War in Ukraine - Analysis - Taygetan Intelligence Conclusions

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 07, 2023

War in Ukraine - Analysis - Taygetan Intelligence Conclusions

Originally in Spanish - March 3 - 2023

Swaruu X (Athena): This information, or rather conclusions, has been gathered over the course of a year. It comes from observation from orbit, and from our flights observing everything closely. It also comes from several other important anonymous sources.

Although there are things that don't quite fit, as you will note below, the conclusion is this: What is behind as a rationale for the war is an attempt by the West to remove the Putin regime and install a puppet government of the Western Cabal in Russia.

What we know from our sources is that the West is waging a war of attrition against Russia to weaken it and force a political and regime change against Putin and his supporters... using Ukraine as a proxy. That is, they set a trap for Russia to force it to intervene inside Ukraine, and while there, they feed the Ukrainian war machine with Western equipment to prolong the war.

In March 2022, just weeks after the war began, Kiev and Moscow reached a ceasefire agreement that was convenient for both sides. This was independently corroborated by our sources on different dates.

The ceasefire was not respected on the part of the Ukrainian forces, as they started attacking border facilities inside the Russian territory, under the tutelage and support of the Western armed forces. This was also corroborated by multiple sources. This caused Moscow and Kiev to return to the negotiation table, which the Western media suppress in their news. Where Ukraine's puppet president Zelenski, a CIA operative, was instructed to deny any kind of ceasefire agreement. And with it, the West started to bring equipment into Ukraine to fight against Russia. Not only equipment, but also infantry and Western NATO Special Forces personnel who operated and continue to operate in Ukraine against Russia, under the Ukrainian flag.

The USAF and US NAVY constantly carry out bombing raids in Ukraine, supposedly against Russian targets. However, as happened in Vietnam, the vast majority of those targets to be bombed turn out to be ruined buildings or targets inside forests, where there is nothing but plants and squirrels. This is to justify the production of missiles and bombs. The objective was to remove Putin, as I have already said, although the war has been prolonged because the main objective is for Russia to lose war strength, by "attrition".

However, Moscow has known how to modulate its forces preserving the best ones, which explains why we have not seen Russian advanced war machinery on the battle front, as we have already commented among us here.

The summary of what has happened, or has been achieved so far, is that the Western ploy has not worked, as Russia remains stronger than ever both militarily and economically. And the vox populi sent to me by my source indicates that Putin and his party has an approval rating of over 75%, which is the highest historically speaking in all of Russia.

What is happening in Ukraine now is not good, and it was corroborated live by two ground "aircraft" that Taygetans have, of the classified type, with photographic equipment on February 26th. Yes, we use these aircraft although they are a "little" altered.

The war is localized, and it is false to a greater degree as to the political reasons, but the terrain, the villages are devastated, and the estimated data given to us indicates that the general population of Ukraine has dropped by 30% to 40% since the beginning of the war.

It should be noted that the civilian villages are the most affected, most of them being totally ruined, while the more "prestigious" targets, such as places of political interest for the Cabal, remain intact.

What we see happening is that NATO forces are fighting Russian forces inside the Ukrainian territory, and what reaches the Western media are only lies and propaganda. As Mari Swaruu just said, the war will not escalate globally, but it can escalate regionally.

Russia has defended itself and the evidence indicates that it is not the aggressor, the west is, as the Russian invasion from the start was seen as necessary by the Kremlin given that western forces were already nesting in Kiev aiming to attack Russia anyway. Russia just beat them to it and thereby complicating the Westerners' plan, because the evidence confirms that their plan to overthrow Putin's government is not working. And the war of attrition is taking effect, but on the opposite side, against NATO.

And this has also been observed by CIC since the attack against the Nord Stream gas pipeline was confirmed as having been carried out by the US NAVY during the "training" maneuvers in the Baltic in the preceding weeks, when we know that who detonated the bomb that destroyed the pipeline was in fact the Norwegian government, being part of NATO.

This was in order to limit the huge profits that they claimed the Russian government was making by selling the gas supply to Europe, specifically to Germany, which actually worked the other way around, weakening Germany and Europe even industrially and, as a consequence, militarily as well. And not Russia which, having seen this coming, took its precautions, because the numbers we have been shown, independently corroborated by other sources, indicate that the Russian economy has strengthened since the beginning of the war. Given that international sanctions on Russia have accomplished nothing but hurt the economy of the sanctioners. The plan to overthrow Putin has literally backfired on Westerners. However, in the process, the people of Ukraine have been destroyed by an estimate of 45%.

The Russian military machine has absolute supremacy over Ukraine, and this is objectively confirmed by us. What is happening is that the West, by using a "proxy" to attack Russia, i.e. Ukraine, is not operating there with its full warfare capability, nor will it be able to do so. Whereas Russia is.

What the West is using now at its convenience is the call of infantry, new recruits from Europe to carry out a very "old-fashioned" war, very much in the style of the First World War, where the infantry would go ahead and would bear the heaviest casualties, being that a modern war would not need much infantry intervention. Which makes us conclude that it is part of the depopulation agenda. As always.

Although this report sounds very pro-Putin, and it is, this is what all the data put together show, after CIC´s hard work of connecting the dots in order to draw conclusions. However, there is a big stone in Putin's shoe here, and that is his full cooperation when the fake plandemia happened.

We know that in the end everything is connected, and I am not going to go against what Mari just said, that the Cabal controls both sides. I'm just giving you this report from the more 3D, inside the game point of view, not from the top-of-the-game stance that Mari and Yazhi have.

Who is winning the war? Nobody, but tactically speaking in terms of warfare, Russia has total supremacy.

Robert: Thank you, Tina.

Swaruu X (Athena): You are welcome. What they say in the media about downed Russian helicopters and yada yada, it's garbage and just western propaganda. And the very fact that YouTube does not allow to talk about this war openly, clearly indicates that the Cabal is hiding something very serious. And it is what I just told you above.

Gosia: Thank you. What you say makes a lot of sense. Although I would be interested to know how Putin and the other side working for the same people fit in with these conclusions?

Swaruu X (Athena): As our sources confirm, there is a power struggle in Russia and Putin does not have control over everything. This power struggle is evident as the West is funding Putin's opponents and already has them in key places to be used at the right time when they overthrow the Russian government and put in place their puppet government. These Putin's opponents are already ready to impose their government that would go totally with the directives of the Illuminati, with the 2030 agenda and globalization. Putin's government is opposed to such globalization, so it is necessary for them to remove him fast.

And Putin's government knew about this and took the necessary measures, which forced him to start the war against Ukraine because it was the only way for Moscow to stop the support, both tactical and financial, for the internal Russian groups opposing his government. So we can conclude that everything indicates that, from one low level or another, Putin is still "the good side" here.

The reason for the war itself, from the Russian point of view, was to remove the threat that the West was imposing on Russia, using Kiev as a proxy. In other words, Russia from the beginning, has just been defending itself.

Gosia: I understand. But it is still not clear to me in what way Putin and the other side are working together? If Putin and Ukraine already had the deal, and then it was not respected and everything was extended, it would indicate that at some level they would not be working together, or at least that they are not aware that their bosses are the same. But Putin would not be aware of that? It would indicate that he is low level.

Swaruu X (Athena): We don't have that data, we still can't trust Putin completely. And exactly, it indicates that there are factions or groups in opposition within Russia itself. As I explained, this again suggests that the Westerners were forming a plan to overthrow Putin's government. That is, there are parts of Russia that strongly oppose Putin's government.

There is also an element that Putin does not appear to be the original.

Gosia: And what are the Karistus saying?

Swaruu X (Athena): The Karistus are not saying anything, we don't even know if they are still in orbit directly, although they are always in their bases down there because they are in large numbers.

Robert: And Putin doesn't know who those shadow puppets are to send them on "vacation" to Siberia?

Swaruu X (Athena): Apparently, they have managed to get themselves into positions of power that make them temporarily untouchable, powers that can only be removed by stopping the Western aid they are receiving through Kiev.

Gosia: And one thing. Above you mentioned that you have seen that the West only bombs isolated sites or ruins, to justify the expenses. But you also reported that there is destruction. So what is the main source of this destruction? They must be bombing something, if there is 40% destruction.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, however not all targets are against inert things. Clearly there has been western bombing of Ukrainian populations in false flag fashion blaming the Russians, and I have reported this to you myself last year. But the Russians also bomb, during battles, yes.

Robert: Well, there were areas in Ukraine that were pro-Russian. Maybe those have been hit the hardest.

Swaruu X (Athena): That's right, then there are those three or four Ukrainian provinces, pro-Russian and bordering Russia, that have been hit the hardest.

Robert: So, the war of attrition is going to continue until it brings Europe to a state like Venezuela?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is possible yes, more so if Russia weakens, because it is part of the Cabal's plan to cause the destruction of the Western world to rebuild it from the ashes of the previous civilization. In this case, everything so far indicates that Russia is stopping globalism and the 2030 agenda. The thing is that the Western Cabal has to remove Putin's government or their globalist plans will not work.

Gosia: Do you think the war could spread to neighboring countries like Poland?

Swaruu X (Athena): If Russia weakens, yes. What stops the war from spreading is Russia's military strength. As long as the West considers Russia strong, the war will not spread. If Russia weakens, it will spread because NATO will take advantage of the strategic situation to advance against Moscow.

This report I gave you today is the result of a year of research. I hope it is useful. See you next time!

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