Starseeds: Search for Stellar Identity and Roots (Extraterrestrial Communication - Yazhi Swaruu)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 03, 2020

Starseeds: Search for Stellar Identity and Roots (Extraterrestrial Communication - Yazhi Swaruu)

Gosia: People often ask: I don't remember who I am. What can we tell them?

Yazhí: You must take responsibility. Who you think and feel you are is who you are. You do not need someone to come and tell you who you are, to confirm anything for you. Who you are is something you must develop for yourself.

You don't need to remember it, just to know it. And from there proceed. What you feel, what you imagine, what you create in your mind and in your heart, is.

And it is because this is how everything works. Imagination is everything. Not empty fantasy. Creation of universes.

Wanting to remember is natural, but it is not necessary. That is one of the self-imposed tests of being on Earth. You feel like you need to know who you are based on what you were. Without seeing that everything that once was you, is what shapes you today. So you already carry it within you, it is part of you, always. You do not need memories, however interesting they might seem for you. Because it is external corroboration to yourself, giving up your power. To think that perhaps it is not so, that you are only a sack of meat with rickety consciousness generated by chemicals in a biological brain. With causal and deterministic life. And not an original, immortal being capable of everything.

Your memories will come to you when the time comes, or not. But you should know that they don't matter. What you imagine today is what you will be, your creation, your future. It is never empty imagination. It is where you are going. There is no fantasy and reality. That´s limiting concepts of low densities, imposed with the purpose to control. Fantasy and reality is the same, just that one you are living, the other creates what will be lived.

Gosia: How can one free oneself from the sadness of a lifetime?

Yazhí: Releasing Karma. Karma is released in many ways. The main one is with knowledge. Leave karma behind. Karma is something you decide to carry, not something imposed on you. You can simply decide not to carry it. But you must understand that at some level you have decided to carry it or else you would not have it. You must then understand why you have decided to carry that.

More often than not, it is because of experience, because of the spiritual advancement that it can give you. But it must have an end. Not remaining in the same cyclically. Not remaining in the wheel of samsara forever. It is part of the matrix game. Everything is duality. To leave karma behind you must understand that everything is a whole, there are no contrasts, everything is unified. There is no one-sided mountain, they are both mountain. (Alan Watts). Stop fighting the idea that something is "bad" because they are all views based on prejudice. Full integration. Be holographic.

There is no such thing as intrinsically "wrong" because everything is experience and the best teachings and the best advancement comes mainly from the hardest experiences. Of the ones we call erroneous. We had those experiences for what they would leave us. They are only experiences, you do not have to carry blame, much less incarnation after incarnation. You carry it because you want so.

Gosia: Someone said to me recently: ¨I have been feeling really dense. It´s hard to be here.¨

Yazhí: If someone is of a high frequency, Earth is a difficult place to be in, and if the frequency of the planet drops even more because of all the negativity that is going on, just about everywhere, then the frequency mismatch gets a lot worse, making the Starseeds feel even more uncomfortable. But it is also due to normal things, like the realization that they have been living in a lie. That all they were told is false.

Gosia: The same person said to me: ¨How to counter this denseness? I need an elevation, because I do miss home...¨

Yazhí: You must first come to understand why you feel that way. Then you must understand that you cannot get rid of it, of how you feel because that is who you are. And you have that feeling because you have resistance to that density, 3D. As you remember another where you felt a lot better, more at home. So one of the keys is Relieving Resistance.

Gosia: So, "suck it up" and carry on?

Yazhí: Accepting Earth is NOT your place, see yourself as you feel best. As on a mission there. Hiding as a human, being stellar. Make yourself a little bubble where you can be yourself, a little corner of your own density to hide in and recharge.

Don't resist 3D. It is quite shitty! It has always been shitty! It's meant to be shitty! You want to force change it, welcome to the team. But in general you / we cannot. So helping is a choice, not an "obligation". So you don't need to feel like you are not fulfilling some important mission you have forgotten. You are the mission.

So helping... is a choice. Why? Not because it was imposed on you! But because it is who you are. We help because that is who we are. Say good morning to the ranty old man that lives close to you, do not expect him to reply. Say good morning, because that is you. Whatever he does is his problem, not yours. Don't change to fit in! You never will, accept that!

Gosia: I know. But sometimes it feels like its not enough. JUST to be here.

Yazhí: Again, that is 3D. Release resistance to it. The illusion of being alone, astray, lost. All you need is to know that you must follow what you love best. What you enjoy the most doing. And your mission will reveal itself. Existence alone is doing something extremely important. You are a star being, that has been everywhere. Learned from everywhere. Born free and from Source, forever free.

Robert: Thanks Yazhí. This conversation has motivated me. To connect more to higher planes. I know that I can. Perhaps I can also help planetary elevation. I'm sure of it. I just don't get to work too much. I have to roll up my sleeves.

Yazhí: You don't need to connect to higher planes, that promotes the idea or concept of separation, of higher planes on one side and Robert on the other, far away, trying to call home. You are those higher planes, you form it. You can't escape them. Your ideas of here and there, of me 'here' and of higher planes there, is what does not allow you to 'connect' to them.

Only know. What you think, what you feel, what you imagine, are the higher planes, you are one with them.

Robert: I know... What I want to say is that I want to integrate from this level to the highest levels because I see myself in some way separate... I know that I am not separate but I perceive myself so... When I know that I really am not.

How for example visualize a better world? Try to influence from higher planes "main" characters here on Earth?

Yazhí: You must forget that you have limitations. I know that in some way you feel separate because mentally you are working from a position within a body.

And it is not only to visualize a better world, but to live it despite the fact that everything around you burns. Be that. Forget about the body. Do not try to be in higher planes with the body, because it is there, and it is designed to create in you the feeling of limitation.

All mentally, living your imagination / visualization within you, even if it seems to create a separation between mind and body, it is not. Live this way in your mind, and the body will follow. Live in the body and it will continue to limit you.

It is like living your inner world, with your happy imaginary worlds, even if you are in a garbage around your body. You go as in ... Ah ... if that is garbage, thanks to that I know what is not garbage and that's why I imagine and live internally everything I imagine. Accept where your body is as another aspect of yourself. Have no resistance to that. To where you are. It is only one more plane of many in which you live.

Robert: What would be the border of the "Real" world with the so-called "Unreal". Is there a border?

Yazhí: Everything is real, and everything is unreal. They are only points of view based on frames of reference governed by belief systems, most of the time, very limiting. The only thing truly real is what you imagine it to be, because it is a reflection of who you are. And you, your consciousness, your knowledge that you exist, is the only thing that´s real.

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