Illustration of Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia) Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia)

Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia), or Swaruu 12, is a young extraterrestrial girl with the ancient soul who has been in a written, live and almost daily, Internet contact with us, Robert and Gosia, since September 2019 to the present day (ongoing). Her and the Taygetan team have been in communication with us, as well as with other people, directly from the terrestrial orbit.

Yazhi, physically, is currently around 10 years old. On the consciousness level, she is the same person as Swaruu of Erra and all the other Swaruus, just at a different point of the "soul" journey. It can be said she is the most advanced and integrated "Swaruu".

She is a fighter pilot, expert in time travel and time manipulations, timelines, genetics, navigation, spirituality, science, and many other fields, and spiritual guide for us as well as for the Taygetan Pleiadian team who she has been with.

She is no longer Taygetan, evolving into her own individual race, which she calls "Swaruunian". Apart from Yazhi Swaruu, we also speak to Athena Swaruu (10 or X), whose appearance is around 22 years old.

Since 2008 the Taygetan crew contacted hundreds of people on Earth under the official program ¨First Contact¨. The program is no longer in operation. However, Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia) and the Taygetan crew continue in contact with us, Robert and Gosia, and few other people, passing a lot of current, spiritual, historical, scientific and technological information.


It is the first time in history when an extraterrestrial race shares directly such an enormous amount of information.

It is time for us to wake up and learn more about the reality that surrounds us!