Why are we a vibrational match to corrupt Galactic Federation? Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 09, 2023

Why are we a vibrational match to corrupt Galactic Federation? Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in English - November 2023

Gosia: Yazhi, someone asked me, if it is all just the reflection of our interior and we reflect what we are compatible with... why did we ALL, you included, become compatible with the corrupt Federation? How does it reflect who we are?

Yazhi: Because we obviously made it, collectively. And so can we dissolve it. Some of us came for the experience, others to fix what is wrong. It is a reflection of us all. And each one of us must do the interior shadow work to know why. I cannot do it for another.

Gosia: It is going to be different for each one?

Yazhi: Yes.

Gosia: What is the corrupt Federation reflecting in you, for example?

Yazhi: In my case, the need to awaken people to understand that they don't want such a government. But I don´t consider myself among the ones who made it. I'm just here to bust the system. I'm a troublemaker. I'm not diplomatic. I'm a rascal.

Gosia: How come you don´t consider yourself to be part of what made it? But it´s all our creation. So Yazhi created what she sees. She sees a corrupt Federation.

Yazhi: Because I can also see the not-corrupt Federation. Yet, it´s the corrupt one which gets all the press. And the other, well, if it ain't broken... no one remembers it.

Gosia: Where do you see the non-corrupt one?

Yazhi: In higher realms. The higher up Federation that sees the lower as only part of the incarnated experience. A game.

Gosia: And you seeing the corrupt one, what does it reflect from within you?

Yazhi: Hmmm. My unresolved inner need to be heard. To be taken into account. To fix what I can see is not ok, from the points of view and the needs and wants of the population, not mine!

Gosia: Would that be valid for everyone in your soul group?

Yazhi: From my point of view, yes.

Gosia: So we all have the unresolved need to be heard? That´s why we became a match to the corrupt Federation?

Yazhi: At some level.

Gosia: So by exposing it we become heard?

Yazhi: That´s over simplistic.

Gosia: Is it? I thought that´s how it is precisely.

Yazhi: We want to be "heard" because we know that what is going on is not in the best interests of the people, who incidentally are us again.

Gosia: And where does that unresolved need to be heard originate?

Yazhi: It originates where this Matrix does as well. Never bothered to think about that.

Gosia: I do wonder at times why I became a match to the corrupt Federation and not the positive one. What is it about wanting to fix something for others (other me)?

Yazhi: Perhaps we were just bored in higher realms. Sounds like an evasive answer. But I know there is a lot of truth to that!

Gosia: Oh, I am sure of it. Still though, even that, that need to "fix", must be showing something deeper of us there, just not sure what it is. Or we got hooked on duality. Which means we were not truly in the higher realms in the first place perhaps?

Yazhi: Our attention wasn't. As we always are.

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