Interstellar Life 5B - More Anecdotes of Life Onboard the Extraterrestrial Ship - Taygeta

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 19, 2024

Interstellar Life 5B - More Anecdotes of Life Onboard the Extraterrestrial Ship - Taygeta

Bicycles - December 2020

Yazhi: What's it with bicycles?

Gosia: Hahaha, what do you mean?

Yazhi: Suddenly up here everyone has one or wants one. Some have many. Seriously! They told me not to ride one or I will end up in the infirmary as I have a tendency to get myself into accidents, so they say. They say that it looks like so much fun! Anéeka has three bicycles and Káal’el has six, what's with that?! What's going on!?

Gosia: Well, I am not obsessed about bikes at all actually. But I will need it because I don´t have a car so can´t get deep into the nature without some vehicle. And on a bike I can.

Yazhi: Word is that you started this mess! And now everyone is riding them even inside the corridors risking running over someone else.

Gosia: Hahaha. Yeah, I did tell you it was fun! Not the same as motorcycles.

Yazhi: They are now saying they are a lot more fun than motorbikes. The bicycle population here has exploded. Anéeka has three and I understand she is building a 4th one. They are all different. Everyone is into them but me. They are starting to crash among them as they are so many! Even Alenym got bit by the bike bug! Everyone is making bicycles now.

Gosia: Haha. I imagine you all just bike everywhere now. To CIC, to the mess hall.

Yazhi: They can't bike everywhere, this ship was not designed for bicycles. There are stairwells and elevators. But you see the people dragging them upstairs anyway!

Gosia: Hahaha, so funny!

Yazhi: And they are in the habit of moving too fast as well. Bicycles became a sudden fashion, something new to do in the same old places. They initially made a bicycle playing ground, but now it degenerated to everywhere on the ship with not so good consequences, as crashes and run overs. I'm also concerned about the pets.

And they were complaining that I was eating up the raw material in the ship for my Suzy project, material meant for repairs and important things.

Gosia: Are they using important material for the bikes?

Yazhi: Yes. Making the frames with high tech polymorphic titanium for light weight and so on. And some have an irrational need to go faster. I mean it. That's why I ask, what's up with them?!

Gosia: Haha, I am telling Matias this now as we are speaking. He is asking if anyone has fatbikes.

Yazhi: Not sure, there are many variants, but the guys kind of like heavy mountain bikes. Not sure about the name of them. They have wide tires and suspensions. Anéeka made one with what looks like razor sharp wheels to go faster with no friction. Anéeka is one of the ones obsessed with achieving more speed. She made a bicycle that is the opposite of a fat bike, with large wheels and tiny tiny super thin tires. I mean, those tires are so thin they are as thick as one of my fingers. Well, as long as they have fun! It's all new for them here. And they have never seen bicycles before.

Gosia: Does it take a long time to make one? You need to make all parts separately? You can´t just replicate the whole piece?

Yazhi: It takes them like five days, so I've seen. No, they do replicate parts only and then they put it all together manually.

Gosia: But is it possible to replicate the whole piece?

Yazhi: Yes, I don't see why not. Only that the replicators they are using are small, but there are larger ones in engineering that can make large pieces. Maybe that's why! It does not fit inside the replicator box. The small ones were designed for small everyday things. They are the size of one of your washing machines. They are a cube with 5 sides transparent and you see the process forming inside.

Gosia: Nice. But how do they know what goes where later? I mean, most of them have never seen a bicycle.

Yazhi: They have it in a computer piece map that they used to design the bicycle in the first place. They design it on a hologram computer, and then they print it on the replicator.

Gosia: And the screws and all? Also replicated?

Yazhi: Yes. They replicate parts and then they place them together and I've seen many parts fit into several bikes.

Gosia: So, in that sense you can have any weird shapes and designs you want.

Yazhi: Yes. Anéeka is making weird shaped bikes now intended for speed.

Gosia: Do they base themselves on existing models on Earth or design weird stuff?

Yazhi: They did before, now they are starting to create new models.

Gosia: Where do they store them?

Yazhi: In their rooms. You go in there and you can hardly walk because there are so many around! I'm talking about Káal’el and Anéeka that have so many of them. Oh, I just realized Nai'Shara doesn't have one. So it looks like it´s only me and her who don't have them.

Gosia: Does Suriko have one?

Yazhi: Yes, a nice girly one, like Alenym.

Follow up Chat with Yazhi

Gosia: How are you?

Yazhi: Ok, surviving the Taygetans.

Gosia: Why?

Yazhi: They got scandalized because I manufactured a skateboard for myself. Everyone goes bicycle, ok, you know me, so I went skateboard. But... they say I'm prone to accidents. Ok, I got away with it and I'm practicing now.

Gosia: Ok. Now look at this, Yazhi. This is really cool, quite popular in Barcelona. And less dangerous to others than bikes. They can move around the ship on this (showing an image of a one wheeler)

One wheel scooter. It requires skill too and can be fast. But it moves by itself.

Yazhi: I didn't know it existed, thank you! Looking. 56 is fast, of the people here only Anéeka can go faster than that. Only one wheel?

Gosia: Yes. People are zipping around on it in Barcelona.

Yazhi: Wicked!! I want one!

Gosia: Don´t tell the Taygetans it was my idea, haha.

Yazhi: I won´t! Hahaha. I want one. That's just wicked just what I need. I love it!

But it will not appear out of thin air, I must see how to make it and it's a lot more complicated than a bicycle. If I had one here to reverse engineer, it would be easier. But out of a video, no that's not easy. I need a lot more information, so I won't have it any time soon. It must have complex electronics, a gyroscope for stability, servos, all that. The concept may be enough, and I may make one with what I have here. I see that as more plausible than a direct copy. This replicator technology is wonderful and may be flabbergasting to you, but it's not magic. It needs to be fed precise information.

Gosia: I can´t believe you don´t have this kind of stuff in Taygeta. What do you have apart from scooters and personal starships?

Yazhi: I'm quite dissociated from what they use in the streets in Taygeta. But I'm sure they have many types of scooters and variants. But it looks like they are flabbergasted by that kind of human tech, like bicycles. It is something new for them because even at the dinner table they only talk about tire widths and sprockets.

Note from Gosia: Update from Athena as of March 2024: "At the moment, it´s only Kassia and Alia that continue bicycling right now. The trend has faded, having to do with a lot of work onboard, but it may come back."

Immersion simulation of time travel to Scotland - July 2019

Gosia: And what happened inside the simulation exactly?

Swaruu (9): It's just the simulation within total immersion of a time jump trip. From this point in the so-called space time to another point which would be the bronze age in Scotland. The whole simulation was exactly what the jump and the journey is like, it just wasn't real. But it felt like it was. We didn't get out of here.

Anéeka: I can't believe Swaruu did all that constantly but in reality.

Swaruu (9): In addition to how the trip is done physically, the technical parts of how to handle the ship, I showed them the direct effects that this has in the timelines of exit and entry. As events - arriving in Scotland, hiding a ship in invisibility mode, and then printing out period costumes and dresses with the replicator and integrating into that society or town. You can either replicate the period clothing or the computer implants it as part of the program, either way.

Anéeka: What I saw that was scary was how we were received in that town at the point of a sword. It didn't "scare" me because I know it was just simulation but wow, they had quite interesting ways back then.

Swaruu (9): And they were nice, that's how strangers are treated.

Robert: Were they aggressive?

Swaruu (9): A little bit, they asked for identification at spear point and what we were doing there and what we were bringing with us.

Robert: How many were there?

Swaruu (9): The guards... about eight.

Gosia: But the fact that they were putting away or taking out swords, was it all pre-programmed?

Swaruu (9): Yes, that's how it worked at the time. All those variables are already in the computer, as well as the physiognomy of the village, chickens, cows, mud, villagers inside, all with real data in Toleka's computer coming from Suzy's computer records.

Robert: How many of you were there?

Anéeka: Alenym, Khila, Swaruu, Káal’el and myself.

Gosia: But was it known in advance what they were going to do? Or were there surprises?

Swaruu (9): I knew partly what was going to happen. But a lot of the animation is decided by the computer. So many parts are still surprises. Even the actual or final reaction of the guards was not under my control. So how they reacted to the presence of two "big Vikings," Khila and Káal'el, was quite extreme, of suspicion.

Robert: Can you get trapped in that simulation?

Swaruu (9): No.

Anéeka: It just feels too real. You just know it's simulation, but from there on out there's nothing, but nothing there to indicate that it's not real. I was surprised by the smells. Everything, the wind, the cold, the people.

Gosia: What I don't understand is this. When you are walking through that town, where is your body actually walking in the ship? Or is it in some state of suspended animation lying down?

Swaruu (9): Yes, we just picked a place, a room inside Toleka where, when you open the door, it simulates the hangar of the Viera. So you see the inner hallway of Toleka with a pneumatic door open and inside is the hangar in full immersion hologram, so it's like one step into the Viera. We all just went in there and when the pneumatic door closed, we were all inside the simulated hangar of the Viera. We walked over to the Suzy parked there, and got in. Just as we would in real life.

No sleeping or lying down. Fully awake, immersed in another reality. And from there, we started the trip as it would be done in real life.

Gosia: But when you walk through the village there, if someone sees you in the ship, your body is seen walking too?

Swaruu (9): You are walking inside the Toleka but the animation itself prevents you from hitting the wall of the room.

How is this done? With gravitational manipulation inside the room.

Gosia: But the village is bigger than the room where you are in Toleka?

Swaruu (9): It doesn't matter. You're not moving in the room walking on the floor, you're not touching the floor. You're in suspension, you're walking in the air without moving forward inside the actual room in Toleka. But the rest of the total sensory immersion gives you the idea and the experience of walking in the countryside in Scotland. You struggle uphill, you run out of air and the things you carry weigh you down.

Gosia: You walk in air? Legs move and everything, but you don't move forward? I wonder what it looks like if someone walked into the room. It would look a bit absurd, wouldn't it, haha?

Swaruu (9): Yes, your body reacts and actually moves, your real body, but it's not touching anything, it's just there in the air. Or you can also fall asleep, but there's no point.

But you don't perceive yourself inside a room in a ship anymore, you perceive yourself in the destination. You get itchy skin, you get stones in your shoes, it smells like dead fish next to the fish market in town, flies and all.

Gosia: Wow. And if someone comes into your room, they're going to see you all hanging in the air walking around suspended? Talking to invisible people etc.?

Swaruu (9): The room is sealed during the immersion. If someone wants to enter, they have to talk to the expedition leader, the one controlling it, in this case me. The portal opens and the other person enters.

From inside the immersion yes, you see a door open there in Scotland out of nowhere and you see someone in a Federation uniform come in, and behind the door out of nowhere you can see the corridor of the ship with people going through there doing whatever it is they are doing.

But yes, there are a lot of variables in the program because, for example, the villagers were very curious not only about the two big men, but Anéeka who was also very tall.

Robert: And can these holographic people that the computer creates cross the door and materialize?

Swaruu (9): No, the simulation stops at the threshold of the pneumatic door. It is only a hologram. But we do have the technology to materialize anything. If I haven't mentioned it before it's because it was too much explaining, but it's already written in my articles in progress, it's already done! The how exactly to achieve such a thing. But the simulator ones don't, it all stops at the door.

Anéeka: It was scary for me to see how people were staring at me, simulation or not, you can feel the stares. They were really looking at me as n particular if I was something strange. Alenym not so much.

Robert: And what did you think of that town as a civilization?

Anéeka: Very primitive, I don't know how they survived that, besides, everything was made of wool and it stung. They didn't even have the brains to make a sidewalk, everything full of eternal mud, and fetid smells everywhere.

Robert: Did you have weapons, Anéeka?

Anéeka: We didn´t have weapons.

Swaruu (9): What for? It would only make the guards angrier.

Robert: Just in case, Swaruu.

Swaruu (9): I just freeze the scene and that's it, if something gets out of control.

Rescue of the "being" - November 2019

Dhor Káal’el: Something interesting. A ship of a species difficult to define was shot down last night. The being inside asked for help telepathically. Chiqui Swaruu was the first to respond because of her high telepathic ability. The being asked for help. We went down and... oh wow.

Robert: And who shot down its ship?

Dhor Káal’el: The Cabal with microwaves. First of all, this can be shared. But I don't know where it fits in. Because it's more of a so-called space soap opera.

Robert: Ok, thank you. Were you able to rescue the being and its ship? In what country was the ship shot down?

Dhor Káal’el: It was rescued by positive Greys. Chiqui Swaruu was the one who talked to the being and actually face to face. There was even physical contact. Canada.

Robert: And what happened to the ship?

Dhor Káal’el: Everything was extracted before the military arrived. It was a success, but the being is wounded, but it will recover.

Gosia: You had to go down to Earth then?

Dhor Káal’el: Chiqui Swaruu went down. And Swaruu behind as a backup.

Robert: And where is this being now? What shape is it?

Dhor Káal’el: Like large thorax, ribs showing, no clothes. Very short legs. Long arms. Skin like rubber, as described by Chiqui Swaruu, sulfate green. Neck with a sheath as if the skin of the torso went up like a spy jacket collar, covering the neck and part of the head. Large head with almond-shaped eyes described by Chiqui Swaruu as a crystal skull, but green with skull type.

Gosia: And the communication was telepathic, yes?

Dhor Káal’el: He communicated with her, but just the basics. All telepathic with Chiqui Swaruu. She raised her hand with ET gesture of "hello", which is like the manual stop gesture on Earth. The being did the same and they touched hand in hand. Then Chiqui Swaruu put her hand on his chest, another accepted sign of "hello" and respect. The being did the same. She says it is like rubber, cold.

The being has a large wound on its right side in the shape of a large almond. The wound is black in color.

I just didn't have a chance to tell you that Chiqui Swaruu's interaction was on an astral level, she went down like that, not on a ship. Even so, astral is a reality. And with that, it affected the physical side because he was crashed there, on the physical side. It's not like in dream or in something non-tangible.

Gosia: The being perceived it as physical?

Dhor Káal’el: Yes, both from the astral side. But there was contact. She didn't go in Suzy to Canada to see him. But she pulled me in there as well. I was there. I saw him.

Gosia: But when you extracted it, it was in the physical?

Dhor Káal’el: Yes. Extracted by the Greys, not by us, it was on the physical side. But the "help" was astral and Chiqui Swaruu sensed it and went there. That's what she does. And she has pulled me in there. And that was intense for me cause I don't usually do that.

Gosia: Wow, ok. So it's a kind of Gray?

Dhor Káal’el: Sort of, but it's not gray, it's sulfate green. It's just not a solid, uniform color. It's like in the rock, textured. I don't know how to describe it. It doesn't have a name, neither the being nor the species. I did not perceive its nose. It handles itself only with telepathy, concepts. It is positive. But we do not know the species.

Robert: And now where is this being?

Dhor Káal’el: We don't know, just that it´s safe.

Robert: Fleeing from something?

Dhor Káal’el: We don't know. For now there is no more data. I didn't see their ship either, it was behind a wall in some sort of abandoned rectangular ruins in the middle of the forest. That's all I saw.

Robert: Is that being a female?

Dhor Káal’el: It had no gender.

Gosia: But Chiqui took you by force to the astral plane?

Dhor Káal’el: Not by force. She told me that I had to see this. It looks just like reality and you perceive yourself with body. Swaruu was there also a little further away.

Gosia: But what is the process of doing that, of going to the astral plane like this? Do you close your eyes and go?

Dhor Káal’el: I don't remember. I was just lying down and I left, she pulled me, that's how I felt. I disconnected from my body here, I had another one there. I didn't need to meditate, she just touched my hand and that was it. She's very strong and strange, the girl.

Gosia: And where was your physical body positioned at this moment when you went? If someone saw you on the ship, did you simply disappear or as if sleeping?

Dhor Káal’el: Lying on a couch. As in lucid dream. The girl disconnected me from here and put me there. She flies without a ship. She leaves her body in one place and moves to another. And she even carries passengers as we have just seen. That's what Chiqui Swaruu does. Swaruu does that too, but not that strongly.

Robert: And you can't do it, DK?

Dhor Káal’el: No, or very limitedly. Sometimes involuntarily. I see that Chiqui Swaruu can mentally transport herself anywhere, be there. With passengers on top of that. That is not a Taygetan ability.

Newborn kittens - 2022

Note: Keep in mind this conversation is only one aspect of different moods they can be in day to day, in this case Athena. On that day, she was a bit tired. However, she cares deeply for Toleka cats and she wanted me to express that.


Gosia: How are you?

Swaruu X (Athena): Issues of the ship. Concerning cats. But the rest is fine. The kittens are out already.

Gosia: They survived then, how nice!

Swaruu X (Athena): But it was a mess to catch them and it's a mess because the mother cat is a beast, she looks like a Chupacabra. And the fifth one was lost in the pipes and couldn't get out. And they had to disassemble several panels of the ship and broke conduit pipes (electrical) to get to him. They destroyed part of the ship but the kitten is ok. All five are fine, three males and two females. They are barely walking, they are one month old today.

Gosia: Yazhi must be happy.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. Anéeka, Yazhi and Mari are happy with their little toys. But the rest of us are under siege because of them. They've got the others crazy. Everything is to do with cats here, everything is about cats and what to do with so many. And all of this just filters into everyday life.

Gosia: And what to do? Let them be, right?

Swaruu X (Athena): Well yes, but we have to get organized. They are all crowded around the kitchens and dining rooms of the ship, they don't use the total useful extension of the ship, only the adult ones that go to explore. Most of them stay among us and we look like "the crazy cat ladies".

Robert: Cats do not normally move more than 300m away from their owners.

Swaruu X (Athena): It's true. They are constantly on top of us, sometimes literally, you can't sit down without a cat materializing and trying to use you as a bed.

Robert: They give the impression of being independent but are usually relatively close to the crew.

Swaruu X (Athena): That's right, "The cat is an independent pet", they say! Not true! These are ultra-dependent.


Update from Athena as of March 2024: "There are currently 21 cats on board. Everything with them is ok and the five kittens grew up and they are beautiful cats now and among the best behaved."

Svalbard Escort - December 2019

Note from Gosia: Even though this was a conversation with Robert, I edited out Robert´s parts as they were not essential to the core of this information and I only kept Anéeka´s updates. Also keep in mind that some images may not reflect exactly what Anéeka was saying at the moment. I was not in the conversation.


Anéeka: Gosia just now <<<<< Nena Diablo with Khila on board

Red Arrow is Gosia. The other "plane" is Khila in the Nena Diablo. Escorting Gosia. Tell me, what's a private plane like that doing there? There? Alone? Notice how there is no data on this plane. Notice how there is data on Gosia's plane. But not Khila's <<<< They put N/A on everything.

Now the small plane has gone. Red Arrow is Gosia. Notice that Gosia has not passed me the flight data of his aircraft <<<<<<<<<

Let's wait a while for Gosia's plane to change course. Khila knows that I am following him on Flightradar24. He says he is above Gosia's plane on the left. Where Gosia would be sitting.

Note that the aircraft has no log or flight plan.

Khila already reports RTB (Return To Base). Note that the aircraft has no serial number. Note below another aircraft. Hungry Gunabul. Two of our ships. The other is Xeniel. 3PN is Gosia.

Disappearing aircraft <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Red arrow is Gosia.

This last image is important, the Flightradar24 data is still from Hungry Gunabul, but this is the moment when the radars lose track of the "plane" because both Khila and Xeniel are already in RTB and on their way to the Toleka. And Khila is gone.

Hungry Gunabul and Nena Diablo escorting Gosia. As "presidential plane" with fighter escort. Ships retreating due to presence of NATO base. It is full of bases. Mostly to control the sea corridor between Norway and Svalbard because it is a Russian submarine route.

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