Ukraine - CIC Report 2 - Direct Experience and Conclusions

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 12, 2023

Ukraine - CIC Report 2 - Direct Experience and Conclusions

Originally in Spanish - 9th of March 2023

Swaruu X (Athena): We went to see the area directly, first from the air and then from below, boots on the ground. The goal was to see as clearly as possible what is going on there from the level of the perception of the people of Ukraine and Russia. We know that people don't know what's going on, but we put together and connect the dots and that was an extremely important piece of information to understand the whole situation.

We also had as an objective to see if what our sources tell us is true or not. They claim that the vast majority of the destruction in Ukraine and the people killed, especially civilians, was caused by the NATO forces. Talking about the Ukrainian army is the same as NATO.

It is a war against Russia using Ukraine as a proxy, as I said before. That is, NATO supplies Ukraine with everything under the table so that they can beat Russia with it. So, all the fighting between Russia and the Ukrainian military is only apparent, the Ukrainian military is NATO with Ukrainian flags draped over NATO ones.

There have been a great number of small false flags that have happened since the beginning of the war more than a year ago. Where people report that it was Ukrainian soldiers themselves, or foreign soldiers, who set fire to and destroyed their villages and farms and then blamed it on Russian forces.

The perception of the people in the separatist regions:

Those shown on the map are indeed very pro-Russia. This is extremely important. The very people left there, the farmers and those still in the villages, are all strongly pro-Russian. The perception of virtually the entire population of those areas of Ukraine is that it is a Western invasion and that Russia has only helped them. Stories abound of how Russian soldiers helped entire families emigrate to Russia seeking safety.

Now in Russia they perceive the Ukrainian migrants as family and have accommodated them however possible. The Russian population is pro-Putin and sees the West as a major threat. Yes, they are very upset by the Russian government's actions, such as asking many young people to enlist. But the Russian perception or the Russian people's perception is that their government is right, Russia is under great threat and that a war with the West is coming. To the extent that there is now a lot of Russian immigration everywhere, trying to escape the war, which in the popular perception is coming. The popularity of Putin and Russia is very high in the whole area, both in Ukraine and in Russia itself.

We conclude that this is a Western aggression against Russia to force a change of government to a pro-Western puppet one, as we have already said. Russia dominates the battlefield, and things did not work out for NATO, not as they expected. The people themselves support Russia. What the Western media reports is only war propaganda. It is not the truth and does not reflect what is really happening there. They are elaborate lies to control the perception of the general population.

Eastern Ukraine is mostly destroyed by war, but by Westerners. The population told us that NATO special forces are constantly passing by destroying everything. And yes, there have been heavy clashes against Russian forces, where the Ukrainian population and villages are the victims of projectiles from both sides. The war is still mostly media, we insist. Part of the plan to implement the New World Order. And a necessary step for them.

But the perception of the Ukrainian population, even within Kiev itself, is strongly pro-Russian. We only flew over the western part of Ukraine because it is the area most dominated by NATO. It does not show much material damage, but it is heavily depopulated. Ukraine has lost 1/3 of its population to 1/2 of its entire population, mostly due to immigration. But mostly towards Russia.

Robert: Thank you. So it is going to get worse? It seems to be more complicated than what we knew before.

Swaruu X (Athena): It depends on the politics. Yes, it can get worse. But at the moment the situation is that Russia totally dominates the battle zones. And Russia is definitely NOT the aggressor. It is winning that war both in strategic and tactical aspects.

Gosia: Thank you! And the migrants who left Ukraine for the West, thousands of them, those I doubt are pro-Russian, no? Or do you think many of them are?

Swaruu X (Athena): Those are the ones who most fell for the Western propaganda, which of course there was and there is in the Western part of Ukraine, that's why they migrated to Romania and Poland and from there to other places. Many will say that the Ukrainian population is pro-Western, but Ukraine is very big and it goes by regions. There are those who fell for the Western narrative, yes, and millions of Ukrainians believe that. But the part that is more in contact with Russia, it is strongly pro-Russian. And if the Western propaganda were true, they would be the ones who would hate Russians the most. And that is not the case.

Robert: Kiev, the population, is mostly pro-Russian? I did not know that detail.

Swaruu X (Athena): The perception in Kiev, the one we had personally, is very pro-Russian, yes.

Gosia: And one thing, and why then can't we assume (just for the sake of the argument), that those who are pro-Russian inside the country didn't fall for the Russian narrative? How do you know how to distinguish?

Swaruu X (Athena): Simply because the Russians have not harmed them, as they themselves say. Because they have seen how it has been the Western forces that destroyed everything and not the Russians. Russia has given them a lot of support, the West has not.

Also, if Russia were the aggressor, it would be the villages closest to the Russian border that would hate them the most because of the obvious Russian invasion, but circumstantial evidence shows that this is not the case.

Another point is that in the regions of Ukraine close to the Russian border, the people are very poor, they are basic farmers, they believe in what they see with their eyes, not in narratives, as they have no TV or Internet, or anything like that. They offered us food from wood stoves and used kerosene for their night lighting lamps. It is the western part of Ukraine that listened to western narratives. And yet, Kiev itself, the capital, is perceived as strongly pro-Russian, at the people's level.

Robert: Could it be that there will be a civil war?

Swaruu X (Athena): There already is within Ukraine, yes. In fact, it started as a civil war inside Ukraine, and that's where the NATO grabbed hold of it.

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