Ucranian Conflict - Why? Athena Swaruu´s Short Commentary

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 27, 2022

Ucranian Conflict - Why? Athena Swaruu´s Short Commentary

Originally in Spanish

Swaruu X (Athena): It is all theater orchestrated from the controllers´ level. It all adds to the confusion and has multiple reasons, never a single reason as you are led to believe. The real purpose is to generate tension, distract and annoy the people of the region by creating more refugees and more pain and suffering of the civilian population.

While things are never simple, and there are many reasons, all of this could have been avoided if only the controllers wished. However, what they want is to exploit the people themselves at every possible level by taking advantage of their life force and their drive to survive and transcend adversity, because the truth is they control all sides and just move pieces and roles in a big perverse game that is designed to create a specific type of life experience on Earth.

But the scenario is complicated and things are happening that are not making the news at all. Also things are being censored, so the West controls the narrative, that said from the point of view of Earth politics.

Among numerous things that are critical to this war that the western public is not being told is that one of the objectives of the invasion is to take control of the Chernobyl nuclear facility, as radiation continues because the reactor's compromised containment vessel is cracked and leaking out. This fissure has worsened in recent months and no one is talking about it.

There is also a very strong element of non-human domination interests in the region because the genetics of the Ukrainian people, mostly Slavic, have roots outside the Earth. There are few places on Earth that are distinctly "ET" for many reasons, Ukraine is one of them. What they want is to compromise the inner creative force and spirit of the Slavic people of Ukraine.

There is also the factor of the existence of the DUMB bases and the need of both sides, Russia and NATO, to dominate the area because those DUMBs connect to Busegi, Giza, and others all over the world. Ukraine is full of ancient and modern DUMBs.

Moreover, Ukraine is on important ley lines which makes it a terrestrial energy point and node from where energy flows everywhere, energy that is generated from there, and with the war going on, they turn it negative.

But here the important point is the Ukrainian people themselves. What they want is the population. What they generate in comparison to other populations. That on many levels. So that's what they want, to target their spirit.

The mess is etheric too, for this reason. The wars are thought to be only for economic and strategic reasons which again turns it economic. The truth is that the real basis of all major wars is the population itself. To control, to destroy, to decimate, to plunge them into despair. Reset the memory.

Plunge Ukraine into despair and that would drag the rest of the world with it, this being augmented because they are on ley lines, and because the Slavic people are very strong in their creative capacity, being one of the strongest, whether they know it or not, whether they seem matrix or not.

But I insist that, from above, this conflict is a distraction, that no matter how big this war is or how costly, it is still a distraction. Those who could finance a plandemic at that global level, can also even more easily create a war to distract the population, to make them afraid, so that they do not continue protesting against the plandemic, that is why they use Fake News to make the conflict look bigger.

I understand that it is hard to see or would not be believed that a war of that level, so costly to begin with, is just a distractor for plandemic. The human population itself can't see it, because they don't see the connection, they see everything separate when it is not. The cost of a distractor does not matter because on those higher levels no money is used. Meanwhile, the lower egregore entities feast on the lush that is generated by the creative attention based on fear and suffering of mainly human beings.

What they want is to create chaos, major economic trouble and shortages of all the basic stuff, to have people talk about this, about the war, and not the effects of the inoculations. It is part of exactly the same thing, the same system and agenda. They are all levels of the same perverse game. Don't be fooled.

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