You Are Getting Flanked! EMPs for Nanotechnology (Swaruu - Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 01, 2020

You Are Getting Flanked! EMPs for Nanotechnology (Swaruu - Taygeta - Pleiades)

Timelines are broken. No one is taking me seriously on this, because it is out of their perception. But I do mean that is what is going on here. Meaning that Everything IS real and Everything is NOT real. It is whatever they want to believe.

We cannot deny the fear and the hard convincing evidence of many people, even politicians and Doctors about the Virus being out there. That is THEIR world. But there is another world and we must stick to what we honestly see. And I'm not going to be quiet, because my messages are not of love and light. I share the hard truth! Best I've got.

But people miss another point. That I do NOT only see one thing. As there is a virus for many, but not for us... That is also a good thing! Because the future's not set in stone. So get off your behinds and do something about it! Roll up your sleeves, don't whine under the stairs!

I'm a Fighter Pilot. I'm not a sissy little rosy girl giving false hope for people to feel "GOOD" while they take them to FEMA camps! Fight, god damn it, Fight!

Yes, I do see the New World Order, but I also see positive arrests going on because there is no virus. And I also see free energy out there, at last. And I see people flourishing. But not because the Federation stepped in to help. Because they did it, the little puny humans no one believes in... they are strong and they can pull this through. Every single timeline is in the air now! But I'm not going to help the NWO distracting people with false hope.

There is a Tiger in the room. I'm not going to say it's a kitten. And that Tiger is the virus. All the people's attention is on the virus, on the Tiger. That in Combat terms is called AGRO. Meaning in Military terms. .. Air Combat Maneuvers. ACM. They are Flanking you <-----

All your attention on the virus while they strike you sideways using the pincer maneuvers. Basic ACM. I see this because I'm Military trained.

Tigers use that tactic in the wild. They will appear in front of their prey ... And sit there doing nothing, in their line of view. The prey will be paralyzed at the sight of the tiger. Then the limbic system kicks in, sending all the blood to the extremities to trigger fight or flight. But then the prey doesn't think well, as the brain does not receive enough blood and is full of adrenaline ...And while their attention is on the tiger in front of them, just sitting there, frightening away the flies with its tail...The other tigers will jump on the prey from the sides, from the bushes... And the prey many times never knew what hit them. Because they are dead. Coronavirus is a tiger sitting there, frightening flies with its tail!

I'm not spreading empty fear. I'm warning you there is a tiger in the room. Look around you, not only look at the tiger. And I'm not only seeing negative outcomes. I also see some arrests going on... Hundreds of thousands of children are being rescued. We have confirmation of joint forces US Navy Seals, and Army Rangers and Army Delta Force, working hand in hand with Federation Special Forces. This is a FACT now. I've seen enough through our intelligence findings. I've seen inside the hospital ships of the US Navy. The staff is working with children there. Without masks. Because there is no virus.

TP Fighters also scanned a US AIR FORCE C-17 with several incubators with babies in them. All live and well. Again no masks. We see people being arrested or fingered using coded transmissions and using codes in clothing using colors, to communicate between the side doing the arrests. So yes Trump IS doing mass arrests... BUT... that also means that this most likely is two sides of the Cabal fighting for power. Not nessessarelly means it's GOOD and Trump is the "Saviour". This is an Election year in the US as far as I know. This is also about power. So I see two factions of the Cabal fighting for power, and we all know there are factions.

In the end the people of Earth are in control of what they want for their immediate future, the dice are in the air! Whatever they manifest will be. It's their creation and that is done with mind, and you need to know things in order to know what you want and what you don't want. So no, I'm not being negative. I'm being realistic. I'm not New Age.

The Federation is not the Cabal, I expand on what has already been given. The Cabal IS a human creation. They must fix the problem. But over the Cabal over everything else, the Federation is in control of Earth. They are the Overlords and the "owners" of Earth. But they are not negative, they just are and they do as best as they can. The Federation will not solve your problems, it will only see to it that you don't destroy yourselves in the process of learning. You the people, are in control. You manifest. You are there to learn to be gods! Because everything there is of your creation.

To those who see me as different, yes I am different. I understand more now. I'm older now, and younger. I've also learned a lot from you people in general, and how not to treat you.

And I'm terribly sorry for those with who I once talked to in private, but for now I cannot continue to do so, me or anyone of my team, as we are very busy now... doing our best for humanity not to destroy itself in the process of learning to control what they manifest. We love you and we thank you for all you have taught us.

As we have said earlier, agenda 21 timeline is what the controllers do want, depopulation of the planet, and I do see this kind of event happening, but as I said it is not set in stone. If that happened though, I must inform you of how things are seen from this point of view from a Federation vessel in space.

Death from the human perspective is seen as a horrible tragedy, and from your point of view it is and I'm not taking that away from you, it is tragic and horrible. The primordial fear. But from advanced 5D and above, species see death as the exit door from Earth. Meaning whoever does not want to live under the circumstances of present day and near future Earth, they can please step out of Earth and go back to their places of origin. That's their point of view.

So in the case of a full blown negative outcome, New World Order, where people are forced to be vaccinated and they live in a exceedingly Orwellian planet with no liberties and all connected and controlled by Artificial intelligence ... The souls that do not want to experience that... will die. But from Federation's perspective they are only going home.

So you must understand both perspectives here as I do. I do not agree with seeing death as only the way out because it is like forgetting the very real tragic experience. But from higher realms that is the way they see it. So even in a mass extinction event, there is a positive side to it as well.

But that does not necessarily have to happen. You decide what you want to live. You are the ones who control your own destiny as people and as a collective.

If I say there is no Tiger in the room, that it's a fluffy kitten, people will love our message... but it may bring an undesirable side effect. They will all be eaten. Because like it or not... A Tiger is a Tiger.

You ask me which timeline is more probable to happen. I cannot answer that. I am aware of multiple timelines. That's what I'm trying to tell you. Nothing is set in stone. You are the masters of your future. From here I see many of them. That is my nature. So I report what I see because it may be of help. If I see something negative, on one of them, don't shoot the messenger. It is of your doing, humanity, not mine!

But I'm no different from anyone else. We are all like this... Scalar. Multi- density and multi-timeline. The only difference is that I remember and I know this for myself. No use sharing this for personal fulfillment. It is relevant here for humanity. They are at a Nexus point. They need to be aware of all this. Unite or die. That is what fractured the timeline in the first place. Their inability to unite.

I know that all the doctors on Earth or 99.99% of them conspiracy and matrix alike say that there is a virus. That there is evidence that it was made in the laboratory. And that it has 3 DNA inserts. I know that the governments will never say that it was false. Whether they know it or not they won't say it. It is all media base but people do not believe it. They can´t fathom that it would be possible to put something so huge like this together. But that´s what it is.

So we started to see if it was 5G. Anéeka did a study and it turns out that the places do not correspond, high numbers of covid-19 cases with the sites with a lot of 5G. We also understood why they do not say coronavirus anymore, but covid-19, because in the USA for some reason it has become illegal to associate the word virus with what is happening. In itself it is not only strange, but quite revealing. Because according to experts, covid-19 refers to a military operation. As we already know.

So we started to associate not only the 5G that, as Anéeka explains, can be 3ghz, 27ghz, 60ghz and many other frequencies. So 5G comes in different forms. All forms of 5G and 4G and 3G, Wifi, and any other kind of electromagnetic radiation do and cause serious health damage, including flu-like symptoms, so it IS associated with 5G because the amount of total radiation has increased at not just a few points on the planet but as a whole, on the entire planet.

But what happens with everything related to the covid-19 is not just 5G. There is another element of high technology at play here that few people know exists. The general public sees it as a science fiction impossibility, and this is the nano technology present in vaccines. As it has already been said, reject the vaccine at any cost. Vaccines since at least 1997 contain heavy metals and nanotechnology. Humans only recognize heavy metals as preservatives for vaccines. This is the excuse.

The reason for metals in vaccines is not only to increase the re-activity of the human body to communication technologies of any kind, but they contain nanoparticles. Once inside the body, there is no way to remove heavy metals, much less nano technology. <--- <--- They say there are some remedies, but they are palliative. I see no evidence of their effectiveness.

Nanotechnology is remotely activated and controlled using 5G networks. Any communication network works, not just 5G. What distinguishes it is the data transmission capacity, to meet high requirements such as controlling a large human population already vaccinated.

Likewise the chip that will come with the vaccine, be it in the form of rice size, or purely nano-technology within the same substance (most likely) ... That chip will be two-way, not just one. In other words, they can affect people's behavior, insert commands and ideas as their own using this technology. Direct to the brain.

In a simulation we have done, with the best data I have, I can stop that in a simple way. And teach how to stop it with homemade trick available to almost everyone, and I do not even have to detail it how, because the instructions are already on the Internet. With a home EMP. Electromagnetic Pulse.

It has brought me spectacular results for stopping and deactivating nanoparticles. They are very weak to EMPs. They stop working. Also the use of Faraday cages brings good results isolating people from the big towers.

It works with several voltages, the higher the better, but even low EMP voltages disable them since the nanoparticles are very weak. I tested it with frequencies on immersion models with our computers. Methods as in devices that produce EMP.

As long as it has a voltage or amperage strong enough to melt a homemade light bulb, it is enough or even less. The point here is that all my models seem to have the same result. They are deactivated with basic and low voltage electromagnetic pulse.

Gosia: But how is it applied? To the body?

Swaruu: Passing it all over the body or better yet if you go inside a Faraday cage, but even without, it works.

Robert: And do the nano particles withstand high temperatures?

Swaruu: Nano particles do endure that and more. But a simple EMP, they do not.

Gosia: And how will you know if you have them inside you or not?

Swaruu: If you were vaccinated against influenza and flu. Especially after 1997.

Gosia: Ok. And another thing .... haven't they protected nano robot technology against that?

Swaruu: Apparently not. They are not counting on thousands of people, millions perhaps having EMP devices. Why would they have them?

Gosia: Ok, and a question. What is the EMP for in general?

Swaruu: An EMP under the already famous and all-useful principle of Dominant Frequencies, when activated stops the passage of electrons through any apparatus that works with electricity or magnetism, since it cannot compete with the dominant frequency of the EMP apparatus. That´s why many times electricity goes out when a ship that humans call UFO, is near.

So yes, tell people to try this. This method in computer models here works, with the best data we have. I can't tell exactly in the real field down there.

Gosia: And what tests did you do to find out that it works?

Swaruu: Just looking at the efficiency and mobility of nanoparticles before and after EMP. The results were very clear. It deactivates them.

Robert: It disables them but the body expels them later?

Swaruu: No. They remain inside the body. But as inert metals. They cause problems such as the generation of fibrous tissues and vascular atheromas, triggering inflammatory responses. Increased toxicity also in the case of metals such as mercury.

Gosia: Ok. But in which nano particles have you experimented? Or you mean in the immersion?

Swaruu: Immersion, with data of nanoparticles found in vaccines that we already had and from blood samples from Wuhan, earlier this year. I have no other way to do the study. Humans must do it their way.

Gosia: I understand.

Swaruu: But in itself, it is not a replacement for non-vaccination. And in the same way they must reject the use of 5G and associates.

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