Extraterrestrial Races: Introduction (Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 24, 2020

Extraterrestrial Races: Introduction (Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication)

Gosia: Hello Swaruu, let's start today with another very interesting topic, and it is the Extraterrestrial Races. Let's start with the general question. How many are there? Can you know more or less? And how many humanoids? Then we will talk about the individual ones.

Swaruu: Hi Gosia, ok, let's start from the basics with something I've said before. It is not that life is something that occurs in other parts outside Earth. Life is not the exception, it is the norm in the Universe. Everything is life. Everything is consciousness. It is only interpreted as alive from a particular point of view with a framework of artificial characteristics that varies according to those who see or observe them. A gravel stone, it's alive. The water is alive. A piece of broken glass in the trash is alive. According to how life is defined and it is not biology, it is consciousness.

It is true that the piece of glass has less attention of a consciousness than the glass before getting broken, since the piece loses the attention since it is not useful anymore. And like everything that loses attention, it degrades again from being an object to being potential energy again.

Everything is consciousness and emanates from consciousness. Life is everywhere in the Universe because it is the Universe. Do not ask if there is life among all those stars filling the nightsky, because those stars exist BECAUSE there is life in them.

The humanoid races are the norm also being the most common ones. Taking humans as a base reference here, there are at least 400,000 civilizations in this galactic quadrant with inhabitants of various races who, dressed in cowboy jeans and AC/DC T-shirt, would pass for humans. Each and every one of those 400 thousand civilizations are different. With small physical differences, capabilities or DNA, but all appear as humans. Starting from those 400,000, we would pass to the countless others who look like humans, but they already clearly differ in something that would not make them pass for a human.

Example of this are or would be the Dieslientiplex, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sassani and the Sauroids among so many more. Going away from these, there are countless other feline races, canines, insectoids, elephant ones, with their countless variants. Each one at a different level of scientific and social development.

In the same Pleyades there are many civilizations in the pre-industrial stage. Some have barely discovered the wheel or the fire. Others are in stone, bronze, or medieval stage. Simply, you can never finish learning and seeing the enormous variety of art, customs and characters that exist. I speak of billions, of trillions of civilizations.

When the Earth was in the stone age, it was from one point of view in 5D, from another in 2D. It can not be cataloged as easily as researchers of this topic on Earth believe. Everything is always very complex. Many races do not want to be known. They feel threatened, they like their privacy, they do not want to be included. Many reasons. Let's see, have you ever heard about the Solatians for example?

Another problem, there are other races that Hollywood already ¨ruined¨, imposing the concept that they are fiction. Your subject Gosia, ¨Civilizations¨ and how many there are or how they are, is more than monumental.

Gosia: I like it to be monumental, and we do not have to explore everything. And I have loved this introduction. Thank you so much! 400 000 humanoid races? Wow! This is a GIGANTIC number!

Swaruu: And I was being modest.

Gosia: I imagine Swaruu, but wow.

Swaruu: Everyone believes that in the Pleyades everything is advanced. That they are orbs of light in high densities of love and light. There are many feudal or earlier civilizations there, even right there in the Pleiades and they don´t know anything about their interstellar older brothers and sisters. They also look at the night sky and wonder what those little lights that go through the sky shining at night are, with a strobe, creating myths and stories about those lights. Our ships.

Gosia: And this even in 5D?

Swaruu: Even in 5D. The densities are not synonymous with technological advance. It is more related to spiritual advancement.

Gosia: I thought that being in 5D, this makes you interstellar automatically. This information is new to me.

Swaruu: No. What they share on this topic in other channels is very basic and erroneous. Everything is much more complex and at the same time more simple.

Gosia: Ok, so, how many interstellar races are there in the Pleiades?

Swaruu: About 11 interstellar races. Example of this is the race "Molluse" of Atlas. The "Molluse" are spiritually advanced people with a small population. They are not interstellar. Not for being fools, or retarded, not for lack of communication. By their own decision.

Gosia: I think you said long ago that some races choose this yes. And I do not remember the reason very well.

Swaruu: They have said something very profound and very important. Why be interstellar? Why need a ship if it can only take me away from here, from my house.

Gosia: And why don't they want to go far from their homes? Why is this deeply profound? My home is the whole universe, in a way, wherever I go it will be my home.

Swaruu: Because they have everything there. Because they are no longer centered in the physical like other races. Because they are dedicated to wisdom and because they have found that dromomania does not work or does not serve them. They do not have that need.

Gosia: What is dromomania?

Swaruu: It is a very Taygetean disease that you also suffer from a lot, Gosia. It is the mania, custom or need to be traveling everywhere, learning everything.

Gosia: Hehe, yes. I have this disease. But ok, returning to the subject. There are races in 5D that are not interstellar! It is curious that 5D can be in the stage of bronze age.

Swaruu: The vast majority of the 5D races, 99.9999 percent of the races in 5D, are not interstellar.

Gosia: And it is for this reason that you said above Swaruu?

Swaruu: No, each one for its own reason.

Gosia: And what would other reasons be?

Swaruu: Many for the same reason, logical. Others, do not reach the technological and spiritual level to be interstellar. (To be interstellar, technology must be correctly combined with spirituality. Otherwise, you simply can not be). Or by own conviction. Not needing that.

Gosia: I thought that being in 5d this already grants a certain spiritual level.

Swaruu: From the 3D point of view of the Earth. Of course yes. From the 5D point of view, there are also stages and spiritual development. There is always more.

Gosia: Incredible! I'm learning a lot!

Swaruu: And the age of bronze, is not the same as not being advanced spiritually. Having a smart phone and traveling by plane is not the same as being more spiritually advanced. The ¨bronze age¨ description is something I use to express the idea with the few words I have.

But it would never be of the same characteristics of the bronze age of the Earth. They are different. (How it was on Earth and how they say it was differs tremendously too, but that is another topic).

Gosia: I understand. So going back to the races of the Pleyades, there are 11 interstellar. Do you think it matters to mention what they are?

Swaruu: Yes, the main ones are.

* Alcyone: Yena

* Sterope: Sau'k / Mes'Waki

* Asterope: Eloh / Elohi / Naph / Elois

* Merope: Hyadean (Felions)

* Merope: Lyrian Ashands Humanomorphos

* Taygeta: Taygeteans

* Pleione: Solatian

* Atlas: Atlantes / Molluse

* Electra: Engan

* Celeano: Celestes or Blue Pleiadian, Blues

* Maia: Maya / Molluse / Hopi

These are the main ones and there are variants of them. If we went into it, there would be thousands.

Gosia: And all humanoids?

Swaruu: Some more than others, but yes. Some are positive Sauroids, others Felines. Other Lyra based.

Gosia: Sauroids are reptilians, are they not?

Swaruu: Yes. Sau'ko or the Mes'Vaki

Gosia: So, there are reptilian races in the Pleiades and are they positive?

Swaruu: Yes. Not because they are Sauroids means they are negative.

Gosia: Do they have anything to do with Draco Reptilians? Same family? Alpha Draconians?

Swaruu: Alpha Dracos are positive but they are not in the Pleiades. And yes, there are negative Alpha Dracos but they are always kept in check by the positive ones.

Gosia: Ok! And these Sauroids in the Pleiades, are they related to those outside Pleiades?

Swaruu: Yes, all races have their relatives, inside and outside.

Gosia: Are there Nordics like you all, but negative?

Swaruu: Yes of course there are, but there are also many artificial clones made to appear like us and they are not us, for negative agendas.

Speaking of non-interstellar races, for example. In Atlas we have the Molluse, not interstellar. But in Maya we have again other Molluse called Molluse-Maya, that ARE interstellar being the same race.

Gosia: Ok, and the Maya - Hopi, have to do with our Mayas and our Hopis?

Swaruu: They are them, hence the name. They are there. That's where they were from initially. What they had on Earth were colonies.

Gosia: Do they have anything to do physically with the Mayan and Hopi now?

Swaruu: They look almost the same. From what I understand, they no longer have communication with each other.

Now, about the Maya civilization in MesoAmerica, there are two and the human science only recognizes one. There are the original interstellar Maya, they returned home and left buildings and a lot of influence.

Then came the ProtoMayas and took over the buildings and customs and misinterpreted them. Such as sacrifices. This also occurred in Egypt. The Egyptian culture, from the age of the Great Kings up to the year 50 before Christ, when Julio Cesar invades, only took what was there as a basis for their own interpretation of the civilization that was there before them.

The Sphinx and the Pyramids precede the classical Egyptian civilization. As the Mayan structures precede the modern Maya.

Gosia: And ProtoMayas came from where?

Swaruu: Of the cultures that surrounded them. Like the Toltec, the Olmec, and the Aztec, among others.

Gosia: Ok, and the Hopi? How do they relate? Did the same thing occur? Because it says on the list: Maya Star and Hopi race, together. Hopi are in Arizona.

Swaruu: Some went home. Others died there and joined the cycle of the incarnation of the Earth. Others merged among other cultures or founded other cultures.

Gosia: So the Hopi of Arizona are also from Maya?

Swaruu: Yes.

Gosia: Ok. All very interesting and people will ask about the Eloh, Elohi. Do they have to do with the Elohim of the Bible?

Swaruu: They are also related. Much of what I have shared is intertwined with knowledge that is already on Earth and is loaded with meanings. They are or have the same name because they were there or because they are them. Fallen angels and all that is attributed to them.

Gosia: I'm still not clear if the Elohi of the Pleiades are the same as the Elohim of the Bible?

Swaruu: Elohim, yes I want to deepen it one day but it is complicated, very loaded because it comes from that they are a race of air, ¨Elios¨, as spirit, like from Gins. Taken as deities by some and as invasive and malevolent spirits by others. At the end, they are only more people and it is true that much of them had to do with humanity in antiquity.

They are taken as fallen angels and demons. Especially known in the Middle East where the concept of Gin or Genie comes from. Genie of the lamp, Aladdin. They are several Pleiadian races, positive Sauroids.

Returning to other species. For me, it would be very important for the people of the Earth to be careful with certain invasive races that are not or do not have a civilization and that are more of an invasive species of animals that travel in stow-away ships of others, but I do not know if it is convenient to give you all this information because it can be taken as fiction. I speak of the Xenomorph in the films of Riley Scott - Alien.

Gosia: Give it to us Swaruu.

Swaruu: The horrible space bugs of the Alien movies are real. Called Lurkers. There are various kinds and sub species. Hollywood knows it and imposes it as a fantasy. There are countless other invasive species of vermin and space animals. As it is logical there is a whole zoo out there. And not everything is good, neither for you, nor for us.

Gosia: Where do they come from?

Swaruu: The best data we have is that they come from the Zeta Reticuli area. But they are in countless planets and planetoids. Their body is based on silicon, not carbon, which makes them invulnerable to hostile atmospheres. And they can be adapted to almost any type of atmosphere and temperature range.

Now about that ¨Alien image¨. The head, mouth, extremities and tail are correct and very accurate but not the body when they are given humanoid attributes.

The most accurate of the Lurkers are those that appear in the movie Alien 2 because they have an insectoid body.. cause, well, that´s what they are. Dimensions, as in the movie.

Gosia: And are they smart? What do they eat?

Swaruu: What do they eat? They are exclusive carnivores.

That is from Prometheus. The head is not correct.

Gosia: Do they have anything to do with the Mantis?

Swaruu: They are just insectoids, but nothing to do with the Mantis.

Gosia: And they represent a danger to other races? Do they attack?

Swaruu: Danger 10 out of 10, even for us.

Gosia: Are they here?

Swaruu: We have no indication of Lurkers on Earth.

The head correct here, correct tail. Body antropomorph incorrect. This also goes into the topic of why one needs to have high ethics and values, and above all spiritual ones before jumping around stars, being interstellar. Because without ethics you import to other worlds undesirable things.

Not only Lurkers. But as they tell you in the Alien movies, the Cabal would love to have those to make them bioweapons. But the Lurkers are only one group of species of millions and trillions of trillions of other unwanted vermin and space-bugs.

Gosia: Have they entered in your ships? I imagine that they are also a danger to reptiles.

Swaruu: There are records years ago, but not currently. They have not bothered us in a long time. But we have careful exploration protocols.

Gosia: Are they interstellar? And how does this fit in with their spiritual ethics? Are they 5D? But how can they be, being aggressive?

Swaruu: Because we've only talked about intelligent races with civilization. And we have not talked about animals. Gosia, The 5D is not synonymous with kindness and love.

Gosia: I know Swaruu, I just thought that in pure 5D you already have more advanced ethics.

Swaruu: Yes partly yes. It's just that the 5D is like the standard of the Universe. Being the majority or the dominant density. Even so, there is still duality. The fact that a species is aggressive or harmful is only an interpretation of those who disagree with it. It is not an attribute of intrinsic evilness of the species. It´s just that its attitude and way of being contrast with those of others.

From the moment that there are men and women here there is duality. Even though it is dissolving. It is said on Earth that the 5D has attributes that we would rather tag 7D for. The transition between the attributes of the 3D to the attributes where they say it´s all love, no duality, androgynous entities, no men or women, is more gradual. It has to, by logic, go through here, through the 5D as we described it.

High telepathy and the absence of time as such, being only semilinear as an individual own animating experience but not calculable from the point of view of the collective. Since you have telepathy here, it already means a great change of attitude because you enter and understand more other people. So a direct consequence of this is the understanding that they are also aspects of you , the same person, all connected. And that dissolves many things that cause conflicts simply by the presence of abundant empathy.

Even so, this is only a part of a transition to other planes where duality melts, diffuses, evaporates. You can not have a place totally without duality because it would be all inclusive. Or rather, there is only one place like that, The Source, The All.

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