Soul Traps and Amnesia Machines before death - Do They Exist? - Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 08, 2022

Soul Traps and Amnesia Machines before death - Do They Exist? - Athena Swaruu

Originally in English – 2022

Gosia: "Remote viewers targeted the location of the soul amnesia machine and will release its location in approximately two weeks. Maybe the Taygetans could swing by and dismantle so humanity can have its memory restored! That would be nice."

Swaruu X (Athena): A machine as responsible for the veil of forgetfulness, no it can't exist as forgetting is an intrinsic part of the making of a soul, ego or self as it is giving it a frame of apparent limitation while in a sea of eternity. But there may be "a" machine that is causing even more amnesia, (making it worse artificially) and even the Van Allen Belt generators could be such a machine.

Gosia: Thank you. I also saw this: "Remote viewers say the soul is tortured with electric shock to erase memories and implant negative programs to prevent awakening and connection to Source. What is the best remedy for this?" Anything to comment on this?

Swaruu X (Athena): You cannot trap a soul because there is nothing to trap, it's Source itself. Removing all religious connotations to 'soul'. A 'soul' as in the essence of an individual is an idea, or group of ideas that are held as attachments by Source itself, being that that 'soul' is simply part of Source and it is isolated from other so called 'souls' only by an arbitrary or almost arbitrary set of limitations, ideas as said above, and in a context of memory held in connection to those ideas or concepts. That is, Source chooses to see from one 'point' of itself to another 'point' of itself as... 'Jenny'. So there cannot be something to trap. You cannot trap the absolute. The infinite creator of everything there is, was and ever will be.

However, what can be done is to impose, using some media, and usually done using a so-called physical body that helps hold the idea or essence of an ego, or a 'self', into thinking it's trapped somehow. So it is the 'Soul-Ego-Self' that has been tricked into believing that it is trapped. That would be the only way, and in the very instant that 'soul-ego-self' notices this, then it will break free from that said trap.

And you do not need to go further than to see the very ideas that give us all an identity of self, a 'me', an ego, those are traps of this kind I'm describing above. Pet ideas, limitations within a whole. That's all. A 'soul-ego-self' is forever transforming, and forever free.

Gosia: Why do so many people talk about these trapping machines, memory forced deletions etc.?

Swaruu X (Athena): More ideas. They can be done to people, and are done all the time, even the simple fact of living in a planet, especially Earth, will give you the illusion of being trapped.

And memory wipes can be done with high technology because they can isolate thoughts and all they need to do is super impose an opposing frequency to the one held by that thought. That's invasive and not ethical at all.

Gosia: So it cannot be done in an disembodied state? Or can it? Some attention trapping "machines" when we die?

Swaruu X (Athena): From the other side they can exploit the already existing concept of 'soul-ego-self' held by the person who has disembodied. Technically it can be done. But it's basically manipulation of the perception of that 'soul-ego-self' and not an actual trap as such.

It can be done in the disembodied state because as long as someone holds a 'soul-ego-self', dead or not, astral or not, it holds some kind of body any way, that 'soul-ego-self' is 'a' body in itself. However, direct answer from a lower point of view: it is much easier to do it when an individual 'soul-ego-self' is in what you would call 'a physical body'.

Having said all that above, and accepting that it can be done, what they describe on Earth is only more Earth concepts that are not happening as such anywhere else and are basically only the best interpretation those people saying those things have to explain complex subjects they do not understand fully.

Gosia: Ok, but I am still confused, I am sorry for insisting. Do they do it or not, after death? "Soul trapping"? In the way that you described, by trapping the attention, is it done? If so, in what manner exactly?

Swaruu X (Athena): Not as such, those are concepts that are close to reality or close to what can be done. The basic soul trap as such at death, the classic one referring to forced re-incarnation, does not occur as with a machine much less with a devil holding a pitchfork. It's the basic ideas of the 'soul-ego-self' itself that make it want to re-incarnate.

The only trap is the one the 'soul-ego-self' takes on to itself based on its belief systems it held when it was 'alive'. Ideas are the Matrix, so people when they die, they take the Matrix with them, because what they lived and experienced while alive formed their concept of 'soul-ego-self', therefore themselves. So they are the ones forcing themselves to re-incarnate, holding on to their ideas in the form of attachments they cannot shed at death. They need to let go!

Gosia: So why do so many people talk about it, or remote viewers see it?

Swaruu X (Athena): Swaruus are into the habit of contradicting nearly everyone. I think what they are seeing is a distorted interpretation of what a 'soul-ego-self' imposes on itself.

Gosia: So can soul be trapped with frequency/em field?

Swaruu X (Athena): Only with a very technological advanced machine: immersion pod <---


Gosia: I saw this recently online: "The war in the Orion system resulted in a large number of refugees to flee to Earth over a great many years. Their normal transference to the planet was to be born there. Eventually, the Orion authorities sent their representatives to transform Earth into a prison planet. Technology was installed that erases a subject’s memory upon physical death, implants false memories, and then recycles the subject back into another human life cycle, essentially keeping a population under lock and key without an easy way to escape."

Swaruu X (Athena): Only this holds some truth: "The war with the Orion alliance resulted in a large number of refugees that fled to Earth over a large span of time. Normal emigration to planet Earth began at that point." The rest is not true and I could write a whole essay explaining why.

It only perpetuates what many say on Earth, and it holds no truth. And it shows ignorance about many things, for example how memory is lost or wiped out when a soul-ego-self incarnates there. Machines that erase memory exist, but their effects are mostly temporary, but no one is applying them on Earth in a large scale.

The veil of forgetfulness on Earth, upon entering it, is a natural phenomenon caused by a frequency disparity between high frequency soul-ego-self in a higher plane of existence and Earth's realm under a low frequency soup. So high frequency memory 'signals' simply do not enter simply because they are not 'tuned' to Earth's.

The exact same phenomenon happens when dreaming. People are in another lighter higher frequency realm and the memory of having being there fades fast because there is no frequency compatibility. Like a stereo that is not tuned to the correct radio station. And when people remember a dream, they do so mostly only in fragments, and this is achieved because they managed to place enough attention to the dream forcing the physical brain to transform the high frequency signal to a lower frequency memory "format" compatible with Earth's physical realm existence.


Originally in Spanish:

Yazhi: The veil of oblivion obeys something very simple. It's not some machine that erases memories, or anything like that. It's the same mechanism that erases dreams when you wake up. What is in more energetic, lighter planes of existence is not compatible in frequency with the heavier material world, so it does not link those mental frequencies.

The memory is not in the brain, it is in the etheric field. So if those frequencies are very subtle, the brain does not decode them. To remember a past life or last night's dream you have to hold onto it somehow long enough for that subtle thing to imprint a reaction in the brain that can bring it into the physical world as a memory. The brain translates what is in the field and brings it into the physical world. It does not produce the memories. It only projects them onto the physical world. This also happens due to pre-natal agreements.

Originally in Spanish

Robert: It seems, from what I understood, that these regressive entities are genetically experimenting with the souls. In the sense that they are trying to trick them through energetic frequencies that are in accordance with the being created by them. Could these regressive entities somehow hold a soul "captive"? Hold a soul in isolation? Thank you.

Swaruu (9): Yes, they can and do hold it captive, that is what I meant when I wrote about the energetic containers with specific computer-controlled frequencies with zero-point energy principles.

But this is only as long as the soul in question does not realize that it is captive. As soon as it does, it withdraws and they lose it. This happens very often and it is a big problem for them because so many escape that in the end they have few favorable results with this method, so they are resorting to "artificial souls".

Remember that souls are not there, they are in the Source, it is only the "signal" of a soul, like their transmission. It is its point of attention. A being is a point of attention of a soul, not the soul itself. To escape from a container all you have to do is not look in a certain direction, look at something else and done.

Having a soul "captive" is not literal like having a bird imprisoned in a cage. Having it "captive" is like having a person "captivated" by a television program. He is there watching whatever because he is interested in it. If he loses interest or looks at something else, he'll just leave.

Robert: Okay, I understand the trap now. They draw attention of the soul they want for a particular being. Thank you.

Swaruu (9): Aha yes, but as it has not worked for them or very limitedly (there is no lack of mindless souls) they are already developing artificial souls. And that is trans-humanism and advanced artificial intelligence.

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