If Everything is Souls´ Plan from Above Anyway- What Do We Do? - Yazhi Swaruu - Pleiadian Contact

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 26, 2020

If Everything is Souls´ Plan from Above Anyway- What Do We Do? - Yazhi Swaruu - Pleiadian Contact

Yazhi: A soul can only take so much, before simply not wanting to "play" more of the same "game”. As I have explained years ago, a soul cannot be trapped, only if it wants to be trapped. So, it is there in that vicious circle only because ultimately it wants to. They want freedom, so in order to experience wanting freedom they must have the contrast to the opposite. Until they understand that it is not needed. But they will come to understand. Many already have. That's when they lose interest in the "game" of physicality, and they escape the Matrix. They will be in the physical again, but they will not repeat the same mistakes. And they will create a better place.

They have strong resistance to one simple fact that I have repeated over and over. Things change from the other side of death. You have a different perspective about everything, other priorities and other expectations, and plans. Values are different, meaning things are irrelevant, only experiences count, and only experiences are important. So that is the opposite of how they think on Earth, because there, material things are important and not ideas and experience, or life has no value, animal life, plant life and even less if it is wild, totally worthless! But a simple piece of paper is valuable. This as a crude example of reversal of what is important and what is not, on Earth.

Gosia: They won´t be able to keep choosing, playing the game or not, if they all get vaccinated. Their souls will be “trapped”. So that´s going too far.

Yazhi: Not exactly trapped, as you cannot trap a soul. What will occur is that they will not be able to enter the body well. Like what happens with Alzheimer's. But that then translates into death of the body, faster and with many more illnesses, because it has a poor connection with Source. From the point of view of the body - mind they will experience the disconnection from Source, and it will be alarming for them, the body as an entity will suffer. They will die off very fast as a race with no connection to Source as they will fall sick of countless diseases. Just as Big Pharma wants.

Gosia: But Yazhi wait a second... if the soul won´t be able to enter... in that sense... isn´t that then also freeing the souls from entering 3D? Vaccines in a way seal the entrance! We want to get them out of 3D right? Isn´t that the good way then?

Yazhi: Yes. But that from one level. But from their level on Earth, it is genocide.

Gosia: But shouldn´t it matter what the souls want from the higher level? They might want this as a way out.

Yazhi: In my humble opinion all levels matter because they are all one. If something is wrong on one level it will be as well in all others. So that genocidal solution is not an option. You cannot kill millions "in the name of a higher perspective". From one or another point of view yes, it is sealing of the entrance to 3D. But from another it is genocide and must be stopped.

Gosia: But they will simply die as they die daily of million other things. They die of cigarettes daily too. What´s the difference? Vaccines or cigarettes?

Yazhi: No difference, they are both their creations. And that is exactly as the Cabal is thinking and justifying itself for the despicable actions it is doing. Exactly as they think. Yet you cannot use this to justify a genocide because people from their 3D life level do not want all this and do not want to die from vaccines. So, if that level is not respected it will collapse all the other levels as well, becoming all chaotic and regressive. Because there are no levels, that is perception again, all existence is one.

Gosia: Ay, too many levels to synchronize in this life.

Yazhi: There is only one. That's my point!

Gosia: But you did say ethics change on other levels. When do we know what level ethics to apply? Maybe there is no genocide then, since souls create everything for themselves! Maybe they want out?

Yazhi: What level ethics to apply? The level you are looking at, you are living in and with your present day conscious experience.

Gosia: The “problem” is that, like you, I don´t always know where my conscious experience really is.

Yazhi: You don't need to know where it is. All you need is to be. I never claim to be in any specific density, I'm never going saying I live in 9th density. I am whatever I am and densities are a false construct. Lack of real understanding of the nature of reality. Just be and be at whatever level you can be at, forget about the numbers.

Gosia: Yes, I know. I wouldn´t even know how to identify it anyway. And not interested much, like you said.

Yazhi: Yes, there are no road signs welcoming you into each density. And you are not fixed into one density alone, you are always wondering, and moving between them all. Only your body is a suit, attempting to restrain your attention in one plane only. But it can't do it well either. Not enough to restrain a strong mind and soul. Of the kind that always looks to the stars and wonders off!

Gosia: Yes true! I still wonder though, did the souls plan this genocide? Is that possible?

Yazhi: Yes. They, whoever they are, many incarnated as members of the Cabal, making this all. Do think this is for the better of humanity and for the Earth. They are convinced a soft kill of the population is better than a hard horrible kill with a nuclear war or something like that, or a real pandemic. So, in their minds they think this is the humane thing to do, best way to kill them off before they kill the planet.

And from yet another point of view, yes, the souls are manifesting this all as a way out. As they've had enough! They want it to end! That is why I keep saying that the world is exactly as it should be! So that´s why the Federation does not like us. I'm perfectly aware of all this and have been for quite a while now. And I was even planning to bring this up with you here as a subject.

Gosia: I don´t know why I thought of it now. Had to pick it up from you then!

Yazhi: You know, as Dolores Cannon said... when a plane crashes, when a bridge collapses and many people die, they had an exit contract among them, to exit 3D the same way collectively, in a group. What makes you think that this covid vaccine genocide is not the same case? It is exactly the same case. The end of a cycle. The souls incarnated on Earth know they are too many for the planet.

But remember something. We are who we are, and we can only be and work at the level we are living in. So, from the perspective of our friends on Earth, that is a terrible crime! Genocide. So, we are working at that "street" level. Helping them, at an individual level and scale. Helping them is who we are and what we can do.

Gosia: But we are much more than that Yazhi. Just a street level. I know too much about it all now to just see it from a street level. Impossible to return to purely that level.

Yazhi: And that as well. Simply because of the fact that we know this, makes us different. And responsible for the information we hold. You now, and before as well, you do not think, you do not understand things at the human level. So, you are not human. You are not like them. So, whatever you do means you must take a lot more responsibility for what you decide to do and the responsibility you have. And you have that responsibility just because you know. Because knowing is observing and observing changes whatever you are looking at.

I really must go now! Much more to talk about. Subject not finished yet. See you tomorrow.

Next day - Yazhi, Robert and Gosia

Yazhi: Is there anything I can help with? Clarify something?

Gosia: Yes. We need to talk more about what we discussed last night. I already told Robert.

Yazhi: Go ahead. Ask or say what you wish.

Gosia: Well, first let's clarify the following: Vaccinations can be and are the souls´ plan to get out of the 3D Matrix? Is it sealing access to the Earth so that they cannot enter and thus remain free outside? It could be their way of "ascending". We are just considering everything.

Yazhi: What is real is whatever real people on Earth manifest for themselves. Whether they are starseeds or not. Being that ultimately all real humans are starseeds. Therefore, everything that happens there is generated by them. From higher planes there is no evil, that is a dualistic interpretation that only happens and only exists on lower planes.

Therefore, from where everything is generated, from where all souls come and live, everything that happens on Earth and in any other so-called low plane, is their design. Ergo: Covid and vaccination is the creation or manifestation of humans as a collective and individually as well.

Gosia: “It is generated by them”... but by their souls from above? Or by their lower selves? Because if it is done by their souls from above it could be something positive, to get out of here. And if they generated it from lower planes, from their lower understanding... it is because they want more limitation, more to learn from duality. I don't understand which layer of them has generated it. How should we interpret it?

Yazhi: There is no difference. The only thing that distinguishes one and the other is the memory and awareness of working or existing from said higher plane. But no higher plane exists without its lower one, because they are only aspects of themselves. The same happens with souls, there is no higher self, everything is the same person, it only depends on how much you want to see, on your level of consciousness. Ergo: It is generated by the souls, from the point of view that is valid from below, or from above, equally. But objectively it was generated by the layers of their souls in a state of duality, that is, low.

Gosia: Yes, but as a way out of the Matrix?

Yazhi: Yes, it is a collective exit from the Matrix. The return to one´s place of origin as soul, it is just returning the attention of that soul to this place. Place which they have never left, the Source. Therefore, nobody gets lost, only as a result of their own ideas. That is why you must take responsibility for what you believe, for what you think, always.

Gosia: So, it's a positive thing, that they get out?

Yazhi: The answer is relative. The positive does not exist without the negative. Therefore, it is a position or concept seen from low densities only.

Gosia: But here comes in Robert's question. These souls are Matrix. They wouldn't really go back to Source, although we all are it. Wouldn't they go to low astral? But in this case, they are planning this as a 3D escape, but they will take the Matrix with them. Will they remain in the low astral Matrix?

Yazhi: Yes, as I have said or explained before, one does not incarnate "from Source" (although ultimately everything is Source and from Source), but rather you incarnate from high densities where the concept of duality still exists. So, you can still make plans from there. Where they go depends on the level of each soul. They leave en masse, collectively, but it does not mean that they all have the same destiny.

Gosia: But Yazhi, something else. You say that perhaps it has been generated by its layer that is in duality. But wouldn't you say that leaving collectively the Matrix in this way is to get out of the duality game? As you said yesterday, souls are tired. They want to end the game. Go to other places. So, this would mean they are creating this from some level that is already above this extreme duality that dominates 3D. They want to get out of 3D.

Yazhi: Yes, the souls are tired, they know that it is not possible to continue as they are. The Matrix game is tiring. They know it from above. Yes, it is a mass exodus and with it the destruction of the Matrix and 3D as it is known.

The Cabal and the Illuminati, the regressives full of pure evil, cannot exist by themselves, evil is not self-sustaining, because it self-destroys. Evil has the characteristic or definition of having the tendency to self-destruct, so they need a collective or individual mind or minds that are creative so that they are constantly reversing what they do. Neutralizing their regressive actions or else everything just disappears.

Ergo, evil is only generated by a being with its own consciousness that maintains the components of both the evil, and positive. Ergo: The regressives and the Cabal is just a product of the very people within the Matrix game. The villain of the story used as a means to end the game.

Even so, from the position from within the Earth there is evil, and it must be fought. But by fighting evil one only perpetuates it, one only manages to give greater continuity to the game of low densities, to the eternal game of fight between good and evil.

Being that the integration of good and evil is the only solution. Not to deny or resist evil, but to integrate and accept it, which will inevitably bring about its dissolution. Only the positive remaining. What defines a high density.

Robert: So, to end the bad guys we have to get the creators out of here?

Yazhi: It is a very real solution. Without creators, there is no contrast, there is no one to neutralize evil... It dissolves.

Gosia: So now what Yazhi? Should we support this mass exit?

Yazhi: This is the part that I couldn't explain last night since we ran out of time.

You simply must see and decide for yourselves, each person, each soul, what is or what is your position with regard to this. As I have already explained, any level of perception and awareness is as valid as the next.

That is, just because there is a certain point of view from a higher plane, it does not invalidate the lower one. This is a very common mistake that countless make. Giving priority to the values or agendas of a higher plane seeing the lower one as something ignorant, therefore incomplete.

Consciousness and densities are a whole, no level can be removed, everything is the same with the same value. Therefore, being on Earth embodied as starseeds, walking the streets, there is evil there and from that point of view they must fight, or their lives will simply end. This, knowing that from above that was always the plan.

So, from higher planes it is necessary to integrate everything, but nevertheless, from below they must fight. All at the same time. Ultimately the higher planes will win by integrating everything. And with that, comes the collective and individual ascension.

So, this must be understood in a way that expands the mind and helps to find new solutions to the problem, solutions that do not include genocide. Viewing the problem integrally. All planes at the same time, not only with the priorities or points of view of one or another. So, this means that you do what your conscience dictates from within the plane in which you live. Taking responsibility for what you think is right.

Robert: So, we continue with the work of mind-consciousness expansion.

Yazhi: If that's the right thing to do from where you are, then that's what you have to do.

Gosia: Yes, but I feel that I live in multiple planes at the same time, although you say that there is only one, and these planes each have different priorities. So, I don't know which side to position myself on! On the side of their souls higher up, or on the side of them as Earth humans who want to continue living here.

Yazhi: Here's the problem: If they don't come out en masse now, they will leave en masse later but taking the rest of the planet with them, because there are not enough planetary resources for everyone at the rate that they go with the mindset they have. I have said before that there is no overpopulation and that the numbers are rigged, I still maintain it.

The problem is that still, there are many, and even if they were less, with that mentality of ¨me first¨ and of eating up everything that exists, mistreating nature, they will not be able to sustain life and current civilization without an imminent collapse in the short term.

So, from a point of view, the sterilization plan for men and women (both, not just men) that goes with the Covid vaccine and with its subsequent side effects, is, or would be, an option that does not involve a mass death of extremely unpleasant nature as it would be as a result of a catastrophe due to the total destruction of all ecosystems, creating a total famine.

Gosia: So, we support vaccines - the calmer genocide?

Yazhi: Not so fast <--- <--- I just expose the cards on the table. This would be more or less valid from one point of view or another.

The problem is that not only is there that as a Covid agenda, but it is a complex set of agendas within the same bottle. It also includes mind control, the modification of the human body using heavy metals with a goal to make the entire body a receptive antenna to 5G among other frequencies ---> ---> Transhumanism. And sacrifices to continue generating more regressive entities.

So, it's not an option to back any of that.

Even seeing the so-called positive aspects of the depopulation agenda, it is still genocide. Because from the point of view of the general population it is genocide and as I said and explained above, the point of view below is not less, nor of less value than a point of view called superior. And it is not respecting the wishes of the people in the streets, and what happens in the misnamed lower plane.

Therefore, the system or the exit plan is not ethical from any level, be it higher or lower (because in the end it is only the same integrating everything). And by not being ethical, its positive intention collapses. Creating the need to neutralize such a horrific plan, in favor of returning "to the blackboard" to try again to find another viable solution to the problem that does not involve genocide.

But it is worth mentioning here that the Cabal itself believes that it is the only solution from their point of view or their level of consciousness, and there are members of the so - wrongly - called elite who are not regressive and who see the vaccines as the only solution to try to save the planet without killing people (more than or due to adverse effects and the like) being that only mass sterilization is sought.

From yet another point of view... I also clearly see this as an attempt by the regressive Cabal to stop the mass influx of starseeds of positive races that have been entering in large numbers for about three decades (although they have always been entering).

Robert: But why vaccinate older people if they are already sterile?

Yazhi: I have asked myself that question. And my answer now is that they do it because it not only includes elements of sterilization but also of mass control and transhumanism. There are also economic agendas involved where they want to remove older people for not being productive to the system. This is evident by looking at the agendas around the issue of pensions, and this around the world. They do not want pensioners.

Gosia: But then could it be said that the souls are taking advantage of the "evil" and its plans, for their benefit? To get out of here while they can. But in this case, we are not only "fighting" the Cabal but the very creative forces (of Covid) of these souls who want to leave!

Yazhi: Objectively that is also valid. Seeing the problem from a somewhat simplistic point of view since it does not consider elements of mass control, transhumanism, 5G antennas with the body reacting to their frequencies since they are full of heavy metals.

Gosia: And another thing. You said: “And they are not respecting the wishes of people in the streets, and what happens in this misnamed lower plane.” But one thing. You are always saying that the masses in general want vaccines. So, from higher planes they want vaccines because they want to get out of here, and also from below they want vaccines. They are waiting in line. So, it is us who are not respecting their wishes, isn´t it?

Yazhi: Yes, unfortunately that would also be valid as an argument or observation. Whether or not under manipulation of consciousness (which occurs all the time), they as a mass desire that experience and it must also be considered that they enter the vicious circle of the law of mirrors that dictates that if you put your attention on the regressive, you will only get more of the same.

In summary. The whole plan is understood from above. Let's say humans see the problem from below, from the ground. We see it from above, the whole set. And in short... genocide must be avoided at all costs. This is like telling the Cabal that we understand their entire plan and even more so from higher planes. And we even recognize their ethical arguments as valid from one or another incomplete perspective. And yet we reject the plan, and it must be stopped. It is not ethical from any existential plane. It is genocide seen from any plane. Even so: You have to remember that on Earth nothing is fair. And that is why atrocities continue to be perpetuated.

Another point is that it is very possible that the Cabal called positive or less regressive is about to implement its own "Covid" vaccine that only contains the sterilizing elements, eliminating to some degree the most harmful elements also present in the same bottle, elements that would be present in the versions of the "Covid" vaccines from the Regressive Cabal. I do not see it as an option to accept these vaccines.

Gosia: So, we continue in resistance?

Yazhi: Of course, yes. And from higher up, from higher planes where everything is almost totally integrated, it is the agreed mass departure even from before incarnating there. It is not my theory; it is what I see and continue to see from my point of view. But from where you are it must be prevented. Or fought against.

Gosia: You are right. Because if we start to think this way, that everything is "planned" so we must let things be... then we will not react to anything, a dog will be mistreated but we will say it´s ok, "the dog has planned it". So, you have to help where you can with what you can see is unfair.

Yazhi: Yes, it's the same thing. From one point of view this is what the dog is manifesting. From another, yours, it is an atrocity, and you must be yourself and stop that.

The issue here is that people are used to thinking in a linear way, only black or white. This is mainly due to 3D thinking, and perception awareness. Not trained in holographic thinking where you must face cognitive challenges where two or more things that appear to be completely contrary or opposites may well be both correct and often are.

So here you must understand that from above, from a soul level from high density and dimensions, that was planned by the very souls who experience it all, whatever atrocity, so you can, or even must hold that in your mind as something very relaxing or very comforting. Because there is a higher order of things and there are other ways to see whatever is going on in a way that is not so dramatic or tragic. For example, the death of a loved one, it is horrible from one point of view and a return home from another.

But then, even though everything is planned and even death is only a return home and must be celebrated as it is in many cultures outside Earth, you must also not ignore the point of view of the side of the living, where the loss of the loved one is indeed a terrible thing.

So, knowing that death is not final, that your consciousness, your awareness and even your Ego one way or another, one degree or another, depending on each person, goes on, on the so-called other side, may make you think that you would lose respect for life, diminishing it as irrelevant. But this knowledge has the opposite effect as it makes you value life even more.

Because the point of view from a lower Density-Dimension is as valid as the one from a higher one. So, the mere fact that something is unwanted, horrible, tragic, or whatever in any one density makes it, in my opinion, unwanted, horrible, tragic in all Densities-Dimensions.

I even sustain that there are no higher or lower densities, that is only a concept of the mind. Where the only thing that really separates one from another is the complexity of the awareness and therefore of the existence in any such density, and that added complexity is expressed as a dimension therefore they are in my mind connected and inseparable.

But the issue here is that if something is relevant in 3D, on Earth, then it must be treated as a relevant problem to be faced. So, we must all face any problem on Earth as it will affect all densities because they are not separated by any kind of barrier and what happens in any such density affects them all as it is only a mind construct, and one single unity, as in all the densities are one in the end and only the degree in which the observer's mind can distinguish the complexity in general, present in all, is what determines what density and therefore dimension it lives in.

Gosia: If death, in whatever form, is tragic, unwanted in this dimension, then... according to what you say, it should be so in all densities. But is it?

Yazhi: It should be recognized as tragic in and from all, but at the same time you can also see death or any tragedy from the point of view of a higher density where things are not so tragic. But I insist that it should not invalidate the real suffering going on in the so-called lower density.

And that´s why also I am angry. At just about all the other star-races that only talk and observe and respect their ideas of Karma and non-intervention, and whatever excuse not to do anything about what goes on on Earth, ever. Because they never do anything about anything going on on Earth. And if I could do more, I would have already done it! And many races even accept my arguments or the arguments of people who agree with me, as valid, but then they turn the other way. They say it is not of their doing, they say that if they help, they become involved and that it will all transfer on to their society, they are basically afraid to get a stain on their perfect robes! And then they all go by all that karma justifications for not doing anything.

I know they "all" think this way, but I cannot understand their deep why! It is irrational, illogical, immoral. Many have said they don't know how to intervene. How about making themselves known? Taking over news networks? Spilling the soup! Telling the people about all the dark secrets their governments are hiding from them. If they don't do that, then they are as regressive as any other. But they don't. So, I see the Federation as negative, sorry, no way around that!

Gosia: Ay, everything is so complicated.

Yazhi: The higher your understanding, the more complicated everything is. I have already explained it before. What defines a higher plane is the amount of data to be processed, remember? Nothing I gave before was to fill the space, but everything has a sequence that will be used to understand progressively more complicated things that will come later. I left the base to later be able to give more complicated ideas. Or else it would not be understood.

Gosia: And what do you say to people who tell me sometimes: “Did you forget... what you resist, persists? Why fight then?” How would you respond to that in this whole context of: We must try to stop the genocide. People are so black and white. But how would you respond to that in your words?

Yazhi: That has been misinterpreted to a dangerous level, as in ignoring whatever you don't want... and that becomes your unconscious and from there and with no control it will come back to bite you! That's a mathematical certainty!

It is true that if you hold your attention on to something it will come to you, manifest or whatever. Even in the simplest principle, making things relevant to you that were there before but you simply did not have an eye for them, therefore they were invisible to you.

For example, if you are not interested in bicycles, you won't see them, unless they are right in front of you and in your way. But if you suddenly have an interest in bicycles and you are constantly thinking about them, then they will appear everywhere.

They were always there in the simplest of explanations and you simply did not have your attention on them, but if you go deeper indeed from your point of view, that is the only one that really matters for you the observer, you are really manifesting them in your life. So even from the simplest principle whatever you look at manifests.

If you hold your attention on something negative it will also appear more to you, but if you resist whatever is negative, then you will have an increased focused attention on to whatever you are resisting with the added effect of emotions, and if you add fear into the equation then it will hold an attention span of strength that is considerably stronger than other things that may be contrary to whatever you resist.

So, strictly speaking, whatever you are resisting is manifesting more on you. Focus plus attention, plus rejection plus emotion like fear. People fall into that sort of trap and they are continuously living in their own nightmares.

So, focusing with an observant eye is different and has an effect contrary to this one, because you, in neutrality, analyse whatever you do not want, analyze why you do not want it, and you use it as a reference to clear out in your mind's eye what you do want.

So, you are not resisting whatever you don't like, you recognize that you do not want it, but you fully understand what it is and why it is, so you confront and face it. And that will dissolve fear, because fear is mostly, if not entirely, formed by not knowing, not understanding that what we fear. You fear the unknown, but once it is known then you lose the fear towards whatever it is or was. This has an effect where you incorporate whatever you do not want into yourself as a reference point, as a contrast for whatever you do want. It becomes a part of you, and you then control those negative aspects of yourself as you do not fear them.

Gosia: It actually dawned on me now... it´s so clear! Sure! People think that if we try to ¨resist¨ the NWO and all that, fighting against it, we are making it persist. They think the idea is to turn away the attention. But that´s not resisting! That´s ignoring what´s there, and blatant in everyone´s face, already created. What we do is actually not resisting. We look at it straight in its face. We acknowledge the collective shadow that has been created. And we simply light the truth on it. Dismantling the shadow´s lies.

Yazhi: Yes, yes. I'm even convinced many spiritual teachings and leaders who push the “think only positively” and push that ¨whatever you resist persists¨, may even be payees or controlled by the powers at be as a spiritual control mechanism for people to stagnate and do nothing.

As I have said before that is a very dangerous and even cruel concept. And it is very old. It comes even from the times of the Buddha. But without discussing if Buddha himself wrote or said that, we do know for certain that most Buddhist concepts (not necessarily from Buddha, I insist) were implemented as control mechanisms for the people in India from 600 B.C., onward. Like it or not, it is the truth.

The NWO, if you ignore it for it to go away, and you think you are not resisting it... it will eat you alive. Same as if you try to ignore the hungry tiger stalking you! Fight... Because in this case there is nowhere to run away. You have no choice! Fight, or annihilation. That simple. And that crude!

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