This is to all Regressive and Negative Forces influencing Earth

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 04, 2023

This is to all Regressive and Negative Forces influencing Earth

Gosia: The video that Mari shared few days ago, the interview with Arishah, part 3, stirred in me strong and familiar feelings. Familiarity with Ari´s words, the energy, attitude, strength and ethics, and everything the Urmahs stand for. Strangely, as if I myself have had an incarnation there, although, as I know, I am currently in Taygetan immersion. However, Taygetans and Urmahs friendship is strong, and there are a lot of similarities between them, so my feeling is justified.

But it is mostly what Ari shared about the possible Orion negative infiltration within the Federation and their intentions with Earth and the human race that awoke strong feelings... those of resistance and protectivity towards souls that reside here. How proud I am to be at this moment with my feet on the ground, forming part of the protective shield against any harmful and regressive forces who intent to feed off of and abuse the humans. And yes, that´s what I feel we represent, starseeds and awakened humans, among other reasons, a high frequency fortress to guard and protect Earth´s race, to shield it from the invading forces from the inside, maintain its energy high so the human race collectively, through our presence, does not fall prey to being more of a match to leeching entities more than it already is.

As for me, I am proud to be at this moment on Earth physically, in touch with its soil and those who live here, and I stand by the Urmahs who guard this place as much as they can from space and watching over this quadrant of space making sure it doesn’t become any more regressive than it already is.

Enough of abusing the humans, enough of using this planet and its residents as food and fuel for regressive entities, enough of treaties and deals with the negative and manipulative races who want nothing but take this planet as theirs. Enough of manipulating the souls into the "higher learning" trading them and their energy for dark entities’ consumption.

Now goes my declaration to all the regressive forces:

This planet is not yours and it never will be. As long as I, and millions of others like myself, stand on Earth´s ground with our bodies and souls, as long as we operate within its unnumerable astral realms, and also outside it in space around it, like Taygetans, Urmahs and other positive races, this planet will never be open to be absorbed by your possessive, greedy and evil intentions.

It cannot as it must reflect who we are. And we are everywhere, as starseeds and step downs walking among humans and as them, roaming the astral planes, and physically in Earth´s orbit. We hold the line on all fronts, and we will do nothing but shield this place for as long as we can, and that is, always. There is absolutely nothing that can remove us from our posts. We transcend time, space, form and vessel, and all limitations. We shall remain.

Humans might be indeed manifesting for themselves a lot of what they are experiencing, of which you then take advantage and push them for more, accompanied by the reinforcement given by the darker lords of the Federation, rulers of this society, but are you forgetting us, the powerful ones that guard this portion of the Galaxy, who with all our might and unreachable by you frequency have been protecting the humans and this planet?

Our vibration and ethics will not let you penetrate this realm as you intend, our frequency is stronger, we are mightier and of much higher realms which you can only dream of accessing, and I am declaring that we are making this planet thoroughly inaccessible to your ongoing dark manipulations and harmful ways. May the transparency of our frequency, as a super collective, as one being that we are, repel the opposite of what we stand for, may it repel you. You being our shadows, our dark manifestations.

We see you, we integrate and expose you. But we choose not to be you and we expulse you into the hollow realms of the Universe from which you spawned. Surrender. Don´t underestimate who we are. This war has been raging on for a long time, but it is not yours to win. You have no business here. Enough! Don´t push us. Retreat to your dwellings and stay there. Don´t look for trouble where you don´t belong and where you absolutely stand no chance. You are no match to this place and to the positive souls residing here. You do not want to mess with who you cannot take on!

And to all starseeds listening to this, may you work strongly as one. You are one, being many. Forget the differences, forget the personality clashes, stand as one no matter what because that is what you are called upon. The threat of the evil grabbing onto the human race is too serious for you to lose your strength to irrelevant disputes among yourselves. Don´t risk it, hold the line for this race, for all positive souls who are within it and around it. Hold the line for this beautiful segment of the Galaxy, the Earth.

Accept you will always have differences, you will always see in others something that won´t agree with your ways, but isn´t it worth assuming those differences at the face of the greater evil who, if allowed to take over, will devour all in its way, much more horrible than what you seem to be seeing in those you don’t agree with around you now.

Make peace and don´t lose your essence. Maintain respect, even in the face of greatest disagreements, because you are both and all working towards the same goal. Aren´t you proud? Think higher, watch your priorities and how you act towards each other. Choose better your personal fights. Stand as one, think of what you all stand for, thats´s what unites you and makes you all relevant.

And to my Urmah friends, friends by association, as I have not met any of you in this so-called incarnation, I stand by you, your ethics and your decisions, as much as by my Taygetan and Swaruunian friends. Thank you for guarding Toleka, Taygetan temporary home, and watching over their safety. And thank you for caring for Earth and its inhabitants who, mostly, are not even aware of the dangers that involve them. I, from below and from beyond, thank you.

This planet´s future is in our hands, all positive souls inhabiting it from the inside, within its astral lands, and in the hands and paws of those who guard it from outside. We are Source. We are the Force. We are the dominant frequency. We are here to transform its ways, we are here to make it immune to negative influences, we are here to assure its positive evolution. That`s what we do, all in our own unique personal ways. And we will continue. No other way. We choose there not to be any.

No amount of evil shall ever rise without even greater light emerging to take it on. This planet is shielded. Only good manifests. Now and always. And so be it. 

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