Autism - Swaruu of Erra shares her perspective - Taygeta (Pleiades)

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November 06, 2022

Autism - Swaruu of Erra shares her perspective - Taygeta (Pleiades)

Originally in Spanish - 2018

Swaruu (9): Here I will specifically touch on the subject of autistic and Asperger's children. The massive entry of starseeds, so-called indigo and crystal children, among others, since 2003, is given as a strategy of the positive races to counteract the negativity of the Cabal and thus help the Earth.

As every positive action will have a negative reaction and vice versa within the Matrix, the Cabal implemented methods to attack those positive effects, and this is precisely where the vaccination program comes in, and with it the introduction in them of:

1. Heavy metals
2. Chemical and noxious substances
3. The very element of the vaccine itself, the microorganisms contained in them, which cause an overload in the immune system of the children when applied consecutively in a very short period of time.

Now speaking of the etheric world, and regarding these children, the connection with the Source does not occur completely at birth, only until the age of 7, at which time the vaccines are applied more intensely, so that the connection between the body and the soul becomes more difficult.

Something needs to be clarified here. Not all the problems, from the physical point of view, are due to vaccines, but also to other factors such as:

1. Chemical substances included in food, such as monosodium glutamate, transgenics, sweeteners (e.g. aspartame).
2. Environmental electromagnetic radiation.
3. Chemtrails.
4. Cultural or social factors experienced within the family itself, since stress in the child promotes withdrawal.

With regards to the previous point, it is very important to mention that the attitudes and behaviors of children such as constantly rocking, repeating movements such as spinning toy wheels or constantly hitting an object, are nothing more than keeping the mind busy while the consciousness connects with the Source due to not having a good connection with the physical body. This is also why they get upset when they are taken out of that trance.

These situations cause great stress in the family, but being informed about the reason for such behaviors, there is nothing left but patience. Their consciousness is not entirely in the physical world.

It is easy to say, yes, but by being fully aware of the reason for the arrival of these children, it should help the families in their chaotic and stressful situations, therefore the environment becomes no longer conducive to be feeding negative entities, i.e., it helps to move out of the vicious circle.

Now, on the other hand, from the more expanded or higher dimensional point of view, the problem was counteracted once again by turning it something positive, seeing that the children by their very condition would force society to change by creating and opening up new methods of inclusion and acceptance, in turn forcing people, educational institutions, governmental institutions on a global level.

It is important to emphasize that the values, points of view and interests, from the etheric plane or of the afterlife, differ greatly from the values socially imposed by the Matrix. Therefore, the experience of having a life of "disability" would be conducive to greater spiritual growth than what a "normal" life would give them. People on Earth would be surprised to learn that, from the afterlife plane, not only are there lines to enter the physical world, to incarnate, but the lines to enter with a disability are twice as long.

People tend to see disabilities as something that went "wrong" but I assure you that from higher planes that is exactly what they wish to experience, because a person, a consciousness, will only create the circumstances that serve them in a lifetime. So being this way is serving their own intentions immensely as to what they wish to experience on Earth.

They have not come to fit into the world, they have come to change the world, to force the world to change because they themselves are immutable, they cannot be forced into anything, and anyone who tries will only succeed in making the autistic person and themselves extremely miserable. There is nothing wrong with them. They just do not adapt or conform to the socially accepted expectations of others.

For thousands of years people on Earth have been very left-brain oriented, very material based, therefore they have not had a strong connection to their eternal self, their etheric and spiritual self. They have a hard time understanding autistic and Asperger's people who do have a very strong connection with the spiritual side, because they have chosen to enter the physical plane this way. They have one foot on the material or incarnate side, and one foot on the etheric plane. They have chosen to enter bodies that have not activated the portions of their genetics that provide them with what is necessary to serve as a link between the spiritual side and the physical side.

Having one foot in and one foot out of the physical plane means that they have much more energy flowing through their corporeal system. That increased energy in the body creates an increase in neural activity that overloads the body causing it to be overstimulated, and this is why we begin to see the classic expressions of neurological problems such as tics, seizures, motor difficulties and other abnormalities associated with the nervous system.

The nervous system, especially the brain, is the translator between the physical and the non-physical. When there is something that prevents the communication between the spiritual side and the physical side from occurring effectively, as would be the result of vaccine damage, then communication problems such as speech and expression difficulties occur.

It is not their consciousness that is not right, it is the translation between the spiritual side and the physical side that is affected. But, as I said before, this is by their own choice. They have not come to follow patterns, they have come to change them. There is nothing to heal in them, just accept them as the guides they are. It is necessary to know that they themselves planned to incarnate this way. It is an experience that they desire from the higher planes, to have such a life. They are not victims. That is their purpose, their mission in life.

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