Federation and Metaphysical Contemplations - My Personal Thoughts

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 29, 2020

Federation and Metaphysical Contemplations - My Personal Thoughts

These are some thoughts that I had just after the discovery of the topic of the Federation, up until now. They are only my own private sensations, and with that I do not wish to influence yours. They have nothing to do with what the Taygeteans transmit to us, it's just what I have been feeling.

In no way am I going to take the Federation side here, I did not come here to be their lawyer. And I'm not going to position myself against it either. My job at the moment is not to resist or defend the position of the Federation, be it at its lowest or deepest level. From my point of view, it's just the way things are.

Why I am on Earth is you, all of us, starseeds and not starseeds, humans. Somehow all this only brings me back to the starting point many years ago: to my strong faith in who we are, in this developing race, in our ability to move ahead, to be strong, creative, resistant, faith in our beauty and essence. Our light was always there, as stellar beings that we really are, and I decided to come to Earth at this time, like thousands of others, not to let it dim away. On the contrary, help to expand it to its initial state, closer to the Source that we are. Whatever the Galactic Federation policies may be, the truth seems to be that humans ARE BEING expected in the universe. If it was not this way, all of us, the starseeds, would not be here. And if so, our work then is more important than ever.

I have had a hard time assimilating this information at the beginning, and accepting that things just are this way, and always have been. But I am not referring to the level of the Federation, but the deepest, metaphysical one. The fact that some races still manifest such hard lessons and experiences to "graduate". I have cried, and I felt a lot of sadness, not being in agreement with the degree of the "challenges" that humans have to face, with the cosmic order of all this, and above all not agreeing with the need to go through so much pain to grow as a race. I strongly feel that it is NOT necessary, that the lessons do not have to be given through such hard experiences as here. I know and remember other ways to expand consciousness. But for some reason the human race itself has not yet reached this level of internal understanding, continuing to produce almost insurmountable challenges for itself. It is them themselves who have not yet come to understand that fighting and growing through conflict is NOT necessary. But is it them, or rather their, so to speak, etheric equivalents?

On the other hand, I also have a feeling, that I threw myself into this whole cosmic challenge voluntarily... but from above 5D, as if I came from up there to see how this whole ¨overcoming suffering and evil¨ (coming from the world where concept of suffering and evil is transcended) is addressed. As I begin to see it though, ¨freeing¨ people from this concept from within 3D seems to be almost impossible. Since it is the very nature of 3d-5d to be dualistic. So in a way I came down here perhaps to observe this impossibillity with my own eyes. And that impossibility (and impossibility it is cause 3d and 5d realms will ALWAYS exist, if not in this timeline, in others) makes me deeply sad. Something I still must learn to transcend to not be sad about.

Aneeka told me that what I am so bothered about is the fact that from above suffering is seen as progress. But then she said: ¨But that is not a Universal form, or idea, Gosia. On the contrary. The reason why humans must be locked on Earth is for them to evolve out of the need of manifesting negative things for themselves that lead to suffering.¨ And that´s exactly my point. I KNOW it is not necessary, I know duality, evil and suffering are only experienced within the world of ideas, 3d and even 5d, but is there truly a way to break souls out of it, since that´s precisely the nature of these realms and the precise WHY the souls came to experience what they do? Or perhaps at least there is a way to break them free to the not so drastic in dualistic experiences world, at least ¨back¨ to 5D? But do they truly want to? What is my role here?

On the other hand, I feel guilty about all this on some level myself. On the deepest level I recognize why our souls desire and manifest difficulties. And it is because I remember very well when I was 23 years old and wrote in my diary that my life seemed too flat and simple, that I did not feel challenges to conquer, I felt that my essence and internal character could not be fulfilled and strengthened without hard experiences to overcome. In fact, I almost looked for special and hard jobs like Search and Rescue because I believed that only in really dramatic situations can all that we truly are come to light. Not in simple life. I wanted to live what I am to the fullest, to bring out the most of my soul.

Could it be the same thing then we wish to experience from the etheric planes, coming here? Feeling alive within the fight itself? Feeling that which defines our character? DISCOVER what defines it? Take us to the maximum resistance to know what we are capable of? Being starseeds, however, I feel that the challenge we have given ourselves is even greater, it is twofold. It is facing the challenges through the 3d experience, feeling them and learning from them like all the others, but also at the same time, trying to maintain the high frequency, beyond 3D, so that the souls around us do not forget their stellar origin. It is not easy to play the double role.

I long to awaken souls to their peaceful, pure and noble state beyond 3D limitations. I don't know where this passion is coming from, but I carry it deep inside. I can't feel fully free knowing that other souls don't seem to be yet. But then, I fall to the ground in tears realizing that this state of not appearing to be, is precisely what some of them want, BEING free in this decision. Knowing what they come here to experience and live. They want to "progress" through duality and intense contrast.

But in this case, does it make sense to keep helping? Helping with what? If the world is as it should be? Sometimes I feel profound uselessness of the whole process. Everything is cyclical, eternal, and will always be as it is. If not at this point in space-time, at the other, and in other timelines. From what exactly are we freeing souls, if it is the very nature of the 3d-5d world to feel this duality? Feel the conflict. Define itself through what we see that we DO NOT want. Am I freeing them from the experience that they themselves desire?

I have a lot myself what to liberate myself from. From this need to help, from this role that I have given myself, from the need to challenge myself, from wanting to see others "free", from my struggle to understand the need for the existence of duality itself, to then transcend it and let it go. To be free, as I already feel in other levels of my soul, beyond worlds of ideas and mental constructs, even those of 5D.

But at the same time, by doing just that, transcending it, would I not stop to be what I feel I am and what defines me? The one that struggles to ¨maintain the frequency to create the better world? ¨ Better from what point of view? Better for whom? If in the end, as someone below the video said, there is nobody in this great cosmic playground, but ME ALONE? ONE MIND.

As the same person, Matrix Game of Life, has said:

Welcome to the game that you helped to create, and that you are now playing. Having all memory wiped is a part of the game that we agreed to prior to entering it -- long long ago (in terms of linear time). The game is winding down. It is a time of confusion, or a time of revelatory excitement. It all depends on whether or not one has awakened to 'the dream of the waking state.'

I believe this reflection today applies to all of you, starseeds, who have come to Earth to light the way for others, to accompany this new human race on its way to the interstellar status. Who are you in this great cosmic drama? Who are you really and what do you want? Why did you come? It is time to define yourself and stand out. If that is what you want.

The problem in accepting the information about the Federation and the whole order of things, those who do struggle with it, might stem from the fact that in the process of gathering a human experience, what we came here for, we kinda forgot how things are out there, outside Earth. We took on the human perspective. We BECAME human. Being stellar in essence. We forgot the plot, so to speak. And now, with this information, uncovering some of that larger cosmic scheme of things, it CLASHES with our perspective as humans that we feel ourselves to be; humans we only came to experience, whose perspective we are here to gather, but who we are not in origin. It´s all so puzzling to the heart.

Whether or not we agree with the very permissive ideas of the Federation, one thing is certain, and this is that the human beings need our help. All the contemplations above aside, we ARE needed. Our mere presence here is full evidence of this fact. And we are here because we have agreed to be here. No one has come against their own will. Without this sounding like the defense of their position, why some of you are surprised by the position of the Federation? Most of us if not all, we already had to know that this is and will be so, and from many comments I have read I see that many of you already knew it intuitively. That is because yes, we have already known this in one level or another! And we have come here because we have believed in this project, launching this new race into the cosmos, and in humans. We are here because of the trust we have placed in the human race, because of our desire for them to expand, and the confidence in ourselves, in the role we can fulfill. One day we will understand everything even better.

The information presented in the video is quite intense, but on the other hand I recognize it. And I recognize the most expanded plan in all this, beyond the suffering itself, and beyond what is apparent. Yes, I had moments that I wanted to escape from everything, disappear into etheric worlds, far from all these world structures, their hierarchies, new race creations, councils, the physical world ... 3d and 5d alike. I wanted to submerge myself in the Source, or at least higher densities to rest from the levels of the IDEAS, of the movie itself that we have created from the other side, and in which we are also the actors themselves. Honestly, I felt and still feel tired.

And that's why sometimes I don't feel like the most adecuate person to serve you as this bridge between 3d and 5d and beyond. I learn like you, I get tired, I get overwhelmed, I get frustrated, I am not perfect, and sometimes I lose myself in all kinds of sensations that arise from different levels of my being at the same time. It´s more and more difficult for me to stay focused in the 3d world, with so much openness to 5d ideas and beyond that I assimilate within my reality on a daily basis, becoming more and more scalar, something that I have always been and recognize, but at the same time leaving behind my more mundane perception, leaving the self as I knew it until now. Or rather, I integrate it within myself but I expand to something else.

Could it be that this is what is refered to with the "new human race that will soon go into the cosmos"? May be that is also what I came to experience - how it feels to be multidimensional within the human suit, accompanying humans in this transition in the most direct way possible? Isn't that the new human species that everyone outside Earth seems to be observing, and waiting for? The HUMAN STELLAR race? I do not know.

Although this contemplation may sound a little nostalgic, and it is, it is not a good bye. It is simply sharing with you how I have been feeling these days, if someone is interested in knowing how it feels to be in my shoes at this very moment. Good bye it is not, I will not abandon this project, and the humans-us since I am part of this Earth cycle at this time, although in full honesty, I do not think I will be here forever. I live here, but it is not my world. I just want to do my best, fulfill who I feel I am and what defines me, but at some point I will retreat to rest. We have all come here to be here at this point, and I will be accompanying you with the videos and information as much as I can, and as much as my own emotional and mental well-being allows me. I have always been a happy and strong person. And this will not change. Our essence is eternal.

I hope you can also use everything we share in our videos for more expansion and internal growth. Surely that´s what it is for me.

Thank you very much Swaruu, Aneeka, and the entire Taygetean team for your passion and courage for sharing all the information, so that all of us, the starseeds, as well as the rest of the occupants on Earth, can better understand reality that surrounds us, and continue waking up. Feeling empowered and creators that we are. Knowing how all this works is part of the transition process and the so-called ascension. It is the time to KNOW, to remember again, to leave suffering behind. It is time to graduate.

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