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Regarding the First Contact Program - Mari´s video

Cosmic Agency, Gosia April 11, 2023

Regarding Mari Swaruu's latest video, her contemplations on why the First Contact program failed, I want to share a couple of thoughts of my own.

First, keep in mind that the vast majority of Taygetans in those days, young cadets fresh from Taygeta, had no idea, other than what they had been told at the Academy, about humans and our planet. They were idealistic, innocent (more so than the Toleka crew now), with ideas of "liberating" the oppressed planet. 

In my opinion, and I see from your comments that I am not alone in this contemplation, the Federation has led the thousands of these young people to the destiny it had already foreseen from the beginning: to fail. The Federation has been an Earth management organization for thousands of years, they are not fools, and, on the other hand, although not fools, the young Taygetans were much more innocent in this regard. I strongly feel that the Federation has led them to this "school task" of contacting humans through the social media, keeping them busy, so that: 1 - they do not observe and do not examine what really goes on on Earth, 2 - it fails. Among other things, it´s so that later they can return home saying that "on Earth they are not ready for contact", thus leaving the fate of our planet in the hands of the Federation, without any disturbances whatsoever. Just as the Federation wants it. In other words, they had to know that it is not possible to assess the mental state of the human population only by entering social media, where, as Mari said, most of the people who are really intellectually/spiritually prepared and ready were not to be found.

I'm sure there is more to the story here, and what I said above is not all, but it is important for me to clarify the point that it was not the Taygetans (I speak for them, although there were other races involved in the project as well), very green in everything, who made the mistake here of "not knowing it any better". I feel that they were thrown into doing it this way by the Federation itself for a purpose that is not entirely clear. But is anything really clear when it comes to matters related to the Federation? 

What I am almost certain of is that this program did not have in mind the actual gathering of data on whether "humans are ready" for contact. The Federation is not even interested in opening our planet to interstellar experience, so why assess if we are ready? As Yazhi said today: "We smell a rat". 

Greetings, my friends!