Do Aliens Exist if we Dont Believe in Them? Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication (23)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 05, 2019

Do Aliens Exist if we Dont Believe in Them? Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication (23)

Swaruu (9): You wish there were no dogs suffering in the street, so at one level or another you are focusing on that, even if you think you don't want it. The Matrix doesn't care if you want it or not, it only senses that you've got your attention on "that" whatever it is, so therefore... the stray dog "manifests" in your day.

Gosia: Even though I understand it on one level, I challenge that statement. Why? Because I didn’t not want Reptilians in my life, and they still existed. I just didn’t know anything about their existence, but they still existed. Outside of my belief or non-belief in them, me wanting them nor wanting them. Law of attraction: we attract and manifest what we believe in, or what we focus on. But I didn’t believe in Reptiles. They still existed. And now then they will be existing even more because I believe in them!

Swaruu (9): At some point you let them in as a concept. Therefore you are focusing on them. You can very well forget all about these Extraterrestrial things and go on living a normal 3D life with no Reptilians in it. Only dirty corrupt politicians that explain all the troubles of the world. No Reptilians.

Gosia: But even if I choose to do that, they will still exist. It doesn´t nullify their existence. Not believing in something doesn´t make it nonexistent.

Swaruu (9): They will exist because you know about them now! You can still decide that they don't and it will be perfectly valid for you. Not believing in something doesn’t make it nonexistent - At one level yes you are right. But at another in your world, yours, they don't exist!

Gosia: If I decide that they don´t exist, then they won´t for me yes. But they will continue existing. And will continue doing nasty things. They are affecting others in their world. Kidnapping people etc. In other words: I didn´t believe in them and they appeared in my life but not because I manifested them magically. I found out they existed, so now I believe. Not the reverse.

Swaruu (9): It's still you who is deciding that they still will exist even if you decide they don´t! Gosia: from your point of view, the Reptiles didn't exist at all until you discovered them for yourself.

Gosia: Yes they didn´t exist for me, but they existed. In the universe.

Swaruu (9): You are seeing this from the expanded point of view of a collective. Here I'm talking from a personal level. You are the Universe. You are your Universe. You are a fractal of the Universe. What you decide exists. There is a timeline for each consciousness as each consciousness is in itself, by own right, a timeline.

Gosia: Ok, my brother doesn´t believe in aliens, right? But you exist. His non-belief didn´t eliminate you.

Swaruu (9): From his point of view, it does eliminate me and the others. Not from yours. Not from mine, but from his timeline it does eliminate us. Also... you must also understand that even if two things are contradictory and paradoxical, doesn't mean one of them is false. Thinking 5D you can understand that things can be true, even if they directly contradict each other.

Gosia: But from this perspective you eliminate the existence of the objective world. Only subjective. But I am saying... that no matter what, certain objective reality does exist. Whether you know or believe in it or not.

Swaruu (9): There is no objective world to be eliminated, it's all subjective. There is no matter as such, it's all an idea in your mind!

Gosia: Yes, but now you went to the highest point... the mind. But from the perspective of the game... from this level, there is a cat on the street outside now if I believe or know about it or not.

Swaruu (9): Don't think linear, you are thinking linear. Cause and effect, logical mind, objective vs subjective, duality. It all is at the same time. And... how do you know there is a cat in the street now? Only through your senses, and the interpretation of them using a previously agreed idea of the concept "cat". But it's in your mind.

Gosia: How do I know? I don´t know I suppose for sure. But some cat is out there. You were there before we met, right?

Swaruu (9): Not for you.

Gosia: You didn´t not exist. Driving myself crazy with all this.

Swaruu (9): From one perspective I did exist, from your perspective I didn't exist, they are both valid! And it seems crazy because you are not thinking in 5D.

Gosia: I will try to wrap my mind around this. This part is difficult for me to grasp. And you know, but at least through this conversation I could experience your 5D thinking so I know what the 5D person is like!

Swaruu (9): Try living in a world where you know you are dead and buried, yet still here, among people who mourned you and you are among them. Knowing that some of them are you in a previous life, as you remember what it was like to be them, and you remember what's to come for them. Try living in a world where you remember things to be different and accept it. This is why it's 5D.

Things are complicated, but once you understand they explain so many things, you no longer can think 3D. From 3D what I said makes no sense, so you develop a resistance to what I said, but that's because you are missing 4D and 5D concepts and ways of thinking. It takes practice, but you can do it! Accept two or more contradictory ideas and concepts as both true.

Gosia: It’s not that it doesn´t make sense. I actually see us both making sense. Just from a different side of the stick.

Swaruu (9): Exactly. That's transcending duality. I thought I was losing you above! Come on! I've only started! You wouldn't really expect me to think as a human, would you?

Gosia: Losing me? No... I completely understand what you were saying... but I also could see it from my end of the stick.

Swaruu (9): I know, and your end is valid! It's perfectly valid! But now expand it without destroying its being valid!

Gosia: Nicely said. Ok, let´s finish for today. But I still think the cat is on the street. Ok ok, I’m joking.

Swaruu (9): And it's only you who is deciding it is! How do you know it's a cat anyway? And if it is... is it a real cat? Or is it Matrix? The problem, or the concept here is constant awareness of as many perspectives as you can hold and work with at the same time. They are all valid, and necessary!

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