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Taygetans and Internet

Cosmic Agency, Gosia May 07, 2024 - English

"The best way to reach the consciousness of thousands is to use the same technological resources of the civilization in question. By using the Internet, respecting certain non-invasive rules, an enormous amount of direct information can be inserted without the need for chips or channeling. It is only logical to use the Internet for this purpose, and you should not see it as strange. It's the least invasive way possible."                                                                   

 From conversation with Mari Swaruu - 2022

"Miami mall creatures"

Cosmic Agency, Gosia February 02, 2024 - English

Ok guys! Just to let you know it´s been a while since I had a long chat with Yazhi since they are all super busy on the ship, but she popped in yesterday and we chatted. She is fine just overwhelmed, while also continuing with mischiefs here and then Yazhi-style. We talked a bit about brand new Suzys, not even flown yet, and I also asked about the "Miami mall aliens" since we never got a chance to ask about that yet, with so many other things in the way. This is what she said:

"That was Etorthans opening portals during a test, all from Antarctica. Portals for transit on Earth at will. It was a small useable worm-hole. Those are not nice guys."

I asked if they were sure and she said: 

"Yes, for sure. It´s easy to detect that sort of things with the electromagnetic anomaly sensors in Toleka's nose boom."

I asked if it was done on purpose. Yazhi responded:

"The Taygetans were reseraching that, it´s not known yet, but they believe it was on purpose. We know it was the Etorthans who caused that, but we do not know if the creature that was actually seen was one of them or something else. That is important. And it was semi-material, that is borderline astral. But remember that all depends on the perception of the observer. Material for some humans, astral for others, depending on their vibe."

And why did they do that?

"Probably to study the people's reaction. We cannot know what exactly their plan was."

That´s it from Yazhi on this. Cheers, guys!

Swaruu of Erra´s Letter to the Federation from 2018

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 20, 2024 - English

Here is uploaded transcript of never-before published in English Letter to the Federation written by Swaruu of Erra and published in my Spanish channel back in 2018. I don´t know why I never translated it into English but here it is now. Read it till the end, please, and you will see how many important points Swaruu is mentonining, including her warning against the vaccines that, according to her, were rolling out soon. When she said that, it was only 2018... what did she know that she didnt tell us? Enjoy the read and blessed you be, Swaruu 9, wherever you are. LINK TO THE LETTER


Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 14, 2024 - English

In order to make the job easier for Etorthans´ monitoring groups, here is the link of recent videos addressed to the Galactic Federation and dark manipulators of the Earth, both from our Toleka friends and us, citizens of Earth and beyond Earth. You meet with the Cabal in Antartica who supposedly know whats best for us?  Well, here is what WE TRULY WANT: 

1. TAYGETA-SWARUUS: Mari Swaruu - Letter to the Galactic Federation:

2. TAYGETA: Za´el of Erra - Letter to the Galactic Federation:

3. TAYGETA/EARTH - Gosia - Declaration to the Regressives:




7. STARSEEDS ON EARTH (Polish): Messages to the Galactic Federation:

8. STARSEEDS ON EARTH (French): Messages to the Galactic Federation:

9. STARSEEDS ON EARTH (all languages): Individual Messages to the Galactic Federation (Channel "Llamada desde Planeta Tierra):

I am sure there is more, but have fun just listening to these for now. And monitor the last channel all the time, as the messages are being added daily, and have been for years. 


High Energy Waves

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 30, 2023 - English

Hello! We have noticed that many people are talking about cosmic energy hitting the Earth these days. As Yazhi points out, that is true, "but it's just another version of the misnamed space storms. It's just coming in at a pretty high frequency. It's true that waves are hitting these days, but we don't see it as anything unusual, they hit the Earth about once or twice a month. It's the very arms of the galaxy as it rotates." 

Don't connect it to the Etorthan arrival, because they have no control over that. It has been hitting the Earth for almost 2 months now, at least. We've talked about how these storms work before (link below), but, basically, "they initially come from the arms of the Galaxy and, upon arriving here, hit the Sun which reacts as the energy relay that it is."

When asked what repercussions that has for us, she said, "Honestly, I don't think it will be noticeable. Hopefully it will, but realistically, it won't be. But you can use this time for meditation, it may help those who are already very sensitive and already have a high vibration. In meditation it can be helpful, yes. But this is nothing new. It comes once or twice a month. It is energy in the form of gravity waves. Gravity contains several frequencies, it is not just one, and it arrives with high frequency. I insist that it's nothing strange, it's just that the media is making a lot of fuss this time."

And Yazhi continues: "If you are in a low 3D mentality, those waves pass as if nothing, rather it only affects those who already have a higher frequency, that is, bad people with low vibration will not feel it and it will not affect them. It is only energy, it is up to each person how they take it. Just as there is an energy of the collective unconscious on Earth, there is one for the galaxy".

I also asked her if they feel anything up there, since they are of higher frequency, and she said, "Honestly, we feel everything the same. But we are already used to it."

The transcript where Swaruu 9 talks about this subject more, below, although note that we no longer use the term "positronic waves". Greetings! 


Videos Subtitles in other languages

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 06, 2023 - English

From now on, I will be adding automatic subtitles to all my videos in English in other languages.

The languages are:













India landing on the Moon - Huh?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia August 25, 2023 - English

Since you're asking about India's moon landing, here's a little chat with Athena Swaruu about it, but I'm not going to make the video because it's not worth it. You should know what to think by now. One more farce among many, simple as that.

"Swaruu X (Athena): The India landing on the Moon thing is a farce. Its CGI is laughable. It's part of the same thing, the same agenda of making believe that science advances, that they have linear progress and all that. Notice that the Indian space agency also has the same symbol as all the others, the A, which is the same as Star Trek, which is the same as the Galactic Federation.

NASA has it, Roscosmos has it, ESA has it, Japan has it, etc. And that is the influence of the same Federation that controls everything. It is there where you can see that they answer to the same boss: The Galactic Federation.

The A is for the Federation, Andromeda Council, which founded the Federation of United Planets. It is also a pyramid and the arc is the rings of Saturn from where the Earth and the rest of this Solar System are controlled.

The ESA itself, I do not see the triangle more than in the A, but Saturn yes. But the ESA at the same time could not be more them. ESA:



Star Trek:

Look at the Chinese one:

Gosia: But look, Australia is doing its own thing haha:

Swaruu X (Athena): Amazing Australia. It would be necessary to see if they have hierarchies between these space agencies, that could explain everything.

Returning to India, just because it comes from another country does not mean that it is not false and generated by the same people who create all those false transmissions supposedly from the ISS in space.

Robert: And in what way could the Indian moon landing with that probe be dismantled  in addition to the "CGI" images?

Swaruu X (Athena): Simple. Why do they put cheap CGI that is inferior to any good video game and not the actual images? Why believe them just because they say so and there are people standing around 60's style consoles clapping? Haven't they improved their technology?

Gosia: And why have they chosen India for the theater?

Swaruu X (Athena): We can only speculate, but I feel like it has to do with what countries they want to boost in the people´s minds. As to why India would be difficult to specify since it is part of the BRICS, but in its case so is China. I feel like it's because it's industrially strong, or because they have agendas behind that we don't know about, but there must be a reason."

Warning from CIC

Cosmic Agency, Gosia August 05, 2023 - English

Guys, talking to Athena Swaruu yesterday, she left this information to share: "There is something that CIC found that we should say. And that is that we are already detecting movement towards new COVID restrictions in Latin America, especially in Mexico, where they are already saying in the mass media that they are going to re-impose the face masks for the winter season. I don't know if this is going to proceed, but if there are still anti-COVID activist groups out there, this would be a time to start moving against that once again. This ties directly in with what the Urmahs said and why they destroyed that building, as they claim it was the 'supplies' for the second COVID wave. Whether or not that is the case, cannot be known, but CIC's meta-data does indicate that they are moving in that direction. The problem is that they are already saying that they will be re-imposing the face masks - among other measures - around this year's winter season. We also find that they are moving a feline COVID as dangerous coming out of Cyprus, and the Urmah take this as retaliation for their operation against the warehouse and laboratory (the Urmah insist that not only was that building a warehouse but it was, in fact, a laboratory as well). Needless to say, it is all false. The feline COVID was seen towards the beginning of the plandemia, in the first months of 2020. At the moment we only have data for Latin America and North America, USA and Canada. We have nothing specific for Europe and the rest of the world." Best regards!

Food and Replicators

Cosmic Agency, Gosia July 29, 2023 - English

This was the question someone asked after Mari's video about food and replicators. Sharing Yazhi's answer here:

Question: "I don't quite understand. It has been said that the Cabal has not reached the technological level of creating matter from energy out of nothing, but a multinational can create to print food from energy."

Yazhi: Because those replicators are not at that technological level. Those replicators still need basic raw material and that's incomplete. Printing things directly from the ether is a technology far beyond what they have there.

It's that they replace food volume with things like expanded styrene with artificial flavorings because they don't have the chemical bases needed to print complex amino acids, vitamins and complicated nutrients.

Gosia: So replicators don't really create matter from energy or some like yours do?

Yazhi: It depends on each type of replicator. Yes, there are those that print from nothing. Some of ours do.

Robert: But food is "biology", it will never be the same if you replicate that.

Yazhi: The food replicated with cutting edge technology "from the ether" yes it is almost perfect, but it is that "almost" that makes it... you better not eat it, although it would still be healthier than anything processed terrestrial.

It's just that molecules or molecular structure are reversed in replication, not always but it happens a lot. And the inverted molecule of a nutrient turns out to be useless to the body. 

An example of that is, as Mari said, vitamin C that is inverted creating ascorbic acid (what they sell you as vitamin C in the pharmacy) which is completely useless for the body, being that what gives you relief in case of flu or cold is the acid itself and not the vitamin C. In that case it would be more useful for you to consume apple cider vinegar and not ascorbic acid."

Greetings! ? ?

Mari quote

Cosmic Agency, Gosia July 28, 2023 - English

Titan submarine and Wagner group

Cosmic Agency, Gosia June 27, 2023 - English

From the brief conversation with Yazhi a few days ago (I didn't have time to publish it yet). It is about the Titan submarine and then the Wagner group: "Gosia: Yazhi, is there any word on the TITAN submarine? Yazhi: Yes. To begin with, you can't tell how much of it is made up and how much of it is true. That's for starters. But, with what is known, what we subscribe to, with the best possible information, is that the submarine did leave with several famous or important millionaires on board, one with his son, and that the submarine could not withstand the pressure and imploded killing everyone instantly. But that's as far as it goes. Because that has been known for a week, since last Sunday. And what is seen as conspiracy is that all the media were giving an elaborate theater, with a lot of media scandal, that if they could be rescued or if there were signs of life, and that they did not find them, and then they found floating wreckage. All of that is clearly theater. James Cameron himself came out to say that he knew it had imploded since last Sunday. So, the Cabal and their media were using the submarine story as a cover or distractor for other things that are going on. You know how the Cabal works, they say you shouldn't never let a crisis go to waste. Now what are they hiding... there are many theories. One is again that they legally charged Biden's son. But to me that's very basic. However, I mention it because that's out there. CIC (Taygetan information gathering department) believes that if it is a distractor, it is more about the false flags that are occurring in Russia. Since the war with Ukraine has escalated severely..... but on their level of lies!! Gosia: Yes, someone asked me about Wagner in Russia. It's something new, I don't know what it's about yet. Yazhi: Russian city was invaded by mercenary separatists, and RT says so, but then the Kremlin comes out to say that it is not true, and then that it is true. So the truth is that we don't know what is happening in Russia or with Russia. There are rumors that Putin "fled" Moscow, but here we tend to distrust those kinds of rumors, Russia is not weak, nor is it politically unstable as they want to make it look. Knowing that what the West wants is to remove Putin to impose their puppet as they did in Ukraine. And that's what I have on the subject."

New Facebook Page

Cosmic Agency, Gosia June 18, 2023 - English

Hi there! Because of constant influx of friends request on FB, and my main profile being limited, I have created a Cosmic Agency FB page to follow, where I will publish everything related to our work, in English only. In time, I will keep more personal publications such as photos only in my regular profile page. This way, we can separate what is profesional and what is more personal. Perhaps not everyone is interested in Bongo updates ? so in this case they can only follow the new Cosmic Agency page. Please like it and mark that you want to receive all notifications (in case you do). Thank you for your support! LINK TO THE FB PAGE