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Update from Yazhi on the Toleka video

Cosmic Agency, Gosia February 28, 2023

Hello friends! Regarding my latest video on Toleka, I have a very short update from Yazhi about the layout as certain things have changed location since I was given this information by Aneeka back then. As Yazhi says: "Even right now they are moving one of the gyms as we speak". She also said: "In the video you mentioned CIC observation deck right above the piano saloon. It's no longer there, they moved everything to the main CIC deck that is huge. In that room, today, there is a large conference room and it is the ships council's headquarters. It has installations for media at the rear from where to transmit things live, like a TV studio. The ship is modular so sometimes things do change place, but not that much either." Just that, for the sake of accuracy and if anyone is interested to know these details. Thanks Yazhi!