Pleyades - Taygeta - Questions from the Public for Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 14, 2020

Pleyades - Taygeta - Questions from the Public for Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Gosia: Hi Anéeka. We will pass you now questions of the public we chose.

Anéeka: Hello. On the return of Alf, I have no opinion.

Gosia: Haha. It's okay.

Robert: My own question. Exactly how far are you from Earth now? And the ship is in continuous movement?

Anéeka: Continuous semi-equatorial movement, current height 425.2km. Speed ​​7.6 Km / s. Above Ireland right now.

Robert: Ok, thanks. First question. What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?

Anéeka: I remember sitting in my little house made for me, I must have been about 12 or 13 years old. It had a view of the sea below in the distance, passing a small forest of palm trees. I had my computer turned on, and I was realizing at that moment that I had all the information of countless races and species at my fingertips, and I was realizing at that precise moment that my entire civilization was supporting me so that I could develop as I wanted. That I had full freedom to study or do whatever I wanted.

It is also at that moment that I no longer resented living alone at my age. Rather, that translated into freedom. In Taygeta, orphaned children are taught to fend for themselves from a very early age, but always with non-invasive supervision and they are given a little house to themselves, all custom made for each age. That was my last little house like this, before moving to a normal-size one.

Robert: About the custom houses. Here there are many houses with little houses for children. They are small replicas.

Anéeka: Fully functional?

Robert: No. Only the exterior I imagine.

Anéeka: That´s the difference. In Temmer they are not playhouses. They function completely.

Robert: And what about the fire? You can burn down the house. I imagine that maybe they are more responsible in Temmer.

Anéeka: That depends on the level of each child, it is taught little by little. The small children houses have a stove, but it is for training purposes and can only do certain things, not burn for example. It is all cared for and automated for the care of children.

Robert: Good. And do they have their ships? To move around little bit at a low height and speed?

Anéeka: Little ones, not yet. For that yes, they require the adults who supervise the small colony of orphans. But yes, they do have their sometimes mountable ship toys (trainers) just to move between the houses. They don't fly, they roll. But the children, from what I saw, prefer to ignore them.

Robert: They learn by playing. Not by obligation like here.

Anéeka: Yes, everything is like this, learning by playing and learning what interests them to learn, not what is imposed on them.

Robert: Ok, can you tell us how is your meditation, Anéeka?

Anéeka: I lie on the floor, only on a blanket or rug, with a cylindrical cushion under my head. And I focus on not thinking about anything, I empty my mind, or go where my visualizations take me. I usually do it with headphones on or music on speakers or sounds that I like. I do not put myself in the lotus position, as they teach on Earth.

Robert: Binaural sounds or something like that are good?

Anéeka: Yes, not all of them, but the ones that are well made serve you very well to concentrate on nothing and to isolate yourself from ambient noise.

Sometimes I need another cylindrical cushion under my ankles, because of the pressure on my feet that does not allow me to concentrate, and I cannot meditate with socks, much less with shoes.

Robert: Thank you. Another question. What do you love the most about your job?

Anéeka: Feeling that I make a difference. That what I do matters, helps, improves the lives of countless people.

Feeling and knowing myself now in the position of ambassador of my race to humanity, because I know I am the non-human person, along with Yázhi Swaruu, who most directly interacts with the human race today. And out of my culture or race, I am the one that speaks and communicates with humanity the most.

Robert: Thank you. Is there anything you would like to do that you haven't done yet?

Anéeka: Countless things would fall into this definition. I would like to explore other distant worlds. And at the same time, I wish peace and quiet back in my birthplace, Temmer. I want a house by the sea, preferably high up. And time for myself.

Robert: How is a normal day in your life?

Anéeka: I wake up around the same time, following Earth's schedules by proximity. I shower right after and get dressed. The first thing I do is exercise and a little meditation.

Then I walk to the CIC deck where the computers are and I check what happens up here in general, the state of the ship and everything that has been reported, the environment and the communications with the other ships of other cultures stationed in orbit.

I check my non-human messages. Then I turn on the digital computers and do the same with messages coming from Earth. I check news.

From there I communicate with Robert and Gosia or with Cristina and Estella depending on the day, I work, I give information, or I answer questions. From here I move to the dining room, whether it is my turn to help cook, or to prepare everything, depending on the day.

After meals, I socialize a bit with those who accompany me and then I retire to my private cabin to continue working with the digital computers from there in private. Then Yázhi arrives with some of her ideas and I listen to her, spend time with her or help her with her projects and hobbies.

Other days I train, with exercises and with different equipment.

Then I start to study the topics that interest me at the moment, until dinner time, where I again help or clean. I retire to my cabin again where I read or study more listening to music.

I bathe again and go to sleep.

Robert: Thank you! I have the following question:

¨Hello thank you very much for this opportunity. It is a question related to my profession: I am a hypnotherapist. Who do we talk to when a person enters this state? With his consciousness... with his soul... with his guide... or what version of him? And if the depth of the trans depends on who it is that is transmitting? Thank you.¨

Anéeka: That is a whole book. To answer it.

It would depend on the definition of each thing as well. I would dare to say that with everyone. But in depth, if it is the purest state without interference programmed by or in the physical body, without that lens or filter.

And yes, the deeper the trans the fewer filters or lenses there will be and the purer the response.

I would say it is speaking with your purest self, with your being that transcends space and time, which unifies and is aware of multiple incarnations or experiences that compose them. All forming a conscious being independent of the physical body and of the limitation of space-time that it imposes.

Robert: Thank you. Next question. Why do learning difficulties occur in 3D?

Anéeka: Another book.

Robert: In short.

Anéeka: Because there are countless things or circumstances that do not allow the necessary motivation for learning to develop, or also because the subject to learn is extremely tiring and useless. It can be caused by brain problems with countless possible damages.

But for me the reason 99% of the time is of psychological origin. Resistance to the issue, the wish to be doing something else with more sense. Many times the subject is simply so boring and so easy that he falls asleep, and gets depressed having to study nonsense, just by imposition. Other alternatives should be given, not getting caught up in having to memorize or understand something that the person perceives only as sheer boredom. It also causes a lack of general interest or resistance, rejection of study in general, if he is forced to learn something that is not desired.

Question: Why is information becoming so saturated and therefore harder to prove? How do we reach truth in this day and age? It seems more and more difficult.

Anéeka: Very simple. The Cabal is using the saturation in social and informational media like YouTube and human nature to their advantage. Thus, they hide the truth in a sea of ​​misinformation. It becomes close to impossible to know what is true or not.

Thus, with this, the Cabal prevents some people from being heard among so many, so it is a kind of censorship imposed by hiding a true message or messages in a sea of ​​misinformation noise.

The only way is to take responsibility for what you believe to be true with the best possible data at the time. Do not stick to any belief, being willing to abandon an idea that you hold in favor of a better one. Learning from everyone, listening to everyone and thus forming your own criteria as you move forward. And this way know who to listen to and who no longer.

Question: Do they have a system to monitor people's vibration? That is, are they monitoring the evolution of each individual, and how do they act when they see especially aware souls?

Anéeka: A concentrated laser type spectrometer is used that analyzes the frequency of the person based on the colors emitted by their aura and the intensity of each layer of their aura, also its structure, that is, if it has holes and where. With this device it can be said that the evolution of a person's frequency can be monitored. Combined with the implants that a person may have, their state of health can be determined in detail. This more than anything will be done by each species taking close care of their starseeds.

Generally, only especially aware souls are followed, for that same reason many times they do not need to be guided as closely as those who are just learning. This depends on the life plan of a starseed, which can be known and sometimes not. If this is the case, he or she can be stimulated more by being given information, either openly and directly or through telepathic downloads of information that will help in their development in general.

Question: In your opinion, is it possible to create major positive change (using Swaruu's recently described method of small changes butterfly effecting into large unstoppable changes) without being targeted for destruction by those certain members of the Federation who have a different vision for their game?

Anéeka: The Federation will not interfere with the people of Earth in that way. In itself, according to their way of thinking, that is what is allowed, and not if a star race does it for humans. In itself that is what the Federation wants, for humans to take the initiative to create changes, large and small, with a goal to improve themselves as a civilization. If they take it as a game..., I would say that they take it as a "didactic" game.

Gosia: Sorry, I didn't understand the phrase: "and not if a star race does it for humans". Can you clarify please?

Anéeka: It means that the Federation would only stop those who try to do the work for humans. Not what humans themselves do in that regard.

Question: My question is do you have to qualify to become a starseed on Earth? I know Anéeka said she was trying to come to Earth as a starseed, and so it made it seem as if there were qualifications that she didn't meet. And I would love to know what made her decide she wanted to do this. My biggest question is, what would the process be step by step to come to Earth? Do you have to apply somehow? What is the next step after you apply? How does training work? And do you have a consultant that helps you thru the process? How do you pick guides?

Anéeka: You must know well what you will face and have a plan or a reason to enter. But in itself what you are told does not reflect what really happens already during an incarnation on Earth. The problem is that from the outside the knowledge that life on Earth is only something temporary and an experience controlled and even pre-determined by you dominates too much.

There is nobody that regulates who should or can enter. It is left almost entirely to the responsibility of those who wish to enter. This talking about conscious entries with a plan using technology, such as Immersion or similar, if there is one.

But from another level it is known that one incarnates on Earth because he or she is compatible with that existential frequency, that is, from between-life. In other words, one enters there as the consequence of the decisions that were made in a previous life and that makes them compatible in thought and idea (frequency) with living and incarnating there.

The decision or why depends on each person and there will be as many variables as how many people exist in that situation.

What is usually said as a reason for entry is because of the enormous wealth of experiences and contrasts that will give a push or elevation of knowledge and consciousness to the person who experiences it. As a short incarnation of less than 10% of a duration of one outside the Earth, chaotic, strong, messy, dramatic, but very nourishing for souls.

You don't actually apply. If it is immersion, perhaps you will enter the Council and speak with wise ¨elders¨ first who will tell you their opinions and things to consider. Things that according to them you should know.

In my particular case, it is not that I did not meet the requirements, I entered momentarily, but the circumstances within my short incarnation pushed me to leave early, as I see it. I was aborted at 3 months of gestation. Already very large and formed.

I have strange memories of that, feeling inside a hot water bottle, feelings or concepts of rejection. Of great sadness. Of despair. I did not die there since I was extracted as what would be called an abduction of my race. As a baby not fully formed or only 33% formed, I finished my development in a Medical Pod in Temmer. But already entirely with other genetics, in my DNA too, fully activated as a Taygetean. That is, I am not human, I have 24 chromosomes.

I viewed it as a failed attempt to enter the Earth as a starseed. But today Yázhi explains to me that what I lived was the necessary experience for me. That is why I am here today. Because I care about you, because I have an affinity, and I know I could very well have been on your side. I was about to be a Mexican woman, born in CDMX, I would be about 47 years old today.

Question: Can you tell us a little more about the people who will leave Earth on a ship? Something has been mentioned about this. How are these people chosen if there will be only a few and what is the plan currently?

Anéeka: This is directly related to the specific, pre-designed life plan of each particular person. This means that many, most are there for the enriching experience. But other people are really not human at all, they just seem so. That is, they are full ETs, with or without complete memory, depending on the nature of their work, who are there just to fulfill a purpose by posing as humans. Upon terminating their mission, they simply communicate with their races and return to their ships.

This is also the explanation for the mysterious disappearance of many people. It is unfair to many other people who no longer want the experience of being there. More because from my own experience interacting directly with many, what people are told here about how an incarnation will be, natural or by immersion, differs a lot from what is experienced while already down there, being something much more extreme and tiring.

But it is simply not possible to physically extract all the people who want to. I do not agree with this, but I know the logistical limitations and the moral implications of getting people out of there, even so, what is lived on Earth is too much and not what the souls expected.

Question: Is there any clear proof down here on Earth that would reveal the fact we are living inside a "game"? I mean something simple that we could see with our own eyes. Maybe some errors?

Anéeka: Everything is very well structured so that it is difficult to see or find the errors, but there are.

Many people wear the same body type, almost exact or exact clothes. Only that they live in distant places to avoid being found by mistake, of course today with communications and airplanes many have been found, such as Dopplegangers.

You can also see general errors that make no sense of a very broad nature. The same things happen to the same people or are repeated in others. As copy paste patterns. Planes stopping or backing up in the air can be documented. Things like that. A more normal alternate explanation is always given to all that.

Question: Does Taygeta have its own astrological culture, because here on Earth we have Greek astrology, Chinese astrology, Mayan, etc?

Anéeka: Yes, we have our own Astrology that we take very seriously. But it is different from how it is understood or observed on Earth.

First: The sign or the astrological results of a person are caused by the person himself who before incarnating chooses the influence that the stars will have on him. This in itself is best explained by frequencies.

That is to say, because of how a person is, because of their frequency of thoughts and personality, one enters a body at a specific point with those astronomical conditions, not like on Earth, where it is believed that it is the stars that will determine a person's life. In other words, for Taygeta it is the person who determines his life and the stars are only accommodated to the person because of how he is.

Second: The basis for all astrological measurements or calculations for Taygeta is the center of the Galaxy. From there we calculate with the influence of the local constellations, then with the Mother constellation (Pleiades M45) and then with the influence of the specific solar system Taygeta Tau-19.

Therefore, it differs greatly from what astrology is on Earth. For the Earth the stars have control over the person. For Taygeta the stars are only accommodated in a specific way by how the person is.

Question: Is it true our DNA is going to be restructured / rebuilt and we are going to regain our old abilities we once had in ancient times and empower ourselves by reactivating our 12 strand DNA in this lifetime if we intent to? Or is it just esoteric BS?

Anéeka: It's not how they say it is, so yeah, it's mostly esoteric nonsense. But not entirely. DNA does not have an influence on the person, mind and spirit-soul, but DNA is a consequence of how the person is (unless it is invasively altered).

So, people´s DNA is only as it is because the person with their mind and consciousness has determined it that way.

In other words, the person just is, has her frequency and her own thoughts. Her thoughts are her frequency and that determines what she can perceive and experience. And the physical expression of this is the DNA of that person. In other words, DNA reflects who and how a person is.

So, the restructuring of human DNA will not bring the changes to people, but the DNA will restructure itself because of the changes that people will have.

But this means that the person must do the work of inner growth. Do not wait for changes without doing anything. You must take responsibility for your transformation, your spiritual advancement, consciousness, and therefore your DNA.

Gosia: You mean that if a person is already 5D in their mind and beyond, their DNA should reflect it, right? And why do we still have smaller DNA then? There are many people who ARE NOT 3D, their essence and qualities are obviously not from here, but their DNA is not transformed, here on Earth. Why?

Robert: Because we are immersed in destructive frequencies?

Gosia: But this goes against what Anéeka says here. That it is your MIND that dominates.

Anéeka: Because you are submerged in destructive frequencies, and because you don't have complete memory. And this is so that you can function there. Or else it would be too traumatic. And again, it's not all or nothing, it's a gradient.

Gosia: But not according to what you said above, can't we OVERWRITE the destructive frequencies?

Anéeka: It is the one that dominates, you already have it all inside, but you do not activate it by remembering. The destructive frequencies are there to maintain the Matrix as long as possible, but the mind overcomes them. And sometimes remembering only makes your life worse.

Robert: Why does it make it worse? If you know where you come from, you will know where you are going.

Gosia: Haha Robert. You don't always go where you came from.

Anéeka: Because you would remember your mistakes, because you would carry your past karmas, while learning to put them aside. Just remembering what has been done to you and what you have done before. You would stop having human identities and would become timeless, just the mind going on through the centuries, seeing everyone and everything for what it really is without fitting in anywhere, without accepting anything, because you know more than those who impose all that on you.

Gosia: There are no karmas, no mistakes, only experiences, I think!

Anéeka: Yes, you say it like that, but everyone carries their own. It is one thing to say that, to know mentally that there is no karma, and another is to live it. Because saying that there is no karma is also or can be used to escape the responsibilities of our actions.

I know some, very, very few "humans" who are not really human, who remember absolutely everything.

They go down, walking the streets, struggling like any other. With total 100% memories of who they were as star beings. Remembering their ships, their things, their friends on other planets, their home, how they smelled.

But today they are down there, walking the streets. With human appearance. They do not adapt because they do not accept anything, they prefer to lock themselves in their homes. Because they know they are something else. They are very unhappy. They just want to go home.

Question: I know time isn't real per se but how do all the races coordinate meetings, events, etc?

Anéeka: Time is still semi linear. In other words, the most dominant temporal perception is taken as a basis. That is, if we are in Earth orbit, the races up here will take as a basis the perception of the Earth's time, that is why we observe days of the week and dates.

Far away or on planets with high perceptual alteration of time, as in Taygeta or as an extreme it would be Cyndriel Aldebaran, it is useless to even try to coordinate with a temporary marker like a clock. So how people coordinate is almost exclusively by telepathy. There's no other way. You can also observe stellar dates or the position of the progression of the constellations and the stars in them in relation to others or to each other. This serves as the basis as well.

On a planet, days and nights are observed and they are counted as normal, however within the same days it is difficult to know specific hours, the only way to have a temporal metric base is by observing the position of the sun. It is how it started on Earth too. That is where the word ¨hour¨ comes from too, because it comes from Horus, the sun. What position is Horus in?

But this is still limited because the perception of time varies from person to person in Taygeta and although observing the position of the sun (Taygeta Tau-19) is approximate, a time frame cannot be calculated with total precision as on Earth with minutes and seconds.

To make everything more complicated, in places like Cyndriel Aldebaran, where there is a large Taygeta colony right now, the position of the "sun" cannot be determined with any reliability since Aldebaran, an orange giant, appears so large from the desert surface of Cyndriel dominating the whole sky or most of it depending on the time of "day". Being that it does not burn the planet for other complicated reasons that have to do with its radiation frequency and the fact that Aldebaran is immersed in a high-density nebula. In itself it gets to the degree that in Cyndriel there is no night, it is only sun or shade.

Gosia: Wouldn't you say that the watch is more useful? You can coordinate with someone to the second, minute. By telepathy can this precision be achieved? With so much technology, I imagined that there is something other than looking at constellations to coordinate.

Anéeka: No because if you take watches to Taygeta and sync them, they change and go out of sync with amazing speed. They are useless.

Robert: Yes, because it is the consciousness of the people that makes the clocks not work.

Anéeka: That's right.

Robert: Question for me. What consequences would the declassification of the UFO - ET phenomenon bring to this civilization?

Anéeka: I, Anéeka, do not personally believe in a total de-classification of the so-called UFO phenomenon, with non-human occupants. Because of the consequences. They would only declassify what would suit those in control for each one of their agendas.

This also goes for the so-called fake alien invasion using Blue Beam technology. What happens is that accepting that there are ETs would bring a series of chain reactions that would destroy the concept and everything that makes up the Matrix that they have imposed on people with so much work and care.

To accept ETs would be to accept that there are more people like them out there in the first place, which would destroy their natural science, evolution and all that. It would bring people the idea that they are stellar too, therefore free. They would see the lies that have been imposed on them for no less than thousands of years.

Another consequence would be that people would become aware of the existence of free energy and transportation technologies. This would collapse entire economies, their markets, their banking. It would free everyone's minds. It would make people free and uncontrollable. And that's the last thing they want. What they want is absolute control over the human race.

But this does not end there. Rather, declassifying everything would bring for souls the disappearance of the series of nourishing experiences that they have when they enter there to live on Earth. Even from the cosmic point of view, the possibility or the option of having that kind of experience would be lost. Partly that is why the Federation itself protects and perpetuates the Matrix.

Question: What is the worst thing that can happen to someone who´s not awake when they die?

Anéeka: For them to incarnate again following where their frequency indicates and as their frequency depends on their thoughts and their thoughts on what they know, then they will return to a life of the same suffering as the previous one.

Question: I want to know if the 3D matrix fell, do we need assistance to return to our orginal DNA? Like we would have to undergo a mass "cleanse" where our DNA returns back to its originality? Or will it return automatically from the higher frequencies?

Anéeka: You are the ones making that change. Your DNA does not need more than the work you do to raise your consciousness, to awakenen and to expand the perception that this entails. The fact that you raise your frequency and your level of perception, that you work on yourself will end up altering your DNA in the correct way, do not worry about that, but take control over your own awakening. Your DNA is only a reflection of how you are, what you think. The assistance you seek is only that which is already being given to you, the guidance towards mind expansion.

Question: Who is to blame for cattle mutilations and why do they do this?

Anéeka: Mostly it is regressive races and groups that are carrying out and have carried out cattle mutilations all over the world. The Maitré race, tall Grays, and the Kingu Reptiles, the Orange and the Malakak or Tall Whites are the ones that do this the most, but not only, also the dark or black Government projects aiming to help the regressive extraterrestrial races. In other words, some cattle mutilations are perpetrated by human government agents using technology still unknown to the public.

The reason they do it is for the elaboration of potions from protein to glandular secessions for the elaboration of food for the regressive extraterrestrial races listed above.

Also, for the extraction of genetic material for hybridization and cloning experiments of both Black Government origin or extraterrestrial origin. As well as for the development of technologies of the ¨computer connection to living tissue or mind¨ type.

The uses for living tissues with genetic material are many.

I must emphasize that not only cattle are abducted, but human persons as well. With the same attack profile, blood missing, lack of internal organs, genitals, eyes, tongue and glands, especially the supra-renal, thyroid and pancreas.

There is also mutilation of wild animals such as mammalian birds and even fish.

As a last piece of information, the same is done on a large scale with genetic material of plant origin. Because many non-human races have that kind of organism and they look for better hybridization (better said, grafts?) with plants that will give a positive change to their organism, such as greater adaptability to a certain kind of atmosphere, components in it or temperatures without occasional cell damage from exposure to intense cold or heat.

Gosia: And when they do it to humans, do they choose them at random?

Anéeka: Sometimes yes, but they are also looked for because of a specific racial profile, gender or physical condition. Depending on the objective or what they are looking for.

Gosia: I mean they don't go for specific starseeds or specific ET races? Only that they have a human body?

Anéeka: Yes, they go for the starseeds, in fact they do genetic tests to people en masse right now with PCR tests to find starseeds too. It is used for that, not only because of the covid, that is the excuse. They never do something just for one purpose.

What they collect with the PCR test is genetic material that they put in a database, so they know who is a starseed and who is not. So, they have a more defined pattern of how to attack the population.

Question: In the astral can you talk to your star family and make agreements?

Anéeka: Yes, but it is difficult to translate it into 3D, that is to say to be awake. That is precisely what dreams are. It is difficult because these are high frequency matters or that happen in places or realms of high existential frequency and due to incompatibility with the dense and slow 3D world, memories do not enter or do not enter efficiently, leaving them only as vague and fragmented. This is the same mechanism of the veil of forgetfulness in 3D or when entering 3D. One can overcome it, but it takes a lot of training.

Robert: They ask me about the star Vega. What do you know?

Anéeka: Vega is the star around which orbit two key planets in the development and history of all the races called Lyrians. In itself, it is there where the records go as in the place from where the great expansion of beings with human appearance originates, from where they leave to colonize the entire Galaxy or a good part at least.

Many cultures take it as the cradle of the "human" or "Lyrian" race, although many other races take the constellation system of Triangulum as the place of origin.

Using the understanding data exposed by Swaruu, the human being did not have an origin as a place of evolution or where it came from. Rather, it is lost in quantum time, that is, in the concept of eternity, meaning that it has always been, the human form, it has always existed as one of the expressions of the whole. Seeing things in the most expanded and complete way, there is no linearity of time, which translates into eternity and something that has always existed.

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