Densities vs Dimensions - How We Increase our Frequency - Yazhi Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 28, 2021

Densities vs Dimensions - How We Increase our Frequency - Yazhi Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Yazhi: An idea that there are that many stars in each density is terribly incorrect, that’s not how densities work. Stars are in all densities at once, irremediably so. It is people who perceive one or another density and the stars in them, in this case.

And it is the same for a star, a planet, a plant, a dog, a cat, and a human and a Sassani ET. They all have components in all densities. Better worded, they all are and exist in all densities at once.

Gosia: Makes obvious sense! So anyone who would say there are this and this number of planets or stars or Sassanis in this or that density… is only looking at densities as separate realms. One by one. That´s not how you operate. All is scalar always. Just adding my two cents.

Yazhi: People tend to see the parts separated, and they speculate, I see the whole as much as possible, knowing there is always more to see, of course!

Matias: I know all densities are one, but I’ve heard that each density has infinite number of dimensions or densities within. Any logic in this?

Yazhí: Densities have dimensions. What is a dimension? The amalgamation of data, more things, more complicated, and you can perceive that as you have or develop a higher density awareness. But they are all like that!

(image) *pictures not supported*

4D dimensional cube

(image) *pictures not supported*

5D dimensional cube

(image) *pictures not supported*

10D dimensional cube

(image) *pictures not supported*

6D dimension cube

(image) *pictures not supported*

They are always there. Always. It is just you who acquires or remembers how to see that what has always been there!

If this last 6D image is the way you see your world, no one Matrix seeing the world as a simple cube can ever understand you.

(image) *pictures not supported*

Another way to define a “square mindset!”

Matias: Like the Taygetans do not understand you now, who you are?

Yazhí: Yes. But from complex points of view you can understand simpler ones. That’s why some may say they see me as “too human” because they can only perceive that small part of me, of an ET. But I could quickly collapse their minds. But what for? Then I’d just be mad, crazy for them. As crazy as claiming to walk through walls or teleport. Simple tasks from one point of view, impossible from another. And it is all awareness, data processing knowledge and making it your own. But the external world from one point of view is always there, it is you who can only see parts of it! Or from another point of view nothing is there. Only what you choose to see, or can see, exists at all.

Another chat:

Yazhi: You remember that Swaruu 9 used to say that existential densities 3D, 5D, whatever, were densities by frequency of matter. Frequency. And not Dimensions. Well, Swaruu 9 did not have my level of perception.

What I can explain to you now is that it is both. The frequency of existential density and the increase in awareness-perception that in turn causes a proportional rise in the perceived physical dimension.

This is coupled with the above mentioned problem. The fact that the people do not understand why something is true from one perspective and not from another. Creating the illusion that there are discrepancies in our material. Contradictions. But there are none.

We have the 1D

(image) *pictures not supported*

These are Dimensions. Which are caused by a change in Density-Frequency.

(image) *pictures not supported*

The perception of a density-frequency goes hand in hand with the understanding of what surrounds you. The understanding about things. Knowing more. It opens your mind and eyes. You see things that have always been there but you had no ability to perceive them, or to understand them. Like a math equation doesn’t mean anything to your cat. But it’s there in front of him.

So the more you KNOW, the more you can see and the more you can understand.

(image) *pictures not supported*

You already know this image. It is a 4D cube. Greater complexity. Humanity only sees a cube.

(image) *pictures not supported*

(image) *pictures not supported*

A 5D cube.

It is a cube but it is of much greater complexity. As is the mind of your friends from Taygeta. That is why they perceive everything differently. That is why life is complex in 5D as you have seen. It lacks the simple element of 3D linearity.

But the more perception you have, the more you learn to perceive more.

Welcome to 6D.

(image) *pictures not supported*

This image is especially good for me to illustrate this. You can see how each color is a density. From an angle or moment they can be understood as separate. One within another.

But everything in itself moves and everything is interconnected, affecting each other all the time. That is why high densities interfere with low ones and vice versa. Because even the concept of low densities and high densities is only a limited way of understanding and explaining things.

Because in itself it is a single mass, that geometric figure. No up or down, no more and no “less than”… It is only people’s perception that changes and what determines the density that they will perceive, understand and therefore live.

(image) *pictures not supported*

Welcome to 10D. It is a constant increase of data. Of mental power to process the data. It is what you learn, it is what you are, the more you know the more you are, the more you understand.

Accumulating wealth, cars, money, houses, objects, is futile. The purpose is the expansion of consciousness. Understand more, know more. Comprehend more. This is how you grow, how you change density.

That is why those who say that they are waiting for 5D to come to them, as if it was about to fall from the sky and suddenly all their problems disappear, they have no idea how everything works. That is why it is something individual.

People must be the change. 5D is their mindset! They must BE 5D, not wait for it to happen to them. It's them, and that is internal. And that is why.

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