Ark of the Covenant behind the war in Ukraine? Short chat with Sophia Swaruu (Yazhi)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 15, 2022

Ark of the Covenant behind the war in Ukraine? Short chat with Sophia Swaruu (Yazhi)

Originally in Spanish

Yazhi: They go around saying that the Ukrainian War is because Putin wants to take an Ark of the Covenant that is under Ukraine. And that this is the real reason for the war. It turns out that there is some truth to it.

As we have already explained, there are three arks and it is known where they are. One in the Pentagon warehouses, one in the Russian Vostok base, and one here on this ship. The purpose of them is the same: to safeguard biology and to be a weapon. However, other races could have built similar devices, or it could be a lie or a code that signifies all the technology they will loot or looted from a DUMB.

As I had said, the reason for the war has a strongly extraterrestrial element because of its location, because as I have said before Ukraine is ancient and full of old and new bases and DUMBs. What I don't know is whether or not it is an "ark". Considering that an "ark" could be several things, or it can have been made by more than one culture or people. So I don't see an "ark" as a straightforward "ark", possible yes. But to me that "ark" would be a word that encompasses the concept of: looting an ancient DUMB.

And, why haven´t they done it when it was the USSR? Perhaps they put it there recently. Or they didn't know about it. For me all this means that the extraterrestrial reasons of that war are filtering out. As it happened also in Iraq.

Robert: And all the arks contain the same?

Yazhi: Of course not. However, looking at things from a broader context, those who are pushing that ark angle, also push the narrative that something is happening in terms of wars taking place for specific reasons and not for the simple fact of the war itself as part of a reset plan. As Tina (Athena) explained well So to me it smells more as a distractor, as Tina says as well. More of "They're coming to save us."

It's the same structure of disinformation, exactly same one. It's not that I don't want to give hope, it's just that that's not the way things work. Alex Collier himself explained in the 90's that the Andromedans and the Federation will not and would not intervene because of Karma reasons and because they would only make Earth's problem bigger and that the only way is for humans to learn to solve their problems on their own or they will never learn because they will repeat the same mistakes over and over again. That still holds true.

Back to the ark thing, yes it is possible, and very, very likely, but it is not the reason behind the war. Things are not just for one reason, they are for many reasons, especially wars. People like to hear that because it reassures them as they go on with their lives while the controllers are resetting everything. Isn't that what the Cabal wants? What we are telling people is the annoying and raw truth, but only people with ample mental resources can recognize it.

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