Shadow People - Complimentary Chat with Yazhi about Mari Swaruu´s Video

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 28, 2023

Shadow People - Complimentary Chat with Yazhi about Mari Swaruu´s Video

Originally in Spanish - May 2023

Gosia: Yazhi, referring to Mari's video about shadow people, someone asked how is it possible that these people, biological, low astral, are interstellar and live outside the Earth? I know how I would answer, but I prefer it in your words.

Yazhi: It's just that Swaruu's measure, what was used at that time, is something measurable as an average frequency of an existential realm. As an average, it is higher outside.

But I would say that one thing is average frequencies, measurable and with numbers, of an existential realm, and another thing is what is said to be 5D as such, which is more linked to consciousness, as Mari says. We do not agree with considering everything outside the Earth as 5D, since even inside there are bubbles of high frequency like or comparable to 5D outside and in space there are also bubbles of low frequency. Those are Mari's ideas and concepts that stick with Swaruu's more scientific ones.

Robert: So, the average consciousness of the known universe where biology is being produced would be equivalent to a 5D?

Yazhi: From the point of view of what Swaruu said yes, from Mari's point of view in the video, no. Mari says that the frequency will depend on the consciousness of whoever experiences or measures whatever it is. Swaruu is looking at that from a scientifically measurable point of view, when it is more of consciousness.

I see both points, I don't see a clash between them. However, the concept associated with 5D is more of consciousness and not of a place. From that 5D point of view, I am more with Mari.

Gosia: But then these shadow people will not reach Taygeta where the average consciousness of the people is 5D, no? If Taygetans are of higher frequency, they won't get there, not even with their ships, right?

Yazhi: It depends on the consciousness of each one of them or of the group. But for the most part they would not reach Taygeta, or similar places, because they are easily detected.

Gosia: And this also means that you have astral entities, archons etc., yes?

Yazhi: Yes, that is not only of Earth. But shadow beings, they do not reach planets where the collective unconscious does not allow them due to their high frequency, because they are detectable or because they are not manifested as egregors.

Robert: So shadow beings can interact with the lower astral (the world of the dead)?

Yazhi: They are mostly there.

Gosia: And how are they detected in Taygeta?

Yazhi: With special cameras, and there are some on Earth. A good video camera can catch them, even closed-circuit cameras can detect them or with the naked eye in certain light conditions. They can't hide much, or only from the ignorant population.

Gosia: And what do you do when they are detected?

Yazhi: Treat them as an intruder or ask them to leave.

Gosia: And do they listen?

Yazhi: Yes, they listen. And they even talk, although mostly they will not.

Robert: But for example, a terrestrial car could run them over and hurt them?

Yazhi: It is possible that they do feel it, but since they are mostly in the astral, that is, they have 75% of their existence in the astral and 25% in the physical, a car can hardly hurt them, it would pass through them. That is also why people on Earth report that they pass through walls. It is possible to kill them, as they are biological beings, but I don't think it is a good idea to say how.

Gosia: But what exactly do they want from humans? The same thing as astral entities? Do they feed on our fears?

Yazhi: To move there, their resources, their energy. They still need houses, buildings and so on because those can be found in the astral as well.

Robert: But what does the Earth have?

Yazhi: They are not detectable and there are many resources, they can easily go unnoticed.

Gosia: But that kind of being... "poor" them... because they are not self-sufficient. They need to feed on others. I imagine like many beings.

Yazhi: They are parasitic as a race. They exploit the fact that they can't be seen easily.

Gosia: In the world where they live, the houses are similar to the houses in the world of the dead? Like caricatures? Mental reflections? Or are they solid, undistorted buildings?

Yazhi: Yes, exactly. Semi-solid from their point of view. Rain or cold still bothers them.

Gosia: Why is that?

Yazhi: Because they are not yet in the full astral. The physical has another meaning for them, but there is still their version of the physical world that intermingles with the lower astral and with our solid one.

Robert: And if they wanted to they could make themselves visible to us?

Yazhi: With technology perhaps or with telepathic projections when someone is more sensitive to those things than others, like in the dark at night.

Gosia: And can you talk to them and become friends with them?

Yazhi: Yes, and there are many cases of just that. As Mari said in her video. You can come to an agreement of mutual existence in a place.

Gosia: And do they also whisper bad thoughts?

Yazhi: Yes. They can do that. But they are people, it will depend on each specimen. Even though they can whisper in your ear, they are not astral larvae because they still have a body. But they do have invasive telepathic abilities, it will depend on each individual.

Gosia: And what do they eat? Apart from energy.

Yazhi: Their version of food in their frequency.

Robert: Their whole world is the same?

Yazhi: It is their version of the world, of their world, with elements of the lower astral and the material.

Gosia: And how did you come to know what physical place they come from? Has anyone talked to them and that is why it is known?

Yazhi: It has been known for a long time, I don't know how they did it. I don't have that information. Only that the Federation knows.

Robert: Something that is not clear to me. Do they feed off the Lush energy of humans?

Yazhi: They use it to their advantage, yes, in part. They are semi-astral, so in part, yes. But Lush is mostly creative attention of the human, of the consciousness, that is what a being created as an egregor needs, and these are not egregors because they are physical as well. They are a hybrid between an astral being and a physical being.

Gosia: So they do not need creative energy but another type of energy.

Yazhi: Yes. Remember, they are hybrids, best explanation.

Robert: Nothing to do with the Incubus?

Yazhi: That is a totally astral being, but I don't doubt that they have something to do with events similar to what Incubus and Succubus would do.

Gosia: One thing... is fear creative energy? I think so, no? Fear concentrates attention. So it creates, of course. But if they don't need creative energy, then what kind of energy do they need from humans? Because then they wouldn't need fear. Because that energy is creative and they don't need to be created. They already are, as you said, they are not egregors.

Yazhi: Mostly resources, not creative energy. However, as they are semi-etheric, I have no doubt that they must eat some Lush.

Gosia: What do you mean by resources?

Yazhi: Food, electrical energy, heating energy, all that.

Robert: But their ships are also of a low astral kind and we would not see them?

Yazhi: And they are mostly unseen.

Gosia: Do they need electrical energy from human bodies?

Yazhi: From the electrical grid.

Gosia: So not ours, not corporeal.

Yazhi: As they are semi-astral, some of the energy of the human body they probably do eat.

Gosia: Do they need our food?

Yazhi: I don't know, any food. That would be interesting to know what exactly.

Robert: They can feed on prana from solar energy?

Yazhi: In fact, everything does, but I have nothing to add in that sense about them.

Gosia: Do you see them?

Yazhi: Yes, and easily, but I have hardly seen them in person, but yes, when I was in England. They are beings that nobody talks about.

Robert: It seems that the Federation has little information on this race.

Yazhi: Little information or they don't say.

Gosia: And do they see you?

Yazhi: Yes, they see me. And I know it bothers them a lot that I see them. They have thrown stones and seeds at me because of that.

Gosia: And why do they see you if they are of lower frequency? Do they also have wide perception then?

Yazhi: They can see upwards apparently, the same goes for goblins and lower astral beings. Yes, they can see quite a bit of the material world, that's why they are a nuisance. But it depends on each creature. Besides, it's all perception. Above and below are just more ideas. It's a reference of expression. They are just ranges of perception, one side or the other is just a matter of points of view and what each one can see and perceive.

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