Graphene Does not Degrade - it Assimilates - Aneeka of Temmer

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 16, 2022

Graphene Does not Degrade - it Assimilates - Aneeka of Temmer

Originally in Spanish

Anéeka: We saw something about graphene. And it's a delicate subject.

We found that there is an apparent degradation of active graphene in the body. But we don't know to what degree. According to other researchers that we saw, looking for reference to what we saw here in the computer model, at three months the graphene degrades, which is why they are pushing for more doses.

The problem is that if people see this, they will say that getting vaccinated is not that bad, and the problem here is following (and this is information from our lab in Toleka, not from human sources):

It's not that there is a degradation of graphene, as the terrestrial data indicates, where they even share a body mechanism by which it is removed (wrong by the way, according to our data). It is not a degradation of the injected graphene, but the material or the amount of graphene injected has been assimilated or has found its place among the tissues of the human body. So they need more doses to provoke the total change of the DNA in a more accelerated way and not with the normal process of cell duplication.

So graphene is not degrading, it has only bound to the tissues and they need to give more to the people so that there is a saturation of the material in the cells.

Then young people will have a better chance of being able to assimilate the genetic change and become remotely controlled, soulless biological robots. While older and weaker people or those with genetic or physical problems will be destined for extermination.

With this, the type of biology or the type or human genetic variant that can assimilate the trans-humanist change is filtered. Filtering them from the rest of the human-Lyrian population.

In other words, the vaccines are intended to find those who have certain genetic traits that are useful to the controllers. And those are the ones who have affinity with the Reptilian races and Maitre, among other variants, and with other names like Vlash for example, turning people into their hybrids and under their control.

It is a filtering system to exterminate and remove from Earth the starseeds of the so-called positive races. And leave only the "human" components that are genetically attuned to them.

To say that the body eliminates graphene is irresponsible. I do not doubt that it will eliminate it to some extent, the body tries to do that from the beginning, and yes, a portion will be eliminated, but not all, and what is left is what has already been adapted and has entered the cells. And the surplus that would be detected as being eliminated by the body, is the one that has already done its job. Vaccination is NOT an option.

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