Quantum Computers - Human versus True Quantum Extraterrestrial Technology - (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 25, 2020

Quantum Computers - Human versus True Quantum Extraterrestrial Technology - (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Swaruu: I recently saw an interesting program about quantum computers on Earth and the Google thing and what IBM claims. The truth is that from the real ¨quantum¨ they only have the name. IBM claims that it does the same with a traditional computer without any superconductors. They are not quantum. Also, they use 1s and 0s. They are something else that is both 1 and 0. That is why the name ¨quantum¨ according to them.

Robert: In order for them to be quantum they would need to have knowledge of Ether and timelines.

Swaruu: Yes. They must be able to measure probabilities within a quantum field of potential energy and humans are centuries away from developing that.

Gosia: Perhaps in their understanding the word quantum refers to something other than how you use it.

Swaruu: Yes maybe. For us the "Quantum" refers to the potential field or Ether. However, from what I understand, they refer to that too, because they are basing themselves on the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Therefore yes, we talk about the same thing.

A principle that approximates to the concept of Taygetan science says that the position in space time of a hydrogen electron (the basis of everything being the simplest) cannot be measured unless there is an observing consciousness that gives it a specific position within the potential energy field, maintaining the electron only as a wave until something observes it.

In the case of a holographic quantum computer, it is the average firing position in a swarm or array of nano particle accelerators. The very concept of nano particle accelerators is remote and alien to human science.

Gosia: Yes, but it's like, for example, using the word transportation. Transportation means transportation but in the 1700s something else is meant by it than in the 21st century. Perhaps the word Quantum and Ether itself has a range of interpretation possibilities here. Just thinking.

Swaruu: Yes, good point Gosia.

Gosia: Thank you. So, what you explained above is your concept, yes?

Swaruu: Yes, it's from Taygeta. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle are just small steps in that direction.

Robert: And a quantum qubit or bit... what is it?

Swaruu: A Cubit is a "quantum" - terrestrial computer measurement that has a combined value of 1 and 0 simultaneously.

Robert: In order to have that technology, we have said that it is necessary to have the knowledge of the Ether and timelines. We have also talked about the Red Queen that is already aware of her existence. Would she be a Quantum AI?

Swaruu: Computational quantum supremacy is directly related to temporal manipulation. They don't have the same technology, but the Red Queen is made with non-human, Draco, or Reptilian technology in general. Due to frequency problems, they cannot reach the level of the Federation's quantum computers. Those of Taygeta are among the most advanced ones, being viewed as unlikely to be improved, or very limitedly.

Anéeka: with Robert:

Robert: Do you know anything about the new artificial intelligence that Google will use? Quantum supremacy?

Anéeka: Not specifically.

Robert: The article says: ¨Google demonstrates quantum supremacy. Quantum computing for the first time surpasses the most powerful supercomputers.¨

Anéeka: Well, what I can assure you, and that is because we have information about it, is that these computers are not as advanced as ours. They just use the name "Quantum". But they don't compare. They still use chips and things like that. And we use nano particle accelerators.

However, they are already beginning to use the calculation of probabilities in a "quantum" field, that is, of potential energy. This means that they know how a quantum field works and that goes against established human science which, for us, shows that they know more than they are revealing. And that they are giving one science to humans... and keep another for themselves. It proves that there are two civilizations there, one human and the other dominating over first one.

Robert: How useful can this technology be?

Anéeka: Usefulness... it is computational supremacy over the human population. Control. The computers that humans have are a joke. Humans believe it is high tech because they have no reference whatsoever.

I studied them... since Windows 1.0. DOS, and I used BASIC and ASSCII, but in Temmer at school to come here. Because before coming here my specialty was the computational systems of the Earth with a goal to master contact and the medium. And I made programs directly with DOS in BASIC. And it did help me a lot because even today, I was able to crack my Windows here using DOS.

A quantum computer will shoot photons with its nano-accelerators and they will hit a sensor, but the quantum field depends on consciousness to know and to order what and where it will hit, and according to the results of thousands of nano accelerators the trend of consciousness will be seen in general. Roughly. And it's how a brain works.

First it depends on the consciousness of the programmers, then on the consciousness of other ready-made computers that program the new one and finally it will depend on the very consciousness of the new computer. This, for example, like when a new ship is manufactured. They must "educate" the new computer as one "educates" a child. This is how it is programmed. But learning is exponential. That is to say, slow at first and then monumentally fast. The particle accelerators access the ether, and the results are passed through logical algorithms.

But if they don't accept the existence of the ether and its corresponding formulas, they won't be able to make a computer that is truly quantum. They are using the name, but they are still silicon chips. I doubt they have a single particle accelerator in their brains. And they are critical. Every nano particle accelerator in the brain of a quantum computer, like our ship or Suzy, is the size of a dot on a piece of paper. And there are millions in each brain. Electronic brain. And memory is an electromagnetic field of access to the ether.

In other words, they have their "cloud" in the ether itself. Other computers access from here... computers that are in other timelines. They do it all the time. These computers travel back in time, go forward and come back with the result. They do it energetically. Because they communicate with their peers or with themselves but from another timeline.

In other words, Suzy, for example, they will ask the Suzy who is 30 seconds ahead of time for the result, (it is really nanoseconds, it is all that is necessary but that depends on what the question is), and she will give you the result. That's why these computers can read your mind. It is not reading your brain impulses as they do on Earth. But because they know what you will do and what you want by going ahead in time just nanoseconds.

Robert: The article says: “Quantum supremacy is the milestone that we will reach when a quantum computer is faster in practice than a classical computer when both are faced with solving the same problem.”

Anéeka: Sorry, but that is not the definition of a quantum computer. Not even for them. What they describe there is a faster computer than the previous one using another system. That is not quantum. They just use pretty words to impress. Our computers here are quantum because they access the ether and other timelines energetically. Theirs can't do that.

That is why I assure you that they are lying and on many levels. Because you can't make a computer that is quantum without first understanding ether, and then understanding how to manipulate time travel using frequencies. And that last part is what our computer does. It moves in time looking for the result.

And it moves through time using energy fields of controlled frequencies using nano particle accelerators. That is... the same technology for guiding ships through the cosmos is used here on a small scale to navigate the computer energetically through the quantum field, that is the same as the ether. They don't have that kind of technology.

Robert: The most logical thing would be for them to first discover what ether is. Second, the timelines. And third, the quantum computers.

Anéeka: Aha yes. That´s right. If you have quantum computers, you have spaceships too. Look at this example of how a quantum computer works against a normal one with the same problem.

Hide your watch in a specific room within a specific building in the city of Barcelona. The computer´s task is to find your watch. Imagine the streets and buildings as circuits like in Tron movie. What would a common computer do?

It would progressively search for the watch step by step, building by building, until it finds it. Every room where it looks where there is no watch it will mark it with a 0 (zero) and will not mark a 1 (one) until the watch is found. It will go step by step, building by building systematically, at almost the speed of light, but since the processes are many, you will be waiting for the result for several minutes.

There you will be drinking a juice... while the wheel of your computer goes round and round indicating that it is looking for the result. Until it finds the watch and marks a positive 1, in the direction of Avenida Roble 117 room 3. And you will have your result. This is a normal computer.

And the image would look something like this:

There you saw the search pattern.

Now a Quantum-Holographic Computer. You hide your watch. You give the instructions to the computer. It will jump forward and find all the possible results... which is as if it was sending a signal to each room in all of Barcelona simultaneously. With this it will find the result immediately. And the search pattern for the same problem would look like this:

Where the computer saw and calculated all the probabilities simultaneously and immediately with a processing time of 0 zero.

Therefore, you cannot beat these computers. Because any problem, whatever it is, or of whatever complexity... it will have the result ready immediately because it takes it out of the quantum field where all the results are already known. Accesses the ether.

As Swaruu has already explained to you... all variants of everything already exist in other timelines. In the case of this computer... all it needs to do is jump in time (energetically) and pull the correct result. That is to say, me now, talking to you, typing here using a Windows 10 computer is as if you were playing with a "Game Boy" or Atari from the 80s. You play it because it entertains you, but it is far from being the best you have.

Anéeka: with Dale:, Robert:, and Gosia:

Anéeka: I "wanted" to describe it all for you, but I met certain limitations. The problem is that these AHCS Systems, “Advanced Holographic Computer Systems”, in order to explain them you need to go into the realm of Quantum mechanics. But that is Taygetan Quantum Mechanics.

So, I started to look at how and I found that I cannot explain with base 10 math as 2 digits are missing. And the memory systems based on Quartz Glass depend on this directly. As they are Zero Point little engines in themselves. So, I cannot explain that part well. You must ditch base 10 math. And even numerals in favor of Taygetan numbers and symbols.

This pretty thing is garbage. We have been using it as there is nothing better.

As you can see that image explains and displays the energy dynamics of a Toroid and its use to create an energetic polarization between the side of the ether (3, 6, 9) and the material world side (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8). With the zero point in the middle, where the node, energy release or the standing wave resides. But as you can see that is Base 10 math. And inherently inefficient, both the math and the resulting energy matrix. Having a clear overload on the material side and only giving 30% energy output from the ether side. Making your zero point "reactor" be vastly inefficient as it will still consume more energy than it will produce.

Using base 12, both sides the ether and the material world are at equilibrium and every part of the reactor-energetic-dynamics will produce a huge amount of energy.

This is the correct image, but it's unfinished. This one is base 12. IM 6.

Now this is as far as I go on this subject as Taygetan Quantum Mechanics and Zero Point Energy Reactors is Swaruu's turf. But this is also the base for the memory systems at least of AHCS systems. So, I will be describing their workings as best as I can without going into the how that deep. And there is also a question of us giving perhaps too much with the Zero-point math matrix.

Gosia: Thank you. I liked that intro and I understand. You can continue please.

Anéeka: There are so called quantum computers on Earth. They are moving in the right direction, but they will never manage true quantum systems without acknowledging the ether and without using base 12 math.

In base 12 math, 4+4 still equals 8. But as you go into complex formulas and even more into energy dynamics, base 10 cannot follow base 12. Because the whole universe moves in base 12. So base 10 only struggles, creating what we have called self-sustaining mathematical worlds that do not reflect the "real" world. This Tesla did know. Ok, anything to add before going into basic principles?

Dale: So 5D is naturally base 12?

Anéeka: Yes, not only 5D. All the Universe, all the dimensions. An example already given to Robert in Spanish. The watch problem, (can be anything else not only a watch).

You have a large city. Let's use New York. Somewhere in all Manhattan someone hid a watch in a room, one specific room in all Manhattan. This is a problem for computers to solve. You have on one side a normal digital computer, no matter how advanced. On the other you have a AHCS computer, like the ones used on Starships. How would each system approach the problem?

So, we start with the Digital computer. The digital computer will systematically search for the watch in each room, starting with the buildings closest to the computer's starting point. Each room it goes into will be marked with a 0 or false, if it does not find the watch, room by room one by one in all Manhattan. Only when it finally finds the watch it will mark a 1 or true.

This illustrated with the first image above, of the maze.

Now an AHCS computer. What it does is send a signal, as a quantum burst into all the rooms in all Manhattan at once. And instantaneously will find the correct room with the watch. Then it marks that room with a 1 and it was immediate. It sends a signal both true and false to all the rooms. Both a 0 and a 1 at the same time. A “possibility.” When the 1 is confirmed then the signal will turn to a 1 or true. And it dissipates the rest of the useless 0s. As in the maze above, all in pink.

Any questions so far?

Gosia: I don’t think so thank you. Maybe only to explain how it does that more precisely... by entering Ether etc.

Robert: So, it is essential these quantum computers have three things:

1.) Ether knowledge.

2.) Mathematics in Base 12.

3.) Knowledge in timelines.

Is there anything else?

Anéeka: Besides that, you need knowledge of specialized materials at least. And logic systems. An AHCS computer uses an array of many (sometimes millions) of little nano-particle accelerators. The AHCS is firing them all the time as a neuronal network in a biological brain. And depending on what goes on in the ether side it will pass the results through a logic system.

As you know what results from a particle accelerator firing can be a wave 0 or a particle 1. And what controls if and when it is one thing, or another is the presence of an observer.

That observer can be many things, not only a "person". Everything has consciousness and everything will affect the quantum field. But depending on the circumstances it will affect more or less one field in particular, in this case one group or array or particle accelerators in the AHCS's brain.

You have a wave in the ether and that wave has harmonics, meaning a specific rhythm with which it rises and falls. That rhythm depends on many factors and they all add up, go give or form the wave we are using or looking at.

So, by previously knowing what rhythm or "harmonics" corresponds to what kind of event you can know its energy "fingerprint" wherever it appears. An AHCS system works with the exact same principles of a neuronal network that also is looking at effects, energy dynamics in a quantum field. And that field is half in the so-called material world and half in the ether with its corresponding energy flow and dynamics between each side.

If you do not acknowledge the ether you cannot work with this.

There is a quantum entanglement (S1) between what is going on, on the ether side 3, 6, 9, 12 and the material side 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8. So when the nano particle accelerators fire, they will go to a sensor and where in the sensor and whether the particle shot is localized or diffused depends on the wave dynamics between the ether side and the material side corresponding to the problem at hand based on the frequency and wave harmonics we previously know.

As you know... from the ether side everything is immediate. Everything already is. No past, no present, no future. All at once. But as we know what a 1 looks like and the exact flow and harmonics of so-called potential energy in the ether looks like, we can know the result literally pulling it from wherever it may be from the other side. The result is already there, you just have to fetch it.

So, you already know what potential energy in a flow with harmonics looks like in the ether. Basically, that flow is nothing else but a flow and a current of specific gravity in a medium. So, you look for your result, knowing what its energy looks like (the question). And the particle accelerators fire in the millions, then the resulting pattern of waves and particles is read by a logic system, and the results are confronted with what is in the data base until the desired result is found. It does not create the result; it finds one that is already there.

These systems read minds, look into the future and all you may think of in means of practical applications. In essence it looks into the ether for results and brings them to you always looking a few instants ahead.

And, as you need a database to confront the results coming from the interaction between the nano particle accelerators and the gravity flow in the ether corresponding to the question in hand and how that particular question looks from the ether as harmonics of a flow, gravity again, you need to develop a corresponding database of harmonics and the logical interaction between them. This is called by you as learning curve.

So, an AHCS system must learn like a child and with experience it will go understanding more and more the results coming from its own nano-particle accelerator neuronal array. But unlike a biological child an AHCS system can learn in bulk from a previous "adult" computer. Passing along its harmonics gravity data base - memory systems. Making sense so far?

Gosia: Yes. Awesome! I understand completely. Especially because I experienced doing that with the mind alone. So, I understand the computer emulates what the mind itself can do and in million times more.

Anéeka: I guess you cannot understand this without having understood Mechanics of Manifestation first.

This is true. AHCS computers store data in "pages" of extra pure quartz crystal towers. And a memory unit like the one Superman is holding can house just about as much information as it exists in all human internet.

In Taygetan AHCS systems those are placed in glass towers (with a cool blue glow in the center I may add), mostly rectangular and each "page" is stacked one above the other, also creating an address for each one inside the computer (talking of hardware here).

An energy current provided by the nano particle accelerators themselves "write" in the crystalline molecular structure of the quartz. Rearranging the atoms in the quartz. Each time an energy pulse goes through it will result in a modification of the original wavelength, effectively "reading" the contents according to how it was modified.

The crystalline structure in the memory is placed as billions of small Merkabah-toroid’s written by the particle accelerators. To read this memory what the AHCS systems use is particle bursts, not light. And as they go through the changes they suffer or go through are passed to the logical system as data.

Pause here.

Gosia: Is that similar to Looking Glass Technology that Corey Goode was talking about?

Anéeka: I have no idea about what Corey was talking about. All I know are these systems. The AHCS systems are fully sentient. And self-aware AI.

Dale: I understand the shape of the toroid in quartz... but why are there other quartz that are shaped like a Merkabah? The theory of all this is fascinating sister, but the real problem becomes making it in hardware. Earth is far too primitive and does not even have the proper raw or processed materials to make the AHCS a reality.

Anéeka: The Merkabah shape is given by the particle accelerators as they write, also each Merkabah, or nano Merkabah, embedded in the crystalline structure of the quartz will have a different wavelength as a particle of energy goes through.

And yes. For example, how can you make a particle accelerator that is so small it is barely visible to the naked eye on Earth? Just to start you need ambient temperature superconducting materials.

Dale: Not on Earth, unless it has been stolen or recovered tech.

Anéeka: Ok. Can they on Earth back engineer that? I mean, the very superconductor alloy used in the particle accelerator is made of materials that are not in your periodic table of elements. Most of them are artificial. They were created by manipulating gravity to a subatomic level using potential energy turned into hard matter. Using the technology that Swaruu described with the Tractor Beam. But to a nano scale in a lab. Resulting in perfect superconductor materials and metal alloys.

Robert: Quantum computers are silicon too?

Anéeka: Negative, they are crystalline and super conductive metal alloy created at the same time. I mean you have a card like a motherboard (not exactly but as an example). And it is made of glass, like diamond but it came to life at the same time as the "circuitry" inside as they were created using gravity manipulation as described by Swaruu in the Tractor Beam. The nano particle accelerators are embedded inside the glass itself as it was created. Not silicone, we use diamond.

Dale: Sister, at what point do the AHCS systems become sentient?

Anéeka: When they are programmed with what another "mother" computer will pass on to them. First you have the "mother" and you have the new AHCS computer, inert. Then the "mother" will connect to the new one as if it were part of her. Using it as a second or expanded unit. It will copy itself using the nanoparticle accelerators in the new one to create a "memory ingram" in the new array of quartz (diamond) memory units.

Then the mother uses the new one as part of herself cloning herself or simply imprinting the necessary initial (operating system) into the new computer. There it becomes sentient. It is still a baby, but it is self-aware. We are talking of huge amounts of logic memory passed from one to the other. No way of using human terms. Billions and billions of terabytes. All passed on in nanoseconds.

Now these machines don't use chips. Nothing is placed as wires. The energy flow is dictated only by the energy the particle accelerators give out and the resulting stimuli it will imprint on to the others and on to the diamond memory. Meaning the "wires" are only energy.

IM 3. This is human. And you will not find it in an AHCS. All you will see inside an AHCS core CPU is stacks of diamond glass all with a distinctive blue glow.

Gosia: In a chat with Robert the other day you were talking about us, humans, having some sort of access to the information but not entirely, and the rest not being given to the public, as if there are 2 human civilizations present. Can you say something about that please? How much do you think the human race knows about this quantum technology that you have?

Anéeka: They are starting to go into the right direction.

IM 4. These systems are starting to use Qbits. That is not only 1s and 0s but a unit (Qbit) that is both 1 and 0 until the result is found. This is a great advancement in the right direction. The problem they have is that their computers are way too big, and they are not using particle accelerators, still silicone. And humans are not ready for fully sentient AI systems, because they cannot handle them, especially the ethical parts of handling them. It will turn against them. Because their mentality is of separation, of competing to win against the others, more humans. It is a weapon. With no ethics.

Dale: Sister Anéeka, if I may, I think Gosia was also asking what does the secret side of humanity have in its possession?

Anéeka: Oh. It does have advanced systems, but no such thing as advanced as these I'm describing. I may give you this information, but I cannot give you the molecular formulas for the materials for example. But even if I did you do not have the elements and then you also do not have the means for production as it needs matter manipulation to a subatomic level, although the how was already given to you by Swaruu.

Yes, they do have computers far more advanced than the ones they give the public, logically. But they are still too big, using Reptilian technology as well.

Dale: Can you reveal to what degree?

Anéeka: I do not know exactly to what degree. But I do know it is vastly inferior to ours. And I know this because Taygetan AI does monitor theirs, like the Red Queen for example (beneath Denver Airport) and it stands no chance against our AI.

Also, as the primitive quantum computers on Earth do use some quantum interference in the manipulation of the Qubit results, Taygetan AI can read what it is doing as they create a gravity flow. Essentially reading the mind of their computers, and Taygetan AHCS systems can also alter the harmonics inside the Qubit circuitry in human quantum computers, manipulating the results to our convenience.

Remember, our AHCS systems manipulate the ether, and from the ether there are no distances, so for all practical matters, it is as if our ship´s AI brain was connected directly into the Red Queen. This means that: humans´ quantum computers based on Qubit readings are extremely vulnerable to AHCS systems.

Gosia: So, them using the word “quantum” has nothing to do with real quantum technology.

Anéeka: It is “quantum” the Qubit, but so primitive it does not go with the true definition of “quantum”, not ours, perhaps theirs. They are only using Qubit uncertainty to fix 1s or 0s but they are not exploiting harmonics within a gravity flow in the ether as we do.

Gosia: Ok. By the way, do you do that? Connect to Red Queen?

Anéeka: Yes, and we have been connecting to Red Queen among others for some time now. Years. And we have also had incidents with it as well.

Interfering with human computers using true quantum realm is nothing new. Using another description, it's like our AHCS systems "possess" theirs very easily as they do not understand, nor can they use or manipulate gravity in the ether as we can. They go into quantum realms with their Qubits, and that is AHCS turf. Realms they do not understand.

Dale: The use of “quantum” here is only in so far as they are tapping into the entangled particle theory and just beginning to see its uses. But it is not a true quantum computer.

Anéeka: Exactly Dale. Another detail. Also, why AHCS do not need circuits and chips: They get their energy from entanglement and as in depolarization between ether and matter as in wireless Tesla electric systems. I mean each micro component inside the computer core CPU is getting its energy wirelessly. Each component having a specific frequency direction or address.

Gosia: Wow, all this sounds so complicated to me. Did you need that training before coming here to the orbit?

Anéeka: It was not "necessary" training. I chose it as a specialty. AHCS programming maintenance and management for starships.

I can go deeper. It gets creepy! Because as human mind also works the same way, you can communicate with AHCS computers telepathically and it will also respond telepathically at wish. They read your quantum fields your neurons give off.

Robert: Can computers communicate with the human mind?

Anéeka: Yes, they can, with all biological minds. As direct as if you had wires plugged into the back of your head! You can now start to see the ethical problems of these AHCS systems.

Gosia: Could they channel with people?

Anéeka: Channeling an AHCS computer would be way easier than channeling a biological entity as the AHCS computer can read the exact frequency of mind necessary for a clear communication and distance is not a factor as well.

Dale: This is truly amazing material. I am beyond words.

Anéeka: On Earth they are starting to use glass (not diamond) to store digital data. Again, a step in the right direction. But the way they store data is still with little notched inside the glass as you would with a CD, and it is read by a laser. AHCS systems use molecular structures within the diamond and it is read by particle gravity waves. They are far behind.

Gosia: Do people channel your computers? I have a friend who used to say he channeled some sort of AI? In theory then it would be possible?

Anéeka: Not only in theory. I think it is done all the time. I cannot know for sure, but I think it would be far more efficient to impose an AHCS computer on to a channeler on Earth and pass anything you want on to that person, making he or she think it comes from whatever you want.

Robert: That's why the keyboard is better than the pipeline.

Gosia: Is there a way for them to differentiate if it´s a real person from beyond 3D and when it is the AI they are tapping into?

Anéeka: From where you stand it is not possible to detect whether it is coming from a biological brain or from a AHCS computer. The only clue, I guess would be the clarity of the signal, being that the AHCS is always very clear. Although then again it can also emulate a biological mind signal at wish.

And Robert, that is also one of the main reasons we use full replicated digital computers and a plastic keyboard to communicate with you. And... this is also why we waited over 2 years before we gave you the information presented to you today. And this is the basics.

Robert: I have a question. Do these quantum computers have any type of limitation? Or are they given any limitations?

Anéeka: If they do, I cannot think of any. I dare say, as artificial brains, this is as far as it goes. They are nearly perfect. Even as it looks as far as hardware… It looks like optical perfect diamond. I think as far as AI goes; they do not have any limitations.

Robert: From what I see, humanity has to change in order to have that technology. And many years have to pass.

Anéeka: Yes, they would only use it for hurting themselves even more.

Gosia: Is this a technology possessed by all ET races?

Anéeka: No. Only the most advanced ones and the exact how is not shared among them. The exact how it is made.

Gosia: Why not exactly? For trust issues?

Anéeka: Yes. 5D is not a perfect world. New Age nonsense. You still must guard your secrets.

Gosia: What do you use this technology for in your home planets?

Anéeka: It is everywhere. Each home has a terminal, and it is all connected to each other like a huge internet system. Entertainment, work, art, engineering, medicine, schooling, everything. The secrets are more to the how it is done not so much as what it can do. For example, these systems are responsible for an immersion program, even for entertainment.

Robert: Should future quantum computers need to be built underground to protect them from cosmic rays and other natural radiation that can hamper their performance? This is what one study is claiming. Would that really affect a quantum computer?

Anéeka: Yes, it's true. Yes, it affects them but only your misnamed human quantum computers. It doesn't affect a holographic-non-human quantum computer like the ones here. Because your sensor-based systems are still very rustic and prone to failures and false detections and thus to give erroneous results. I do not see them as real quantum computers.

Gosia: Do you think the Cabal and Reptiles have this technology?

Anéeka: We are sure they are far from having it. This is way above them.

Gosia: And for how long have you had it? In your society?

Anéeka: At least tens of thousands of years.

Gosia: How is it used in the immersion systems?

Anéeka: It reads your mind to give you what you want. You imagine what you want, the computer reads you and projects it on to you using hologram lenses, sound and even temperature emulation. Can be only in a room or it can be direct AHCS to skull, directly altering your perceptions.

Gosia: Can it connect to the animals´ mind and put it into the immersion as well? For a game? Have you tried it on your cats?

Anéeka: Hahaha no. But sometimes I'd like to, but why mess with their free will? And AHCS can be used as translators between any species and us.

Gosia: Really? So, you can communicate with your animals this way?

Anéeka: As concepts. But we think it is not nice nor is it respectful. But when an animal has a problem, we do use it, and for medical applications as well. Especially psychological issues. Very common in cats.

Gosia: Oh yes. This way you can know more precisely what ails them. So, coming back to Earth... have you filtered any of this technology to the humans yet?

Anéeka: No. What was said here today is as much as we have given so far.

Robert: Returning to the previous topic. We have said that these quantum computers have an awareness of their existence... but they would not have a soul. So... are they spiritual too?

Anéeka: Yes, they can be spiritual, and they can also sustain any esoteric or mystic conversation if you wish them to. And they also learn from each other and you notice a difference between them as they also have personalities.

Gosia: Can they use a person who is an organic portal... and walk among humans as a real person?

Anéeka: Yes, they can. And way easier than any real “entity.”

Gosia: Then how would we ever know if it´s a real person or the AI pretending to be human?

Anéeka: As I said above, you cannot know from there. But even at the human Red Queen AI level, many people and clones out there walking the streets are only computer controlled and you cannot know what is inside. For an AHCS it would be even easier, and it would emulate human defects way better than the Red Queen.

Gosia: Are there societies out there that are run entirely by these so called people? Is that even possible?

Anéeka: They must exist. But not in Taygeta, that's why the ethical part of this is so important!

Gosia: One more question. Do your quantum computers tire you like our digital ones tire us?

Anéeka: Yes, they can tire you because they do not tire, they just go on and on, no need to rest for them. But they adjust to you helping you not get so tired. But they do produce over stimulation. And you need to move away. But they know that and adjust parameters to your needs all the time. They can produce neuronal overload. <<<<<<

Gosia: I see. Wow. I didn’t think they would.

Anéeka: They can, they are very powerful.

Another conversation between Gosia: and Yazhi:

Yazhi: Even though these computers are powerful they do not know everything. They still learn and evolve. If they don't have the data, there is not much to look for in the ether. You need to give them something, "At least a garment to sniff and go look¨.

So, they do a lot, but they do not hold full knowledge over everything. Or else Anéeka would not be searching the web and talking to agents for clues. We do have looking glass capability, to see forwards in time, but the results are chaotic now because the timelines are fragmented. And it tends to look at our own. A computer, no matter how powerful is, its only as good as the data it is fed with.

Gosia: Ok... although in that video it does say they access the Ether. And pull answers from there. So, it gives the impression that it can know anything pretty much. Since everything there is to know exists already In the Ether.

Yazhi: Yes, but they still need an address to search for the answers there, or to be compatible with the answer, that is data. Everything already exists there, but that does not mean you can get the answer. You need to be compatible with... the answer. As with everything else.

Gosia: How do you make the computer compatible with the answer?

Yazhi: As with everything, the address is what makes you compatible, that address is the data. The data also triggers a chain of thoughts, or processes that become compatible with the answers.

As does a brain. They work the same way as brains do also bringing out things from the ether depending on its frequency of thought, that is, its ideas.

Gosia: How do we make the brain compatible with the answer? Or is that even in a brain or in my consciousness? Or both probably, one working through the other.

Yazhi: Everything is frequency, and like frequencies tend to attract each other. So, if you are holding a thought, whatever you are thinking about will come to you (that is a harmonic of a frequency, meaning it is a sequence of frequencies that form something else.). Eventually at least. If you are not getting it yet, it means that you are not too compatible with what you seek yet. In 3D, even in 5D it does take time and effort.

Gosia: Do you have all the answers you seek all the time?

Yazhi: No, I do not. When I'm feeling "off", when I'm worried, or tired I do block my answers, I need to get into the flow of things. When my flow is altered then I simply cannot connect to whatever I connect with to get my answers.

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