Extraterrestrial Information - Data and Fun Facts - Mini Topics with Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 10, 2021

Extraterrestrial Information - Data and Fun Facts - Mini Topics with Gosia


Swaruu X: Official government agencies and also strange institutions are conducting surveys on the coronavirus, what people think about it and if they have been vaccinated or are going to be vaccinated.

What they do with this information is to profile people by their opinions and put them into a database that they will then use to see what more restrictions and official regulations to impose on which sectors of the population, cities, or countries. They will also use it to profile each individual person, then formulate a plan to force them to get vaccinated. It is recommended NOT to answer these surveys, NOT to give personal data.


Telepathic inserts :

Yazhi: How is it done? The process is very simple. All I need to do is think of you and think-you the feeling of the information and then holding that feeling. Then have the intention of you understanding all this. From your end they are your own thoughts, and they are.

Gosia: How long did it take for you to do that?

Yazhi: A few minutes, my time.

The problem is that being in 3D you are exposed to this kind of “insertions” and other worse ones. Mainly because people are not aware of them. Many thoughts are not from the person at hand, they are shared with who is near. Emotions such as anger, fear, revenge, states of mind, may not be the subject´s but the neighbor’s, or more commonly belonging to the community and to the human Collective Unconscious.

The question is, to which kind of interference will you be compatible?

Gosia: Yes. In the end, I think it matters what vibes you are a match to yourself right? What your own frequency picks up by the nature of its own range.

Yazhi: Of course!


Vietnam/Venus creatures:

Yazhi: As happened many times in Vietnam, those Elite soldiers, of Special Forces, report confronting beings of extraterrestrial appearance (Yautija) who have weapons and advanced technological devices. They are proto reptilians. Interstellar.

Robert: And what were they doing there?

Yazhi: The same as on Earth, seeing what they can loot when there is a conflict.

Robert: They only appear when there are conflicts?

Yazhi: They show up when it suits them.

Robert: For being interstellar they have a primitive aspect.

Yazhi: That is misleading. Urmah themselves appear to be stuck in Greco-Roman times but they couldn't be more technologically advanced. Because what appears to be primitive is only a human interpretation with human data, and does not correspond to the level of technological and cultural development of the beings.

Robert: But to be interstellar you have to know how to treat other cultures. And these seem to be opportunistic.

Yazhi: Space is not a place of love and light. It has its own nightmares (all manifested by empathic beings for not knowing how to handle their fears and their powers).



Yazhi: A long list of seemingly human names originate outside of Earth. Especially the names assigned to deities, for their connection to the extraterrestrial on Earth. They are not human names, they have it backwards. They are stellar names, because there are more human looking people outside of Earth. Athena is said to be equivalent to Minerva. But it is rather that Minerva is the daughter of Athena.


Blockade around Earth:

Gosia: Someone said that the Earth military has a defensive perimeter around Earth and that no ET´s can enter without being sanctioned.

Yazhi: Yes, but what he probably did not say is that Federation ET's are working to enforce that. It is the famous blockade. Alfratans (Centauri) and Antarians are enforcing that. And yes, some ships can go through but need to give them a flight plan as any regular aircraft would (even drones need a flight plan and if seen, can only be seen casually).

Earth Military are way up in the know and are the contact point with the Federation itself, so it is the Federation who is doing this blockade, not just human military. As I have explained many times before, where humans end and extraterrestrials begin is a dubious shady barrier, not a defined one.


Satellites in the sky: are they satellites or ET crafts going back and forth?

Yazhi: It is a mixture of both, but the ones that are clearly seen from the surface moving with a clear purpose or movement vector are Federation starships in several orbital altitudes. Of course NASA will tell the humans that they are all satellites, and yes some are. And yes, there is a very large amount of space junk and debris out there too, especially in low Earth Orbit.


Silicon Base Bodies:

Robert: What does it mean?

Swaruu X: It means the raw material or the dominant element in the composition of the body. Silicon, pure rock sand. Mineral.

Robert: So that's better than Carbon?

Swaruu X: No. Just different. For example the Lurker is silicon based. We are carbon based, Lyrian based, like you.

Robert: If humanity ascends, as an example to 5D, we already know that it is a mental state... That is not going to transform us from carbon to Silicon, right? That is absurd... Races do not evolve by changing their base from carbon to silicon... right?

Swaruu X: Yes, it´s true that they say that, that they are going to change. That is rubbish.

Robert: Silicon sounds like Transhumanism. I think it is the base of the PC boards.

Swaruu X: Yes. There you can see that it comes from the Cabal. This is why we say that basically ALL UFO organizations are controlled by the CIA.


How does the CIA recruit people?

Swaruu X: The CIA, like any other intelligence organization, recruits people according to their profiles and according to the work they will carry out. That they have a history of being patriots or that they have always been loyal to certain ideas and concepts. The CIA is infiltrated in every movement or trend. They have specialized people who for decades in the case of New Age, Spirituality and Ufology, have been controlling where information should go, what should be given to people and what should be removed or eliminated. All under the parameters of the interests of the Illuminati - Jesuits.

The CIA does not work for the US military, it only coordinates with them when it suits them because it also controls them. The CIA is the undercover control, espionage and counter-intelligence arm at the service of the Illuminati-Jesuits who use their institutions or companies, such as pharmaceuticals, defense, advertising and Mass Media, and even shoe manufacturing (Nike with the rings of Saturn) and toys (Mattel with its MK-Ultra symbols on toys especially for girls).

The claim that the CIA sees for national security is the only excuse or front. The institution controlled by the CIA that does watch for US National Security is the NSA. So… what the CIA will do to infiltrate the spiritual movements and trends in the New Age or Ufology is to put its personnel as people of respect within those groups and give them the support they require by removing from their way those who attack or contradict them, making them respectable.

Then, already in those positions of power, they form apparent alliances between their own colleagues and from there they discredit people who say information that contradicts what their Illuminati-Jesuit bosses are interested in coming out to the public. Associations will be formed with enthusiasts who like these topics and who will investigate or base their opinions on what is socially accepted within those groups controlled by the CIA. So the vast majority of UFOlogists, and enthusiasts, even genuine New Age people or those with YouTube channels talking about UFO and spiritual issues, end up working for the CIA and the Illuminati without knowing it.

That is, they do not have direct contact with anyone from the CIA, they simply follow what is imposed by the great representatives of the New Age Spirituality and Ufology themes. This is the case for virtually all small researchers.


Why doesn´t the Federation include humans in their meetings?

Swaruu X: The Federation does not see the need to contact “with humans” since they are above, together with them, in their 5D versions (to call it somehow), forgetting the experience while they are humans living on 3D Earth as humans, in favor of the opinions of those who manage humanity from outside using bio suits.

Humans do not participate in Federation meetings as so many Ufologists say, because humans are not the head here nor do they control themselves. The Federation talks to those who control humanity, not humanity.

They won't go talk to the mind controlled humans if they can talk to the ones who are truly in control. When you have a problem with the neighbors, you are not going to talk to the 5-year-old who is there visible in front of the house playing with their little cars, you ask to speak to the adults. The child will only be told what he needs to know, if he has to know, and at the right level for that child's mental development. They would not speak to politicians directly either, but to those who control those politicians. That is the thinking of the Federation.

On the one hand, humans are children who only obey what their parents order them but from a more expanded one, humans are what control even the Federation. And from the point of view of the Federation itself, it could also be said that they do not see them as children, they trust what the little human beings are doing, “Broken Shoes” as the Swaruu´s call them. And that's why they respect their decisions to play even atrocities.

Gosia: What a complicated system, all this! On the one hand, thinking that they are children and that they have to talk to those above with the “true power” and on the other hand, they believe that the “Broken Shoes” do have the power and know what they are doing and want, and that is why they let them play!

Swaruu X: Yes it is but I see it as a circle. From one point of the circle, humans have no control and the Federation and Governments do. From the other side things are reversed where the people have all the control and the Federation and governments do not, being created by the same people in the first place.


Why did the Federation stop mass killings in 2012 and other times and not now?

Yazhi: That was referring to nuclear threats.

Matias: Federation does not allow nuclear war, but any other way of “killing” off of the population is ok, like the CV19?

Yazhi: That I can vouch for. They stop nuclear threats. There is even a photo of Khila chasing a rocket. A nuke almost detonated in the coast of North Carolina 3 or 4 years ago. Many threats that may have led to nuclear war (planned by the Cabal) have been stopped. And now resorted to covid because the Federation did not agree with the nuking method.

Matias: Why nuclear threat is not allowed and covid deaths are?

Yazhi: Because they are scalar, affecting several timelines, not only one. Because covid can be stopped with consciousness, knowing it's a lie. Covid does not affect the environment. A nuke destroys everything. So objectively covid would rid the Earth form humans, leaving it to bloom. Wild life would blossom. And nukes wold destroy everything.


Floods in Europe:

Gosia: Do you know what happens with the floods in Europe?

Swaruu X: Yes, they are definitely artificial.

Gosia: And why are they produced?

Swaruu X: We can only speculate, but we feel that it has to do with further breaking the population of Europe.

Gosia: And why definitely? How do you get to know for sure?

Swaruu X: Because what we can see are airplanes seeding chemicals that modify the characteristics of clouds to create rain and the use of HAARP technology, both. That is easy to detect, but for what, we can only speculate.

Gosia: And how do you know that they seed whatever modifies the clouds? I just want to know how exactly this comes to be known.

Swaruu X: Because we know the chemicals and their effects and for decades. You can see what components chemtrails have using a spectrometer. There yes, it is exact, not as in soul reading. To know chemical components the spectrometer is very good. Drones are also used to enter chemtrails, but with the spectrometer it is enough to know what components they have.


Sun "anomalies":

Swaruu X: I don't know when, but more than a year ago we already explained to you that the solar portals open around the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Specifically the exact day of the summer solstice, as indicated on the Puerta del Sol in Tihuanaco.

The Earth and the Sun, as with all other stars, are connected to each other with complex but predictable frequency harmonics that can be observed as geometry. The Earth and the Sun are energetically connected, and that is mathematically base 12.

What some people describe there is a routine that thousands of spaceships use every year. And as has already been explained to you, that black bubble that you are observing is not the ship, it is the magnetic anomaly produced by the energetic torus that surrounds a large spacecraft. An electromagnetic disturbance of that size is produced by a tiny spacecraft compared to the size of the visible bubble. Still the type of ship that passed through the solar portal and caused the “anomaly” was large; an Arcturian biosphere ship (members of the Sphere Alliance) entered this solar system only days ago, as it is indicated to us in the navigation computers of our spaceships. They are ship entrances and exits on a routine basis, nothing special. They go in and out all the time. There is a lot of movement here always.

Robert: So that phenomenon of the Sun is not so strange. IS IT SOMETHING CYCLIC?

Swaruu X: It is cyclical, normal, boring, predictable even to plan a space trip and use it, and the ancients knew it from Ireland, Great Britain, Druids, Shamans of North America, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Meso-America to South America to Patagonia, Ancient China... the list is long. And people saying that this is new, no it is not, you published it last year or before.

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