Holisitic Society - Questions for Athena and Yazhi - Main Points - Live with Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 27, 2022

Holisitic Society - Questions for Athena and Yazhi - Main Points - Live with Gosia

These are the comments and questions from Yazhi Swaruu and Athena Swaruu that I read in the live:

Hitler - comment

Yazhi: Someone in the comments mentioned a book that says that "debunked" whether Hitler was put there by the Cabal. It just so happens that you don't know what or who is behind that book in the first place, because they always put out books and experts to skew the narrative in the direction they want.

It also happens that very well that book could be right from the perspective that it wasn't the Rothchild’s or the Rockefellers who funded it, which for me yes because I have other kinds of connections, or connecting the dots in other ways. But let's say the author is right.

It turns out that the Cabal as such is not restricted only to what semi-awakened people call the Deep State. They fall short there. I mean the Cabal behind the Cabal because everything is layered, compartmentalized. So the book, if correct, would only prove that one specific faction of the Cabal did not fund it but another did. The Cabal does not stay at the average "Illuminati" level of conspiratorial understanding.

The comment said: "What he (the author) found was the NSDAP (Hitlers party) was a dynamic grassroots political party with overwhelming financial support from blue collar, working class Germans."

And who do you think is behind it?

Well, the Illuminati Jesuits from other factions, who are going to be connected to Kings of England and Winston Churchill among others since the connections for me are more than evident just by reading their Masonic symbology that links them together and seeing the blood connection between Hitler and the Kings of England also. "It all runs in the family".

My point is that the book may very well be totally accurate. But the Cabal does not stop there. They never operate with a single method of control, everything is fragmented so that no level, no matter how deep or strong, can access what happens at levels below it.

That person commenting the book is pushing the narrative that Hitler came out of nowhere. That is officialistic. Not in a thousand years does something like that come out of nowhere. It was put there on purpose using even false flags (the burning of the state archive and library in Berlin in 1933). They used psychologists to manipulate the German population exploiting the fact that their pride was hurt and that they were limited by the sanctions imposed by the league of nations after the first world war. That is why they fell for Hitler's demagogy, but... no leader who shows his face to the public is a real leader, they are all puppets of others behind who never show their faces and who in turn have other "handlers" behind and so on.

Another question:

Gosia: You said in the second part of the Holistic Society that they already have their new society prepared. With genetically altered people and all. That those people have never seen other systems. That sometimes they go out and walk the streets. What exactly do you mean by that? Where are they keeping these people? Underground?

Yazhi: Yes, they've had them for a long time, they've been doing total human cloning since at least the '30s. They are used to fill positions that need complete puppets but lately this has been replaced by more efficient methods of mind control, for example Graphene.

Yes, they have ready made people who are not necessarily clones, but are already indoctrinated to function within their NWO. For example, most of these kind of "smart" people, clones or not, are in China, logically for total control.

They infiltrate society, clones or not, to alter things in the direction they want, see them as anti-starseeds, with the opposite effect, to impose Matrixification. They may or may not be clones, because the control over the population is almost total in certain sectors.

For example, and answering someone's question, what happened in the Corregidora stadium in Quéretaro Mexico, where the crowd went crazy and there were many dead, something that the official version denies but there are reliable statements with photos that there were dozens of dead.

I have known for years, and I have told you this, that they control the reactions of the crowds using artificial telepathy from the Guen Towers of the cell phone networks. And the stadiums are energetic feeders of tulpas and regressive egregors.

Gosia: But where are these people? Underground?

Yazhi: Yes, mostly but, as I said above, they are released or positioned on the surface among the normal population. They are the ones that prove to be the most Matrix, the ones that defend the system, the ones that are the most soulless. They are many variants of them.

They are either clones, mind controlled people from very young age with MK Ultra systems, with graphenes, and the so called Hybrids of human and alien, (note that I use the word alien not ET, which is positive). What other races like Karistus call Vlash and Maitre hybrids. As I said, it is a soup of races and variables down there. And this goes links with unreal, or Back Drop people.

Robert: And what languages do they speak?

Yazhi: Depending on the location, virtually all of them.

Gosia: So they are not mainly in China.

Yazhi: Those in China are the ones who are like population to fill the cities. Normal population all ready, already brainwashed and with a proper mentality. They are people, some of them with souls, they just don't know any other way of living than NWO. Because the majority of what I referred to as "already ready" I mean people who have never known any other way of living than in that kind of repression and that kind of political system.

Robert: Why want something if you are already happy? Why have expansion of consciousness if you already have a family, a job and material goods.

Yazhi: That's why most normal people today don't wake up. Because they are immersed and happy with their well-paying jobs, their new cars, their trips and their children in renowned universities. It takes a certain degree of resistance and suffering to generate the desire to learn more about the nature of reality. That is why Tina (Athena) said that the Middle Class is the dangerous one for the Cabal. Because most of the poor are just surviving, the rich are happy with the system that feeds them well. But it is the Middle Class that knows what it is to live well, and also knows what suffering is, thinks and sees that this is not fair. The Middle Class is the thinking one for that reason. Because they have enough friction in their lives to push them out of their comfort zone. Generalizing of course because there is no lack of the poor enlightened and the starseed who is rich.

Another question:

Gosia: You said in part two that the destruction of society is necessary for both sides. Do you mean that we are somehow benefiting from the effects of vaccines - from people dying?

Yazhi: Yes (conditionally) and mainly NO.

No because people dying only gives the NWO a chance to establish itself faster, because they control their plan. That is to say that the Cabal must eliminate those who work against them as they already got too many out of hand because of starseeds and infiltrated ETs mostly. So they must eradicate the mentality of the people, mentality that does not serve their purposes. Ideas of freedom, possession of goods, and control over what they think.

Otherwise NWO cannot be imposed if the awakened would not cooperate, or simply because the very mentality of the average human already knows what it is like to live in a socio-political system with more freedom so they will not accept the new ultra-repressive NWO rules as people who were born into the NWO system and do not rebel because they do not know any other way of existence.

Gosia: But what if we, the "positive" side, take advantage of that? Since we also needed the same. The eradication of the mentality of the common people.

Yazhi: In the same way that the Cabal needs to eliminate people with the mentality that would not cooperate with their plans, in order to try to insert or develop a Holistic Society, it is necessary to remove (not to use the word eliminate) the majority of people who simply follow the same inflexible retrograde ideas that define today's consumer and FIAT economy society. Simply because they will not accept a different Holistic Society either.

As an example, they will continue to be immersed in the ideas of Work Hard to Deserve, classicist ideas, and racist ideas among all the other ones that the Cabal itself has imposed on them in order to give them the right mentality to be exploited.

So in all sincerity, whether to develop a repressive dystopian NWO society or to develop a truly Holistic Society, in both cases you must "remove" the population with fixed mentality, and not compatible with what you want to have as a final result. Otherwise it will not be possible.

In fact, to develop a Holistic Society you need to remove more people with incompatible mentalities than to develop the repressive dystopian NWO, simply because to develop the NWO you can, and will impose measures of active repression, punishment and fear, and to develop a Holistic Society, you can not impose anything but it must develop or must be born from the fertile soil itself generated by the coherence of the empathic and harmonious positive mentality of its inhabitants. Otherwise it would not be a Holistic Society but would fall into Communism.

Another question:

Gosia: You have said somewhere in part two that the key, one of, would be to withdraw the influence of the Cabal and regressive entities, egregors etc. I understand that by that you don't mean PHYSICAL withdrawal like the Hashmallim coming down and removing them... but that the people themselves, consciously moving towards new perspectives, would make the environment around them toxic to the existence of such entities and the Cabal?

Yazhi: That's right, mostly by removing the dynamics that form them. Alenym at last night's meeting gave an interesting example or analogy for that. Us or the Federation helping humanity is the same as meeting an inebriated friend of yours and taking away his bottle. Tomorrow when you're gone, he'll buy another one. And he'll go on with the same attitude and desires. You have to teach him why he should not continue with Tequila.

You take away the thought dynamic that forms the tulpas and egregors and the problem is solved because the Cabal, no matter how deep it is, cannot exist without people. That's why they want to control them. That's why they don't just annihilate them. Because they need to exploit their manifesting creative potential of the reality that the Cabal desires because they, being egregors (soulless with no connection to the Original Source), cannot sustain their existence alone, and the human population CAN.

Robert: In other words, for the Cabal to exist, there has to be a number of people around. They can't exterminate them all. They need the creators.

Gosia: Yes, because if they destroy them all, who will continue to manifest them?

Yazhi: Exactly. That is why they need to guide humanity to be a human farm that maximizes the efficiency of exploiting what they want. They will never be able to destroy everyone, or they will destroy themselves, that is why they need to farm them.

Like the farmer who can't kill all his chickens or he won't have anything to eat. He will only do it sparingly and have them under his control in pens, so he won't have to go running after every hen every time he needs a chicken soup.

Gosia: So, in that NWO, some will be clones, some transhumanists whatever... the rest guided.

Yazhi: Clones are human behavior modifiers. Like starseeds but to the opposite side. Clones, MK ultras and regressive hybrids are like sheepdogs. Starseeds are the ones who at night open the pens for them to escape.

Another question:

Gosia: Some people have asked about transition societies. Are there any concrete steps to follow to develop them?

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't have the answer because it has not been seen, not so, that is our idea but it is in development. The case of Earth is quite unique. It is true that yes, there would be some society in transition, because it is a long process between a rigid political model and a Holistic one.

But in my opinion, the population should only focus on eliminating everything that holds them back for their personal development and as a society, focusing on the development of consciousness as Yazhi says, the rest will come out only as its own reflection. That is what defines Holistic Societies.

Gosia: Ok thank you. So no buying land and planting carrots to be independent, as a requirement?

Swaruu X (Athena): I'm not saying no, that's a good personal start, of course. That is your mentality reflecting outward. That's where it starts, of course it helps. It's a reflection of who you are, and that reflection is much better than relying on the industrialized consumer society for your living. So it does help. Basically people should just follow what makes them grow and what makes them happy. Their society will come out of that automatically.

You could emulate a Holistic Society with councils too, yes. That in itself is already done on Earth in many places.

Gosia: But to establish these transitional societies, do you have to isolate yourself?

Swaruu X (Athena): As far as isolation is concerned, yes, obviously, however, it would only have local results for the isolated ones, not at the planetary level, and their very results will depend on their level of independence from the rest of the world, being that they will always be subject to attacks of all kinds. This is because the Matrix will tend to attack what is not theirs, because of the effect of the Dominant Frequency which expresses itself in many ways.

Eliminating money in one of these communities would only limit them to what they can produce, thus making them vulnerable to attacks, from simple droughts that disrupt agriculture, to not being able to defend themselves from an armed invasion because they do not possess the same resources for defense.

Therefore, a limited model would only serve as an example to others, and yes, it is necessary. However, it is difficult to achieve entirely within the same planet because of what I have just explained. The real conclusive result can only be given when it is at the planetary level.

However, what I have just said does not in any way mean that you should not try it at the local level, because you have to start somewhere. Always with a view to the self-protection of the group.

And it has been done before and by many. Countless people have gone off grid. It works for them and if everyone did it would be very good for the cause. They succeed, although with limited effects.

But for example, it works for of people from middle age to older, but if they have children they will want to be part of society. And from their point of view they will be right.

On the other hand, The global result will have to come out of the whole and the sum of everyone's local efforts. The larger the group, the better, ideally at the planetary level.

People see that as very difficult but that is because they have the mentality that this is too much. From my point of view, for example, to say that, the planetary level, is not only normal but limited. Since I am used to seeing many multi-planetary civilizations, the Urmah being the champion of them all.

Holistic Society, and this is important to understand, comes out of the mentality of the people themselves. It is not a farm or two. And the farms have owners. And that's enough to start a problem among the residents of that farm. And it has to be owned or society will invade them, the government will tax them and all that. The owner becomes the oligarch. The one who dictates the rules and then said community automatically becomes communist. A Holistic Society is NOT Communism. And that's enough to start a problem among the residents of said farm.

But trying it is very good, that is a step to follow, and if more people do it the closer, they get to the Holistic Society goal. The problem is that the Matrix Itself stops them there with limitations, like the administration of tax obligations, resources and who is the leader, even if they call them the Elder they will have an "I rule and you don't" mentality. It is a step yes, but it is still far from being a Holistic Society.

Besides in the Holistic Societies of advanced level, the technology plays a very important role by the automation of systems that lighten the burden of the necessary cumbersome work.

Gosia: I see it as a very difficult goal in the end.

Swaruu X (Athena): That is why we must first eliminate the trains of thought of the population that feeds the Cabal that in turn limits them.

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