Time Travel, Time and Timelines - (Extraterrestrial Message - Swaruu - Pleyades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 20, 2020

Time Travel, Time and Timelines - (Extraterrestrial Message - Swaruu - Pleyades)

Time. In itself .. I wanted to expose this topic since you started almost two years ago. It´s one of the hardest things to explain in human terms.

Time is part or sub-product of consciousness. It is a self-perception, but not of something external, it is how a consciousness perceives itself, and how it animates what it perceives as a sequence of events. Time is the result of the observer's consciousness, since it animates his or her concepts and ideas by giving them a sequence, providing them with meaning and logic. You cannot escape Time because it is part of who you are. Without it you could not be aware of your own existence. Not as a fragment with apparent separation from other fragments, or people. It could only be seen as the All, as the original source-Ether. But even so ... one has the idea of ​​contrast ... with what is fragmented.

When there is contrast, time begins to realize (the source itself) that there is something else that is not .. the source. Time is then a perception ... a reflection of your interior toward the exterior. As is the world outside of you, a reflection of your consciousness.

Specifically, it is linked to the data-perceptions process. In general, having a primitive consciousness or that which only processes a few 'ideas' gives a slow time progression. Because it is very centralized and self-absorbed. With a lot of attention to its own person or itself. Therefore it does not perceive much of what surrounds that consciousness.

It is characterized by a certain patience from a point of view when in peace ... and tremendous impatience when things do not happen immediately ... Because the idea of ​​waiting is perceived as something eternal, unattainable. Something that does not exist so it is in the future. Inexperienced ... lacks the data, or memory to have a way of calculating how long things take. It is a consciousness as that of a child ... impatient ... and at the same time so centralized self-absorbed ... that everything seems like an eternity ... although this contradictory also gives the child much inner peace. Feeling of eternity ahead.

But an adult has a lot of contrast and has to process a lot of information in order to survive ... many details, have mind for everything, handle multiple functions one many times not having anything to do with another. Work, school, problems with family, problems with work, friends, relationships, frustrations, fears, finances. All together ... it gives contrast and a comparative point for a sequence of events ... the perception of how much 'time' passes between one event and the next.

There is no mind for all that ... the mind is pressed to process everything. So there is no more mind, no more time. Time and its perception accelerates.

Viewing a timeline as such is only by agreements where two or more people have agreed to perceive and share a temporary period or duration, because they share the same ideas mostly. In Taygeta perception agreements are different from Earth perception agreements. Life is slower and more relaxed in Taygeta. Therefore as a general agreement in the population ... time is slow there. There is enough of the day... Greater peace ... Children's minds, without the urgency and despair for what they want. Without the impatience. However, this maturity gives them a feeling of greater evolutionary maturity.

What comes next is not theory but applies directly to the navigation systems of starships, and the results are empirical, observable and repeatable.

I have explained a frequency map as if it were something fixed, such as a number assigned to each place or point. If a fixed number is taken, it refers to a fixed place, like in our previous example already published ... The Eiffel Tower. If we give it a number, just for the reference (without it being the real one), 5600, assigning it 5600 will always take us not only to a specific point on Earth and in space but also in time as well. 5600 is a fixed frequency. So the place is fixed.

The time itself from the point of view observable from a ship is as if we animated a cinema film tape. They are still photographs that are only animated ---> (they are given soul) by projecting them before a medium (white canvas) with a projector with a speed of 24 per second. But they don't move ... they are still photographs, one being just slightly different from the previous one. There is no soul there, what you see is an illusion of movement animation. But that happens ----> in the brain of those who see it. It is us who interpret the sequence of photographs with a temporal sequence. The observer.

The same thing happens in space and real " world." It is a complicated energetic Matrix, like an advanced multidimensional film tape that expands not necessarily in a linear form or with a single flux.

So ... 5600 ---> Eiffel Tower is a still photograph on the film reel. It is a specific address of that specific photograph ... What´s missing is the animation factor.

Although it´s trillions of variables ... simplifying we can say that in the time flow model accepted by majority of perception agreements with those within the Matrix ... it is represented with a specific speed of data-perception that occur in an accepted time frame (Time on Earth).

So on Earth the number 5600 every nano second changes to the next one 5601 --- 5602 --- 5603 ... That is the temporary procession that a ship computer needs to be able to know with mathematical calculations what number of that procession corresponds to the moment called now or to the appropriate arrival of a ship.

So leaving Earth and returning to Taygeta for the ship's computer involves making huge calculations to understand the precise moment of its arrival in Taygeta according to the mathematical parameters of procession of frequency numbers ... and those of the Earth to return to the same point that corresponds. So, the navigation computer can be given not only where but also when they want to reach that point in space time.

Gosia: Why does the number change ... from 5600 to 5601 etc, I´am sorry?

Swaruu: The number changes because the number represents a unique vibrational frequency of that locality or point in space time. 5600 represents a frequency of that place, specific to that place. But the problem is that this frequency is not fixed. Cars will pass by in the Eiffel Tower, people will move ... "time" passes as perceived on Earth. This means that the frequency 5600 (on a map by frequencies and not by positions on an X, Y, Z map) will not be fixed, but will move, (the specific frequency of that place will move ... according to the course of time as perceived on Earth at that point.).

The speed of perception of temporal progression is the average of the perception of the inhabitants. And their perception depends on their awareness and their awareness depends on the amount of data they can process.

To incorporate, being able to process more data per unit of time, is to incorporate it into their being as part of themselves, so that it becomes something unconscious and subconscious ... the result is the opposite from the point of view of where one was before (3D --- changed to 5D for example).

By integrating it, greater serenity is perceived. From the point of view of that person he or she has gone up in density. But from her perception it is not perceived as a temporary acceleration because she does not have an external frame of reference. Only if you compare life in 5D with that of 3D can you tell the difference.

Gosia: A burning question. For the child, time goes slower but he has lower ability to process complex data. It seems to be that the more data you process, the time goes faster doesn't it? But if so, and in Taygeta they process a lot of data fast, why is time going slower for them?

Swaruu: It's what I am trying to explain. When being able to process data enters the unconscious, from there reality is projected as you know. It is not the same as stress. And that is what is felt when a person is very pressured to have to process much data at once. Like traffic, family and work problems. The fact that events are analyzed and processed automatically without the conscious attention of the observer slows down time while the same things are consciously perceived as stress accelerating time.

But it´s not only events to perceive ... as things that happen. It's a lot of sensory data too ... this happens in a quiet and silent forest too. A person with more awareness will see more things in that same quiet forest than a person with less.

Gosia: It is also possible that it is due to the fact that there in 5D, as you said, the connection between conscious and subconscious is closer, so that the processed data passes quickly to subconscious and is integrated as part of your being? And the new data that you have to process is less then. The brain is not overwhelmed. Could that be a reason too?

Swaruu : Exactly Gosia ... the key is for the brain not to be overwhelmed <--- as you say.

Gosia: For me and Robert, time is going very fast. So the fact that time is accelerating for us is not a good sign. It means that we are not processing fast, we are not integrating it, new data. We are overwhelmed.

Swaruu: Yes, because it´s not just more data, you are overwhelmed because it´s the same data only that it comes in bulk and with pressure, and it is tedious because it was already understood. Gosia, it would not be a good sign, but that happens even in 5D, we too get overwhelmed by the pressure of multitasking. But this phenomenon by calling it somehow is not only the processing of data in that way ... or otherwise people would become a kind of high-efficiency computer. I speak of understanding of what was learnt at the soul level.

In the case of a planet, whatever one, the average of the population frequencies is the one that dominates over an outside visitor, by the well-known principle of the dominant frequencies. That is why an ET when perceiving and working 3D from the outside enters a state of temporal perception equal to the average human , but his or her body not, it continues in 5D so what happens is an extreme "Jet Lag" between what the mental perception says and the frequencies that involve the physical body.

Another example ... Someone not awake can only see in a movie what is accepted by the society. He sees it as entertainment and nothing more. But that same person after an awakening and expansion of consciousness, will see the same movie again ... but this time he will see all the symbolism hidden there, the hidden agendas, he will understand secondary things before not perceived, among the important ones how and why a character behaved in "that" way from the psychological point of view, and the director's intention to capture that in the scene is connected with the previous one where (...) which means that what he is suggesting to the viewers is that the heroe is ... (...)

The film (or reality) is the same ... those things have always been there ... fixed ... but the awareness of the observer can process more information now because it has more consciousness than before. Therefore, 4D 5D is there among humans ... But they don't see it because they are not prepared ---> in their consciousness.

Gosia: Well explained thanks. And a question: Why do you use the factor called TIME when it doesn't really exist, and when in 5D it is understood differently?

Swaruu: I don't understand you well Gosia, sorry.

Gosia: Ok I will rephrase it. Why do you use the term TIME exactly? If it does not exist? And if here on Earth it is understood differently ... as something linear?

Swaruu: Because it is a human term that I must use if I want to make myself understood. Here too, "Time" is perceived, but in a more plastic, less dense or less fixed way. Because yes I too notice a progression of events since we connect today until now, for example. That is "Time." But The Universe itself does not understand linear time, sequence of the events, it just is. That is why, among other things, the scientific evidence that the Universe expands is false and it is only human linear perception.

Gosia: Yes, it's true. Now I understand. And in your language how do you call Time?

Swaruu: Something like the "flow of consciousness." But it is understood as "time". And as a perception, it does exist. But it is not something tangible apart from a consciousness, it is part of the same consciousness, it is an idea. Not something external to the consciousness. It does not affect a consciousness in a deterministic way. It is a succession of events. A sequence that occurs in the mind by the frequency and by the perception of the observer consciousness. Time in Taygetean: ¨Na'alkid¨ as in Navajo also, from what I see.

Let's keep going.

We have already seen how time can be represented as a process of change in its frequency factors of a specific place, and they are represented with a numerical value. These values ​​already within the navigation computer are predictable at least to sufficient factors to serve as a guide to know where and when, in general, the destination is reached. It is not necessary to specify the exact second of arrival at the destination point.

There are no paradoxes .... Whoever says that things can only happen once, still, it remains valid.

You have one timeline per consciousness ... animated at your own pace ... it is only perceived as the same one (although it is not) by agreements with other people, to see things in the same way. But an agreement in this case is not a paper where this or that is signed.

No. It is simply because two or more people within their way of thinking ... their mind, their values, interpret what they project out of themselves, as the so-called 'real world.' Remembering that the real world is not something external to the person ... but it is an interpretive reflection of energy patterns of and within a potential energy medium. But it depends on the very person to interpret that world of potential energy as an external world.

If two or more people see their external world in the same way then it is said that ... 'they agree' ... on the way of seeing things, reality. In itself, that's why they are there together, because their frequencies are the same ... therefore they are the same as in the frequency laws of all kinds, where when you match another frequency ... you become more of the same, more of the same frequency. As they say "Your vibe attracts your tribe."

This same principle of ¨when you match a frequency you become more of the same¨ applies to the navigation of starships ... with motors the frequency of the destination is matched with sufficient accuracy to become part of the destination which is the same as the ship... arriving ... at ... destination.

In a way in which time, reality or existence can be understood, as it has been understood by advanced interstellar civilizations ... it is as follows:

As we said before, everything is like a film reel. There already exist fixed 'photographs' of each event at every moment from the beginning of all time (expression) to the furthest future. The very concept of the beginning of time passing into the present towards the future is only because of the perception of each consciousness and the agreements with others. It is not something external. Like we have already said. <----

So all present or future and past moment already exist and have always existed. Without beginning or end, these are finite concepts elaborated by an interpretation of a finite being enclosed in 3D ideas of materialism and determinism.

Gosia: Can I ask something fast?

Swaruu: Yes, yes.

Gosia: Thank you. This also in some sense "cancels¨ the concept of "evolution / progression / expansion" of the soul, doesn´t it? If everything already exists and they are just fixed pictures. It would be only the question of perceiving the one that corresponds to our current "state" of perception, no? But we already exist in the most expanded state. NOT that we are really growing into it? We are already evolved at some point in the universe. Just that we are focused on our current photo now?

Swaruu: Exactly, but both are valid, one does not exclude the other. You are already the original source, whole, complete ... it is not that you are "damaged" due to lack of connection or evolution ... but the Original Source is everything and includes everything, including the concept or points of attention that still need to be completed, or incomplete fragmented ... because the very concept of complete depends on its contrast ... Incomplete, fragmented. The concept of evolved and at the peak... also needs its contrast of lack of evolution. And at the same time it includes not needing anything, just being whatever it is.

Does it solve your question?

Gosia: Yes, thank you. I understand. Keep going please.

Swaruu: Each photograph in time .... has its own frequency. You only need to know that frequency to match it with the engines of the ship and when the frequencies are equalized the ship and everything inside will be part of that target frequency. The concept of traveling to the past or the future exist in human minds, not in the universe. It is the same thing to travel back 10,000 years than to travel back to this morning.

It's just a frequency to match ... like a radio (electronic) knob is moved to locate or tune to a particular station. Your attention is in that station and in what happens in it ... the others are not perceived ... but they are there nonetheless sharing the same space ... you just don't have the attention in the other stations, but there they are. The spaceship is the tuner.

This confers that there is already a destination ... fixed. And so it is ... pre-written. But ... If an infinite amount of future possibilities are already written ... isn't it the same as being able to choose the future? Free will?

Even so, not all possibilities are available ...

From the position of personal frequencies alone people limit themselves to a reduced range of possibilities to choose from. This applies not only to individual people, but to a collective that shares the same perception ... by agreements as described above.

So if the repetition trends are known ... with algorithms such as BASIC programming language of the ASCII or DOS type --- If ---> Then ----> Or else ... With algorithms that can see the progression of variables in a quantum-energy field, with a fairly good reliability the future can be predicted.

So to travel in a ship through space-time you only need to have previous information to have a frequency map ... from there you jump to any point of the destination, at any time.

While in theory the large ship can leave for Temmer on September 17 at 18:55 in the afternoon ... its crew spend 2 months on the beaches of Temmer ... and return the same day to Earth 17 of September at 18:56 in the afternoon, a minute later ... This can and has been done.

The problem is that alternate temporary factors add on, or temporary displacements and de-synchronizations... because this maneuver confers a change or jump in the timeline. The changes may seem tiny ... but sometimes the change is very large. It is playing Russian roulette. Because in linear perception, time can change drastically timelinewise only for a very small event in the right place.

To respect times-perception of collective agreements with everything and their differences is to see or cement the integrity of a timeline. Respecting perceptions of consciousness between how time is collectively perceived in Taygeta and on Earth, ensures reliable temporal continuity.

Robert: So the "Future" could only be predicted with large computers that do all those calculations, not with a seer or a tarotist ... or an astrologer.

Swaruu: You can only with mind ... predict the future ... only that there is a strong tendency to see only the future of that seer ... not the collective, only as that seer sees the future.

Gosia: Swaruu, I want to understand one thing well. There is much talk about the term timeline. Timeline this timeline another. But I think we have to define a little more what it is. Because for example ... I understood that if someone came from the future, it would be our timeline but of the future. The future in this case would not be another timeline. Simply the future of the same one. Another timeline would be, as I understood before, another me. It could be happening at the same time, not necessarily future. Just another me. On the other hand ... it is also said that each awareness IS individual timeline. So what is a TIME LINE really?

Swaruu: As for people who come from "future" or "past", yes they are all a single timeline. Wherever you jump from their perspective there is a past moving towards a future. Although more than once they can cross with themselves. Two of them or up to 3. This only by using the ship. It does not occur naturally. And each one of them will follow their path ... changing the timeline they live in, just by accessing information from the other or others.

Gosia: I understand. So how would you define the timeline exactly?

Swaruu: In itself there is no such thing. We only define timeline as a sequence of events that a consciousness has experienced. But it is not something outside that consciousness.

Gosia: Are they like parallel worlds then? With each new perception / decision is another one created?

Swaruu: Yes. Even so, based on where they came from and what happened there it can be predicted to some extent, what will happen next.

Gosia: So when they say: there was a change in timelines. What do they mean, if the timelines is something personal. How could they alter it from the outside?

Swaruu: It´s that, for example a collective timeline, what they say is "this" timeline is only a group of perceptual agreements that two or more people have 'agreed' to see as the same, live as the same. Partly because they have a similar frequency of consciousness. But it is not a single line, it is or are many lines, one for each person-consciousness that agrees to see things in a similar way but it will never be the same as the other people in the group. The only way to influence or change a timeline for group agreements is with mental perception control. <----

Gosia: Exactly. Only influencing what this group perceives. And another thing ... so when it is said that we jump a timeline, it is with any new decision or perception yes?

Swaruu: Yes. And you jump suddenly when you are facing big changes. Every situation you have experienced is a frequency, which is the result of all the energy dynamics that surrounds you and that you, with your brain, see as external reality. Jumping a timeline is just forcing a change of a situation or a frequency 'map' to another frequency 'map'. But in itself it is done all the time with the mind. Only that with the ship, with its great 'manifestation' power it promotes dramatic changes, in what you perceive as your timeline. And in itself, when jumping timelines, you're just jumping YOUR timeline. Something very important to emphasize that I will explain later.

Being that the AI ​​of the ship is conscious, after a while it becomes part of you, the computer mind interface is very efficient telepathically, so the ship's computer becomes like a branch of your brain. It augments what you can manifest.

However I do not access computer data directly to mind ... I still speak, it still gives me information that I perceive as external to my mind. This is because being telepathic from the computer to my mind ... it would hurt me and be invasive. It can be done. But the limit is set from the person´s side, not from the computer. It is healthier mentally just to ask the computer as something external, and not as something attached or as an implanted AI to improve your brain capacity.

Gosia: Interesting data thanks. But it is still not clear to me: Going to your future or past is also timeline jumping? Or is it the same one only the "future / past"?

Swaruu: It's also timeline jumping, yes. But from the point of view of the person to experience this, it is only part of their timeline. It is only perceived as a strong change or nexus point.

This is better with a graph. But I will explain. Imagine a series of parallel lines. Many, uncountable ... They come out of the infinite, and disappear ahead of you in the infinite. They represent fixed time lines. Each one is a story, a film reel ... and what happened and what will happen is fixed. But each one is different.

Now .. imagine that you are standing on one of the lines ... Turn around and see others to the right and to the left. Everything is frequencies <----

You follow one of the lines, one of the film reels with still images, you walk through one of them, but when you see the images of the "movie" you decide to make a decision between what you see in the image in which you stand, or the one along the next line to the left or to the right of where you are. Those are the decisions of life. You jump to the line on the side ... and it's another timeline ... and from there you jump back to the first one or you continue to deviate.

To the left we have the timelines that are progressively of low frequency and to the right those that are progressively of high frequency. These decisions are made with the person's frequency ... conscious and unconscious. If you have a low frequency ... you will be compatible with the timelines, with timeline jumps, with catastrophic events ... if you are of the higher frequency ... you will be compatible ... or you will jump to the positive events.

You make tiny jumps between your timelines every day, with your natural frequency variations and moods. You perceive it as the same timeline, because in a certain sense it is, because it is a trajectory line that jumps from line to line as if you were jumping from track to track in train.

The timelines as such are written, but there are countless variations, but only you give them sense by jumping at will between them. You animate them, you decide which one you will live, which experiences you want and which ones you don't. You do it by modifying your consciousness, your frequency. These jumps are tiny, you perceive them as the same, as your timeline because it is your total path between all those lines.

And when you manage to make a dramatic leap where the differences are notoriously large, as if jumping several lines avoiding a progression, it is called "quantum leap" and comes from the fact that in physics an electron sometimes jumps from an orbit to another of the atom ... (Matrix Science that contradicts itself since here with this theory of the quantum leap of the electron, they ignore the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). We have to be at a high frequency to choose the best decisions.

What a time line is... what people see and perceive as temporal linearity, of their time, as inescapable and as a chain of events, it is only to follow as with a line the jumps between the already fixed timelines. It would appear to be a single line, but in themselves they are jumps between fixed timelines, taking the options as they present themselves ... this means that yes the destiny is already carved, and at the same time having an infinite number of timelines to choose from, you also have free will.

What a ship does is become the frequency of each destination in time in that sea of ​​timelines. Jumping to that moment artificially just as it would with only one destination in space ... destination as in a place.

In itself ... the lines do not exist, it is just a way of explaining things ... instead of lines what there is is a mathematical sequence of events, with harmonics of a frequency. It's like a line ... depends how you see it.

Robert: What makes us have infinite time lines ... Our consciousness, the source that we are?

Swaruu: Yes

Robert: And what makes us choose one timeline over another?

Swaruu: What makes you choose are emotions and feelings. What is pleasant and positive is towards high frequencies and high timelines. That is why emotions are not well seen by controllers. Because they are the guide, the compass to get out of the chaos, of the Matrix. The way or strategy for enlightenment, to achieve ascension and take control of your life: Learn to have respect and love for yourself. Ask yourself each day if what you are doing would be done by someone who loves themselves. It is not the same as being a narcissistic egocentric .. no. If you don't know how to love and respect yourself ... you can't love or respect the others.

Time is you and you are time. You cannot have awareness of your existence; "I think therefore I exist"... without time, but it's not something it is just the awareness process. You are Time. Time is not your enemy, it's not working against you. That's just the perception of yourself being your own enemy! If you are aware then you are time. You cannot be aware without time as they are the same thing. You are in a space of no time, non locality, yes. A place of empty stillness. Ether... Yet you are aware.

But then you are controlling time. Stopping it in your mind. You are only managing yourself what you are, quieting your perceptions. But if you can do so... you can do whatever you like. No Space ship. Just think aware, manipulate the void of nothingness you are in meditation peace. You can make a portal with your mind and slip through it.

What is a reality? An idea. Change your idea, change what you see. An idea is a frequency. Change it and you have a portal. A portal, a before and an after. Here and "a" there. Your mind can be that powerful. But then you let it go back to the comfortable. To the known. To what you think is possible. A ship is a luxury that augments that capacity in you. But you can do it with your mind.

All it takes is a real belief in yourself and knowing that you are everything. To think "out of the box" all the time, knowing that truly there are no limits. You think it, it is. This is fact! The reason it does not work for you is because you don't believe it strongly enough. Your mind and your mind's power is scattered all over with a bunch of conglomerated "what-if's". Concentrate. You Can!

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