and Taygetans. It is not their own theory, but rather what they concluded gathering all the data available on the subject. I am not aware of any changes to these conclusions so, even though the conversation is older, it is still valid. Enjoy!

Miles de Significados - ¿Todo sucede por algo?

Za'el y Arien - Español July 03, 2023


Thousands of Meanings - Does everything happen for a reason?

Za'el and Arien - English July 02, 2023


Semillas Estelares, parte 7, Proyección y Abducciones Astrales, misiones nocturnas. Parte 1

Swaruu Official - Español August 05, 2023


Mi Yo Superior - Me Guía Solo Según Sus Intereses? - Athena Swaruu

Agencia Cósmica, Gosia November 25, 2023

Esta vez, estamos hablando con Athena Swaruu sobre la influencia de nuestro Yo Superior. Pero aquí está la pregunta: si nosotros "aquí" y nuestro yo etérico superior, "allá arriba" parecemos tener intereses diferentes a veces (como también lo menciona Mari Swaruu en el video de cómo las cosas se ven de manera diferente desde otro lado más expandido), entonces, ¿el Yo Superior nos guía hacia determinadas acciones viendo únicamente su propia perspectiva, o considera la perspectiva 3D como igualmente válida? ¿Le importa siquiera la "perspectiva 3D"? Si no, ¿no actuaría igual que lo hace la Federación? Vamos a discutir todo esto con Atenea.

Star Seeds, Part 7, Astral Projection, Astral Abductions, Night Soul Missions, Part 1 (English)

Swaruu Official - English August 04, 2023

Originally Written in English.

Semillas Estelares y sus problemas. Parte 6, Ataques Metafísicos y Astrales.

Swaruu Official - Español August 03, 2023


My Higher Self - does it guide me according to its own interests only?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 23, 2023

This time, we are talking with Athena Swaruu about the influence and guidance of our Higher Selves. But here is the tricky question: if us "here" and our higher, etheric self, "up there" seem to have different interests sometimes (as mentioned by Mari Swaruu as well about how things are seen differently from another, more expanded side), then is the Higher Self guiding us towards certain actions viewing solely its own perspective, or does it consider the 3D perspective as equally valid? Does it even care about the "3D perspective"? If not, wouldn´t it act just like the Federation does? Let´s dive to discuss all this with Athena.

Star seeds and their problems. Part 6, Metaphysical and Astral Attacks. (English)

Swaruu Official - English August 02, 2023

Originally Written in English.


Despejando Enigmas, Robert June 10, 2021