Alliance, Trump, and More - Yazhi Swaruu´s Larger Perspective (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 28, 2021

Alliance, Trump, and More - Yazhi Swaruu´s Larger Perspective (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Yazhi: I can see ahead; I remember things and I also have access to historical data on this moment in Earth's history. Data the Taygetans do not have. But time is not one line as people perceive. So even knowing all this, each time you live something, it is a little bit different. Simply because of the fact that you know, because you have been there before. You observe, therefore you change. It changes. So even knowing ahead I cannot know for sure what will happen, but I can foresee a narrow number of possible events discarding not so possible ones.

So, in the end... Knowing what will happen, but also knowing that timelines are not fixed events amounts to not knowing. So, in the end I'm left like all the others. I accept that. Except for the fact that I know how it works.

I don't get my information form military, nor from any contacts. I pull it off my mental field.

At one level things look a certain way, at a deeper level things add up differently. It is all a multiple layer circus where something is positive at one level and not so at another. They say Trump is playing 4 level chess, the Taygetans are playing 8 level chess and I'm playing 16 level chess here.

Things are complicated. Because patriots are a wide group of people and many do stand for liberty and for their true country. But then again, those are also being manipulated to be of use to the Cabal as a distraction. I see all the mind energy of the collective going into all that, not addressing the virus problem. Again, delegating their power to politicians.

They use good, well-intentioned, and good-hearted people of all levels to fulfill their agenda. Even Trump may not know he is being used. I don't doubt in some of those generals with good intentions wanting to re-establish the Republic of the USA, but also I know they are being used by manipulative agents from behind.

People are hearing arrests and things about to be done all the time. What does that cause? People not to do anything for themselves. I'm always about empowering the people. And they are giving their power away. The Cabal´s plan is working perfectly. They are stopping all opposition to their plan.

I also told you that it could be all an operation to discredit all the conspiracy theorists to stop them from organizing any true resistance.

There have been low-level Cabal arrests. These are traitors to their cause that they have to remove anyway, they no longer serve them, and they use them as propaganda to give credibility to their team. Q's whole plan is compartmentalized, like the moon landing scam. Most believe that it is true, and they work with enthusiasm and with all their hearts thinking that they are doing the right thing. Trump, I highly doubt that they will put him back as President. But I also see that if they do, it will be the perfect distraction to their plan. Because people will be happy and hopeful because ¨justice has finally been done¨, they will think that there are positive people in power protecting them. I will not fall for that.

On the other hand, people need to have some sort of hope, or they will not fight. That is why this heart-breaking moment is so dangerous. Because the perception of the people is in the likeness to If the President of the United States cannot fight the Cabal, as a normal citizen I cannot do anything at all. Making them fall down and obey orders when they need to rebel in mass.

There are many promises that are never fulfilled, and those that are fulfilled or could be fulfilled is that they are little or reversible. These are steps they take to build trust and credibility.

The trick is in not giving 100% lies, they use what is really going on to their advantage twisting and deforming truth to their advantage. Example of this is the Bible, yes the flood happened. So they use it as for credibility, because it is scientifically provable, there was a deluge, but it was not caused by god or anything like that, it was a cataclysm, the one of Tiamat, as you know.

So people might see in the next few months fights and allegations and "proof" that the patriots are real, and they are real, at their level of course. As seen from afar, it is nothing but a common street fight.

Objectively it looks like Trump was/is a better option, and from that level he is with no doubt a better option. The problem is that we are not looking at the Trump situation from the same level people are. Not even the Taygetans.

People cannot fathom such level of evil. Because they are not evil themselves. They cannot see the beast, because essentially humans are good creatures. Only developing their psychopathologys' from entity parasitation. A thought pattern is a parasite. So are ideas.

The end game is to kill off humans. Extremely intelligent beings are setting humanity up for its own destruction, and even manipulating them to want that destruction. They are using real conflicts like Trump vs Cabal one (if it is real) as a perfect distractor while they kill off the population. That is the end game no other.

What beings? As you know humanity is not one species, but one more or less homogeneous species that holds many souls of many other species as one in 3D All playing to be human. Those I always refer to as the extremely intelligent ones playing humanity for fools are no other than Federation races and people in power at the Federation that are there in 3D and here in 5D at once.

Because say, street level, you do want one or another boxer to win, in this case Trump. But from above it does start to lose significance. You know it is all part of the same game, sick it is!

Gosia: With the manager of the game sitting somewhere up there. So, what´s the solution? How can we address the root of the problem from inside here? How do we address the manager?

Yazhi: You can´t from Earth. From inside the boxing ring with the other guy chasing you around to take you out, you cannot go to talk to the manager in his office far away from the action.

There is a way from there. Only one way from there. You must stop playing the game collectively. Everything goes on because people keep playing the same sick game, and it reflects back to them all. They are making it all happen. The people, broken shoes. That's why it is getting worse and worse, because they feed each other fear, and they manifest their Tulpas. You must stop playing the game collectively. Believing everything they tell you, giving media and politicians their attention. Not taking control of you own lives. Believing in authority and obeying it blindly.

Every time I see everything clearer. And I only say what I see, I only say what I have.

All that with Trump, the rigged elections, the QAnon, the arrests, serves as a distraction so that people do not organize themselves, so that they cannot form a real resistance since they again give away their power to the government, in this case, Trump, all with a goal to proceed with the genocide plan and the imposition of a completely controlled new currency and the imposition of a repressive fascist world government as has never been seen before on Earth.

As we have said so many times, people must unite and create a real resistance where they rebel en masse and do not comply with the directives of governments. Mass rebellion is the key. Or they will die. Federation, "Galactic Federation of Light" will do nothing. Because they are the Cabal behind everything, the ones who are causing everything that is seen on Earth today.

Everyone must decide to what extent they can help and how they can help. And you must also understand that it is not your responsibility to save the world, or other people. help with what you can help. But if you don't see how, then just save yourselves. This when you see that there is no other soul that understands or follows you. The difference between really awake and asleep is increasing. Those who follow Trump are believed awake, for example, when it is just one more level in the awakening. I share this because it is what I see with alarming clarity. Whether they say I am negative or not, I don't care. It will depend on each one if what they want is placebos that give hope dopamine and “hopium”, or either they wish or have the nerve to see the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. QAnon's catchphrase is Trust the plan. Which means that you don't do anything.

I don't like that "Trust the Plan" part. But at the same time, the worst thing Patriots could do now is to start any violent action, because the bad ones would use it as propaganda against the good ones.
So, in that case, do nothing is a better option. Because if Trump has the military, then civil militia would only stand in their way. Organized groups of civilians with guns, wanting to protect the Constitution.

Besides what would they attack? What would that civil militia attack? They would end up fighting the National Guard, and the Army. And that is precisely what the bad ones want! Militia and Army (Both on the good side, cancelling each other out). So yes, from that point of view it is better not to do anything now, only protect yourself as a civilian.

People should not act against the military. They are on the same side here. But then moving back... That's all part of the same 'game.'

Another problem is that the Cabal has “black militia”. Those are the infamous Antifa. They are just waiting for the order to attack civilians cause mayhem, destruction rioting and bombs all over the US if Trump's side would make a move. That's why they are using the people as hostages. And from what I am told, that is why Trump and team cannot move forwards. But all this is only part of one level of what is going on. Even me saying all this is just like discussing strategy within a ball game. As seen from behind, it is a distraction.

And what really matters and is not in the main focus here are the vaccines, rolling out worldwide now, killing people immediately to a few months because of severe organ failure. And organs fail because it triggers an auto immune response. The body attacks itself until it dies. All this is so incredibly important that it is the cause of all the censorship all over, because they go to extreme measures to prevent people from knowing this. You cannot even talk about what is really important. Trump and team... Just a ball game as seen from above. My two cents.

On a stellar level Urmah and Taygeta, we are just conspiracy theorists, with little power. Taygeta will do everything it can to the limit of its possibilities. But it won't be enough for long. And you shouldn´t stop delegating your power to governments and rescuers anyway. You are the only ones who can save yourselves. You must save yourselves.

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