C-17 plane and Afghanistan News - FAKE NEWS - Athena Swaruu explains why

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 03, 2021

C-17 plane and Afghanistan News - FAKE NEWS - Athena Swaruu explains why

Swaruu X (Athena): For those who have eyes to see. This is not OK. What happens here makes no sense. It is staged. The video is fake. It is a false flag.

Remember that this video supposedly is of a C - 17 Globemaster (huge aircraft) trying to take off from the airport in Afghanistan fleeing from the enraged Afghan mob.

Wheel of the nose of C - 17 Globemaster. Look at the video what you see there. The people running along and covering something that is there, on purpose. The plane is towed. They used a special tug to hide it.

That's a C-17 Globemaster, which is the largest cargo plane in the USAF. Those engines are bigger than the 747's. Even at idle they would suck people in even at that height. Especially because it is supposedly producing thrust because the plane is moving. That plane is being towed with the engines off because just by turning them on with minimal power (insufficient to move such a heavy plane) it would suck people in. They added the sound of turbines later. They set the scene.

The pilot would not accelerate with the mob because that would cause the engines to ingest people damaging the plane (since people don't matter). That scene is fully staged, it is theater.

People run around a C-17 being towed, they hide a small tug in the nose, among the people. And the people there would be sucked in by the 4 huge engines. And behind, they would be thrown like rag dolls. None of that happens. It's Fake News. Everything is staged, so Afghanistan is another false flag. Because if they don´t even give real shots, you cannot trust anything that they say officially since those images are to support a certain story.

Gosia: But wouldn't this piece that pulls the plane be right in front of the plane?

Swaruu X (Athena): You see Gosia, a tow tractor can be very small. It is a small device, probably electrical. You can't see it because the people running next to the front of the plane cover it. That indicates that it is special, to hide it from the cameras. Which indicates that it was all done on purpose. In other words, the video is staged with a special device that people cover up on purpose.

In the video something is there that you cannot see because of the people covering it. But those engines must be turned off. Or they would suck people in. Undoubtedly. The only way is if something you can't see is towing it.

Gosia: Or maybe it wasn't fully turned on yet?

Swaruu X (Athena): No, no way. Even when turned on, they would suck people in because they are huge engines from one of the largest airplanes out there. And on top of that, those engines have to be above idle because they are producing thrust to roll the plane for takeoff. Which would absorb people even more. Therefore the scene is staged, it is disinformation.

Gosia: But that's what I mean, maybe they were NOT turned on yet, and they only put the sound on for effect, but then they did turn them on later?

Swaruu X (Athena): So how does the plane move since it is moving according to the official narrative to take off? They are towing it, therefore it is not ready to take off.

Gosia: I don't know. I thought they can move a bit before starting big engines. As with some mini engines.

Swaruu X (Athena): In a spaceship like a Scimitar or a Suzy yes they have "mini" engines. But those planes DO NOT have "mini engines". And as the takeoff protocol should be, those engines must already be on and producing thrust. They have a small one called APU, it is a small jet engine, which powers electrical systems but it is not to move the plane, it could not, it only moves a generator.

Another thing, in the video, the engine, not only does not the noise become louder when approaching but in fact the sound almost goes out when the exhaust passes through the camera. And to my ear that's a small jet engine. I'm sure the sound is added. It lacks a metallic screech in the engine sound too, characteristic of the C-17. That yes, would be recorded in the audio even though it is bad.

Gosia: Could it be that the engines are running and they do not suck people in because they are located above, higher than other videos you sent us, where engines absorbed people? Those were more at the level of the people.

Swaruu X (Athena): One of those engines would suck you in even at that height because they are generating power, because the plane as if walks under its own power because it is going to take off, right? That's what they tell us. And what proves that even more is that there are people running behind the plane right where the engine shock wave would be. They should all fly like dry leaves in the wind. Physics indicates that people cannot be there with such an engine turned on.

Gosia: So if they are off, the blades should be visible right? But I understand that if it is a scam, they have edited the engines to look black as in motion.

Swaruu X (Athena): If the compressor blades are not visible it may be because the contrast in the Afghan sun is very high between the sun and the shadow. Or because they were digitally erased. Or the compressor could be deeper.

Rather than sucking people in, the fanning them behind is more indicative of the fact that the plane is not on because it is simply impossible to run after an airplane engine of that size on.

It is not that the gas beam is passing over the people because in the first case it does not scatter like a laser but diffuses to the sides and second it would be missing the Bleed off or excess outlets of the compressor that are around the nozzle of exhaust and just the excess compressor is enough to make people and even cars fly.

Look at how a C-17 engine on the ground sucks in air to the degree that it forms vortexes of the suddenness with which it absorbs it. It would eat all those people. And the plane is on the ground. It is backing slowly but it doesn't matter which direction the plane is going. This video is revealing. It would have sucked up all those people like a vacuum cleaner sucking up dry leaves.

Gosia: Some people say that the plane is the balloon. Is it possible?

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't think so, really. It's easier with a real one.

But notice that the glass in the cabin is strange as well, like solid, blackened as if they erased something there digitally too.

There is another detail here that no one has mentioned and it is very revealing for those in the know. I suppose that only a pilot would know this detail and for me it is decisive and indicates that the shot is staged, that it is a fraud and that the engines are off.

When an aircraft starts the engines, especially a large one, the red strobe lights on the fuselage get turned on by the engines. Red strobes. One goes up on the back of the plane, and one goes down on the belly. Some planes only have the top one, mostly the small ones, and the big ones have it below and sometimes the top as well. They are red.

This cannot be turned off manually, it is connected to the avionics, that is, with a single engine turning on, if it has more than one, this light or lights will turn on as well. They are to alert ground personnel of the great danger that is approaching an airplane with the engines running.

This can be seen in every video of C-17 in "Taxi" mode or moving on the ground under its own power. In all of them you can see the red strobe light below blinking. This light is NOT visible in the tampered video from Afghanistan.

But there is a shot or other video of alleged 800 Afghans inside that same plane. There are also points to discuss there why that shot is false.

According to the official narrative, they were put on the plane. With the ramp halfway up. SO THEY SAY. That cannot be. Such a ramp takes seconds to go up. You don't put in that many people with a ramp halfway up.

Also, as we observed there, it is not the same crowd as those who run around the plane. If people got in, so desperate to flee from there... why are they so orderly? Where are the crushed and hurt ones that always happens in these kinds of situations? That image was orchestrated, it is an image made with extras. Everything planned. They gave them money. I don't believe it one bit that those people were put on a 320 million USAF plane. They would have shot them, knowing how they are.

What is that black box back on the ramp? That's not normal. The photo was taken looking towards the back of the plane. I know the C-17s well. There are people there who are even comfortably seated. The official narrative is not true.

Gosia. Ok, incredible all this. But how can they publish something that can obviously be debunked by the pilots?

Swaruu X (Athena): Covid can be easily debunked by doctors and it does not matter either. All this indicates, once again, that nothing in the media is to be trusted. We have our eyes on that.

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