Call to Doctors - YOU ARE KEY - Message from Yazhi Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 28, 2020

Call to Doctors - YOU ARE KEY - Message from Yazhi Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Swaruu: People who want to call themselves awake and aware of what is happening must understand the nature of what is happening in that it is itself a fight for the survival of their species and it is not exaggeration. They must really let this go deep into them. And they must realize that in that case and given the clear circumstances, the enemy is also the sleeping ones, the Matrix people. As much or more than the controllers themselves, more than the Gates and the Soros and all those. Whether or not they are family, colleagues or close friends, they are. You must understand this.

Facing them however they see best, even though yes, it is a war, does not necessarily mean violence, although that happens as well. My point is as each person can and as each person feels that it is the best way - they must defend themselves at all costs. And put aside that dangerous thought that I am nobody, so what can I do?!

It is a chain reaction; they wake up those who are close to them or they will not survive. I understand that many people are not there to wake up. I understand that many will never be able to wake others up and that sometimes it is useless. That is why each person must see and decide for themselves how much they can do, where and with whom. Take responsibility for that decision.

And at least protect yourself from the attacks of the sleeping ones. They are the enemy as much or more than the Cabal that they follow. The sleeping ones, zombies, who blindly follow the system and still believe that the virus will eventually disappear and everything will return to normal if everyone is just obedient and does exactly what the authorities tell them to do. The word zombie here is more than adequate, because if they act in a closed way, mindless, only obeying rules just because they are there, never questioning anything, isn't that the very definition of a zombie?

Even though it is quite obvious, I will say it in another way:

I hold the world's doctors directly responsible for what is happening. Because they know that the numbers don't match and that the measurements are unnecessary, without scientific or medical basis. Whether the doctors are Matrix, asleep, awake or any variant in between, they know that something does not fit, in addition they are the ones who are supposedly in empty hospitals. One way or another they know it.

But they choose not to do anything about it to protect their own interests, their mafias and their agreements with pharmaceutical companies for monetary interests and job positions. I accuse them of being criminals with the rest of the population. Shame on you!

I know very well that you alone cannot do much, that you have a family to take care of and all that, but how does that differ from the rest of the population? But that solitary doctor, and they are there because not everyone turns their backs on this, can seek to connect with others and those with others, without being intimidated by the "Medical Bureau".

The truth is that I hold them accountable because they do nothing when even the official data indicates that everything is wrong with what they say is happening. It doesn't matter if they think there is a virus or not, the measures don´t make sense. They can ally with one another because yes, there is a very large number of doctors who protest against all this, and the Cabal, the media will not be able to go against all and the lie will be exposed, it would be impossible to perpetuate all this abuse to the population.

This does not go for everyone because I know that there are some who are doing what I describe above, but most do not.

Yes, doctors together are necessary, the more the better, they should sacrifice themselves for the good of civilization. Even if it is by sacrificing their careers and social position. Because anyway in a few months those careers and that supposed comfortable position of a doctor, may be worth nothing, it will be useless to them and they will only be more sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Doctors, if they are alone as awakened ones, should brainstorm together to connect with others of the same mind, even if they are far away, and make a large network right now. Or millions will die. If not, because of what I have said above, I hold them responsible for omission of action.

You do not need "divine" intervention. Nor intervention by the Federation (which will never come). You do not need alliances of Q or Y or Z. It is the doctors together who alone can expose this whole scheme and even expose the Illuminati, save humanity. Doctors are the key.

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