5D Mind - Why are we Different and Why we don´t believe in Timelines? - Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 24, 2022

5D Mind - Why are we Different and Why we don´t believe in Timelines? - Athena Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - 4th of April 2022

Robert: Tina, a question. If you were to go with your ship to the future of the Earth, you could only see what your frequency says or what the collective unconscious of the Earth dictates at that moment, right? But you could never tell us the year you went because of the time slip? And because maybe in the future they will change the terrestrial dates again because of some agenda, correct?

Swaruu X (Athena): I can only go to possible futures, not to one, or to "the" future, that's not how time travel works. I would have to see many variants, many "futures", to then make a possible average.

Robert: I understand. It's just that people think that it´s so easy. Go 25 years ahead, come back and say what you've seen. That would be very simplistic. And what you would see might have nothing to do with what we experience.

Swaruu X (Athena): They are seeing things in a linear way. This is a whole topic. It´s that the perception of the terrestrial population sees reality that includes time as something sequential. Like a one-story house and distributed as one room after another making a long house. That is the 3D perception.

The 5D perception would be a house with many floors, that not only has one on top of another but has windows and doors that connect everything together, even on the floor and on the ceiling, where if you are in a room, you can look down to the floor and see what is going on below you, or look up and see what is going on above you as well.

So a person thinking in 3D will not be able to even understand the psychology of 5D beings and this has been one of the biggest challenges of this disclosure.

And the higher you go in terms of misnamed "densities", the harder it is to explain how reality works, and the harder it is for the average 3D population to understand the mentality and reality of people occupying those higher densities. And this is reflected in Yázhi precisely, that's why she is so difficult and controversial all the time, so to speak.

So this connects with what we always explain, that there are no densities or dimensions or parallel universes, being that all that is only valid from the point of view of a person's level of understanding in 3D. That is why many times our narratives do not fit with what is expected, or people see them as mistakes or incongruities or contradictions of ours. They are not, it is 5D thinking.

There are no densities or parallel universes or anything like that. Everything is a mental state, the ability of each consciousness mind to incorporate within itself the stimulus called "from the outside world" (it is not) and process it for themselves to form their own idea that forms what reality is for them. That is why we say that the greater the existential density, the greater the complexity.

Precisely because it is about the capacity of the consciousnesses to "ingest", or to "incorporate" data into themselves, and from there to form the idea of reality, as I said above. And then, by agreements of perception, more than one point of consciousness- person will come together to form their own "collective" reality that will be in itself a "density" or "parallel world".

Because looking at things from the perspective of 5D beings, everything that happens on Earth or anywhere else does not obey only linear factors of simple cause-effect as described on Earth. That is correct from that perspective.

But from a more expanded one, the causes and effects of any situation that in itself forms all of reality in this same way anyway, are the result of the interaction and influence of countless factors that 3D people cannot see or understand because they are outside of their understanding, "in other parallel universes".

That is, any event has multiple explanations that come from multiple so-called parallel universes or timelines - which are averaged together to form a final effect that is seen as the end result in a specific event, which will only be specific to the one who observes it in that particular way. An event that in itself is just one more factor that combines with others to form the next.

So if all reality, everything that happens, is the average of the influence of many temporal lines or of many parallel universes that influence each other, then it means that everything is a single mass without isolated parallel universes or temporal lines. Being that such concepts are merely the product of the limited human mind and are only applicable to its 3D point of view.

Because from the point of view of 5D thinking, that described above, all the temporal lines and all the parallel universes seen from 3D, for 5D people are only data or simplistic points of view of those who do not see what happens in those other timelines.

We do not see that neither timelines nor parallel universes exist. The only thing we see are ranges of perception. From where to where a person can see, perceive and understand.

We observe this also empirically with what happens with extracted people, who suddenly understand and remember multiple variants of their previous lives on Earth and outside. All intertwined explaining their current lives.

I must also say that what we see or perceive as the now, what empirically surrounds you, who you are and what you are thinking, is the result of infinite lines or universes or variants of you with other decisions, all averaging into who you are today. I could go on and on with this topic. And it can be explained with mathematics by linking this to Stellar Navigation.

But yes, I want to say that the problem we all have where we start writing about a topic and end up with extremely large sentences trying to describe everything all at once, is a symptom of this 5D understanding of the world around us, being that we have a hard time describing a single thing in a simple or simplistic way without getting into side topics that try to explain the why of everything. This often causes us to be difficult to understand. And it seems that we contradict ourselves when we only try to explain another point of view or another level of what we are trying to share.


Gosia: But one question. If talking about other parallel lines is just 3D product, for you where do other Swaruus live, or other Roberts and Gosias, for example? If it is not another timeline... what would you call it? If someone dies here, but still lives in another timeline, what would you call that place? Not another timeline? Because it is understood that it is just one mass from more expanded level, but from below, it "must" be called somehow. What would you call it?

Because it sounds too long to say: "I went to another point of attention in another existential frequency". Because if we extend the argument, we could also say that just as there are no timelines, there are no other points of attention either. I feel that it is not so bad to say "timeline", at least to understand each other. Since TIME refers to PERCEPTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. So I see the word "time" correct here. And "line" because from the point of view of that point of temporal attention, there is an experience of a certain sequence of life. Because otherwise, how to call it?

Swaruu X (Athena): From the position of "above" there are no lines and a living person does not contradict a dead one. Here it is seen or observed as variants of situations, living or dead, (something like Schrodinger’s cat). Not as whole timelines in block as in the terrestrial concept. Being that only isolated situations are observed at the limit of what can or could be seen or observed that is different from the 'original'. I speak of timelines as such for lack of better words due to linguistic limitation. There is no direct translation, they are new concepts for the Earth.

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