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Power of Now - My Contemplations

Cosmic Agency, Gosia May 28, 2023

This is something that came to me recently, even though it will sound obvious to many of you, it also is for me. However, to know something to be obvious mentally and then feel it inside as something that is truly the case, are two different things. This is something that I observed in and for myself, but I am sharing it as it might serve you as well.

With many tasks at hand that I always have, my mind always seems to be looking and thinking ahead, what to do next, what to enjoy next, how to relax next. It´s always about what is going to come "next", that´s where my attention a lot of times seems to flow. Next video, next transcrtipt, next snack to eat. Looking forward to the next moment, imagining it as if it was that moment and not the present one that was supposed to complete me and be IT for me, where I can feel really good.

But I notice that as that moment arrives, when whatever I envisioned as "next" is here, my mind runs off yet again, into yet another "next" moment, never immersing me fully in total completeness.

I became aware of this mental frame of mine these days, and decided to put a stop to it. My mind needs to stop rushing into the moments ahead, it needs to give its FULL ATTENTION to the moment at hand. This is where the true connection with the Self opens up, and when you can feel the deeper centeredness and peace. 

I know you have heard this many, many times before and this is no biggie of the revelation, however, I will ask you not to stop there, just knowing this to be so. I want you to TRY this for real. Instead of allowing your mind to jump ahead and "look forward" to the movie you are about to watch as you shower before, enjoy, but fully, the shower itself! With the entire attention and mindfulness given to that moment and that moment only.

Instead of spending your day "looking forward" to the moment you arrive back from work where you can lay on the sofa and read a book, allow yourself a full attention on any moments prior to that. Whether it is walking home observing the trees, or enjoying the car ride with your favourite music on. The moment you are so looking forward to will arrive either way, and now you can enjoy others, and there are always countless others! 

I know all this sounds cliche, but it hit me very strongly these days - the power of NOW truly is the key to falling into the deeper state of peace and fulfillment. Don´t let your mind be ahead of you, pull down those horses and simply be, but FULLY, in whatever moment you are in, truly devoted to it.

From my experience, the "next" moment is not going to totally fulfill you as you expect, it´s very likely that it will feel incomplete and lacking, with your mind already thinking about other moments and planning ahead. But the NOW... as I am experiencing it nowadays, can be so deliciously fulfilling if you look at it closely and let it engulf you. You can plan, you can look forward to things, but where you are right NOW is where your mind can truly find peace. If you let it. Promise me you will try! ?