Message to Starseeds: Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication (Taygeta)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 10, 2020

Message to Starseeds: Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication (Taygeta)

The new World Order is already implemented throughout the Planet. When something is painful, it is better to say it already. The entire planet is under their control. So ... What I can see with this is just more exploitation that comes out as the excuse of the virus. Whatever is useful to them. Europe will be in chaos and will recover the slowest with regards to what can be seen on the streets.

They already manipulate everything. They already have everything. They only give people what they always give them. A worldwide chaos. They couldn't have their Third World War? So they put together this nonsense. But they must always keep the population on alarm for something. That´s why the work of the Doctors here is very important. Let them understand that they are the key to helping humanity ... stop thinking about your wallets and your personal fame.

Economy. This lets call it a bug crashing the economy is silly, they will crash it or not ... on their own, with their agendas. Not for reasons that seem "out of control". The economy is portrayed as if it were a conscious and unpredictable being. It is not. It is under their total control. These psychopaths in power would NOT leave anything in the air, at random. They control everything. Whether or not the economy crashes depends on their ideas and their agendas, not on anything external or accidental. Therefore they would NOT release any real virus. Because they would NOT have any control over it. And if they do want something it is control. And they know that the media is enough.

Gosia: And what about wanting to eliminate 95% of the population? Agenda 21. How would they do that being in control?

Swaruu: They could do it however they want using high-tech weapons, that's what 5G is for. But they already do it without 5G. Vaccines have had nanotechnology microchips since 1997. If people do not believe it today in 2020, they would have believed even less in 1997. But it is so. For example. What do you think the heavy metals are for in the vaccines? It is to increase the re-activity of the human body in the face of programmed radiation from the electromagnetic waves from cell phones. And they contain the nano-chips. They say that's it´s to serve as the "conservative" for vaccines. They already have humans watching the Internet and uploading everything to the Internet, where their AI reads everything, even me here with you.

Now what they want is for the human body to be programmable from the internet. But only a small population, a few would physically survive for that to be implanted. That is to say, the young and strong "Millennials". The rest must die. That is what I see. But it will still take. They don't need to implement it fast because it creates chaos that doesn't suit them. So that´s why I know with great certainty that they will begin to lift all this situation in a couple of weeks to a month.

They also know that they cannot keep people locked up because they are no longer functional. They are .... reaping fear (lush) and low energies from people in survival mode. So focus starseeds and do not give it to them <---- <----. Don't give it to them. In this case, the mental focus is enough and plenty, but the action is also necessary.

Having everyone locked up is making everyone think alike, it is leveling them to the same mass thinking. It is time for you to be who you are, special and very strong inside. The confinement causes many to lose their minds because they cannot internalize, they cannot be with themselves. That includes living with family members, which is not always very good. This is reflected in the starseeds even more, as loneliness, because most of the time they think very differently from the rest of their family. They resent confinement with people who don't think like them and it affects them in other ways.

But starseeds can internalize much more than normal humans. It is time to be strong and take the confinement as a Zen test. Of control. That they will have me stuck in 4 walls and take away everything apart from my essence. Apart from who I am. Nothing touches me.

Also while you are in there, inside, do things, do not stay looking at the Internet because it only bombards you with bad news, and if they come from official media, everything is false. Information overload is very real. And yes, there is information overload because it is contradictory on all sides and keeps them in a state of constant stress and that lowers their defenses and makes them vulnerable (and not exactly to that non-existent bug). You must meditate more, clear your mind. Be very Zen now.

Do things at home that have nothing to do with the media, use the time for that. Fix what is broken, make a Japanese-style sand garden. Tidy up your garden, exercise where you can, in your bedroom and if you have it in your patio or garden. This will strengthen you.

Do a hobby, whatever you want. Painting, sculpture, weaving, embroidery. Fix the car that's locked up. Do things, not just the Internet and the media. Read a book, of course those paper ones, but I mean do something that keeps you active. Move your body doing something. Fixing a chair. Painting the interior, be creative. It will keep you mentally healthy. That's what I'm looking for.

You should stay away from the electronic. Or use the electronic for things that do not have to do with the subject of the bug. For example playing music, movies or video games. But moving away from everything electronic in favor of meditation or the construction of a Zen sand garden is the most recommended. You can reach a lot of introspection and a lot of inner calm if you do things with your hands while you are thinking in peace.

Another thing is that they want you thinking like everyone else. So the starseeds have to demonstrate that they can sustain the positive timeline alone. Because what the negatives want is for everyone to think in unison. And they do it by putting everyone in a state of survival. You no longer think and all your spiritual and personal advances suffer a setback in favor of just thinking about how to survive. You postpone everything spiritual with this, cementing the negative timeline. Because the starseeds are neutralized. They become more human. Because they begin to think exactly like them, focusing on what they don't want to happen and that is precisely what happens.

So you should know how to set yourself apart from the rest knowing that you are starseeds. By now you should already know that if you feel yourselves to be starseeds then you ARE it. It´s not something of which you need an external confirmation. That is programmed human mindset. You are what you know yourself to be. This is how it works. Nothing like "I thought I was a starseed and it came out that I wasn't, how sad I wanted to be a starseed". That does not work like that, nobody can tell you what you are.

Look at the positive side of the lock down, you no longer need to run to go to your jobs, remember what you were, what you are, maybe you liked painting, playing the flute, the violin that surely is dusty over there, it is now necessary to return to be yourselves.

But there is something else. Something that has not yet been said enough. It is quite clear that you are in 3D. And that this subject of manifesting everything with the mind is something that does not always manifest results as you would like. Many report that the Law of Attraction does not "work" - We have already said why. But it is part of 3D nature. So don't just think positively and focus on all that you want as we've already said.

What I'm telling you now is to do something. That's why I emphasize that you start to do something with your hands, gardening, mechanics, painting, weaving. And that you do something pro-active about the problem you face, whatever it may be, also about the so called virus. Because you can do a lot. Not just being there meditating and having good thoughts and wishes of love for humanity. In other words, think positively, don't be scared, and then start doing something !!! Think positively, focus on what you want and all that, but actively work towards what you want, don't stop there. Focus is key but what also not everyone has that focus willpower right now. So doing something helps a lot. You have two options: cry or get down to business.

Now I make a call to Doctors and anyone with access to the bug problem. Stop being gullible with official news and official data. Your obligation is to people. Put aside your wallets and your desire to get rich by supporting drug sales in your offices at the expense of the people. Because you are being complices of GENOCIDE. And time is running out. Medical personnel are the key here for the masses to know the truth. That the virus is a global scam. Unprecedented crime against humanity. You don't have to believe me. With the same data that can be found online, you can see everything that is not right, the discrepancies. Even the most matrix and matrix thinking doctors can see that this is not a virus. People are NOT dying of anything that is not normal, or from 5G radiations. They are the same ones who die every year anyway. Everything is manipulated. Look at the data. Look for it yourself. Do something. Even if it is going out with the cell phone to take photos of empty hospitals. And if you have a newsreel recording saying that "Our Lord Rothschild's Mercy" hospital has rows of the dead and the sick, and that hospital is close to where you live, be brave and take video of it being empty. You are not going to get infected from anything. And take off those ridiculous looking blue masks delegating your power to a lie.

Maintain the positive timeline. That's what you are there for. Although it seems that the world is collapsing around you. Even if you are locked in a dungeon. Your inner world is what prevails.

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