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Bio and Chemical Weapons Labs - Ukraine

Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 14, 2022

A short conversation with Athena Swaruu on the existence of bio weapons labs in Ukraine, translated from Spanish: "Athena Swaruu: What they say about having found chemical and biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine, which the West denies, is true. Yes, they are there. Semi-underground places. As I said before, there is much more behind it all. And behind those labs is the whole Western machinery, not just the US. Now these labs are already owned by the Russians. They are several development plants for the production of chemical and biological weapons. Russia demands an explanation from the West. And the West only censors and denies that by accusing Russia of launching "crazy conspiracy theories". In those words exactly. Robert: But bacteriological weapons cannot be used in warfare, there are international treaties. There are weapons that cannot be used. There are agreements. Athena Swaruu: They break them all the time, Robert. The very existence of those laboratories is already in violation of those treaties, the same with NATO's expansion into Ukraine, whether it is an official member or not, because it violates the Minsk treaties. Robert: Are they COVID type weapons? Athena Swaruu: No, those kinds of weapons are developed on CNN and BBC, not in biological laboratories. Gosia: That is why I am surprised. What is the purpose of developing these weapons? It has to be something different than launching them against the population. Against the population they already have the mass media. Athena Swaruu: Only in the imagination lies the answer, to use them against Russia and against China in due course perhaps. I would say that they are precisely to be used against the population. Against what else? Gosia: But for this they have CNN as you said. They don't need to launch anything real. Athena Swaruu: Well yes, but that doesn't stop them from developing those kinds of weapons. Because there are levels of the same perverse game. From that level yes, there is a fight between the Western bloc and the Russia-China side. They have them but they don't necessarily use them. The same with nuclear bombs. Gosia: Yes, who knows what they have in mind. They are perverse as you say. Athena Swaruu: Yes, we don't know what but nothing good, rest assured. Basically, it's war of attrition. And that just sustains what we told you. Because Russia could finish with it in...days, if not hours. But whether it will win or not depends on what the controllers, the Cabal, wants, not on the war capabilities of Russia or the allies."