Med Pods and Med Beds - Yazhi Swaruu talks to Dale Harder about his design

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January 06, 2023

Med Pods and Med Beds - Yazhi Swaruu talks to Dale Harder about his design

Originally in English - December 2022


Dale: Hello LLS ("Little Little Sister"). I have been working on med pods, or med beds, for some time now, obviously for personal as well as humanitarian reasons. My theories and hopeful designs are based on resonance. I am a great believer in Tesla´s work and do retain some knowledge from home.

So, believing that all is energy, resonance, and harmonics, I reasoned that if every particle, atom, molecule in existence, in the ether, etc., has its own signature, its own resonance, then each is individual and has a response, or resonance.

That being the case, as a singer can hold a glass and hit the right note, of resonance of a crystal goblet, with enough time and enough energy the singer may shatter the goblet, correct?

Yazhi: Yes that's the case.

Dale: So, if an application of this resonant energy is applied to, say a cancer cell, it would be possible to cause them to implode or explode, but not touch a healthy cell that does not resonate at the same frequency as a bad one. Selected resonance can destroy disease, viral agents, bacteria etc. I am sure you know where I am going with this.

Yazhi: Yes. The cancer one would have a slower resonance frequency. Lower basically, and a slower metabolism, to a practically null cellular metabolism.

Dale: Now, I have designed a system using available tech off the shelf, and much more, to begin the basis for my med pod, or med bed. Still highly sophisticated in comparison to most med beds and med tech that are here now.

Yazhi: You would need to know the frequency of each tissue, if not each individual cell, for it to work as best as possible. How are you going to, or planning to, measure the resonance frequency of each tissue?

Dale: Yes, yes. Much work has been done over the centuries here that give many of these frequency and resonances in such experimental work... referencing them will help to save time. Other work will have to be carried out by me or other constituents.

Yazhi: Also, in order to heal any tissue, you need to first remove what is causing the damage in the first place, or else the pod's efforts will be useless.

Dale: Yes, understood. Thank you. First remove and destroy, then heal.

Yazhi: Just stating the obvious for the record.

Dale: Hahaha, thank you again. But valuable nonetheless.

Yazhi: You need to understand what caused the cancer cells to appear in the first place, in order to remove the aggressor.

Dale: I agree, because all starts on another plane and works its way down, not up as most believe. Speaking of a human body as having many etheric layers and the finer and finer energy levels. So most problems occur in the finer levels and work their way down to the physical, standard spiritual stuff.

Anyway, this is just one aspect of my pods. Also, the one being healed must consent to being healed.

Yazhi: That's right. Being that all illness is a somatization or manifestation of an idea. The problem is when that damaging idea is rooted deep in the subconscious or unconscious. So the subject has no idea what is going on. Nor why it has come up with an illness, any illness, not only cancers. So it all starts with a "watch what you are thinking", but once the unconscious dynamic of thought has been rooted, it is terribly difficult to re-program it. It is hard enough to even know it is there, and to understand it as a first step to removing that thought. Please go on.

Dale: Ok. Thank you. So you get the idea of where I am starting.
Now please bear with me for a moment and I will load some files.

Med Bed Sensors and Electronics. Envisioned details of what a prototype bed would have. So, working on many aspects of healing including the resonance effect. Laser holograms, sound etc.

Next file is Healing Devices. Last one is Personal EMP Device. Does any of this make sense? Do you see the crude drawing of the med pod and the cell with a coil around it?

Yazhi: Looking at Healing devices 1.
I see it's good, yes. My only concern is that it's not enough to simply place the subject inside the magnetic field. Yes, if it is of sufficiently high frequency benefits will be noticed, but what I mean is that for it to work best, you need to modulate the frequency of the field based on the frequency of the subject/tissues/cells.

Dale: Ok, the top rendition is a glass or poly cylinder that comes down over a person with a large coil around it, say 1/4" copper tubing as is shown.

Yazhi: I looked at all your list of sensors as well, thank you.

Dale: This device is designed to use a high energy magnetic impulse or EMP to irradiate the body with the pulse and its purpose is to irradicate nano bots, micro bots and tracking electronics. It can even eliminate non-carbon based life forms such as alumina or silica based. Obviously only a body without any metal in it could be able to enter the device.

Yazhi: Unless you can focus the device on a specific area.

Dale: Yes, I can. Ok, the pod below is a poly cylinder, with all the above electronics and controls for the med bed. Placing the person in a low frequency state, by headphones, brain entrainment, etc., and then the work can begin by surrounding the body in various resonance fields, and/or focused fields using my coherent sound wave technology.

Gosia: Dale, did you see Yazhi´s previous question? It was: "For it to work best you need to modulate the frequency of the field based on the frequency of the subject/tissues/cells". Can your pod do that?

Dale: The device is really one of a kind of treatment to irradicate the body of bio and nano tech devices, not intended for healing per say, that is for the actual med bed. And yes, correct on the modulation. This is shown in the electronics list.

Gosia: So it´s not for healing and healing cancers etc.?

Dale: Not the upright vertical cylinder, no.

Gosia: Ah, ok! Got it ok. Go on.

Dale: The horizontal med bed is for healing. So we are looking at a confluence of devices and many actual capabilities.

Yazhi: Remember the Philadelphia experiment?

Teleporting a warship using high energy fields with disastrous results for the crew. This was caused by immersing the USS Eldridge in a non-modulated field that did distort space time for it. That was the problem, also the lack of field uniformity as it was not strong enough for the total mass of ship and crew. Same case here. It is useful for the subject, but I insist on the importance of modulation.

Dale: Yes, LLS, agreed and thank you. I do remember the Eldrige and the crew, even met one of them once.

Now, imaging the control console wrapping around the operator and the devices position appropriately, like a hospital and going for an MRI or CAT scan.

Yazhi: Your med bed reminds me more of a dry medical bed used here. Wet ones work with different principles. A dry one looks a lot like an "auto-med pod" as seen in various movies, like "Elysium" or like "Prometheus".

Dale: Yes, far too complex for now, but maybe eventually.

Yazhi: I think you are right on the money with it. I do understand where you are going with it and I love your conclusions.

Dale: Thank you, I am honored.

Yazhi: I think you can get very interesting and good results. The simple fact that you can get the overall frequency of the subject´s body up, will alleviate many ailments, especially cancers.

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