Short Message from Gosia to all the Starseeds

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 03, 2022

Short Message from Gosia to all the Starseeds

December 3 2022

Gosia: Something that occurred to me to say while I was looking at the recent video-tribute I made for Anéeka. Something I felt looking at the audios and videos of those who expressed their gratitude at the end.

I want you all to know that, immense as Anéeka was and forever will be, what she needed you to know is that all of you, starseeds, out there, are that as well. Always have been! "Special elite forces", as she once called starseeds on Earth, who "know what they are doing" (even when you think you don´t).

None of us ever need to die to realize how incredibly vast we all are! How talented, determined, creative, and passionate we have been during our time on Earth. Please be aware of that, and how serious I am when I say these words: you are heroes, and every single one of you deserves a tribute, just as Anéeka does. And you deserve it NOW.

As I watch your messages for her, it touches me how formidable all of you are, and what a great and brave cosmic army we form part of. Your character, awareness, emotions, individual talents and gifts... it is what makes you all unique and you need no special reminder of that. Or, rather, I think you do!

You will say that you have nothing to be praised for, nothing special within, that you are imperfect. So was Anéeka! Imperfect as all of us. And, despite all her "failures," despite all her "imperfections," we still find her worthy of our respect and appreciation. Find the qualities within yourself that make you stand out, that makes you, YOU.

These are the qualities you bring into this Earth as a soul, to imbue humanity with. Whether it's honesty, creativity, endurance, compassion, no matter what it might be... these are the characteristics that make up your essence, it's what you will be remembered for. Be proud of who you are and forgive yourself for everything else you think makes you imperfect. You are a gift to this world.

Not many souls dare to venture into the Earth experience. And you are one of those who did! What an achievement, what an adventure, what a task! Give yourself credit, give yourself love, give yourself and others like yourself praise. You all deserve it. NOW!

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