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Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 17, 2023 - English

Hello friends! I see that some people went into dissonance when they saw Mari Swaruu with the glasses. Well, let me clarify:

First of all, the picture with the glasses she first wore was for the video where she talked about "stupidity". Obviously, the glasses were a metaphorical play here, since she doesn't need them, and she only put them on for the "look", to appear "smart", to play with her appearance, as humans do too. But no, Mari doesn't wear glasses, only anti-radiation ones when using the terrestrial digital computer.

But that last statement brings me to the following: if they have to wear anti-radiation glasses, it is only logical that their eyes also suffer damage, and sometimes even needing treatments. Taygetans are more humans, and oftentimes they may even need the glasses. They are not perfect!

Why glasses if they have all the technology? Because not everything can always be fixed with technology alone, and the Taygetans, being biological people like us, are not immortal with total indestructibility, even with all their technology. Sometimes they can fix their eyes with technology, sometimes they can't, like on Earth, and that depends on many factors. In addition, they do not like to always resort to technology, and this was explained before. In many cases, they prefer the simple. Going into a dry pod, for example, yes, would help in most cases, but sometimes, as Yazhi told me earlier today, it's easier to just put on a pair of glasses.

That being said, the use of glasses is not common in Taygeta, and only about 2% of the people who wear them on Earth actually wear them in Taygeta. In Toleka, nobody needs them, although the crew is very young, their eyesight is very good.

I hope that clears up the topic of Mari Swaruu's glasses.

Greetings to all. :)

A quote by Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 08, 2023 - English

Update from Yazhi on the Toleka video

Cosmic Agency, Gosia February 28, 2023 - English

Hello friends! Regarding my latest video on Toleka, I have a very short update from Yazhi about the layout as certain things have changed location since I was given this information by Aneeka back then. As Yazhi says: "Even right now they are moving one of the gyms as we speak". She also said: "In the video you mentioned CIC observation deck right above the piano saloon. It's no longer there, they moved everything to the main CIC deck that is huge. In that room, today, there is a large conference room and it is the ships council's headquarters. It has installations for media at the rear from where to transmit things live, like a TV studio. The ship is modular so sometimes things do change place, but not that much either." Just that, for the sake of accuracy and if anyone is interested to know these details. Thanks Yazhi!

Swaruu of Erra quote

Cosmic Agency, Gosia February 14, 2023 - English

Digital Magazine Interview with Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 05, 2023 - English

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Spanish speaking community released a beautiful digital magazine with a lot of interesting articles. One of them was the interview with me. Here is the translated version of the interview: Thanks! PDF version: PDF:

Message from Aneeka

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 05, 2023 - English

Always in our hearts. Thank you Aneeka for this message! ❤️  

"Our message is not that the gods have returned. We do not desire reverence. What we want is for the public to see that we are more of the same. That we are related. That you are the "gods". That you did not evolve there, but that you come from the stars. We are all the same. Now you decide what you will believe, and in what. And hopefully you will see that you can only believe in yourselves. That is the message. Grow up! You are like us. We are family. And that's why we're here.

Look no further as to why ETs care about humans. It is true that many races exploit and have other agendas. But the reality is that the vast majority of us are interested in the Earth just because our families are there. People who were here before and now call themselves human. And we want our family back. That's what we want. See you again. Those souls that are not from there. That's why we're here. We are a beacon for those who need us. So that you can see that, despite everything, we are here. Reminding you of your cosmic, eternal nature. We wish to empower the human race. Normal people who live day by day. Remind them who they are."


HAARP and animals walking in circles

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 02, 2023 - English

Short comment from Yazhi (given yesterday) on HAARP and animals in circles: "Yazhi: A comment on what the conspiracists say that on Dec 27th they activated HAARP. We didn't see anything unusual from here, and the Toleka is close by and with sensors that can detect even a working car coil. But the point is not that they did NOT activate HAARP. Rather, from here we see that it is working all the time, so it is normal. And there was nothing abnormal these days. And it is no longer HAARP as it is known as those installations in Alaska and in Australia, that is old, the "beginnings of HAARP". It's a system of many smaller units, some fixed, in normal facilities on bases, and some mobile like on warships and specialized. Then they put many of those transmissions together, add them up and cause a reaction as if it were one big installation. But because the signals come from countless sources, those who control HAARP have much more control and precision over what comes out as a result. In the case of the 27th, nothing happened that day but we did see the dynamics change with respect to cold winds (cold fronts) coming from Canada and moving down into the United States two days earlier, on Christmas Day, the 25th. But it was not an unusually strong change to say that they "activated HAARP". You must understand that they use it all the time. The weather is controlled. Not just on occasion. This is important. And a quick comment about the animals going around in circles. We continue to find nothing unusual, but accept that we have no way to conduct a more detailed investigation. However, we still think it may be something staged as a distraction and not reflective of what is really going on in the field. But that's just an educated opinion, we don't have enough data to make a final judgment."

You all need credit. Now!

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 03, 2022 - English

Something that ocurred to me to say while I was looking at the recent video-tribute I made for Aneeka. Something I felt looking at the audios and videos of those who expressed their gratitude at the end. 

I want you all to know that, immense as Aneeka was and forever will be, what she needed you to know is that all of you, starseeds, out there, are that as well. Always have been! "Special elite forces", as she once called starseeds on Earth, who "know what they are doing" (even when you think you don´t).

None of us ever need to die to realize how incredibly vast we all are! How talented, determined, creative, and passionate we have been during our time on Earth. Please be aware of that, and how serious I am when I say these words: you are heroes, and every single one of you deserves a tribute, just as Aneeka does. And you deserve it NOW.

As I watch your messages for her, it touches me how formidable all of you are, and what a great and brave cosmic army we form part of. Your character, awareness, emotions, individual talents and is what makes you all unique and you need no special reminder of that. Or, rather, I think you do! Not many souls dare to venture into the Earth experience. And you are one of those who did! What an achievement, what an adventure, what a task! Give yourself credit, give yourself love, give yourself and others like yourself praise. You all deserve it. NOW!

"Why are they allowing you to stay on Youtube?"

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 09, 2022 - English

I see this question/comment repeat itself sometimes, so I thought I would answer in the post. The comment is: "How is the Cabal allowing you to stay on Youtube? You must be the Cabal yourself if you are promoted by Youtube". My answer: 1. If we were taken off the air, it would give so much more credibility to our story. They know what they are doing. They let us be (for now) so we remain in the realms of "fantastical Youtube stories". 2: I have TONS of videos taken off this channel, they are all on my Non Censored Odysee channel. 3: I had strikes many times and very close to losing a channel a few times. I react fast and remove all the content they might want to shut me down for. I have a secondary channel COSMIC AGENCY 2 as a back up in case that happened. 4: Youtube does NOT promote me at all. In fact, I feel I am shadowbanned as when I type in certain titles for my videos, I can´t find them. 5: The controllers can´t just take everyone off the air, not all at once at least. 6: I do feel there is more to it, and that I am in some way protected, being a Taygetan myself (for them up there it doesnt matter if you are in a human suit), and Toleka team having some sort of leverage here towards Federation or Cabal´s attempts to eliminate me. Like, for example, "If you take her down, we will show our ship and let her film it, details and all". This is my theory only, but I know something along these lines was talked about before, so I would not be surprised. Having said that, I am feeling blessed for every new day I am still here. And you should be too. Who knows what tomorrow brings. Greetings to you all! :)

Swaruu of Erra Quotes - Imagination

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 08, 2022 - English

Thank you for your donations :)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 05, 2022 - English

Something I never do here, but I want to give thanks to everyone who is supporting my channel through your donations. I usually send individual thanks through Paypal directly and I hope that those appreciation notes do reach you. I take notice and feel grateful for every single act of support. As you know, I do not monetize my English channel, so it all counts. 

Some will ask, why don´t I monetize my channel? The answer is simple: I prefer not to do it unless I absolutely have to. Why? Because I want to send a clear message to all the followers and all those observing and analyzing us, that I do not do this work for monetary gain. Yes, there is nothing wrong with receiving recompensation for what we do, and I do monetize my Spanish channel (as it´s my only source of income) plus I am open to donations, but I leave the English channel pure of the monetary entanglement. I do this for passion, I do this because I feel it´s important, and I do not wish to give anyone the impression that this is done for money. Haters and trolls grab at absolutely anything they can to attack us, so I am not going to give them extra weapon to use against us. I will only monetize it if I am in a really drastic situation financially. Plus, I really hate adds when I watch Youtube so I do not desire the same experience for my viewers. 

If you do see any adds in any of the videos, THEY ARE NOT MINE. I receive copyright notices every now and then for the music I use and the music owner splashes my videos with adds, with revenues going only to them. I can´t switch them off, I apologize for that. I do try to use as much copyright free material as possible, but sometimes something gets through, or I do it on purpose as I love certain music for some special videos and need to use it no matter what.

So, going back to the original post, BIG THANK YOU AGAIN to all those who decide to support this work through your donations. I say this here as I am not sure my Paypal thank you notes go through, as I never receive any response there. 

Thank you again, and onward we go. Gosia :)

Yazhi´s Quote

Cosmic Agency, Gosia August 22, 2022 - English