Interiorization of Data and Time Acceleration - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 04, 2020

Interiorization of Data and Time Acceleration - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades)

Robert: I have noticed that certainly your information expands our consciousness and with that we raise our

frequency .... Does all this have anything to do with the feeling that time is passing faster and faster?

Swaruu: Good question, I have realized that I have not clarified or I have not had the opportunity to clarify this point. From a position of an observer of a density, as of the 3D Earth, processing more and more data does make one perceive that time is accelerated in contrast to the perception of time of a child, which is shorter because he/she processes less data than the adult who is more saturated. As soon as a person manages to incorporate the information into their consciousness, in an acceptance process, linked to an intention of growth that includes learning to control said excess information, for example with meditation, calming the mind, making it go blank, causes what is perceived as raising of the frequency and with it density, because it is now the very speed of the process of data mentalization that passes to the subconscious leaving the conscious mind free to continue processing even more data. The unconscious is what is mostly manifesting everything, as we have already explained. So the outside world of the subject will be accelerated in terms of molecular and sub-atomic movement, which is the rhythm per unit of time in which a harmonic of a frequency sustains the nodes it produces.

This causes the subject's existential density to accelerate while the mind continues without being overwhelmed. If the process of data in large quantities remains in mental state only, as happens with the inhabitants of the earth, the majority, it causes a mental and nervous breakdown that triggers problems well known by modern human society, such as neurosis, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress, to name a few.

So the ability to process large amounts of data accumulates, and they are passed to the subconscious, as you would when learning to drive or ride a bicycle, you no longer have to think about it as it becomes automatic. You think it and pass it to the automatic mode, you free the mind to learn more and when that´s processed you pass it to the automatic (subconscious-unconscious).

Gosia: What a good explanation of something I feel intuitively but could never explain in words!

Swaruu: Thank you. From a certain point of view ... The harmonics of a frequency remain the same, say for the subject observer who was in 3D but has risen to 5d. The rhythm of the harmonics was 12-34-12-45-12-15, it remains the same for that person if she is in 3D or in 5D but for an observer in 3D, although the rhythm is still 12- 34-12-45-12-15, it has accelerated. This is the same way as in a voice recording, which accelerates more and more, the voice recording is still there but from the external perspective, it starts to sound faster and faster, going through the squirrel voice, until it becomes just a momentary click until the sound disappears completely, although the original recording continues there.

In itself, if there wasn't anything technological involved here, you couldn't see me or talk to me because I would be moving too fast. That is why there is the time slip that is perceived between the planets. And this despite the fact that the order of events is the same for me in my perception as for you, that is why we can talk, but the difference is still there.

It is how the data is internalized. It's not about repeating everything like parakeets, or it will simply collapse the mind. That's why people don't understand these things, usually. They are not assimilating them as part of who they are. And if the body is not adapted to a different frequency, it causes a dissonance between the frequency of the body and that of the mind and that can be deadly.

This is more pronounced when a 5D person goes down to 3D either in perception or physically, because 3D will tend to overwhelm the matter of the body through the principle of dominant frequencies, in this case 3D frequencies. The 5D mind of the person has its rhythm or voltage and the body the other, causing a neuronal overload known as Frequency Dissonance Syndrome, or "ET sickness."

In other words, the brain, nerves and the whole 3D body of an ET person on Earth, with their body being forced down by the principle of dominant frequencies, is severely overloaded by the amount of data (voltage) that the accelerated perception of a 5D person handles, because 3D frequencies do not affect the mind, the I, because that is not inside the body. So the nerves, nervous system is overloaded just the same as if 110 volts-electron pass through 12V car wires ... They are fried!

The ET person, when going down as a "Step Down", the temporal frequency can be maintained technologically with a toroidal immersion device, which is located in the utility belt, sometimes under human ordinary clothes. It is uncomfortable but it works. Other methods are also used.

That is why organic portals are used for this too, who may or may not be the same as they are up there. In itself, although the memory is complete, the velocity of mental data processing has been slowed down by technological means. By technological means (total immersion for example, but not only) ... in the same way as computers here that equalize the speed of data processing between 5D and 3D so that we can have this talk.

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