Vaccines, Body, and Soul: Disconnecting the Body from the Source (Effects of Vaccines)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 18, 2021

Vaccines, Body, and Soul: Disconnecting the Body from the Source (Effects of Vaccines)

Gosia: Swaruu, please answer this question from someone. I am not clear on this either. If you have the vaccine, you are supposedly going to be disconnected from the Source, thus your DNA will be modified and you are not going to be able to receive the signal.

The question is, what happens with those people when they die, in the afterlife? Do they recover the signal with the Source? Or maybe their soul will get trapped on the AI/cloud and they will be compelled to incarnate again on Earth? And if so, what “situation” is the soul left in?

Swaruu X: Not at all. There is no ‘soul’ to be or to get trapped anywhere, that can only happen as the result of an idea. The soul does not lose signal with Source, only the body does. A soul is not something apart from Source. It is Source itself therefore it can’t get lost from itself. You cannot separate a soul from Source, it is Source.

This is why the very word “soul” is wrong and we shouldn't even be using it any longer, it is mind, it is awareness of self, it is pure consciousness. What people call a ‘soul’ is only defined as something different from Source as in self limited by a set of ideas based on memory of a ‘past’ it animated for itself and only from the point of view of itself.

It is a wave in the ocean, a dune in the desert. Inseparable with its more expanded self.

The problem with the vaccine is that it disconnects the body from Source, so the person is no longer perceived as it was before from the point of view of the people around that person, and this happens in a progressive accumulative way.

So the body will go collapsing its functions until it ends up working at a minimum, in a state alienated from its soul, so to speak, alienated from the signal from its owner, owner being a fragment of Source and Source itself.

The vaccine means a slow progressive disconnection of the body from Source-consciousness-individual. The death of the body.

What situation the 'soul' will be left in depends on the ideas it holds, and only on that, so it is essential to know as much as you can during your present incarnation, to know where to go and what to expect.

Gosia: Thanks! But then a question. When the body is disconnected from the Source, for example of Jenny... Where is Jenny then? Is she still operating through that body or she is gone already? Meaning... does that disconnection mean basically the same as if she died and she is somewhere else already, leaving the body to operate on its own in its degenerative state? “Owner” of the signal being already somewhere else?

Swaruu X: Jenny has always been Source. The set of ideas that make up the concept of ‘Jenny’ is in Source and is part of Source and is Source itself. ‘Jenny’ (what a nice name) as such only uses a body to be in a conceptual etherical realm with a set of rules that make it be “the physical world”.

From the point of view of that physical realm, yes, Jenny died, or basically died even if her body is still working more or less. Remember the body also holds a set of functional memory held in the body itself, so it reacts and functions with ‘limited interact-ability’, that is as if someone with good interaction and connection with Source would have a near 100% connection with it, and a person with the vaccine working progressively inside its body disconnecting slowly its capacity to bring into the physical the concept of ‘Jenny’ held in Source.

So as the vaccine goes developing its real effects throughout a span of time, it begins to limit the amount of connection possible with Source, from 100, to 93, to 78 to 52, to 37, to 19 % and as it gets lower and lower, its connection to Source will be progressively severed, becoming more like automatons. Like Back Drop People. And even later or more after, to work in a decadent state equal to zombies in all the expanse of the meaning of the word Zombies with a capital Z.

To the very best of my knowledge that is what will happen in a few months to years, and the process has already begun.

You ask if the owner of the signal is already somewhere else. So to speak, from the point of view of the physical body, because the signal is Source and it´s not even coming into the body, it is all over any way, like radio waves.

Gosia: Thanks again! I understand. But then, at what point is the signal of that person, connection with the Source, already removed from the body? At the moment they take the shot or later, as the percentage of disconnection goes up? I mean... when does the “soul” - point of attention, REAL JENNY, really withdraw itself from that body and goes somewhere else? At what percentage of the disconnection? I am still trying to grasp this.

Swaruu X: I don't think it is possible to know at what point there is a disconnection, a specific point. It is a gradient, from 100% connection, to less and less as the vaccine goes on to do its job.

But the fact is it does disconnect, but we could argue that as long as the body is alive, some connection remains, except in the truly zombified state where it´s working entirely from its internal “hard drive” so to speak. And then this conversation could go into Vampires and Zombies (connected).

See it as a light bulb, when fully lit, the person-body has full connection to Source, and the vaccine goes dimming and dimming down the bulb slowly and progressively until it turns off.

The “soul” cannot ever be disconnected from Source, because it is Source itself. It can only hold the idea that it is disconnected, but that cannot be so. The body is what does get disconnected from the “Soul” or from Source better said.

And I can imagine that if the body is having a disconnection experience, then what is left in that connection would alarm the “soul” into thinking it is getting disconnected, as the “soul” when having a body does get attached to the idea that it is the body. People-Souls have a body, they are not a body. Have as in own as in you own a car.

Gosia: But I am still trying to grasp to understand... like with the bulb disconnecting slowly, your perception of YOU as Jenny, as an awareness, “soul” perception, is still in the body or will it go “incarnating somewhere else” already... and being aware elsewhere? Where is the Self-Awareness of that soul at that point? Because at death it is clear. You die and right there and then you “wake up” in the astral or wherever still with your point of awareness as you. And in the case of vaccines then? That´s what I don´t get yet.

Swaruu X: Ok, it's not clear for the person-soul inside the vaccinated body. It perceives that something is very wrong. For example many vaccinated people have reported and being very alarmed about this, that they don't have emotions as before, that nothing excites them, that they don't feel love and they don't feel happiness.

The person, body and soul together, experience something similar as to what happens with Alzheimer's. The body is getting disconnected from Source-Soul progressively because of the malfunctioning of brain systems, that translate the signal into the physical world, calcification of the brain and necrosis of brain sectors or basic malfunctioning because of a high amount of aluminum in the system among other causes.

Gosia: But THEY are still in the body then if their self-awareness is there and not floating towards Taygeta for example.

Swaruu X: They are still in the body, but they can't fully come into the physical world, less and less until they finally die. And when they finally do, they either can go back to Source, or wake up in their pod, wherever.

Gosia: Ok, so the final disconnection of their SELF-AWARENESS happens at the actual death of the body. The awareness of I.

Swaruu X: Yes. For this example yes, that's when it becomes 0%.

Gosia: Ok, understood.

Swaruu X: The problem here is the automaton effect. And this also leads to entity parasitization. That is... the body formerly belonging to someone. Someone kind and real becomes an entry point for dark entities to use to come into the physical world. They are always trying to find a way into the physical, and this is one of the ways they will use and are already using. So that's another agenda that hasn't been mentioned before and it is important. Another reason why they want to vaccinate people. So they become portals for entity possession. And that is terribly real.

The common problem here is that people who take the vaccine and then say they “feel fine” is that the ill effects of the vaccine are progressive, they will manifest little by little, more and more as time goes by.

Some sectors of the population, especially those taking the vaccine for the first time, are sometimes being given placebos, that's why they don't report any ill effects. It's a strategy of the Cabal to lessen the effects and with them lessen the resistance of the people about taking it.

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