More about the Viruses - Spanish Doctor Approaching Swaruu with Questions

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 28, 2020

More about the Viruses - Spanish Doctor Approaching Swaruu with Questions

Alex: If the ECS (Extra Cellular Secretions) is an alarm system that globally SEEMS to be more negative than positive, what is the principal benefit of this system?

Swaruu: Without defining if it is positive or negative, it simply fulfils a communication function between cells, be it inside the individual itself or with the cells of other individuals to bring about innumerable actions which can lead to the group of receptor cells having a reaction to the external stimulus or not. This action is mainly an alarm before a hostile environment and unleashes a behavioural response either internal as an immune reaction, or external behaviour change within the individual, away from what causes the unfavourable reaction.

Alex: Are the ECS a way to eliminate the sick individuals so that the group stays healthy and strong?

Swaruu: Partly, yes. Within a community, if the problem of the environmental toxicity is generated by an excess of the population in the same species, and they enter a spiral of imbalance with the external environment that sustains them, leading to the exhaustion of their resources. For example, in a specific type of plant that supports a group of insects. We have found that it secretes an ECS that triggers an action within the cells of the insects, which in turn triggers an immune response with subsequent release of ECS from the cells, the characteristic of the insect, with a harmful action in the general population. The individuals of this population, the weakest or oldest, will be the first to die, restoring balance to the ecosystem. (This is not the case with COVID-19 versus the humans, although it is tempting to make the association).

Alex: If the ECS are really just the alarm vectors why does the body base its defense on creating antibodies to counter the signals that warns it of the danger? Is it only a way of control to eliminate this signal when it is not necessary?

Swaruu: Exactly. The immunological response of the body is the deactivation system before a signal that it already has detected and decided not to perpetuate nor obey. This is the problem and the danger with viral vaccines, as they often trigger the disease they were designed to prevent in the first place. Example of this problem is the vaccine against influenza that is given to a percentage of individuals above 40%, including proving to cause the death of more individuals than the very epidemic that caused the development of said vaccine in the first place.

Another example is the vaccine against the human Papilloma virus, applied both to girls under 10 years of age and to human females of any age, which in a percentage greater than 90% (ninety percent) caused the disease with serious permanent consequences, such as carrying the latent problem for the rest of their lives, sterility and high mortality in those that received it exceeding 20% (one in 5 girls under the age of 10 died from this inoculation in Great Britain in the last 3 years, information severe mostly suppressed by the media.

Alex: Could the artificial inoculation of ECS fragments (vaccination) be beneficial in concrete cases or illnesses?

Swaruu: Given the nature of vaccines that have ECS fragments one cannot determine with total precision the nature and the result of every kind of fragment, or the very definition of the fragment. Leaving open the possibility that in part the ECS yes, it is read and activated by a receptor cell. Or it can also cause the ECS message to be deformed or incomplete and the cell to fire off a not foreseen reaction, with extremely dangerous results. The results of applying the Influenza and the human Papilloma vaccines strongly suggests that the principle of vaccines do not work with a virus, as it does with a more complex pathogenic organism, large microbes.

Answering the question directly, the virus as such is nothing but an ECS secretion and is a response or symptom, not the cause of the problem. Hence, the development of a vaccine just seeks to conceal the true cause of said problem, to spread the generation of the ECS in an excessive way within a population of individuals. I don't recommend the manufacturing of any type of vaccine against virus or ECS, which is the same thing.

Alex: To sum up: How do the ECS really work, and which benefits do they generate to the affected individual and group?

Swaruu: Viruses are not external; they are already contained in the DNA RNA of each cell. The ECS code or "virus" is liberated when the DNA RNA is degraded by an internal toxic situation, such as electromagnetic waves. They are communication means between the cells, be they within the same body, or as a means of communication between individuals of the same species within a community, such as communication between species of individuals in the proximity.

They are a means of expelling damaged genetic material from the cell, as a method of protection and self-healing. This very External Cellular Secretion just by itself is capable of triggering an alarm response in other surrounding cells indicating that something has affected it, (the cell that has secreted the ECS).

All the biological individuals are part of a community that affect one another. This community of organisms of countless species live together in equilibrium, in symbiosis. The ECSs provide a means of communication between all of them. The fact that an ECS gives problems to a species is a symptom of imbalance with the environment that surrounds it, and a symptom that the environment in which they develop is toxic.

By toxic, I define it as containing not only harmful chemical compounds to the individual and her or his cells, but also an environment that causes psychological stress, and this is the fundamental factor with which an individual is going to interpret an ECS signal as an alarm or simply deactivate it with his or her immune system, cataloguing it as a non-relevant signal (development of antibodies).

This is the problem with the antiviral vaccines, that they don't necessarily develop antibodies, but that if the external conditions and the psychologies of the recipients of the vaccine agree with the message, it will trigger the pathology. In all cases, the reaction or "illness" is already contained within the genetic code of the individuals through memory. Here I have to emphasize that the psychological factor, or the mind consciousness factor, is what plays a fundamental role for the interpretation of the ECS.

The ECS are necessary to be able to achieve a balance within a body, a community of the same species, and the habitat environment in general.

Alex: I agree with what Anéeka said, that this "pandemic" is the largest false flag activation in human history. On earth, no one in their right mind would dare to doubt or deny that there is a very serious global pandemic. THE SHOW THEY HAVE CREATED HAS BEEN PERFECT.

Swaruu: It appears perfect, but it is not. Even people without any medical training see that things do not fit, that the statistics do not fit with the number of dead nor what they share in on the web and in the news. By having no other explanation the existence of said virus is accepted, but they assume that information (is being) suppressed by governments. They also say that there are mutations of said virus, mutations that I associate with a simple human population genetic change and in another external environment or habitat, which triggers a change in the nature of the emitted ECS signal.

The "n" factor: Manipulation of the (mass) communication media, who exaggerate the problem in a more or less serious way, according to the countries. But the most serious thing is that they exaggerate the general overview of the problem in a brutal way in terms of a health emergency, creating widespread panic.

This is true. Here too the problem is that the average person ignores that the news on the whole planet could be controlled and synchronized by a single group of individuals. They also don't believe that there is such evil and such greed, because they only have themselves and the members of their communities as an example. They think that if they could not be morally capable of such a gruesome action, then governments would not either. Unfortunately they are and have done it for centuries.

The truth is that the media are all controlled manually and with advanced AI that escapes the understanding of the average person. In other words, they blindly believe everything they hear in the official media, since it is "they" who are spreading false information with a view to achieve a control and / or genocide agenda.

It is possible that the negatives use Nanotechnology (distributed through chemtrails, annual repetitive flu vaccinations) which is then enhanced through 5G technology, heavy metals…

Yes, all vaccines contain heavy metals, it is a long list. They say that they are conservators for the vaccines. For example I saw a statement that the use of mercury in the vaccines help to suppress the virus inside, to keep it dormant and in a non-active state. But all metals have highly harmful effects for an organism. It is almost impossible to clean it out once it is inoculated. Although many claims that it is, I have not found any evidence that cleaning out or purification work, or do not work effectively on heavy metals. I can only suggest that you do not get vaccinated against anything anymore, because it is impossible to know what is really inside that syringe. I cannot emphasize this last part enough. The presence of heavy metals in the vaccines is there to augment the reactivity and the sensitivity of the human body before an electromagnetic field.

The use or presence of Nano-chips, nanotechnology in the vaccines, dates back to the year 1997. It is present in every vaccine test that we have seen. Whether or not it is a good idea as concept the use of a vaccine against an illness, whichever, is not the case here. The problem is that what they are injecting into the human population are not vaccines, they are enforced inoculations using the concept of medical vaccination as an excuse for a trojan horse.

Those who are truly getting ill and are not part of the media disinformation machinery, the problem is electromagnetic radiation poisoning at frequencies from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. This electromagnetic signal band alters the oxygen absorption, its biochemical relationship with the haemoglobin. The haemoglobin stops transporting oxygen, because the oxygen molecule becomes unstable, due to the electrons that compose it begin to vibrate and rotate. Basically the person cannot breathe. It is similar to altitude sickness, trying to breathe at more than 8000 metres (26246 feet) without prior preparation. The lack of oxygen causes cellular necrosis in many places, first centering itself in the lungs area. This causes a collapse of the immediate oxygen receptor system and the appearance of opportunistic infections. (see Magneto-biological science)

A patient under these conditions is put in an artificial respirator that forces the lungs to inflate and deflate, but as it’s internal structures are weak and damaged this respirator will only cause internal damages in the lungs as multiple internal tears causing even more damage, flooding of the lungs with liquid (rich in ECS alarm signals) and ultimately provoking death, in many cases, by internal bleeding.

The first symptoms of radiation, be it electromagnetic or ionizing by radioactive isotopes are identical to the common flu. Feeling ill in the body fever, weakness, dry cough or with phlegm, mucous secretions and the apparition of opportunistic infections, among other things.

The medical community is confusing the radiation poisoning with a virus. This radiation comes in a range (600 MHz to 6 GHz) used by the 5G system. It is worth mentioning that there are two uses for the 5G frequencies, those of civil use and those for weapons and military communications already in use in virtually all the armies, air and naval forces on Earth.

As expected, all strong and healthy individuals, as you can mostly see with soldiers, are the ones who will take the longest to develop poisoning symptoms, but eventually everyone will suffer the same consequences. It is only a question of exposure time, proximity and volume of the radioactive-electromagnetic emission.

It has also been found that the electromagnetic radiation is accumulative, that is to say that a repetitive dose is needed for a period of time before the first symptoms and problems begin to emerge. Not only of frequencies around 60 GHz or 5G, but any electromagnetic range, as 4G, 3G, 2G Wi-fi, radars, radio transmitters, microwaves, and even proximity to high-voltage cables.

5G is also being transmitted from satellites, radiating to the world's entire population. It can be used to make a specific group of the population sick, as they don’t know what happens or do not even see it as technically possible. They will only be able to interpret the symptoms as COVID-19.

The global medical organizations are chasing the common flu and demonizing it as COVID-19, as it is said to give the same symptoms. The tests to detect COVID-19 are extremely simple, and they are unable to distinguish between COVID-19 and common flu, since they are actually the same.

They just mix common flu with radiation poisoning, the sum of unrelated cases and massive media disinformation.

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