How I Manage my Reality - Yázhí Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication (Taygeta, Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 10, 2020

How I Manage my Reality - Yázhí Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication (Taygeta, Pleiades)


Gosia: A question from a follower: If vaccines are the method of souls´exit en masse... Only those who are asleep will take it. The exact question is: if it is a mass exit from this matrix for awake people, why the vaccine, since it is only those who are asleep who would take it?

Yazhi: This is something that I wanted to comment on. That people believe that I start to write all this as humans do, that I sit down to write and think and correct and once revised I pass it on to you. And it is not like that. This is raw information. That is dangerous in itself because there might come out apparent contradictions just because I didn't explain things enough. A lot of times it is raw information without censorship or review or anything like that.

Ok, so the vaccines: everyone will be forced to take the vaccine, but the sleepers will take it first, because they even ask for it. The awakened... only some will take it, it depends on them. Others will resist until the last moment or never despite the penalties against them. But not all vaccinated or newly vaccinated people will die right away. The Cabal are not that stupid.

There will be serious adverse effects, and for that they already have an argument in place that if they die or get really sick from the vaccine it is the virus's fault. And that justifies more vaccinations. And they also took legal measures so that the pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued.
So, speaking of mass soul departures, this is not black and white. But globally, several hundred thousand souls will leave for that reason. That is what can be taken as the exit agreement.

But it is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine who they will be exactly since it is due to a number of factors. However, it is quite safe to say that most of the sleeping souls will come out as they will be the first to take the vaccine without any resistance.

Gosia: I thought the mass exits were only for the awakened. But ok, I understand that it is not so black and white. But the sleepers who will take these vaccines are the ones who want to be here. In 3D. They don´t even know of other worlds. Are they going to leave Earth too?

Yazhi: Again, when they die, they do not leave the Matrix, they only go to the anteroom of incarnations. In other words, they are not outside the Matrix because their own thoughts are the Matrix.

However, there are a number of awakened ones who will also die... and it will depend on them and their level of consciousness if they reincarnate or return home or elsewhere.

Gosia: And after being in this anteroom... where will they go? Will they return to Earth? If they don't know of other worlds? I mean the sleeping ones. If the worst happens, there will no longer be the Earth like before to return to. Will they incarnate in transhumanist humans?

Yazhi: That is beyond my reach to know what all those sleeping dead will do. Many thousands, hundreds of thousands of sleeping ones will remain accepting the new situation. Those will go to the new cities and they will be the new slaves, the new Adamic race.


Yazhi: About what I can do, about what I described yesterday. Because I don't want misinterpretations. I can change my shape to anything, even become an eagle, or a weasel. I can change the shape of my body, grow more fingers, or whatever comes to mind. I can fly through the air, or walk on water, yes, you can... BUT... and here is the clarification. That is in my world in MY perception of reality. Because that comes from MY mind.

When I become a "weasel" to use that example... If you were next to me, you would only see that I am not there. What Anéeka describes that you just turn around and don't know where I went. Or when I fly "supergirl" style through the air. They can't see me either. Because that is out of their density; the density of those who observe me.

So, it's not like I can do those things as magic tricks or be "shapeshifter" like some reptilians say they are. It´s different. I manage my perception of reality in the astral but from the point of attention of you or the Taygeteans I am simply not there.

Or, what I can do, although I cannot corroborate it by myself, I only suspect... that sometimes while I am flying around, or I become a "weasel", they will only see me asleep. So... I can and I can't. It depends on the lens you see it through.

But to my consciousness, whatever I imagine is. And I live it. But it is something that could be interpreted as astral management or astral travel. Many do that. What they DO perceive me do is that I vanish. As is logical, that would be seen. The ship does it too in the same way, as all "UFO" ships do. That is already known. But I could not, for example, give a demonstration of becoming an eagle or a weasel, like "Nahual". Because that is out of my reach since it belongs to the perception of reality and the frequency range of other people. That depends on them, not on me.

What I can do, and this from at least the times of Swaruu 9, is to impose with aggressive telepathy a perception on another person or group of people. That's what the reptilians do. That "shapeshifters" thing has never really convinced me. I'm sure they play with the minds of those around them. I know how to do it. But it is not that they change anything. Although there are animals that do, like octopuses.

So... for my experience that is my reality. It goes beyond mimicry, because the octopus does change shape entirely. What I describe is what I can do for my perception. How I experience what reality is changes. The astral becoming the same as waking time, because it is the same, it is only perception.

With what I have just described I think I have removed a bit of that exaggerated tint, of how you could see that or interpret that. But for me, and in my experience, what I live, it doesn´t matter. It is my reality. And by disappearing in front of people, I know that it is enough to shake their perception of the possible and the impossible. What I do when I am already out there, disappeared, is already what I describe above. But they can't even watch me disappear. What always happens in the perception of other people is that I am there, they "got distracted" and I am gone.

That's interesting because I don't even purposely manage to get them to see me disappear. I think that depends on the other person. They should blink at least. They can't see me go through a wall. Rather, suddenly I'm not there, but on the other side. I just wanted to explain that.

Someone can say that I "imagined" it. Of course! It´s just that since I manage my "astral travel" already completely... What I imagine becomes my reality in my "dream" as many would interpret. But that's the problem again, nothing is scientifically verifiable. Never, not with these kinds of things. But for me that is my reality. What I experience and what defines me.

And it's not like I spend time being a weasel. I only use that as an example that anything is possible. Rather, I spend my time without the perception of the body, or with this same body but on another plane. And in that state, I can not only look ahead, I can look 360° and, in all directions, simultaneously. But as long as I'm in this state... as I am now, in "physical", I can only see ahead like anyone else.

Just that I can go in and out of it at will, I live there more than "here."

Gosia: But first we are going to see YOU, then you vanish and, in your place, appears the weasel?

Yazhi: No, Gosia, as long as I am a weasel, you could not see me, because the weasel that I am only exists in very high planes, in the astral. You can't because it doesn't depend on me, it depends on you. It is out of your world and its density. But for my reality it is as real as it is to be awake as I am now. Shamans and mystics have done this on Earth. Or with substances (I do not recommend).

But I do it with mind and will. Just me, with nothing else. But it has made me understand that THAT IS reality, for me. But it is of other densities.

Robert: That would be what we call... manipulation of matter, with mind-consciousness?

Yazhi: Yes, but your matter, that of others would be an imposition. But there is no matter. The so-called matter is just an idea, perception. But since it IS that, I can only control MY perception of matter. Not yours (except with aggressive telepathy).

Robert: Only your matter... Regardless of the perception agreements that other consciousnesses have? Without any authority dictating anything to you.

Yazhi: Yes, because my agreements of the possible and the not possible are different from other people's. For example, they could not lock me in a cage. Because I just leave and that's it. I do not belong to your reality... Only with the part that we share.


Robert: When you leave Earth... "disembodied - dead", you automatically appear somewhere in accordance to your frequency, right?

Yazhi: You never get lost, that's nonsense folklore. You go to the afterlife to rest and then you go wherever according to your frequency. And your frequency is what you think and can perceive according to your level of consciousness.

Robert: Yes. But how, for example, do I find Taygeta? Among so much infinite life. It will be chaos. Will your higher self come out to guide you?

Gosia: You will think TAYGETA. And there your wish will take you.

Robert: Will you fuse into your higher self?

Gosia: You will come out. Yourself. You are your higher self. If I'm wrong about this, correct me Yazhi.

Robert: But where do you go?

Gosia: You are Mind, and in this mind that you are you have everything within your reach. The ideas. Desires, etc. It's just a matter of focusing.

Yazhi: Yes, Gosia, correct. But Taygeta is not the only "nice" place to incarnate into, far from it. So, there isn't much to worry about getting lost.

Robert: And how do you get into a body?

Yazhi: Leaving aside things like "walk in" and so on which happens because you are energetically or frequency wise in accordance with that particular body but it is not yours from the beginning. You don't really enter your body. You generate it, it is your manifestation, it is an idea that you hold of yourself as you are or as you should be in that density where the body is. But there is no body. As there is no spoon. You are an idea that you hold yourself.

Robert: I understand, thank you.

Gosia: You think, and you are. The body. There is no "enter". Apart from ideas like ¨walk in¨.

Yazhi: Yes, but even that "walk-In" is only valid from a 3D or 5D point of view. Because from your point of view as a soul, again you only generated having or being that experience and it is a reflection of your ideas.

Gosia: I understand. I remember once... I was in the etheric world, a long time ago, it was not the dream. And I remember that I was pure consciousness, and I thought HAND... and there my hand appeared. Just because of thinking: HAND. It appeared to me. I was the idea, and I was the hand at the same time. It was instantaneous.

Yazhi: The dream or dreams are only the etheric world contaminated by the beliefs of the 3D, the mind and the programmed unconscious of the person.

Gosia: But what would the etheric world be WITHOUT ideas of 3d and 5d? No ideas of hands, chairs, etc? Would there be no ideas? Or rather, would there be ideas but not so concrete?

Yazhi: It's where you see it and perceive it as the perceptual reality of your soul. Where everything you are and generate comes from, as your own mirror. What many call the true real world. It is only held back in dreams by the limiting beliefs of 3D.

You ask, Gosia, if there would be no ideas. In the higher etheric world, there is no difference between idea and reality. You live your ideas. That's life. Thinking is living that which is thought simultaneously. Which amounts to being everything at will. Life and power of Gods.

Gosia: Yes, I ask because it always bothered me to be here "forced" to see "hands, chairs etc". As if it was the only way they exist. I always knew that I'm only seeing some mirrors. That in the etheric world I interact with these ideas in another way. Not so tangible. Not so manifested. That they simply are. And you feel them differently.

Yazhi: It is programmed in your unconscious how to interpret that accumulation of potential energy, which you call a chair.

Gosia: Exactly. But is this programming in my body? Or where? Is it programmed from etheric planes?

Yazhi: From above in high etheric worlds, you have no unconscious, you just are and so you are, then you can interpret chair as you please, or stop interpreting chair.

Gosia: So, this interpretation of chairs... this programming in the unconscious, it is only in 5d planes and below, yes? Above can I interpret a chair as a tree?

Yazhi: This is why many don't understand me. Because I don't see things from just one angle. I can change "chair" if I please, as needed, in my process of trying to understand others and their one-dimensional linear thoughts. I can fuse tree with chair. You have no limits.

Gosia: That's what I miss. I feel like I've lived it before. That is why this interpretation here so linear and programmed sometimes bothers me.

Yazhi: That's why... I don't see different timelines. I am misunderstood. It's just that my mind sees many, I don't know how many, I can't know how many, but I know there are many, many. That is MY timeline, what I see. But simultaneously I can see the sub lines, for lack of better words, isolate them in my perception as you can see only the branch of the tree and not the whole tree to which it belongs. I see how all the branches interfere and interconnect with each other. Forming a single thing, the tree, or my perceptible timeline from my point of view. That line comprises or is made up of perhaps thousands of isolated lines of perception that includes some 3D. But not just 3D.

So, I don't jump lines looking one by one. Rather, I see the whole and from that position I focus my attention on the ones that catch my attention the most. Or I can also jump one by one at will. Because what I imagine is... for me. Everything I imagine is fulfilled. But for me.

And I try to come with words to say what I see and understand being "you" humanity. To be of service in something. From that position of humanity in need. I do what I can. With what I have. I am the weasel... But it´s only me who can see the weasel...

Robert: But the lines you see... would they just be yours? Or can you see an average of ours?

Yazhi: It´s just that they are not only mine, but I become "you" because in itself from a density above you are the sum of other consciousnesses. Your lines are also mine, those of the sleeping zombies too. That's why I see them. Because I can speed up time, contract it... see forward or backward. See how they intersect, how they influence each other. I see and return. Without ships. Only with mind.

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