Extraterrestrial Races: Sirians (Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 26, 2020

Extraterrestrial Races: Sirians (Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication)

Swaruu: Sirians. Once again it is as with the Pleiadeans. They are not one race; it is a complex of innumerable races. So what you find about them is very varied. Not all Sirian starseeds are in humanoid bodies. The more obvious Sirians and closest to the Earth are the Cetáceos / the dolphins, whales. In terms of spirituality they are more advanced than the humans. Having a complex civilisation is not synonym to advancement. They simply don't need a civilisation, there is no use for that for them, they have all inside, their communication, their world, their all.

They are closer to the Source with a very strong connection. They were seeded on many worlds, including Tiamat, Earth, Erra, Temmer among others. But they are not the Sirians you are asking about. Those that I suppose are the most influential, are those that are taken as the basis of the Egyptian civilization as a race, but in the post-pyramids and post-Sphinx phase, because that is prior, and of the Federation conglomerate in origin. Isis, or Ishtar had a strong connection with Sirius, mistakenly portrayed as Sirian, she only worked with Sirians and was highly respected by them.

Gosia: Forgive me Swaruu, something to clarify: They were seeded on many worlds, including Tiamat, Earth, Erra and Temmer among others. Are you referring to dolphins? Not to humanoid Sirians?

Swaruu: Yes, among other worlds, yes on Temmer and the Earth (because Temmer too has seas, although small ones). Dolphins as a species, I don't talk about souls, even though they are related, yes, they go hand in hand.

Gosia: I understand. But do all the dolphins have Sirian souls? Or only some? Because, as humans, some are Taygetan starseeds, others Centaurian?

Swaruu: Let's say that the vast majority yes, have Sirian souls. I can't know more. I don't doubt that there are dolphins with souls from other races. You must remember that a soul doesn’t have attributes of belonging to a place. It is just a preference to be in that specific place. It is part of its experience. The experience defines the soul little by little. The soul is built as experiences progress.

Gosia: I understand. So, the cats here could be starseeds from other races too, not just the Urmah?

Swaruu: If they are in a cat, naturally they will have an affinity for that race. Although the Urmah being in a human body is easier due to the enormous understanding and comprehension of humans that the Urmahs have already.

Robert: But could a cat enter as a starseed in a human body, here on Earth?

Swaruu: Yes, but a feral cat... does not jump to be the son of the manager of this or that company and going to Harvard. They need to accumulate experiences to go on building their soul to be compatible with being, in this case the boy. It is a question of frequencies. A soul goes to the frequency to which it corresponds. It is that simple.

Now, let us continue with the Sirians. It is a civilization based on Sirius A, on multiple planets. They are advanced humanoids with a blue tint, dark copper skin. Mild amphibian DNA, not evident.
These Sirians also had extensive contact with the Mayan civilization and have today a very high number of starseeds on Earth. They tend to live close together, with extended families cohabiting in naturally shaped buildings looking like sponges, or hollow rocks with multiple windows that look a bit disorganized, with a flavour that can be compared or equated to Earth’s early 20th century Art Nouveau.
There are very evident examples of this kind of construction throughout Barcelona. It is believed that this Art Nuevau influence could have come from the Sirians because of the evident style similarity.

Yes, thank you. Note the rounded windows, almost organic. This is very Sirian.

Gosia: I like them, yes. In architecture I like all things round.

Swaruu: The fact that they cohabit so closely makes them a little difficult to deal with, from Taygeta's point of view. Because they have almost zero personal barriers, the area that people need as personal space. Compared to Taygeta's, which are very wide. It often creates conflicts, including a crash between the principal Sirian ship and ours, with fatal results for several Sirians onboard their ship, and damages to our Temerian battleship. When two ships of large mass do manoeuvres in close proximity, they have a tendency to attract each other, by their magnetic potentials.

We told them many times not to get so close, but they didn't listen until that unfortunate incident. It is like they have a tendency to seek being close to others, not being alone. As how it happens in semi-empty parking lots on Earth. With so much space available, people tend to park their cars next to yours when you don't want that.

Gosia: Yes, I know Swaruu, it is something incredible. I have seen it on the beach. I look for the farthest place away from everyone, and suddenly I have people around! I don't know why they do it! They must be Sirians.

Swaruu: Aha yes, Gosia, it is the tendency I am talking about.

Gosia: And when the people say that they channel Sirians, but beyond 5D... 7 - 9 D... how is that then? Because I have understood that beyond 5D these identities merge. Can there still be a 9D Sirian? Or a 9D Pleiadean? Or is it that at this point these categories of being blur?

Swaruu: To me, everything above 5D or 6D is universal already, not localized. It cannot be localized, by definition. There cannot be Sirians in 7D, nor Pleiadeans in 7D... why?
In these places there is no duality as you know it here, for us in 5D or humans in 3D, it includes all, and in those high densities the localities are dissipating, you travel only with thought, without needing anything, travelling is just an idea, as in imagining being in Nepal in the mountains and in an instant imagining oneself to be on the beach in Maui. Therefore, I always say that if you can imagine a ship with your thoughts you don't need one.

The fact that there are Sirians in 7D or Pleiadians in 7D means that some are not. The fact that they are Pleiadeans or Sirians and not... (another race) is to be something, but not the other, and that means duality.
So, it´s not that they are not channelling Sirians or persons or entities from 7D. They are simply sending you a comparatively Sirian-flavoured message with an agenda, or they are the own ideas of the person that is channeling. Or they're just channeling 5D Sirians.

Gosia: If someone channels a 7D Yena, you would receive the "Pleiadian" flavour, right? Even if the identity of said Yena would be more universal.

Swaruu: Only if the Yena wished so. That is how it is. And it wouldn't exactly be a Yena.

Gosia: Could a Yena channel a Sirian flavour?

Swaruu: Yes, because from there everything is included.

Gosia: Ok, I understand perfectly. Thank you, I like it.

Swaruu: The basis of understanding or explaining this is the absence of duality as something tangible. 

Gosia: I understand. Another question, about the dolphins. So, dolphin starseeds and Sirian human starseeds... are they the same? Only in different avatars?

Swaruu: Sirians are not one species, they are a large conglomerate of species, all with their starseeds. There are even reptilians from Sirius (positive). There are Urmah from Sirius (an extensive colony, as I said in the video about the Urmah). Those with ships that don't respect proximity, yes, they are humanoids.

Gosia: Some of them are like that?

Swaruu: That's how they are but not so blue (these, others yes). These have a somewhat copper-coloured skin with a slight blue tint, but easy to see. And their facial features are very Egyptian. There are other advanced races with civilization that are blue and are related with the Andromedan’s and the Celeste. That is yet another species, it is aquatic with extensive submarine civilizations, especially on Sirius B. The concept of "Aqua-man" can stem from there.

Gosia: Do they have genders? How do they reproduce?

Swaruu: The dominant Sirians on Sirius A (those with the ships) reproduce sexually. They are all semi-aquatic, with high to moderate amount of amphibian genes. Not all who come from Sirius are aquatic, but mostly yes. The zone is dominated by water planets, compared to what Tiamat was like or Temmer is, even though Temmer has many islands.

Gosia: Are they loving, scientific, musical?

Swaruu: They are very holographic, a little bit of everything. They do have a strong love for sculpture and the creation of art in 3 dimensions. As expressed by their architecture.

Gosia: Are they related to the Dogon myths in Mali? There they have legends of Sirians from Sirius A, B, and they also say there is a Sirius C.

Swaruu: Yes, there is mythology all over the Earth talking about advanced water beings who planted medicine, art, architecture. The Earth does not have influences of one Sirian species only, but multiples ones. There are also multiple species of Sirian felines, with advanced civilizations, but not being Urmah. As with the Earth, which also has not been influenced only by one Pleiadian species. It annoys me that people talk about the Pleiadeans in this way, as if they were one single race. The same with the Sirians. We would need to specify race by race.

Gosia: Don't worry, we will let people know. Little by little people will change their perspective. Many thanks Swaruu. Until tomorrow.

Swaruu: Until tomorrow, Gosia and Robert.

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