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This page contains chat transcripts with Yazhi Swaruu and Taygetean Pleiadian ET crew members. The communication is conducted via Internet using English and Spanish language.

Some of the videos may also contain community provided language translations. Open each transcript to see if it is provided in other language than English.

Dhor Kristil y D´Jedi - What do those Titles Mean - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 21, 2022

The information in this video was given by Swaruu of Erra some time ago in 2020. I am sharing it now as it fits with the topic of Jupiter and the Karistus, the previous videos. What does the title of Dhor Kristil (DK) and D'Jedi mean? What kind of energy do the people who are the "DKs" emit and who are these people?

Karistus - Enigmatic Race from Jupiter - Information from Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka of Temmer

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 18, 2022

I don't have much information about the Karistus, the mysterious race from Jupiter, but I am sharing what I do have.

Graphene Does not Degrade - it Assimilates - Aneeka of Temmer

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 16, 2022

In this video Aneeka explains what happens to the graphene in the body and how it does not really degrade. It gets assimilated into the body.

Jupiter - Solar System - Information from Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 13, 2022

In this next segment of the Solar System series, we learn about Jupiter. This information was provided to us by Swaruu of Erra in 2019.

MiniTopics with Gosia - Extraterrestrial Information - Yazhi, Aneeka, Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 06, 2022

In this episode of mini-topics, I'll talk about: - Toys in Taygeta - Magnetic problem with the Earth? - Electric cars - Photos of the Earth and why there are none - James Bond - Movie - DUMBS and maps? - Hermaphrodites - Viagra - Tubal Ligation

Nanotechnology and EMP Pulses in Vaccinated People - Aneeka responds questions from Dr Alex

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 29, 2021

In this short video Aneeka answers some questions from Dr. Alex about the electromagnetic pulse applied to vaccinated patients, and then some others from Robert.

4 Year Anniversary of our Taygetan Contact - SURPRISE and Message from Aneeka - MUST SEE

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 27, 2021

We are celebrating 4 years of our Taygetan and Swaruunian contact, and in this video I will answer 36 questions from the followers. Also Matias will respond some. But stay tuned till the end because I present an exciting surprise for everyone, and after that - Aneeka´s message.

Cabal Surrendering in Antartica? FALSE - Athena Swaruu Responds

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 22, 2021

Is it true what some say that several representatives of the Cabal have met in Antarctica to discuss the terms of their surrender? Athena Swaruu responds.

Yazhi Swaruu and the Issues of Human Past - Perceptual and Laboratory Influences

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 20, 2021

I find this conversation Robert had with Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia) especially interesting as it illuminates some parts of our human past and helps us understand why the human condition is the way it is.

22 Extraterrestrial Races Forming a Human Being? - Aneeka of Temmer Responds

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 17, 2021

There is a belief circulating that human beings were formed by the DNA of 22 extraterrestrial races. Is there any truth to that? Do we have alien DNA? What does Aneeka say?

Liberation of Earth, Worlds, and Planets - What does the Taygetan/Swaruu Team have to say?

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 14, 2021

What does Athena Swaruu (Swaruu X) think about the beliefs that circulate in exopolitcs circles that Earth is getting liberated, other planets as well, etc. Here I am sharing with you short chat I had with her on this topic.

There is no Material World - Part 2 - World of the Dead vs World of the Living - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 09, 2021

Second part of the video about why there is no material world, no densities, no parallel worlds, why there is no death, and what is the world of the dead vs the world of the living. Deep metaphysical teachings from Yazhi Swaruu.

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