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Some Information "Not being Current" - Why is that?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 15, 2022

Hello friends! I have seen some of you commenting here and there that some of the information I share is "old", not "on time", and even worse...because it is not provided in a CNN flash style manner, my Toleka friends must be AI copying the info from others. Now, I think it is important to clarify this. And to do that, let me just remind you that, as I always say, I am swamped with the material. Many videos are backed up one on top of another, some of them from weeks back, months back, and some even years back! (yes, older Swaruu 9´s information which is still valuable such as continuation of the Solar System series). So if I publish something that seems to be "older news", it´s not because they gave it to us late, but it is because I PUBLISH IT LATE, the reason being the one mentioned above - being swamped and always trying to choose what should go next. And to be honest, my mind does not operate like perhaps you think it should - I simply never concern myself with being "current", or "up to date" with what´s circulating out there. I publish whatever not when it is given, but simply... when I feel like it, when it fits in with the order of other videos I have in mind, of how important it might seem to me, etc. And my assessment of importance might be different to yours. I have enough stress on my mind always wanting to share it all with you, and making sure it comes out in good quality, for now to additionally worry about sending stuff out as soon as it is given, just to be "current". My mind doesn´t operate this way. Plus, unless it is something of utter emergency, it is almost technically impossible. So just remember that. It is not them being "late" on certain topics, it is me, because it is always us who decide what to publish and when, it´s never them imposing that. So, gently put, please back off of my Taygetan and Swaruunian friends. We all do what we can. And to finish off, from now, in any video and transcript that you see, I will include the date when the information was provided. This way, you will never confuse the date of the release of certain information with the day I decide to publish it. Thank you all!