Past Lives Memories - Contemplations with Athena Swaruu, Yazhi, and Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 13, 2022

Past Lives Memories - Contemplations with Athena Swaruu, Yazhi, and Gosia

Originally in Spanish - March 2022

Swaruu X (Athena): For example, here we see many human movies, for many reasons, I will not go into that now. But something recurrent is that some people come to live in a house in which sometime in the past there was a murder or a death. And we also see that as something that must be very common on Earth, to live in an old house with a past that sometimes is not very good.

But in the human mind this was something in the past. That that's gone, and we are here today.

Now comparing it to what Mari (Minerva), Yázhi and I were saying here yesterday, after watching a movie, that's why I bring this up, compare that human mentality with how we Swa's (Swaruus) are.

Neither Mari, Yázhi nor I lived in that mountain house where Swarupapriyananda (Swaruu 2) grew up. None of the three of us have even been there. However, we are deeply disturbed by that house. And it is because of memories of past lives, not even our own. We constantly dream or see ourselves there or imagine ourselves there and remember the whole place in too much detail.

We know where Swaruu Ananda (Swaruu 1) died, in our timeline more than, I don't know, more than 70 years ago. We are greatly disturbed by the memory of being in our room, I say our room because all three of us were the one holding that memory, Swarupapriyananda. The memory of being there, in the room, knowing that in another room, in the kitchen by the window overlooking the lake, our mother or our ancestor died there.

So it's a constant sick feeling about the memories of that house. And that's in the past that doesn't even really concern us. However, we live it all as if it happened today.

That is to say, all the linear or not memories of living in that house, the experiences, adventures that we have in the memory in absolute detail even of the ash in the oil lamps. The spider fighting with its reflection in the frame of the bathroom mirror with transparent ceiling. The uneven floor, the white walls that show the texture inside. The smells, the taste of the water, the temporary pieces of wood that hold the glass of the kitchen window that were never replaced by definitive ones. All that and more. All living and remembering that with a little dead woman in the kitchen window. All simultaneously. That is, the spider in the bathroom that gave me curiosity and joy, is stained by the dead mother in the kitchen (in the window there was a long bed to lie down to look outside).

But my long point is, everything happens now, and more so if we are asleep, "in the astral". We do not create separation of past, present and future. The place is tainted, always. Even before that happened.

And... going back to memories of that house, we always had like a repulsion to that place, like something was wrong there, and we would go to the bathroom at night with a certain "fear" of looking in that direction, we all remember that, and that was as children, as Swarupapriyananda. Not as us.

Originally in Spanish

Robert: Question from the audience: "Robert, just as we are affected by all the different pasts, are we also affected by the different futures?"

Yazhi: From the most expanded point of view, there are neither pasts nor futures, only ideas of how they would be or how they were. In fact, the uncertainty of what will or could come in the "future", the "fear" of the future, does not come from that future itself, but from the idea that each person has of what that future could be like. You do not fear the future, you only fear your own ideas. And those are based on your so-called past experiences, from the linear point of view of your present incarnation.

Strictly speaking from the practical point of view, the past affects circumstantially your idea of how things are in the now, and how they would be or should be in the tomorrow.

You just have to change the way you interpret your past, moving out of the "I can't" or "they wouldn't let me" mode, into taking control of your present. You should only focus on what you can do for yourself today and not worry about things that might not happen since it is only your ideas that dictate that.

You can change your ideas of your past, for it is gone. Invent for yourself a different past, so you can change your present mindset and thus your future as well. That is as valid as foolishly holding on to a past that according to you is the objective reality of what was, when it no longer matters because it is no longer there. Let go of things that are anchoring you to past vices that you know do harm, such as resentments and guilt.

But do not forget what they did to you and learn from what you have done too, but do not let it define you because it does not have to define you, because that past is no longer there, and the only link that continues to bring that past that you do not like to the present is in your head.

Even what others, such as relatives, are constantly reminding you about your "real" past, you can take it as one of many pasts, or as the idea that those relatives of yours have of what your past was, but not the one you subscribe to as to what you would like what your past would be, more convenient to your needs and interests.

What you imagine as your ideal past is as valid and at the same time as surreal as the "real" past imposed on you by memories in your head and family nonsense. This is because there isn´t only one past, but multiple pasts that converge to form the present, your present, whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not. And if you can imagine something, at some point in the space-time ether it happened and it still affects you because they are your thoughts, even if they are about you having pets on distant imaginary planets that had tails like colored umbrellas.

There is no fixed reality, no "real" reality except from arbitrary and relative points of view. What makes up your life are only ideas anyway. The idea of being realists is just another social construct that does not reflect universal cosmic objective reality.

Whether humans accept it or not, from the most expanded and practical point of view it is so. They just lock in limitations by following agreements that are only ideas. Not cosmic laws.

Robert: What I will be doing is simply aligning myself to a timeline of the past that I did not live, but that I would have liked to live, yes? Because everything is in the Ether. That past that I now want to create, "imaginary" one, already existed, was and is "real".

Yazhi: Yes, and by aligning yourself with that you create another mental mode or attitude that in itself determines your reality and future.

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