Logo ZA'EL and ARIEN

Za'el is a young Taygetean who arrived from Erra as a cadet aboard the SS Toleka in February along with the Taygetan supply ship Saska. Shortly after arriving and inspired by Mari Swaruu's bravery, and despite being a rather introverted and reclusive person, he decided to share the second direct and official YouTube channel created by the team, with the aim of sharing his Taygetan perspective and find the best timeline possible. This channel is designed by himself with the tutelage of Mari. Having lived on Earth gives him knowledge that helps him understand the human point of view, which he considers important for the development of this project.

Arien is a Taygetan girl who arrived from Erra aboard the SS Toleka as a cadet, accompanied by Za'el, in February 2023, alongside the supply ship Saska. Although she is in orbit mainly as a trainee, Arien has decided to become involved in the project of the creation of the second direct and official channel by the Taygetan team, due to the fact that she, like Za'el, went down during a period of time to Earth and feels that she can help with what she has learned thanks to her experience as a Step Down. She designs the channel together with Za'el, learning from what Mari Swaruu is sharing about the creation and development of the videos.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ArienyZael
The videos are made in English and Spanish.

Since 2008 the Taygetan crew contacted hundreds of people on Earth under the official program "First Contact". The program is no longer in operation. However, the Taygetan crew and Swaruuneans continue in contact with us, Robert and Gosia, and few other people, passing a lot of current, spiritual, historical, scientific and technological information, and maintaining the friendship.


It is the first time in history when an extraterrestrial race shares directly such an enormous amount of information. It is time for us to wake up and learn more about the reality that surrounds us!