Ascension and Positronic Energies: Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Information (Swaruu of Erra)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 12, 2020

Ascension and Positronic Energies: Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Information (Swaruu of Erra)

Gosia: Swaruu look. I have this comment and question from a subscriber. "I know that time does not exist... I really know it and I believe it... I know that there is life beyond Earth and infinite galaxies... I know that I am out there... But I want to live liberation of the earth... the ascension... and not waiting to die in this body... but there is no frame of reference for such an event... I want it... I desire it... but how do I build that timeline? How do I build that "future"? How do I build that intention to generate the frequency that will match the ascension?

Swaruu: You must live it! As if it had already occurred! That is how it occurs. It is not something that will happen to you, it is and must be something that you do for yourself. Everything is frequencies, and frequencies are the result of mental perception, of consciousness. You want to know how... Fake it until you make it. You must live in that state of mind. You must not wait for 'something' to happen, you must roll up your sleeves and get to it, study, be the change doing every little detail that you feel would make a difference, there are no small details. Small things are only small from the human perception and scale of relevance, importance. Not for a cosmic scale. Life is hard, and life is terrible and life is cruel... But you people are even tougher, stronger than you ever imagined! You are not victims, but you will always go back to say that... The priest was mean to me when I was little and that's why I... this and that.

One of the biggest bull shit stories you have been told by all those New Agers is that this ascension thing is "happening" to you! You must be it!

The positronic energies hitting Earth do exist! Those energies are frequencies coming from other consciousnesses, interacting and combining with yours. This is the famous "energy flux positronic storm coming from the center of the Galaxy". But people must flow with those energies, not resist them, and they are resisting them clinging to their old mentality. No change will come like that! They will stay in their old paradigm and mentality!

Gosia: Some people call it sun storms. Is that what the positronic storm is?

Swaruu: It is a high energy wave that emanates from the center of the Galaxy and is produced by the combined interactions of all the stars and planets in that region. It is of a very high frequency. It is a storm in space and it hits Earth some 2 or 3 times a month. It is felt as spikes in the Earth's magnetic field and it raises the Schumann resonance a lot, although it falls again it does not fall all the way down to the former reading, so it climbs a little each time. It is felt in space as a real physical storm to the point that when it comes on strong you must close the shutters on your ships and brace for impact. It hits the ships here like a storm in the sea would hit the sea ship. Yes there is weather in space. The shields are up to the max and you can hear how the particles hit the hull like millions of pieces of hail on a brass roof. The structure of the ship is also heard complaining about the additional stress. It does disturb Muon transmissions and comm connections too!

Gosia: What triggers it?

Swaruu: It is part of the very dynamics that make up matter in this Universe, it´s an energy wave in the ether.

The sun sends positrons to the earth and this raises the Schumann resonance. The center of the Galaxy emits shock waves that are positively charged particles. They are very high frequency, above 10,000 Tera-Hertz when the Schumann frequency of the earth is about 16 Hertz. But since it is mostly in other planes, it only hits Earth on a smaller scale, but that smaller scale is enough to create a rise in the Schumann frequency and with that the gradual dissolution of the 3D Matrix.

What is Positronic Wave?

Let's see, it's not something that can be seen. or only with instruments that give it a shape or assign it an image according to the frequencies. It enters in waves, it is like a spiral or an arm of the Galaxy. Imagine a curved arm that passes by hitting everything in its path. It is a series of high frequencies of a lot of energy, it happens within the ether but because of its nodes by its harmonics, it manifests on the physical side as positrons of high charge. They hit everything, and as expected, they modify the frequency of everything that passes or of everything they touch by the principle of dominant frequencies.

For the same reason when they go through the sun they modify it, they raise its frequency and then it emits high-energy solar wind, increasing even more the wave of the energy from the center of the Galaxy.

Even though this wave of energy works and hits everything by itself... as they pass through the suns they tend to amplify the energy they receive. It is said this energy comes from Alcyone... this is false. It comes from the center of the Galaxy and it is the same energy dynamic that the very Galaxy creates, it is part of the Galaxy. That's why it hits like arms of the spiral. Alcyone increases it, YES, but it does not come from Alcyone, nor does it come from this sun. They just amplify it.

The Earth ascends because the whole quadrant ascends, whether they like it or not, it is just that by personal disposition, personal desires of each being, some will take longer than others. The question WHEN has a future prediction load. I can't focus on just one. I only see multiple timelines.

Regardless of the ascension of the entire quadrant of the Galaxy, the Earth has another kind of "ascension." Which is that of the 3rd to 5th density that is normal. This happens with the help and influence of the ascension of the quadrant, but mostly it is something independent because it does not depend on the center of the galaxy or anything like that, if a lunar control of low 3D suppressing frequencies was thrown out, it would stop working and all would return to a normal 5D.

But even so... it is only a gradient and obeys many factors, it is not that it jumps from one density to another, it only goes up but does not go up in the same way everywhere because there is influence of other factors that either accelerate the process or slow it down.

Factors such as desires of the collective timelines of its inhabitants, or exposure to other kinds of planetary influences and their inhabitants. That is, Venus is affected by the Earth, but it also receives influence in the form of frequency from other places such as Jupiter and others. It is a great complicated soup of frequencies, a dance or a sea with its frequency waves that come and go.

Gosia: If everything is ascending just the same, this means that... this force from the center of the galaxy has more power than lunar control? That is... if you, for example, wanted to continue to keep the earth in 3D artificially, could that be? Or the natural ascension of the center of the galaxy would overpower it?

Swaruu: The ascension is not the same everywhere, each region goes at its own speed depending on internal and external factors that affect it as I said above. And yes it is possible, but more energy is needed, more and more energy.

Gosia: The rays of the center of the galaxy activate DNA?

Swaruu: That is another topic, but yes. It is not that they activate it as if they were not before.

They are just transmitted frequencies and by the principle of the dominant frequency... everything that is under the influence of a higher one will change frequency to be like the higher one. The consequence of that is that everything that was at a lower frequency (and therefore on a lower existential level) will inevitably have to increase its frequency as well. Principle of dominant frequencies.

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