Covid Vaccines Analyzed by Taygetan Lab - Complete Report - Graphene, Nanotechnology, and Transhumanism

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 02, 2021

Covid Vaccines Analyzed by Taygetan Lab - Complete Report - Graphene, Nanotechnology, and Transhumanism

October 19, 2021, spacecraft Toleka, low Earth orbit.

Laboratory report of substances found in bottles labelled as SARS CoV-2 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

Dr. Anéeka of Temmer.

Dr. Surgeon Senetre of Erra.

Dr. Dhor Kaal'el of Temmer.

Star Ship Toleka Medical Laboratory TPT-001, October 2021


Main equipment and methods of observation and study:

- Optical bifocal microscope, Mag x1500 max.

- Optical microscope, Mag x1500 max, computerized.

- Electronic microscope, Mag x200,000 max, computerized.

- Molecular and subatomic emitted frequencies Spectroscope.

- Gravitational electronic interferometer microscope with mass-specific-gravity mapping capability, with subatomic component detection capability, coupled with medical quantum-holographic computer with high-definition hologram data monitor. With the capacity of reading materials at nuclear-level capacity and of classification of substances, samples and biological tissues and the capacity of mapping or reading cellular DNA of such samples.

- Quantum holographic computer with Medical program with detailed simulation of the entire human body with all its biological processes, for prediction of progressive development with time frame. Same for other non-human species studied.

- 150 human tissue cultures grown in Medical Pod to study reactions in real time.

- 30 non-human tissue cultures grown in Medical Pod to study reactions in Lyrian, Andromedan, Arcturian-Dieslientiplex and Urmah species.

-50 bottles of Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine, 5 doses of 0.3ml.

-50 bottles of Moderna Vaccine COVID 19, 10 doses x 0.5ml.

-50 bottles of AstraZeneca COVID 19 Vaccine, 10 doses x 0.5ml.


Large mass of particles of substance congruent with Graphene with an atomic and molecular structure partially in disorder and partially ordered in crystalline form of synthetic artificial origin found inside all of them.

The mode or method of production of such particles exceeds the technological level of present human civilization, since for their production what is needed are the replicator devices based on technology of creation of matter from energy with the use of controlled frequencies and harmonics. Congruent with matter replicators used at the technological level of highly advanced non-human races, members of the Federation of United Planets.

It involves arranging individual atoms to form particles with crystalline order. In such order lies the magnetic capacity or frequency and electrical properties of the remaining molecule which on Earth is being called Graphene. It involves the technological ability to create an intelligent particle with variable, size but which is only about 10nm in size, made with less than 60 atoms, that is 10 times smaller than an average virus-exosome.

Graphene as a material is extremely resistant, flexible, with transparent properties if grouped in the right crystalline form, it is thermally conductive, electrically conductive, and highly magnetic or magnetisable. By grouping its molecules in a single plane, a Graphene structure or sheet can be only one atom thick. It is probably the strongest material known to the human race.

A single atom of Carbon, the basis of Graphene, consists of 6 protons, 6 (or 7) neutrons and 6 electrons (666).

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Atomically programmed Graphene is capable of forming any structural shape combining many of its molecules. This is achieved by activating or deactivating attachment points or bonding points on each molecule using an electromagnetic response at a specific frequency of each group of bonding points of the artificially prepared molecules.

The electromagnetic frequencies that control the Graphene can be programmed and transmitted over airborne microwave frequencies including the shape itself which the Graphene will take, down to the smallest detail, in progression until the desired structure is formed.

The Graphene in the vaccine bottles has very low magnetism until it is introduced into a living tissue where it is activated and begins its pre-programmed process. The moment it enters the body, Graphene becomes highly magnetic. The same field of electrochemical and biological frequencies of the body triggers the programmed Graphene by turning it on. This is achieved by re-clustering the molecules in the Graphene to the structure necessary to generate magnetic polarity, it is ignited by contact in close proximity to a living organism and its bio electric properties.

The Graphene travels through the bloodstream to the whole body adhering to the tissues in the process, it is found in a higher concentration in the tissues where there is a higher concentration of Graphene molecules per ml (milliliters) of blood, i.e., those close to the point of entry of the inoculation, which explains the magnetized arms that are reported worldwide.

Upon reaching a living tissue, Graphene will adhere to the cell walls and enter each cell by filtering through the cell membrane due to its very small size. Once inside each cell, the Graphene moves between the organelles and penetrates the cell nucleus where it will adhere to the cell's DNA.

Graphene forms nano-tubule-like structures around the cellular DNA and in direct contact with it, sequestering or caging it:

**Images not supported**

Right away, each nanotube segment will react to the electromagnetic-bioelectrical properties and specific electric resistance of each component of cellular DNA; Adenine, Thiamine, Guanine, Cytosine, or A-T-G-C. And its reaction between the pores or openings of the Graphene lattice will create an exact copy of the DNA structure, but with magnetic properties, inside the nanotube structure that envelops the cellular DNA, and with this procedure the Graphene can decode the DNA inside each cell and is able to be read or transmitted in a technological way, similar to that of a computer hard disk, same principle.

Once the cellular DNA is decoded the Graphene will react in a pre-programmed manner or by remote activation using microwaves congruent to 5G frequencies between 3.4 GHz and 29.8 GHz, but not only.

With specific genes decoded or found, the Graphene segment in question will attract a Graphene counterpart that has a corresponding sequence-frequency and that is also found in the blood of inoculated people. This Graphene contains mRNA sequences which is RNA programmed and coded for a specific protein, with a view of changing a particular DNA sequence.

The mRNA is extracted by the same nano-Graphene with the above procedure from the cell base-traces of organisms present in the vaccine. These include Stem Cells from human fetuses, apes fetuses, bovines and other vertebrates and invertebrates that we have not yet been able to fully identify at this point, including cells and DNA from Hydra vulgaris that Graphene has been able to isolate and with which Nano-Graphene, either in a fully pre-programmed manner or remotely controlled by 5G signals and the like, will take its genetic sequences as a basis or resource to form mRNA strands with which to proceed to replace the original DNA strands of the human cells of the inoculated subject.

The Nano-Graphene particle is attracted to a cell and groups of cells that form specific tissues by means of corresponding electromagnetic micro-frequencies and contained as properties of the Nano-Graphene structures themselves. These particles in the manner of artificial viruses with their mRNA content will perform any genetic change within the cellular DNA using the reverse transcription procedure but guided by these artificial particles.

Likewise, vaccines already contain Nano-Graphene encapsulating mRNA sequences from the factory, specific mRNA to replace particular genes within the cells of exact tissues within the body of the inoculated persons.

Nano-Graphene as a pre-programmed smart dust is capable of altering the human genome either in part, specific genes, such as those controlling the reproductive system or parts of it, genes controlling neural processes in the brain of the inoculate, or completely changing the entire human genome. And this process can be controlled remotely. Turning the human body into a biological puppet at the mercy of the decisions of whoever controls this technology.

With this technology, a population, a small group within a population, or a specific individual can be rendered sterile. The latter appears to be a pre-programmed process within the smart Nano-Graphene independent of outside instructions. It can also activate specific genes or deactivate them causing the effects desired by those who control this technology, such as the appearance of all kinds of diseases and medical conditions associated with genetic problems, as well as cancers. The emergence and control over so-called viral diseases in a group of people or specific individuals can also be achieved.

In different reactions, the Graphene itself is enough for the inoculate to develop systemic inflammatory problems with a cytokine storm that will cause adverse body reactions such as the development of thrombi and blood clots, without the presence of any protein called Spike as it is being called in many circles, and some of the first places that will be affected by this will be the lungs and brain.

We see the very concept of the Spike Protein as an attempt of a terrestrial explanation to a process that is much more complicated. It is true that there are protein capsules that could be categorized as Spike Protein, or as synthetic viruses, but as I have described above, these proteins are being assembled by the mRNA contained in the Graphene particles, i.e., normal human science will only see the Graphene micro particle and not the mRNA content which in turn changes the DNA of the cells with which it comes in contact with. In other instances, human science will only be able to find specific mRNA molecules and not the Graphene that controls them from inside.

Likewise, these proteins, many of which can be catalogued as Spike, are the raw or prime material for the Graphene to have genetic resources to make subsequent changes to the DNA of the subject. Although not all inoculated subjects will be given or will be caused the same changes, Nano-Graphene will have the ability to have the option to resort to it, at least as a latent potential, as an option.

With this technology, the controllers of all this are given a complete DNA database of the entire human population, at least the inoculated one.

The nano-Graphene itself reacts to the stimulus of a specific signal in the 5G range by bouncing a signal back to the sender and containing the complete database not only of the entire genome of each inoculated individual but also of the progress of the mutation.

This nano technology forms and establishes an internal reaction to auditory stimuli or sounds, which means it has the ability to transmit and receive audio as a microphone within the inoculated subject itself, as well as the ability to transmit vibrations that the individual would interpret as voices in his head, also stimulating specific groups of neurons, taking synthetic telepathy to a broader and more efficient level with a view to mass manipulation.

Taking this a step further, as Graphene nanotechnology passes with great ease through the blood barrier of the human brain, due to its small size, it then lodges between neurons and between their dendrites, effectively controlling the Axiomatic depolarisations and the timing and quality of neurotransmitters, as well as the exact bio-electrical frequency of each individual depolarization. This creates the ability to not only read the depolarisations and interactions between brain neural networks and transmit it to the 5G network, but also has the ability to implant thoughts and ideas by controlling the dynamics of bio-electrical and chemical-neurotransmitter frequencies in the brain. This kind of neuronal control by electromagnetic frequencies, Artificial Neuro Modulation, or ANM, and also by altering the DNA of nerve cells, will generate an effect of apoptosis or cell death, severe loss of neurons.

Parasites found in vaccines:

-Microfilaria: In Pfizer brand, in 15 out of 50 dose-bottles, Moderna 35/50.

-Toxoplasma gondii: In Moderna: 28/50, Pfizer: 8/50, AstraZeneca: 32/50.

-Trypanosoma brucei: In Moderna: 12/50, Pfizer: 38/50, AstraZeneca: 22/50.

In other words, not all visible parasites, in any of their different stages of their cycle or in genetic traces, were found in all vaccines of the same lot, and content will vary from brand to brand. But evidence of parasites was found in all the vaccine samples from the 150 dose bottles that were tested, in 3 boxes with 50 each one of them, and from each brand. We find it highly likely that other types of parasites may be found in other different samples that we simply did not have available.

**Images not supported**

We found observable parasitic variants that are not within my database and we have not yet been able to catalogue them or relate them according to any current human classification. And it is highly possible that some of them are genetically engineered, i.e., vaccine-specific, genetically designed for vaccines and not found in a free, or natural state. These were found in all 150 samples.

We also found highly magnetic crystalline-transparent Graphene structures with worm-like shapes due to their inter-particle bonds that under a microscope may be mistaken for parasites. This does not exclude the presence of all the detectable parasites described above. This also includes the presence of black Graphene in a worm like, or thread like shape that are congruent with Morgellons disease.

It is also worth mentioning that the content of the inoculations is not uniform even within the same lot and box of a single brand, but varies from bottle to bottle, which supports the fact that they can be used to give a specific dose to each person at the will of those who control the Plandemic. This at least in the 150 samples we had available. So contents of other samples and of other brands may differ from ours.

Spike Protein:

Spike protein is understood as the virus envelope itself, the parts of the virus that attach to cell receptors.

We found no evidence of Spike protein congruent with SARS CoV-2 or any SARS-type virus within the inoculations which unequivocally rules out the contents of these as a vaccine since they contain no biological substance with which to manufacture or cause antibodies.

However, since a true zoo of organic and inorganic material was found inside each bottle, the presence of proteins in a state or size smaller than 100 nm can be interpreted as some kind of virus or exosome inside the substance but as a result of the biological chaos inside and not congruent with any SARS virus. However, I do not see this as justification or excuse that these may be the antibody-causing reagents as they are of a very wide and chaotic variety and none correspond to SARS or SARS CoV-2 and are just the Spike proteins one would expect to find within a soup of biological material.

We believe that the adverse reactions attributed to the Spike proteins that many researchers report are not coming from this class of proteins per-se, but are being confused with the highly toxic reactions caused by the Graphene itself.

I must make it very clear that the Graphene in the inoculations changes shape and molecular composition or particle composition at will because it is nano technology, and in addition to black Nano Graphene there is a high content of crystalline Nano Graphene present which is transparent, and because of its molecular size smaller than that of any virus it is undetectable inside cells, even more so inside a tissue or inside a blood clot being studied by human medical science with a view to finding its cause. Also, Nano Graphene will not react to the chemical reactant used to detect and classify the biological content of a tissue or blood sample. It will not be found under optic microscopy and under electronic microscopy at best it may be seen as a series of translucent fibroids as long as the concentration of the Nano Graphene allows it.

In other words, what is causing the clots is the Graphene itself and not a Spike protein.

Nano particles of Lipids, and heavy metals: steel, iron, barium, strontium 38, titanium, gold and aluminum in traces found in the structural interlacing of the Graphene found in the inoculations, which cause blood clotting reactions: The formation and appearance of blood fibroids by red blood cells is instantaneous when a normal blood sample is contaminated with the substance in the inoculations at the observed studied amount of 1/100 parts. This clotting reaction was observed in all tissue samples and also in the predictive computer models alike with results congruent with each other. Substances in inoculations cause blood clots, period.

Yet I do not rule out that the sea of biological material can also cause clots as it causes all sorts of adverse bodily reactions. This in itself is the very purpose of the presence of such genetic and tissue material as well as providing a varied source of non-human and human DNA strands to supply raw material to the nano technology to form mRNA/pRNA polymerase so that it can make changes to the DNA of the human cells of the inoculate as required and commanded through 5G networks and the like.

Another use we see for the presence of assorted biological material within inoculations: Human and simian stem cells, complex fetal tissue, inside the substance, i.e., multiple fetal cells, still cellular bonded, of human, bovine and simian origin, among other difficult to identify cells and tissues, are to cause an overload and collapse of the inoculated person's immune system in a progressive manner which in the first instance causes opportunistic diseases of all kinds to be generated, in addition to autoimmune conditions, the whole array of problems that are caused by a collapsed immune system similar to what is described in patients diagnosed with HIV, but very fast as in a few days or months, in some cases, only in minutes or hours.

We see this overloading of the immune system as part of the necessary framework to be provoked within each inoculated patient to occupy and weaken the immune system while the Graphene nano technology acts and performs its programmed internal changes inside the human body, and to maximize its efficiency.

There are human studies that assure that Graphene is not toxic and does not cause any reaction, but first of all, there are multiple types of Graphene, some are not toxic and others are. But I must emphasize that we are not talking about the presence of inert Graphene here but of nanotechnology that uses Graphene as the main raw material, nanotechnology made mainly of Graphene, but not only, because as I mentioned before, we have found different metals, described above, intertwined in the crystalline matrix of the Graphene itself, placed there because they give the nanotechnology flexibility in its reactions to different microwave frequencies emitted mainly by 5G networks, since 5G by its greater bandwidth or bandwidth capacity is suitable for control over the nano-particles of Graphene. As components to make this nano technology work.

These are intelligent nano particles, or nano dust, that are built using several elements, listed above, and Graphene is only their main component.

I use the term Nano-Graphene above because Graphene is the main component used for the fabrication of smart particles congruent with even nano-robots, but I stress that it is not the only material needed for such nanotechnology to work. Remembering that this kind of technologies are controlled by means of specific micro frequencies as exact energetic directions for each group of nanoparticles and also exact for each individual nanoparticle if necessary.

This can be explained by assigning each nanoparticle a number that represents the micro frequency to which it will react when it is received. This will cause the nanoparticle to turn on or off receptors on its surface that allow it to either attach to other nanoparticles to form more complex structures, or also attach to tissue or individual cells within the inoculated subject. These nanoparticles, or nano Graphene’s, move mainly in clusters with the same assigned frequency. Some of these clusters are the worm like shapes we described above.

Not all nanoparticles found in inoculations, misnamed vaccines, have the same structure or attributes and can be categorized into two main groups:

A.) Those of action or structure, which form more complex objects such as the nano tubules that read and decode the DNA in the nucleus of cells and…

B.) The containers which are the Graphene nanoparticles that contain and transport genetic material in the form of RNA and mRNA (m=messenger) ready to start the reverse transcription process, thereby mutating the original DNA at the request of the program that controls the nanotechnology. I also refer to these containers as synthetic nanotechnological viruses.

In the case of type A.), they can adhere to the receptors themselves or Spike proteins of a virus-exosome of organic origin and change their properties and their attributes of connection with the cellular receptors, according to their program.

In the case of B.) they not only carry RNA, mRNA but also enzymes necessary for the reverse transcription process. This mRNA, pRNA and their enzymes are produced within the original cells of the inoculated subjects and are transported through the bloodstream using natural exosomes controlled by nano-Graphene, and we also observed that this nano-Graphene type B.) is also capable of transporting mRNA and enzymes on its own.

**Images not supported**

Shedding or transmission-contagion:

In both the organic cell cultures and in the predictive human body model created by Holographic Computer, a strong body toxicity reaction was observed congruent with the presence of chemical poisons combined with invasion of biological material causing strong immune responses and sources of infection.

The body's reaction is that of alarm, with a highly toxic condition in the tissues particularly in the brain, lung, liver and kidneys, in that order, causing visible tissue damage.

This reaction is also caused by a change in oxygen carrying capacity due to reduced and interfered action of blood hemoglobin, coupled with a general impoverishment of capillary blood circulation affecting the entire body with especially noticeable effects on the eyes, brain, and reproductive system in both men and women, among other places.

This causes conditions of lack of oxygenation, hypoxia, and a lack of correct and nutritious cellular environment, which unequivocally causes cellular micro-necrosis to cellular necrosis, or apoptosis with the appearance of conditions of extreme toxicity in tissues which in turn will cause the production of cellular exosomes intended to alarm other cells, to inform them of the problem they have, and as a method of expelling contaminants and toxins that are invading them, the cells.

These cells in a state of alarm will go into survival mode and not into a normal reproductive mode, and this is a state or condition in the tissues that highly propitiates the appearance of cancerous tumors. Appearance of Cancers.

The inoculation of this so-called vaccine causes cancer!

These exosomes secreted by the tissue in alarm state are excreted from the body of the inoculated individual through his body fluids and through his own respiration. If another non-inoculated individual is in the presence of the inoculated individual and presents a physiological state that corresponds to the code or message of one of these exosomes or viruses of the inoculated person, this other one will then present the corresponding symptomatic reaction.

And such symptomatology may or may not correspond to any viral diseases that may already be known, starting a chain reaction by way of contagion between inoculated and non-inoculated alike, but emphasizing that the inoculated will always have a much weaker immune system than a non-inoculated, thus reducing their expectations of good recovery.

Therefore non-vaccinated people are stronger and have a standing chance to survive this bioweapon attack upon the human race, than an inoculated person whose chances are close to none.

The inoculated individual presents a constant release of nano-Graphene that can be introduced into the organism of non-inoculated individuals, where on a small scale or in the measure of its quantity, it will begin to activate as it has been programmed, trying to make the corresponding genetic changes in said non-inoculated individuals.

Whether or not a non-inoculated individual presents symptoms or adverse reactions will depend on the degree of exposure to an inoculated individual or individuals and the strength or physical condition of the non-inoculated individual and the general state of his/her immune system. Being that the exposed parts of the non-inoculated individual, such as lung and mucous membranes, are the most vulnerable to suffer alterations and immunological reactions to the presence of natural exosomes due to extreme toxicity of the inoculated people’s tissues, and the artificial exosomes due to nano-Graphene being released and spread by the said inoculated individual.

Likewise, the first point where the nano-Graphene will act by its pre-programming is in the reproductive system of the individuals, leaving them sterile.

As I have already mentioned above, the Nano Graphene produces artificial viruses or exosomes using the very cells of the inoculated person. The nano Graphene attached to the artificial viruses it has produced is secreted and dispersed by the inoculated persons as exosome-viruses produced by nano technology which in turn contain that same nano technology in the shape of Nano Graphene from person to person, from inoculated person to non-inoculated person.

Another important point is that nano Graphene is not only found in vaccines but in countless processed foods, human contact chemicals such as cosmetics and creams, cooking oils and within other medications whether injectable or oral. It is found in pesticides and artificial fertilizers, in automotive fluid oils and lubricants, automotive oil, and hydraulic fluid, among countless other places. Nano Graphene is also found in the Chemtrails with which the Earth has been systematically sprayed for years.

This not only facilitates the spread of synthetic viruses between people whether inoculated or not but, causes abnormally high electromagnetic reactivity in all organic tissue, including plant life.

The control of both biological and behavioral responses by Artificial Neuro Modulation technologies has been going on for years, and the inoculation agenda using the non-existent SARS CoV-2 as an excuse only further accelerates the process of absolute control by use of specific frequencies controlled by highly advanced AI Computers beyond the reach and comprehension of the average Earth population. Process of Trans-humanism and assimilation of terrestrial Biology, especially the human one, to an internet-like control network of all things.

The most serious part of this is that the average person does not see that it is not only about how they will be able to access the internet but how the internet will be able to access them. The system, the Cabal that controls the Earth, will have absolute control over what they do and what the human population even thinks by implanting thoughts and feelings using this technology.

The Nano Graphene present in the inoculations will not only serve as a method of immediate control and extermination of the human population, but also functions as a method of controlled genetic change to adapt biological bodies, especially humans, to be part of a controlled information network-Internet.

Everybody, as is the case of the human body, is a complex biochemical-electrical system that needs a very fine and specific balance in order to function. Any alteration in body frequencies, such as those caused by nano Graphene, causes serious damage to the whole system, and such a sudden imbalance, as when someone has just been inoculated, is enough to cause loss of consciousness, fainting, and even death.

A biologically and mentally controlled human being, as intended, no longer has the slightest free will, although it is possible for such a being to believe that his thoughts and decisions are his own, and not imposed upon him with technology. His life experience will be, and is, totally diminished.

Due to frequency incompatibility, the soul retracts, leaving the body as a remotely controlled biological robot with a hive mind. This incompatibility of frequencies causes the original soul, a signal from Source itself, to no longer link or tune into the body. This technology alters the existential frequency of a biological body making it incompatible with the original Soul signal from Source, the field of oneness. And like this, the Controllers of Earth can push away the Souls they do not want inhabiting Earth and favor the ones they do want.

This technology has the ability to alter body frequencies to make them compatible to be inhabited, parasitized or used, by all kinds of entities, from the so called lower Astral, or regressive extra-terrestrial races which the Cabal wishes them to enter the Earth plane, also called physical plane.

It has been long said that dark and evil entities from the so called Lower Astral are always looking for a way into the physical realm, this is a perfect way to adapt human bodies to be used by them.

There are also countless cases of people being technologically attacked, or being caused unexplained physical or health afflictions or illnesses. The normal established Earth medical system and science cannot handle this kind of situations as it is completely unaware of this kind of remote-control technologies on the human body and biology, on the very thinking-process of a human being. It can be said that these are the so called “Targeted Individuals” we have been hearing of for years now.

This explains in large part the countless cases of unexplained illnesses, many of which are associated with a non-existent SARS CoV-2 or with mental or psychosomatic illnesses. It is highly probable that the system that controls the Graphene through Cellular Telephone networks, whether or not they are in the 5G frequency range, may be carrying out efficacy tests on individuals at random or on individuals that the very system or Cabal has labelled as dangerous or rebellious.

I insist that one does not have to be inoculated with the false vaccine against the non-existent SARS CoV-2 to be susceptible or victim of this kind of technologies, since Graphene is everywhere. Whether it is just normal Graphene or technological Nano Graphene, even so its mere presence in the organism increases the reactivity of biological tissues to electromagnetic fields.

Perhaps the most serious point is to realize that the average people will not have the capacity to understand all this happening, as they will take it as Science Fiction or exaggerations, but still it will affect them, and is affecting them, as their reactions of lack of awareness and denial about this have the hallmark of being mind-controlled in favor of the system, in a kind of mental lethargy state, to which few turn out to be immune against, those who realize what is actually happening.

Likewise, it has been claimed that biology, DNA, always returns to its original pattern, and this is still true. However, this nano-technological system causes constant damage to the biological system, to DNA, so it no longer functions under the same principles as before. Principles that use manifestation of subtle etheric energies on the organic matter or DNA, this is being changed by an electromagnetic system of specific controlled frequencies that prevent the original and natural process of DNA manifestation to work.

Needless to say, the consequences of all this are extremely serious.

This present document represents the combined effort of our crew towards the end of October 2021. By no means does it mean that the data is completely definitive, nor does it include all processes or things that inoculations cause. There will also be an evolution on our observations so we will give timely updates as they arise. We see that other researchers are coming to other conclusions that complement each other, each at their own level and ability.

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