Med Pods in Taygeta - Questions and Answers - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 12, 2023

Med Pods in Taygeta - Questions and Answers - Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in English - December 2022


Question: Can a med pod reverse cancer?

Yazhi: A med pod can reverse cancer, but taking into account that most cancers come from the patient's mind, if it hasn't healed that chain of unconscious thought, the cancer can re-spawn after the med pod treatment. The patient can go in again, as many times as he wants, but as an interesting fact, it is known that each time a cancer patient uses the med pod and it re-spawns and the patient goes back inside, it re-spawns faster and faster for each time the pod is used. You must remove the cause of the disease first for it to be healed properly.

Question: Can the med pods help people with ADHD, autism and other neurological problems?

Yazhi: That depends on the cause of the problem. If it is a genetic disorder that comes from birth, a pod cannot solve the issue simply by reversing the patient's body back to its genetic original print. But if the genetic problem is identified during the genetic sequence mapping procedure, the DNA print can be artificially altered to solve the problem. But this varies from patient to patient.

But I must mention that both ADHD and autism are not really a genetic problem, they come from a way, or survival mechanism of the individual, and they are not really physical problems, they are more of an attitude issue, especially ADHD. That basically means that the individual is not interested in what he's been taught at school and is bored. ADHD usually comes with an unusually high level of intelligence.

Autism can be caused by invasive artificial things, such as vaccines, but it's mostly caused by making the young child go into an extreme introverted state as the result of a rejection to its outside world caused by living in an ill-family and social environment.

The pod can fix autism if it was chemically induced, therefore a physical damage to the brain, but if it is a survival mechanism, it cannot solve the problem, not even with genetic manipulation.

The pod cannot solve ADHD because ADHD is most definitely not a problem to be fixed. It's a social malfunction issue.

Question: Can the pod regrow damaged/receded brain, for example?

Yazhi: Yes it can, easily and efficiently.

Question: Can it undo birth defects like heart deformities?

Yazhi: Yes it can, but not straight away. The deformity has to be previously understood, and genetically mapped. Then the medical crew or physician with the pod's computer will correct the erroneous DNA strand and then the correction will take place inside the pod.

There may be other cases where the deformity is not caused by a genetic defect. In those cases, the pod can correct the issue straight away and with no problems.

Question: Do the med pods work with light therapy? It is known that certain wavelengths of light in certain doses can heal the body. Red light therapy at specific wavelengths, for example, has been proven effective with tissue regeneration and wound healing. I myself have experienced wonderful results with red light therapy and I’m curious to know whether the med pods use certain wavelengths of light to heal at a cellular level. And if so, which wavelengths are used and at what dosage?

Yazhi: Light therapy is another kind of healing procedure. Although the super imposed high energy hologram is also light, and the pod also uses different wavelengths inside to aid healing and to help keep the subject asleep, in general wet pods do not work with the principles of light therapy. But the dry pods do.

In the case of dry pods, they don't use one or another fixed wavelength because they use specific ones to each tissue down to a very precise cellular and even molecular level, tailored to each tissue at each exact time. So they change all the time and the wavelengths are computer controlled, and the data for the computer is collected by a series of very sensitive sensors of the interferometer family.

Question: Can the med pods increase our IQs?

Yazhi: They can by healing and removing all issues that may impact mental performance only by simply transforming the body into its ideal genetic potential. However, it is also possible to increase IQ tweaking genetics with the pod's control computer. But as far as I've seen, the results are dubious. This is mainly because intelligence does not come from the brain of body, being that the brain is only a transducer or translator-interface between the "spirit side" or the connection to Source and the so-called physical world.

So we can only correct or increase the capacity of the brain to translate, because real intelligence, as well as memory and all higher experience functions that define a sentient being, are not in the body, they are in the field, they are Source, or a group of ideas withing Source itself that englobe the concept that forms a limited identity, soul or Katra.

Similar to how the med pods work, can we impose a mental image of a healthy body over our sick body to heal our bodies faster?

Yazhi: Yes, and it is very effective, and the more you believe it works and the more faith you have in your mental process, the faster you will heal. Everything that exists comes from an idea, especially when dealing with body issues as it is the closest manifestation of an intention. Even I use what you describe all the time.

Be mindful all the time to what you are telling your body, love it and take care of everything it needs. It is very receptive.

Question: In this community many SSP insiders talk about how one day these technologies will be available and everything will be much better etc. But no one mentions how we get there given the imposed restrictions of the Federation. Can the Taygetans help humans develop working med pods? Do we have the tech on Earth?

Yazhi: Although there are different models of med pod, they all work with the same basic principles. No need to import the technology for now. It is basically all there on Earth and has been for some time now, so the Federation and its rules and restrictions have little to do with availability, the people not having them.

The problem is the Cabal and all the regressive thinking coming from all those secret and not so secret societies that tyrannically control society. That problem must be removed first and the key to doing so is the people in general no longer giving all those in power any control, nor any credibility.

Question: Can the med pods be used as a tool to amplify our DNA and then gain some kind of special superpowers manifested into our physical form of being?

Yazhi: Not superpowers as seen in Marvel Comics and cheesy movies. But as a person is augmented into developing its full genetic potential, many hidden abilities can, and do, surface. Abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance do develop. This most probably is another reason why the Cabal that controls Earth does not want the pods to be available for the people. But even these abilities may be limited to the belief system of each individual, his or her agreements about what is and what is not possible.

Question: Do the med pods also clean cellular memory of trauma in the nervous system?

Yazhi: They do cleanse cellular memory as it brings them all into basic re-set mode, back to their ideal genetic print.

The problem is that memory of trauma, as is with memory in general, is not stored in the body, it comes from the etheric field, from the spirit world, and cellular memory as such is only a physical reflection or manifestation of a memory-idea held by the subject. So the issue must also be solved in a psychological way in order to heal the body and its cells. And this cleansing can be done using mind and meditation alone, with no need for a pod.

This is also the same reason why it can only partially cure cancer, as cancer is, strictly speaking, an alteration of cellular memory. Pods do cure cancer, but in order for it never to come back, mind and spirit must be healed as well. This also means that if you heal mind and spirit, most psychosomatic cancers will go away. Unless they are too far in advance. In that last case a pod is very helpful, yes.

Question: Does aging reverse by lengthening/reversing the telomeres and the mitochondria on the chromosomes?

Yazhi: Contrary to what is believed on Earth, aging does not depend only on telomer progressive shortening. It is related but it is not the only cause. It is a gradual degeneration or alteration of the whole genetic print of the cells, that includes telomer shortening as well, but not only.

Cells get progressively damaged as life and time passes. It depends on the care and mental state of each subject, and that's why aging is different for each person. Aging is part of the human experience on Earth.

But the root cause of aging is the idea held by each person that it must age, that he or she has to look and behave a certain way at a certain age. So keeping a young mind with young interests and physical activities retard aging and can even reverse it.

Worries and stress are the main aging causes. And on Earth those are hard to avoid, this being an understatement.

Question: Why does Africa have stone circles that can heal people like med beds? And how come crop circles also do the same thing?

Yazhi: Those are frequency-resonance or sound therapy-like circles. They are placed on a zone that holds a very high frequency therefore passing on the same to anything inside that area with very strong results.

Crop circles also can cure and heal because of the same reason, the technological media, or "printer" tractor beam, also imprints the area with a temporary high energy, high vibration field with good healing properties. Although that is a side effect of crop circles, and not the original intention of the creator. Or, perhaps, in some cases it is the intention of the creators of that crop circle as there are many reasons to create them. Temporal markers are the most common reason.

Question: Do you use them on animals too?

Yazhi: Yes, they are used on animals too. Same principles, same results.

Gosia: So you can make an animal live forever this way? IF their soul agrees? You can keep sticking them to the pod eternally? To rejuvenate them? Or at least this would extend their life significantly.

Yazhi: Ideally yes, but what you just stated is the problem here especially if it was extracted, like a dog. As an animal has a different perception of time, being that a 15 year long dog lifespan feels for a dog as long as a 90 year life span feels for a human on Earth, the dog´s soul or katra wants to go and have a different experience as it already learned what that soul thinks it can learn as that dog or as any other animal. A lifespan does not only depend on the body. In reality, it depends on the intention of the soul or katra, what it wants, and the body is only a reflection of that intent. But yes, it does extend their life and quality of life significantly!

Gosia: Yes, but maybe dog´s life span is something artificially imposed as for humans on Earth. If I got extracted, I would live longer, and with the pod, even longer. So, it could be the same with Bongo, my dog, for example. If she went up there, she might live/want to live longer than 12 years.

Yazhi: Yes. Because the context is different, and that context change makes all the difference. Also, because of enhanced health and because of the change of circumstances. Same for humans, same for any creature. More motivation to live, longer lifespan!

Gosia: Yes. However, she wouldn´t know she is not on Earth. So the context would be the same, no? Also, it was said densities are states of mind, not the place. So, in her case, being outside Earth, the 5D "density" would not matter, I assume. She would feel like she is on Earth just the same. So in that sense, she may die after 12 years anyway. For her, being on Erra would be like being on Earth, no? Her mind wouldn´t notice, right?

Yazhi: Yes, exactly, but the possibilities and the life experience would be more expanded outside Earth. For example, she would have a larger and better place to live in. Nicer places to run around perhaps.

And yes, that motivation to live can be done or achieved anywhere including Earth. That's why many cancers are healed when the subject decides to live his/her "last" 6 months of life in another nicer environment and moves from a stinky large city to a nice beach house!

Gosia: I remember Swaruu of Erra once said that extracted dogs could turn into wolves. Their genetics. Do you subscribe to that? I can´t imagine her turning into a wolf, or a chihuahua turning into a wolf.

Yazhi: In general, no. A dog is a dog, a wolf is a wolf. But some dogs may be, and are, 5D wolves. Same for cats, in their case there is more documentation on that. Many house cats in 5D out of Earth are Urmahs. Using 3D and 5D loosely only to describe a place and not a real density as those are states of mind as we've explained before. An Urmah dies up here... and a cat dies down there. They tend to be very connected and synchronized.

Gosia: Whaaat? Seriously?

Yazhi: Yes, seriously, as reported by our feline Urmah friends.

Gosia: Amazing. Ok, Yazhi, we have digressed a bit from med pods. Last question. What are the limitations of the med pods, what diseases cannot be healed here?

Yazhi: Few limitations. Basically all illnesses that spawn from strong psychosomatic reasons. Although all illnesses are mental, there are those that are rooted in the unconscious, like many cancers, or metabolic problems caused by stress disorders, like hypertension. As with everything, the cause of the problem must be removed first in order to heal. But, in general, a wet med pod can heal just about everything and anything.

Originally in Spanish - December 2022


Robert: Can they put you in a pod against your will (force you)? I know that Taygeta doesn't, I'm talking about other civilizations. What consequences would it have? To what degree does consciousness come in here?

Yazhi: From the most objective point of view, the med pod is a rather aggressive and invasive procedure for a body. For this reason, strictly speaking of the procedure itself and what goes on there, consciousness will have little direct bearing on it. Yes, you can put a person into a med pod against their will. His body will come out genetically correct, or activated, but with the corresponding psychological after-effects of the trauma of having been put there by force.

If the procedure was done forcibly for good, the subject will be able to overcome this, but it depends on the attitude and approach of each person.

Robert: What would happen on Earth if those medical pods worked, "knowing that we are "biosuits"?

Yazhi: There could be a strong social reaction if everyone returns to the genetic map that corresponds to them according to their race, in the case of the starseeds.

Still, many starseeds will find that their bodies have only healed but remain the same, returning to the point of best development and health they have had in their lives but with no abrupt changes or altered appearance.

Robert: The way society is today on Earth, many humans will want to change their bodies from male to female and female to male. What effects would that have if it can be done?

Yazhi: The med pods are unable to make a sex change as they can only return the physical body to the genome that corresponds to them, and thus to the sex they were born with. This cannot be achieved even by altering the genes with the computer, as it would entail a total body change. Someone's gender does not apply only to which genitalia they have, but is reflected in each and every one of their cells.

On Earth, those desires for sex change are only a reflection of the mental disorder they have and the influence of the media that created this as a trend, but with a view to global depopulation. And most of the people who wish to change sex regret it later because the human procedures to perform them only consist of invasive operations with caricature results that are summarized in mutilations, which cause their bodies to be neither female nor male with the subsequent schizophrenia, mental and self-esteem problems that have led many individuals who have done this to commit suicide.

Robert: Is free energy necessary for the med pod to work? Or does it work with other types of energy?

Yazhi: It is not. The medical pod is a separate system from free energy. However, both are associated technologies present in free and advanced societies. But, objectively, the pod itself does not need its energy to come from Zero Point. As long as the power supply is correct, it will work fine. In itself they do not require much power, and in theory with an electrical converter it could be connected satisfactorily to the common household current of any terrestrial electrical outlet.

Robert: How would having this technology transform society? And do you see the application of this technology in this current society as feasible?

Yazhi: For society to be changed by the med pods, the entire power and financial structure must first be changed. So it is a scenario of what came first, the chicken or the egg (it was the egg by the way, because it is the zygote where the mutation that defines "chicken" took place).

That is to say, that if the system of medical pods could be implemented in today's society, it would mean that its entire structure has already changed to the extent that it is now allowed.

For example, the medical pods will solve physical problems, basically all of them, eradicating most, if not all, diseases, which in turn will cause an increase in the longevity of the population. Needless to say, this goes against the current primary objectives of the controlling Cabal, which wishes to eradicate the human population and reduce it to only about 750 million for the purpose of easy control.

In the same way, the medical system is not interested in curing people because a cured patient does not generate income and profits for the pharmaceutical companies. So, what they want is the maintenance and control of diseases in order to exploit the human population as much as possible. The medical pods go against both of these agendas currently present on Earth.

Robert: Can the pod cure you if you are crazy?

Yazhi: If the cause of such "insanity" is a physical ailment or the result of an accident, the medical pod will be able to solve it with great effectiveness, although the psychological sequels will remain. It depends on the definition of "insanity".

As such, if the problem, social maladjustment, is of ideological origin, or from ideas, the pod will not be able to cure it. He will only be a healthy madman when he leaves the pod.

Mental insanity is just another invention of the medical mafia to capitalize and exploit human beings. Anyone who disagrees with or does not function within the framework of the accepted norms established by the culture in which they live, is defined as insane.

Robert: Can med pods correct Down syndrome? I think no one asked this.

Yazhi: The medical pod alone and based solely on the patient's genome will NOT be able to cure this syndrome since it is, or is generated, within the genome itself at the time of zygote formation.

However, using methods of artificial alteration of DNA by the medical pod computer, at least some of the symptoms can be improved.

However, Down syndrome is not a disease per se. It is an experience that an individual, soul or katra, wishes to experience, and should be loved and respected as it is. Desiring to "cure" such a syndrome is an imposition on a soul that carries its own agenda of experiences and life and is only an attempt to force such an individual to fit into an inherently sick society. Love them as they are. That is how they designed themselves.

Robert: Typical question that I get: "Could you provide us with the plans to make a medical pod?"

Yazhi: It's not very complicated. The problem is not the plans of the thing itself, the problem is the computer, the stem cell generator unit and the lenses for the hologram as well as the materials.

Besides, it's not just blueprints and that's it. Before they can even understand the material, they would have to study other previous subjects, such as metallurgy, base 12 mathematics, advanced genetics, materials and everything else.

They have to understand one thing. It's not that I don't want to give it to them. Nor is it that the Federation does not allow it, which is seen as an excuse for us not to give it, or as an excuse to hide the fact that we do not have it and all that, convenient excuse. Believe what you want to believe.

What happens, and let's be clear on this, and with regards to other things not only med pods, is that we would not be giving the blueprints to them, we would be giving them to the Cabal. Because the moment somebody is manufacturing something along those lines, they will confiscate it. We would just be feeding the Cabal itself and the hidden documents that they keep. Fattening up the Vatican.

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