Soul Fragmentation - Metaphysical Contemplations - Live with Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 06, 2023

Soul Fragmentation - Metaphysical Contemplations - Live with Gosia

These are excerpts of conversations with Yazhi and Athena that I read during the live.
Originally in Spanish - April 2023

Robert: When a soul is fragmented and creates a new soul, is that what is meant by the "new soul" vs "old soul"?

Gosia: Yes, that was my question too. But, thinking about it, it should not really be a new soul, because it would still carry the memories and everything that formed it from before. In this case, if it is not that, what does the new soul and old soul refer to?

Swaruu X (Athena): As for the twins, it is the best and clearest example of how a single soul fragments into others. Yes, it keeps its same root or its same past, but it is already another soul. It is not formed as another one immediately, let's say at birth, but it is formed with the different experiences that each of the twins has during their lives and how it progresses. Remembering that a soul is not something that is already, or already made, but it is something that is formed by itself, by who it is. Each soul builds itself progressively by its experiences and by the decisions it makes.

So, as the life of each of the twins progresses, there will always be differences in their experience, simply because they are two different points of attention, and those points of attention begin to differ when they are both in different corners of the same cradle.

But as they grow up, their experiences become more and more different, so that they end up having very different experiences as adults. However, they will always have and retain the same base or background of previous past life experiences that form the current life, its characteristics and all that defines it.

Gosia: But that is what you mean by a new soul? Or what does this term refer to?

Swaruu X (Athena): As it happens to both equally, it is not a new soul in itself as such, but a single one forms or transforms into two.

Gosia: So what is meant by new and old soul? How can souls really be new? They all come from the Source, they are all old.

Swaruu X (Athena): The concept of old soul and young soul is very New Age. However, we could define them in a way that makes sense. Because, in the end, there can never be any new souls. They are all Source.

However, they can be "new" according to one or another criterion. For example, a new soul as in someone who is suffering... sorry... living his first experience on Earth, however not from the most expanded point of view.

Even so, it is also considered that the same point of attention accumulates experience in life progressively acquiring more and more consciousness, from its beginnings as a mineral, passing through bacteria, then worm, insect, plant, invertebrate, mammal and so on.

It is that progressiveness of accumulation of consciousness that does not quite fit with the concept that all souls would be of the same age, being that they are all Source.

However, from Source's position or point of view, a new soul would be formed when Source itself forms the group of ideas and concepts that define a soul; ideas and concepts that did not exist before, although they will always be a variant of what already exists. Bearing in mind that what defines a soul is the group of attachments to the ideas that define it as someone and not someone else. In that case, there would be new souls exactly as such.

Gosia: But if a group of new ideas has been formed, it always has to come from something that was formed before, from some impulse that has been created before, because nothing comes out of nothing, and everything always existed, only changing forms.

Swaruu X (Athena): Those ideas will always be variants of previous ones, yes, and those previous ones could be said to be the ones that formed your progenitors and your family.

Gosia: Yes, maybe old soul means the one that has accumulated many experiences of all kinds. Because others could be at the same point for eons. They are old but with nothing accumulated there. I don't know, thinking...

Swaruu X (Athena): It is not the number of incarnations that matters, but what has been achieved in them. And that is precisely why the loops of reincarnations occur.

Gosia: So, in this case, it is as I said, old soul - with many achievements and experiences.

Swaruu X (Athena): I would simply define it as a point of attention that has gained a lot of experience, learned from it and developed a lot of wisdom from that. Like in the same incarnation, whether it was full of enriching experiences, or just spent 60 years as an employee of an insurance company. Without trying to commercialize to "sell you more Yazhi", at her young age she already surpassed in experiences many people who are three times her age in years of existence.

Gosia: And even if it is an old soul with many experiences, there is no need to remember those experiences, right?

Swaruu X (Athena): The experiences will always define the person from the subconscious and the unconscious. However, certain things or certain memories would only be useful to you by remembering them directly in a conscious way.


Yazhi: Swaruus are Swaruus because they don't forget who they are. But occasionally one in any alternative timeline will decide to forget, because we have plenty of reasons to forget.

Remember, memory is not in the body. So if you create an incompatibility with your so called higher self, then you forget. And create another identity or Ego - self in the process.

Memory is not in your body, only a small part of it. So you need to have a compatibility of frequency with Source. That compatibility is what we call having a connection with Source. It is a signal if you may, being as if Source were a radio transmitter and your body the stereo equipment that plays the music.

Earth is a low density pasty difficult density. It makes the connection with higher self - Source difficult. So that pasty dense energy makes someone on Earth not be able to connect with Source as much as they did before. This lack of frequency compatibility, therefore not accessing all memory, is what we call the veil of forgetfulness.

Sometimes you can´t remember fully even if you come back here. Sometimes memories do not return in full, connection to Source is severed because your ego - identity created what many call 'another soul', so you are no longer completely compatible with who you were before. Another person example of this is Anéeka.


Gosia: Another question. When souls fragment, as twins, or from the ether... then they have the same past life, and obviously... the same couple before! What happens now with that? They will both want the same man, for example. How to solve this in Taygeta?

Swaruu X (Athena): The one whose frequency is more similar to this man's, even with tiny differences, would be the one who stays with him, and not the other one. Minuscule difference such as she saw him first as he walked in the door at school, to say something. Ethically, the other one would move away and look for another man who also agrees with her in frequencies. Or enough.

Gosia: But what will the other one do now? Her soulmate from past lives does not correspond to her? That other man would no longer be the same. That's complicated and a bit sad.

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't see soulmates as something necessarily pre-programmed. Rather, I understand or accept that there are people who are more compatible with each other than most, and within that group of potentially more compatible people, the right one will emerge. And it is the right one because in addition to that potential compatibility, he has the willingness and motivation to modify himself to fit more with his new partner, just as that new partner has to do the same equally. Otherwise, they would not work as a couple.

Gosia: Yes, I think so too. However, in Taygeta one remembers past lives, even with names and everything. So, if a soul fragments, it is possible that now there will be two women or two men, or more, with the memory of being with the same person before. Does this happen? What do you do then? What you said above? Whoever enters through the door first?

Swaruu X (Athena): It happens like with the twins, it can become an embarrassing or tense situation. It becomes a problem.

Gosia: I have a very idealized and romantic idea even of relationships. I like the idea that you're with someone for lifetimes and lifetimes.

Swaruu X (Athena): And that's nice and good. And it happens a lot of times.

Gosia: Yes, but the admatic fragmentation complicates that.

Swaruu X (Athena): That's also why you tend to forget. I think you tend to accept the situation and love someone else.

Also, there are variants of the same person that are perceived as two, or more. They could be perceived as siblings, they are not the same.

Gosia: Right. Anyway, I still see the remembering so much and then being aware of your fragments as you as complicated, at least in this aspect of relationships.

Swaruu X (Athena): It is. But remembering your partner from before also makes things easier when you meet. You know that it´s him or her and that's it.

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